April 22, 2024

Politics Today

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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today imagine with traditional rulers

and he's asked for their help and

security governance and also reactions

of citizens so few subsidy remover he

said he is happy he's gottman removed it

and it's getting to the final moment for

the election of the presiding officer

for the 10th National Assembly we're

looking at what the northern National

Summit should be focusing on these two

men seems to be the one that will be

jostling for that seat on Tuesday


for joining us so much activities and

the presidential Villa in the past days

since the president assume office is

when meeting series of uh guests at the

presidential villain was the traditional

rulers that he met today I will be

bringing you up to speed on what they

said how the meeting went and what are

they agreed on but tonight we'll be

focusing on the situation in Plateau

State the clashes and the violence

situation that we're seeing in some

areas things uh it's been uh past years

of of this kind of of clashes and

violence that we're seeing and they said

but how he's the governor of the state

handling these the new governor Be Our

Guest tonight on the program yeah I'll

be having uh Central election we'll be

looking at all the dimensions to the uh

election day Tuesday 2010 National

Assembly so stick around with me

everyone first let's check out your

political random stories


former governor of River State here's

some Wiki has insisted that the Senate

presidency must come to the south south

and that the former Senate minority

leader Godzilla babio Remains the best

man for the job he says the unity of

Nigeria is dependent on the effective

management to offer its ethno-religious

diversity the former Governor says no

National Assembly member in River state

is expected to vote against Senator

Fabio and tajudin Abbas who were

nominated by their party the APC for

setting presidency and Speaker of the

House of Representatives


thank you

barely four days to the elections into

the leadership positions of the 10th

National Assembly and Nigeria's main

opposition Party The People's Democratic

party PDP says it is running around all

other opposition parties to ensure that

their numerical strength is reflected in

whether will emerge on the day of the

elections spokesperson of the PVP Mr

Debo ulogwagba told John of his other

news conference in Abuja that the PDP is

very much interested in the leadership

positions of the National Assembly a

chief tale of the people's Democratic

party in Edo State Mr Kenneth has

defected to the labor party and declared

its intention to run for the

governorship seat of Edo State comp

2024. Mr masobong who was received at

the national Secretariat of the labor

party by the national chairman of the

party Mr Julius aburi pledged to key

into the philosophy of the party as laid

down and adopted by the presidential

candidate of the party in the 2023

elections Mr Peter Obi the values of

philosophy and geology of the labor part

is the people's ideology

which is Paramount legal luminary has

frowned up the idea of severance

packages for presidents and governors

among others describing Aid as evidence

of unwillingness to sacrifice for a

nation in Need for the legal icon

politicians should not be paid Severance

packages after enjoying lots of

excessive benefits drawn from the

nation's dwindling wealth


thank you so much everyone for staying

with us we've been seeing series of

meetings uh with different stakeholders

the president Balaton who met with

members in Latin and for the 10th

National Assembly it will be inaugurated

on Tuesday which is a themed of June

2023. now we are entering into the final

moments before the members elect elected

into the term National Assembly will

elect be signing officers in both

Chambers there is being a lot of house

training and there are several

intervention of course in series of

interest on the leadership the president

is interested we met with members elect

but some of them were absent some of

those who are absent are those who are

we understand might be opposing the APC

stunts well a civil rights organization

is also interested otherwise the human

rights Rights Association of Nigeria who

is opposed the choice of the APC

especially for

is not shown enough capacity for him to

get into that office and they're not

confident on his previous performance in

public office to handle the anonymity of

the task of that office

where the national coordinator of the

group is here with me in the studio and

I have a senator like one of those who

are supporting and pushing for the

senator gospel he's on the side of the

APC and uh well understand uh party

leadership and administration Senator

elect Sally Mustafa thank you so much

indeed gentlemen for joining us now

thank you it's a pleasure

is it coming but it's looking good and

finer days well everybody is anxious and

the most important thing is um

for us to get the ball rolling and bring

about what you call Project Nigeria

we've won elections we've campaign the

length and breadth of the country

we are now here in the center

as Federal legislators the most

important thing is

how do we secure stabilize and move the

country forward

by supporting the administration when

you had a meeting with the President


yes how would you describe that meeting

well it was a very cordial meeting and

um everybody that attended their meeting

gave it to president tinubu he wear a

manner he approached the meeting the way

he appealed to the Sensibility

of everyone in that meeting Hall was


he did not come out with any cohesive

force he only appealed to our

sensibilities and also pleaded that we

should please

work together the most important thing


let us deliver on the promise of our

campaigns it was delivered on the

dividends of democracy to move the

country forward are you worried that

