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Politics of Rome | The Senate (HBO)

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

hbo's hit show Rome!


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This video contains scenes from the 1st season of hbo's "Rome", focused on the politics of the senate. Importance is given to the senate, senate meetings (informal and formal), & any scene that takes place inside of the senate house. Feel free to debate and discuss.

If you would like to watch a version of this video without background music here's a link: https://youtu.be/WIGzI010zNE


This is only Part I, so not all senate meetings are displayed. I didn't want to exceed 15 minutes. Part II is here: https://youtu.be/ghfVK9Sqp2U . I really want to get 4 parts out of it.

I do not own any images or sounds. I used them in line with Fair Use for educational and entertainment purposes. All ownership of images goes to the creative minds at hbo and to Jeff Van Dyck, whose music is displayed here.


Music is from the video game "Rome: Total War" developed by Creative Assembly and composed by Jeff van Dyck.

Tracks Used:

"Journey to Rome" - 0:12

"Death Approaches" - 3:39

"Drums of Doom" - 6:41

"Carthage Intro" - 9:10

"Eastern Intro" - 10:20

If you watched the full video and read this far down the description, KUDOS TO YOU!

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I have a question concerning your friend

and co-console the darling of Venus

Gaius Julius Caesar why does his chair

it ain't empty why does he not come home

his illegal War is Over

God has long since on his knees

fight this Caesar keep his brain

soldiers from their families and friends


for eight long years he has gauched

himself like a wolf on the blood of gold

and thereby made himself monstrously



how does he fly them off with races and

fights and Gordy pieces why has he paid

the debts

of every reprobate fool in this Senate



why he does these these things he wants

to buy himself a crown

he wants to destroy the Republic

and Rule Rome has a bloody tyrant

therefore I move

Caesar's governorship in Gold be

terminated immediately but his armies be

disbanded that if you recalled the road

to answer charges of illegal Warfare

fifth bravery and treason

very good Cato full of vim and Verve as



has been generous to the people because

he loves the people as I

it is the people that rule not you fine


soldiers that

I'm Gonna Save Us all hours of useless

clamor and use my Consular veto


are we children like the conscience

speak thank you Cicero I do not however

if I might say a few words before you


when confronted by a Hungry Wolf it is

unwise to go to the Beast as Cato would

have us do but

it is equally unwise to imagine the

snarling animal a friend and offer your

hand as pompidas perhaps you would have

his climb a tree


Caesar is my brother by sacred oath I

know his heart he is my friend and a

faithful son of the Republic and until

anyone prove that he is not

I will never betray him

I've only just

engines will spring up all over his knee

squash season

one of pompey's men

I thought it would take strategy to turn

him against me but he must have turned

the moment Julia died and overwhile he

was defending you in the Senate

battle begins

dearest Pompeii I believe the enclosed

man belongs to you

about time

speak your hands what have you to tell

us I've been delegated by sins and to

negotiate a common

wishes to avoid Bloodshed he wishes to

be seen as a man of reason and probity

therefore when his present term as

Governor of Gaul has ended he is willing

to accept command of a single Legion

Province Illyria by preference I don't

understand command of a province so he

will have legal immunity and so that

none of you Rascals can go dragging him

through the courts we are here discuss

the terms

of Caesar's resignation

of avoided prosecution

accepting a few years banishment

banishment for what for fermenting

activity illegal Warfare theft murder


and what should be your punishment

Pompey for betraying a friend for

deserting the cause of your people for

relying yourself with these so-called

noblemen what punishment for you

imputent wealth

the man's term of office ends in two

weeks we say six months do it

sits alone with one mutinous skeleton of

a legion and he dares to dictate terms

to me caesar has many more Legions than

the 13th on the far side

winter does not last forever

spring comes

snows melt that's a threat I assure you

it is no threat snows always melt

if he does not get a province Caesar

will take all measures required

to protect both his interests and those

of the Republic I'm great and surprised

and hoped we would have a rational


if that is his last word we shall go


then we have no more business

Caesar is bluffing he wishes to appear

supremely confident

evidently he's desperately weak weaker

than we'd thought this is a last-ditch

attempt to frighten us into making

concessions while he's still as the

semblance of an army his weak sister of

dying it's not now when all the Proverbs

tell us to be wary

it's not a dime serpent bite


will hear the Dallas Scorpio

conscript fathers

I propose a formal motion

unless Gaius Julius Caesar

immediately lays down his command

disbands his Legions and returns to Rome

for trial this sacred assembly will

declare him a Public Enemy of the city

that people are wrong

it's time it will be the duty and the

obligation of every Roman to do him

harmed or to kill him if they are able



of those is proposed

those in favor make it known




all right



stand up be to the motion



Scorpio's motion against Caesar it

doesn't stand does it

stands entered in the apples

despite the Tribune raised his veto


oh wait


let me be clear with you

I do not wish that emotion is important

as this should stand on a matrix of



this is a religious matter there are no

tricks in religion

session was not formally ended correct

correct so when we reconvene it will

formally be the same session


Tribune Anthony may use veto on the



that is so

Juno Inferno seen our old fool and he

say so to begin with Mark Anthony

must not be harmed or hindered in any


it's vitally important that he be

allowed to veto the motion if he does


Caesar has declared a traitor then he

has no choice but to oppose me openly

which means Civil War Anthony must not

be harmed

I had hoped to provoke some kind of

aggression sure but to try and kill a



people's Tribune Mark Anthony and 50 men

of the 13th were assaulted by a thousand

head of pompeian scum

a trivia of the pledge

assaulted on the steps of the Senate

house can you imagine a more terrible

sacrilege this is a dark day

and I stand at a fork in the road

and about the Lord surrender my arms to

the Senate and watch the Republic fall

to tyranny and Chaos or I can go home

with my sword in my hand and run those

Maniacs to the top here and Rock


and you are you with me


you have what you wanted Cato

Caesar has no choice now

come the spring

and cross the Alps with his Legions and

March on Rome

Arenas is a strict cottonian I believe

in the Divinity of the Republic if Cato

believes the same then I suppose I am a

catonian but Cato represents the rights

for nobility surely a plebeian like

yourself would like to see some changes


it should remain as it was at the

founding of the Republic why should that

change because the Roman people are

suffering because slaves have taken all

the work because Nobles have taken all

the land and the streets are full of the

homeless and the starving I had no idea

my son was such a Firebrand the Nobles

say that Caesar is a war criminal they

say that he wishes to march on Rome and

make himself King that is sacrilege no

man of Honor would follow him well I'm

no man of Honor then because I say

Caesar should ride in here with

elephants and squash Pompeii and Kato

and anybody else that wants it never

mind the law that's what I say you've

seen that because you govern your reason

no better than you govern your tongue


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