there are oppositions now despite the

intervention of President tunable a

party has made its position known but

there are still people who are unhappy

at the likes of Senator uh audreyuz

okalo Senator

Senator Abdullahi and a number of

opposition lawmakers were not at the

meeting and they shown that they're not

going with the decision of the party

you see

as a former party administrator

this was one of the reasons we were

always pushing for people to buy into

the party Manifesto you see we have a

culture here that people just jump from

party a to party B all in the name of

winning elections

if you really believe in the other

ideology of the party then you won't get

to this stage and be having this

disagreement with your party

we should be thinking of how do we

deliver on the party ideology on the

party's Manifesto if we are all true

members of a party and we believe in it

and will be and we have ideological

conviction we will not have this I'm

saying that those who do not stand or

who do not support the party's position

are none are they are not party men I'm

not saying they are no party men they

are party members they don't really have

the ideology of this party when we're

forming this party we had an ideology

and you see for me

I believe

people should sometimes

allow consultations to take place there

was enough consultation before the party

arrived at this choice

APC as a party we had a political

solution to win election with one

election now the most important thing is

to secure and stabilize the country the

question is whether the party did right

by the members of the party in the

manner in which the party had done it

either those who said they were not

consulted before the party made that


so if you are following the party's

Position will you first of all ask was

the party doing the right thing yes has

your party done the right thing yes the

party has done the right thing and there

was enough consultation look let me

quickly remind people sure

sometimes we don't copy well

the American system were copying in


the head of the Senate is the vice


does that make them a rubber stamp

Senate no

so why should we always have this idea

that the legislator must be

confrontational with executive the most

important thing is the Nigerian people

who have voted for us let us try and

make sure we meet up to their demands

let us work together and deliver on the

dividends of democracy that is the most

important thing I'll come to you in a

moment let me bring in Emmanuel is the

national coordinator of uriwa thank you

so much for joining us today your

organization is interested I saw your

your statement on the issue of subsidy I

saw your statement on a few issues but

this one particularly on the 10th

National Assembly leadership politics

since you have drawn attention and

perhaps the reason why you invited

tonight why are you concerned or why

what is your own concern with the

National Assembly politics well

um as uh a Nigerian citizen

and as one of the

uh those who participated in the last


uh I have a local standard just like

about eight thousand of our Instagram

members of Human Rights writers were

interested in

not seeing aeroba stamp National

Assembly the type we had in the last

eight years


uh one of them I I can vividly remember

said whatever Mr president sends to them

they are just going to stamp it because

they believe that Mr President that's

the last president uh has the Good Will

of the country

um and the the first Speaker the senator


under one of the APC party leaders that

I who have always known said we were

copied wrongly from the American system

of government we did not copy wrongly

for the American Standard of government

because we are not America we are

Nigeria and Nigeria democracy it's just

a new democracy just a baby democracy

and we're on a very learning curve and

our constitution is there as a guide a

constitution not the party not the party


the most important and strategic

legal rule

that governs everybody including

political parties got political party

they just

a minute organ

encompassed in the Constitution you

asked about our interests the people of

Nigeria are the owners of the

sovereignty of Nigeria

if you go to chapter chapter 2 of The

Constitution section 14 and you go down

down there you see it so the question in

section 50 A and B has stipulated

that the election of the leadership of

the National Assembly both at the Senate

and the federal health Representatives I

don't want to use that derogatory word

lower and upper because there's nothing

like lower and upper both chambers of

National Assembly are key Partners in

you know

giving us Astound qualitative laws that

will serve the interest of the people

but what is happening what we have seen

since his Excellency the president of

Nigeria uh Senator

was declared the winner by inec and uh

suddenly he got sworn in fact before he

was even sweating on May 29th it is it

became so clear to every Nigerian that

has already made up his mind that a

certain person from South South and he

micro zoned that position of Senate

President as the leader of the National

Assembly chairman of National Assembly

we're not very much concerned about

whoever becomes a speaker the concerned

about who becomes who becomes the leader

of the National Assembly as the Senate

President is like the man who provides

the guide you know that it must be above

you and we say no you don't do that you

cannot superimpose a candidate on adults

you're not the Headmaster that will be

talking to people I said in fact even in

the primary school secondary school we

we have what they call elective

activity to elect class monitors under a

class monitor in the secondary school I

didn't mean Primary School are not

imposed by the Headmaster or any other

person but are usually elected by those

who are in that class who they whom the

the class monitor

is expected to solve the interest so

section 50.

A and B of the Nigerian Constitution

that is the governor

that is the

uh um you know the Mitchell as the

supreme law of the land has stated that

it is only the members of the National

Assembly not not the president not the

party chairman not the party leadership

the party has already performed their

function by allowing those of their

members to contest have already

sponsored those those of their members

to contest for electric offices and they

have won you don't have the mandate

to impose it on them you can suggest

well I mean like what subjected to us is

it subjected to the uh it will be

subjected to so I see the decision of

the party yes in consultation with uh

the the president-elect at the time will

the president now that these are

suggestions which will be subjected to

an election they are not and that's the

reason why you think they are not

they're not because

people read the story if you read a

story that had just circulated about 30

minutes ago it says uh president as

Governor infected over 10 Senate

presidency there was no consultation

there was no agreement in fact a concern

did not say you have to consult

section 50 A and B of the Constitution

says the modality for electing who

becomes a senior president is it present

is not Superior than any other member

but we've seen situation where the

president in the past had said this is

where I'm going and members on the floor

decide to go the other way which is the

right thing which is right

because because

the prison has

the right as a citizen of the country

it is not in his place

to suggest that this person and insists

that a particular person or a Zone must

produce the same person what do you

think is right in your own just a moment

that something like yes what would you

say is the right thing to do there are

opposition to the position of the party

and that of the president and the vice

president on how the leadership of the

National Assembly should be but in your

own sense at uriwa yes what do you sense

that should be the right thing to be

done most Nigerians just a very small

NGO I speak the mind of a lot of

Nigerians and if you read the story of

the guardian of the garden that was

published like two days back about the

the kind of uh intense

they call it that scandalous race to

10th National Assembly leadership it's

only a man who has not lived in this

country physically maybe a man existing

in the outer space that does not know

the experiences so many of us had with

the robustam Senate and the federal

representative led by a senator

the other guy famous oh you know

ironically I'm alone that is the chief

Robert staff leader of the Senate is on

the other side of the Divide he's not

saying no Mr President cannot bring abio

as a Senate President so I mean it's

very comical he is the person that

President muhammadu buhari impose on the

ninth session of the National Assembly

and he kept rubber stopping every

request from the president and has led

us into death trap what kind of depth

that Ahmed Lawan and president muhammadu

buhari has accumulated for every

Nigerian from China from God knows where

he won't be repenting the next

60 years you particularly and so I

already said you particularly raise the

question mark on the capacity of Senator

girls yes why well

I we don't have any personal gods or any

personal differences with about you I

don't even know him today maybe because

he's always in the papers or on your TVs

I will know him but we've read in the

prayers at the afcc invited him to

appear before them now that he's already

killed him as accused section 36 5 we

know that exercise says a man who is

accused of any crime of committing a

crime unless crime

is innocent in the eye of the law but if

a man

have I been taken to you as efcc called

me or called the gentleman or called you

that you have a case to answer if a man

has been caught by the ESC

to provide answers to certain queries

regarding how he manage the resources of

any disease but as the minister of many

data he has to go and give account of

what has happened have you been reading

what has been happening it's not only


there are a few others in the senate or

that are elected that are going into the

National Assembly who have these sort of

issues around them even Senator

abdulaziz Yari who is up against in

contest with Senator ababio uh his

lawyers are gone to court and asked that

uh an experty order so that he's not

going to be arrested by any Security

Agency so

either way you look at it

you see that your allegations or your

grievance against Senator might not be

an isolated issue no they're not two

different things and by the way we are

not here because of Senator or senate or

anything we are here



sent to elect he's just privileged to be

a central elect another person in

Western Market can be like if you have

the the requisite uh you know

qualification to contest elections you

know another person that are a PhD

holders in the marketplace doesn't mean

it doesn't mean you didn't go to school

so it's not the same I'm coming my

Gentleman it's not the same thing with

Central Yaris uh here is a allegation by

efcc that the his lawyers his mother

have already gone to court to obtain a

stage I mean to obtain a relationship

against the efcc

well there's nothing like that in the

case of ababio in the case of abio it

has had multiple invitations

even though that time I maybe we haven't

surprised how just a few media houses

reported that he was allegedly uh he

physically studied efcc and provided

information to the agency

let me allow Senator elect I mean these

are issues that have been raised uh

obvious it's not a politician it's a

it's a it's a Civil Society members of

the Civil Society but how do you react

to this sort of issues you see thank you


um some of us have been in that same

Civil Society movement before

and I know how

passionate sometimes they speak they see

sometimes we should be guided by

information we should not just pick

things and just um make up ideas or

imagine things a Pablo is not under


um restraining order by efcc or any

court order that should be arrested he

was invited he reported there and he

gave Clarity to whatever they wanted to

know number two nddc is still running

with or without a public so if there are

allegations or if there are

investigations being carried out they

should call the accounting officers

number three a five years served under a


who gave him approvals

so when people sometimes for lack of

information or due to campaign of colony

say things and accuse people sometimes

is wrong

a problem is not under he is raised so

let's take the issues one after the

other he raised one of the one of the

issues I erased is us to uh the

um Integrity of the process

but how would some few people come

together and decide who should be the

National Assembly so he raised a

question mark on how to send the

president and the party who tell the

whole of the country whom they prefer

and why not subject it to an election by

the lawmakers electron if I may guide us

here because I like sometimes we guide

ourselves so that we can benefit

properly from this course

APC is a majority party today in the

National Assembly

NPC as a party

has a convenient with Nigerian people to

deliver on certain promises

the president has not forced anybody to

say You must vote like you the president

has not forced anybody to say You must


all they've done is that they've advised

and they've sought our understanding and

he appealed to us yesterday to say

please gentlemen I would like if you can

do me this favor so as to get my


on a good note from a good start

and if here if he's asking for that

favor because he knows the capacity of

the person who

for the privilege of coming from that

zone that has been Zone to so as to have

some certain balance I said something

earlier I said APC had a political

solution to win election

now we've sat back we've looked at the

drawing board we are now looking at the

possibilities and the options of first

and foremost stabilizing and securing

just to move the country forward and to

give others a sense of belonging it's a

it's about project Nigeria now all hands

must be on deck and this is the only

President so far who from his first

10 days or two weeks in office is

appealing to say look whatever has

happened in the past and we all come

together now and see how we can move

this country forward there are

challenges yeah before us Cemetery like

how do you convince Nigerians who are

watching tonight who have a perception

about the National Assembly especially

the last one and perhaps label them

tagged National Assembly as a rubber

stamped National Assembly how would he

convince them that same thing will not

happen in the light of the fact that if

these guys who are being selected or are

anointed by the party becomes the

leaders of the National Assembly that

they will not uh Pander to the Caprices

of the executive I'm of government the

role of the National Assembly include

oversight and that's one of the reasons

why the criticism from those who feel

that the National Assembly has been

behaving like a rubber stamp how do you

convince and tell Nigerians that that

wouldn't be the case in the past if you

accuse the ninth assembly of that I will

not also accuse them because sometimes

the spectators are better footballers

than those on the pitch

they know what they were going through

within ourselves now in 109 senators

we've been mingling around ourselves we

know ourselves we're not just meeting

for the first time

aquabio has the capacity to lead the

10th Senate he's demonstrated it as a

governor of akwa ibong state everybody

that knew Aqua ibong when he was created

out of the

old Cross River State and maybe one

other states will tell you what aqua

ibom was then and how he was able to put

akwa ibom on a very Progressive

trajectory so it's not enough for us to

sit here especially


those of us who don't have

a local standing to participate in that

election that day to start condemning

somebody just on the face value of what

you see in the papers maybe sponsored by

his opponents

we believe in his capacity we know he

can deliver and don't forget it's not

just about a problem it's about all of


and he is just first among equals all


where do you go from here

um it does look like the president has

stated his position the National

Assembly members we go on Tuesday

should everything go according to the

APC and the president's plan

there's a mistake he made he said Abado

was invited and he presented himself and

clarified issues that was the first time

he was invited when he was a governor as

minister of Niger Delta

and the invitation was extended to him

by efcc was only responded to by his

lawyers show me evidence where he he

where he attended the invitation that

was handed to him by USC and usually

just suddenly quiet we don't know what's

happening maybe yes he's also part of

the part of the the business whatever

whatever uh gimmick is going on behind

and you don't have to say that those

don't know what do you know let's

assembly that a journalist of about 25

years standing

newspapers at the highest level

of Journalism I covered the cost of

seven years so if you don't just say

those of us who don't have vocals what

do you mean by those who have vocals

have you read a constitution who owns

the sovereignty of Nigeria the people of

Nigeria all the Sovereign

what do you think will be your own

reaction or how would you relate to what

has become more or less an obvious off

in the way a man APC says they will go

on Tuesday yes APC is the majority boy

it has a very small majority just 57 or

so and the other artists have like 50.

so often something

yes so is that the majority when you're

talking like yeah if you say the answer

majority I was okay but now they're not

the clear majority

you have to work with the minority the

smaller smaller parties to even

to even produce a snare prison which

other smaller parties have I have a

seeded too so what Nigerians expect is

for them to abide by section 50 A and B

of a constitution who says a president

and Deputy president of the Senate who

shall be elected by the members of that

house from among themselves and the

speaker and the deputy Speaker of the

House Representatives who shall be

elected by the members of that house

from among themselves let every senator

to accept so whether it's a Muslim

whether it's an animist whether it's a

taste whether anybody whether it's evil

hausa funny everybody should be allowed

to show up and contest thank you so much

I like your final thought well um so


um I will have loved to raise this

discourse and debate on how we should


ourselves how I wish he was the senator

maybe supporting Erie or Audrey's or

kailu or osita they will be able to tell

ourselves what we think our candidates

or the agenda our candidates are

bringing forth to convince others to

vote for them but when you sit here you

accuse the president

has not come out to say everybody must

go and vote about you he has not done

that he's a Democrat he was on the

Senate before and that is why we are

going for an election

so I don't know why you are so agitated

it for me

it doesn't give any

reasoning because your agitation just

makes me feel as if you have a pretty

maybe you have something against the APC

I've just told you APC has a party where

59. you are talking to Nigerians not me

no I must say telling you I'm so

educating you on that but you're wrong

we have 59 senators and PDP has about 36

labor party has about eight sdp two


ypp1 so we still have the majority

Senator I'm sorry we can close now do

you see any possible upset on that day

well um I hope and I pray

my colleagues with Series in in


the advice and the plea from Mr

President so as to have a smooth and


working internship put between the

executive and the legislator so that we

can get the ball rolling immediately the

most important thing is let us deliver

our mandates


thank you so much indeed for your time

tonight and Mr Emmanuel I will be called

the national coordinator of uriwa thank

you so much gentlemen happy pleasure

thank you we're looking forward to

Tuesday isn't it going to be as

interesting uh but I'm not sure it's

going to be as intense as it is being

but then we take a break everyone and

when we return we will be speaking with

the executive governor of plateau State



thank you

The Duchess international hospital

opened its doors in October 2021. the

mission of the hospital is to reverse

medical tourism we take particular care

here The Duchess to bring together a

combination of the brightest and the

best locally as well as Nigerians in the

diaspora who are interested in returning

to do very good work for the benefit of

our patients here

the good thing is that we have all

International expertise here all

International facilities here

International people working here

everything is coming together in a space

which was considered not great in terms

of the availability of healthcare Access

Bank of course has been able to provide

us with a robust range of products and

services that has enabled us to deliver

that standard and quality of healthcare

that is integral to our mission as an


following the proclamation by the

president commander-in-chief of the

Armed Forces of the federal republic of


gcfr the management of the National

Assembly wishes to inform all

distinguished Senators elect and

honorable members elect at the

inauguration of the 10th National

Assembly is scheduled to hold as follows

date Tuesday 13th June 2023 venue

National Assembly complex Abuja time 10

a.m prompt distinguished Senators elect

and honorable members elect are required

to come along with their code of

conducts clearance certificates of

return and valid ID cards for

registration at 10 A.M on Monday 12th of

June 2023 at the House of

Representatives conference room 301 and

Senate conference room 231 respectively

due to the ongoing renovation of the two

Chambers Senators elect and honorable

members elect are to come along with

only one guest for the ceremony who will

be seated at the arcade note that only

Senators elect and members elect shall

be given access to the chambers signed

Sani magadi tamawal fcna Clark to the

National Assembly please

in the corridors of power a new chapter

unfolds the 10th National Assembly

beckons and at its Helm a leader of

unwavering resolve and on yielding

dedication Senator godswill akpabio a

Beacon of Hope for a brighter Nigeria

senatobia's Journey has been one of

fearless leadership and steadfast

commitment from commissioner to Governor

from Senator to minister his uncommon

transformation has reverberated Across

the Nation earning him the nickname

uncommon Beyond

heart beats for the unity of our great

nation today as he aspires to be the

Senate's president of the 10th Senate

Senator apabia's own yielding passion

for an egalitarian Nigeria fuels his

vision for a United Nation where every

Citizen's voice is heard and respected

support Senator godswill at Papio for

the Senate President of the tenth Senate

and join the movement for a United

Nigeria where our shared aspirations

become our Collective reality thank you

New Beginnings are always colorful when

we celebrate the start of life's journey


proudly Nigerian dulox Bates now

available in any color express your

world however you want it visit a Dulux

color Center to get any color instantly

do looks let's call up okay



thank you


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no matter how dark life is the sun is

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thanks so much hi everyone for staying

with us on the program president today

match with traditional rulers from

across the country today Canada stayed

out in Abuja the traditional rulers were

led by their chairman and co-chairman

the Sultan of sokoto and the only of Ife

the president saw the help of the rulers

in securing the nation and support for

his government to give the Nigerians the

benefit of what he promised other

campaigns the president spoke on the

decision to remove subsidy among several

other things let me allow you to listen

to him

of anybody



why should we

be in good sense a good heart

see you

small glass

be a foreign


I didn't do what they say not every day

is Christmas


the elephants

that's one's worth of breath like she

had to explain easy substitute

a country that has always



we are calling ourselves

and thank you

we treat the right thing

Mr President tunable today he spoke for

about 20 minutes

the traditional

president turnover also met with

Governor Keller much Wang of plateau

State at the State House in Abuja the

meeting yesterday was held behind closed

doors and lasted about an hour a reason

for the meeting was not made probably

but it was extremely touched on the

security situation and a plateau

especially the recent wave of attacks in

mango local government area of the state

I have joining me tonight the executive

governor of plateau State Governor thank

you so much for Excellency for joining

us thank you good evening Nigerians

you're meeting the with the president

how did it go

fantastic meeting


was privileged and honored to have a

meeting with Mr President at very short


like you said you rightly said the

meeting centered around the challenges

of security in the plateau

and I found Mr President

uh full of listening ears full of

determination to deal with the issues

and I think it's going to be a welcome

change did he offer kind of support

the is there an understanding of the


and what was his response in terms of

support that he could give yes

the response of Mr President was


his understanding of the problem was

quite comforting

and certainly

the Mr President

is obviously showing that he has a

political will to deal with the issues


he is about to set up the security


uh reject the security architecture in

the country and I'm sure it's going to

come with a new vehicle with a new sense

of impatientism and nationalism that I

am sure will be able to have some

respite at the end of the day I'll come

into your own view I mean as a chief

executive yourself of a state and what

your own advice would be to achieve

executive of Nigeria which is a

president because there are a lot of

anticipation and those who think that

there are paths that the President

should go and the path that it should

not go I'll come to that in a moment

thank you from your own point of view as

the governor of Plato said what did you

identify as a problem

it's been a problem that has built up

over the years and has become a sort of

a vicious cycle

the first fundamental issue is that

there is


the breakdown of trust

but intra-communities and


which opened the flanks for of course

eventually non-stead actors who have the

weapons of violence to come into the


and our father has collected the


and therefore we are having a situation

now where a lot of people who were yet

to fully identify are coming into the

frame so there's a lot of attacks and

reprisals attacks and counter attacks

but by and large we are seeing a pattern

that is imagined in Plateau State I can

tell you that 80 percent of the

situation is pure genocide simplicity

who are these people well we the people

say they are foreign Mercenaries

communities report to us where they see

people dress in black clothes with hood

coming in their hundreds sometimes three

on a motorbike and you could find 50

motorbikes at a stretch or even more and

they come attack and they run away a few

that have been caught cannot even speak

at the Nigerian language

and so the question we've been asking

who who sent them who called for them

even assuming that there was a crisis in

that Community between say a header and

a father who called for help

for this from these foreign mercenaries

these are questions the security

agencies must help us to another so I

mean and I'd like to know

whether are there a certain community

that has been targeted target targeted

or I mean over the years uh I mean from

your own point of view you're being a

local government chairman so you have a

local on intelligence an understanding

of what a problem is yet

a group of people that are precisely

targeted yes of these attacks and these

all attacks yes over the years the

attacks are varied from local government

to local government but I will tell you

that largely concentrated in the

northern part of plateau State and but

in the last one month

uh strangely

and um somewhere coincidentally it has

shifted to the local government my own

local government which is my which is

mango local government and the local

government where my Deputy is from which

is real

they have been under intense uh Siege

and you think that this is targeted uh

it's difficult to say no to that

proposition because uh mango has been

a in the house up they call it dasira

that means it is a safe place to be and

then suddenly without any provocation it

has come so under such intense barrage

of foreign attacks

and therefore we begin to ask why mango

at this point are now realm and now

realm and I understand that four people

were killed few days ago last night four

people were killed in mango local

government in the in conservatively

shown I'll put it that in the last three

weeks we have buried not less than 150

people in Plateau state

government and as I'm talking to you we

have not less than 30 000 people

scattered in various IDP camps that were

having to deal with now how many

communities are are people deserted do

you have an idea

um as in the immediate attacks we

certainly have something close to uh 12

to 15 communities that have been

attacked and displaced but I can tell

you that overall on the plateau even

before I imagine as Governor we had 64

communities that had been taken over and

even renamed from the traditional names

of those communities so is this a case

of genocide and land grabbing

it is it is it is difficult to say no to

that understanding uh genocide genocide

is an intentional act to wipe out a

certain group of people absolutely so

why would these people

come and want to wipe a group of people

have there been a threat to them or what

exactly is going on

Plato is a beautiful land

Plateau is is God's gift to mankind you

need to take a tour of plateau you see

the beauty of the land and suddenly I

think the land has become In Contention

uh it is not about whether the land is

enough to contain everybody it is greed

wanting to take over and become to have

dominion over the land at this area's

grazing areas that are in contention

they are farming lands they are farming

lands traditionally but what had

happened also lost yes they are very

large but traditionally the

understanding between farmers and

headers is that during the farming

season the headers don't touch the farms

and we had mechanisms in place where

when cows stray into Farms there is a

community Arrangement that these issues

are settled but this is beyond that you

know when you come and even prevent

people from farming and you take it over

with cows and then it becomes

questionable what is the motive I mean

speaking with a few people that said

look they can identify the problem or

with the attraction of these Invaders

and attackers to do things Miami

activities and the fertility of the land

on the plateau

absolutely because part of I can tell

you that the directorate of State

security the DSs has battled uh

terrorism in some parts of plateau in

the last one year plus getting to two

and the only reason we can fathom where

those terrorists came in and to occupy

that land in kanam in wase is because of

the presence of mineral deposits and is

also part of the the bauchi gombe trough

where oil has been discovered so yes

there is a direct correlation between

Insurgency terrorism and natural wealth

because one we wonder how these number

of people the Invaders who come into the

communities will do the attack and they

live and they are unstopped on checked

yes and they do it over and over and

over again very well the certainly

sometimes painfully sharehold I must

tell you sometimes painfully there is

some bit of collusion from some of the

security agencies so that there have

been those allegations because for them

to have a field day on challenge but

that's why I told you in the last one

year plus the DSs has done a fantastic

job on the plateau in trying to repel

some of them and I'd like to ask you you

are in charge now you are the

responsibility the liabilities are on

the land the here the equation is now

between you who is the leader of the

people the governor the security the man

in charge of security or Plateau State

and against these Invaders are you

resolved to use any measure whatsoever

to stop these people

we yes Sharon the the determination and

resolve is absolutely there but again

you know that the security architecture

places a limitation on us that's why I

had to approach Mr President for a new

approach to the issue constitutionally

uh the security agencies are under the

Mr President and there is a limit to

which I can give them directives but by

and large what we are doing is to ensure

that the communities become more

Vigilant and therefore eliminate the

element of surprise from these attackers

and we're encouraging the youths more

and more uh to refrain from vices that

take away their attention so that they

can be able to protect their Community

what promise did the president make to

you they're from president made the

promise that help also be on the way

I'd leave it there okay I mean and it

comes to the point that I've had a lot

of people uh in our agenda set in their

conversation that I said look there's a

seriousness of the kind of people since

you said that the president had talked

about setting the architecture the kind

of persons that the president because

these issues are very serious issues I

mean from your own point of view what

are the kind of persons do you think

that a president should be considering

for us to be able to deal with this


thank you Sean we I I took opportunity

to urge Mr President and I think he's

already thinking in that direction that

we must bring back professionalism into

the Armed Forces into the security

architecture we must be able to take

away politicians who are likely to be

subjective in the analysis of the

situation bringing core professionals

but in the in the ministry of Defense in

the National Security advisors office

and let there be a Synergy I'm sure

where you bring in core professionals

there will be less buyers and therefore

they'll be less interference and people

will be able to do their jobs

objectively people I mean I've mentioned

the nsa's office and those who have said

more of our problems is more of police

and internal policing problem not a

military force problem I mean I mean the

kindly power of person that said it has

to be at the very top what did you tell

the president

that we are blessed with Professionals

in every arm of the security

architecture the president must identify

people who have been suppressed in some

of those organizations because they do

not have any Godfather and therefore

must be able to allow them to come up

and do the job to which they have sworn

to do to protect the nation my final

questions to add to you um I know you're

a Christian so you probably will uh uh

did you see the video of Governor Hero 5

former Governor error five

which was interpreted as to the issue of

religion and how it's been used in

politics a lot of reactions have gone to

that did you see that video I listened

to the video clip and I hope

whom I hold it very high esteem would

one day explain to Nigerians the context

in which he said those things I'll give

him the benefit of the doubt that he

does not mean to cause a conflagration

in this country I therefore want to use

the opportunity to call on leaders

Across the Nation this is the time for

nation building this is a time for

bipartisanship this is a time for us to

be able to speak like Statesmen and I'm

glad when the president addressed the

governors I he spoke like a Statesman

and I believe that this is a time that

every leader must find the Statesman in

him and make sure that we are able to

Advocate peaceful coexistence in this

country so that Nigeria can develop at

the pace it is it was meant to develop

it's a pleasure having you and hopefully

when things improve and how things

progress in the plateau kindly please

reach out so that we can let Nigerians

know or you're doing that thank you so

much and I wish you the very best thank

you thank you so much thank you Nigeria

appreciate it God bless well uh

interesting that

happening actually the meetings in the

presidential Villa today a former

governor of Kano state I'm not I mean

two former governors of kano's dead how

what are the Villa today to see

President politinubu one is Senator uh

rob you come Council who was the

presidential candidate of the nnpp and

now the immediate past Governor of Kano

state Governor uh omaro Abdullahi

ganduge was also there but the governor

former Governor gandujah said he hoped

that he knows that Senator konkonso was

in the building and if he met him he

said he was going to do something I'll

allow you to listen to him what he said

was going to do to Senator konkon so if

you met him face to face

we cannot respect

what a previous government has done

considered illegal without going through

due process

how can we administer

public like that

so these are the issues

with the cliff

we have the

the same going on people are abusing the

government now

those who can speak hausa you can put

the California to here

what did I say

and unfortunately some of their members

well it didn't quite get it up and I'm

very sure that you will see but I mean

coaching him he was sad to say I know

he's in the building but we have not met

probably if we met maybe I could have

slapped him I hope that did not happen

of the program tonight thank you so much

indeed everyone for watching I'm sure

I'll see you on Sunday at 8pm have a

wonderful weekend





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