April 22, 2024

Portsmouth International Port & Portico - Digital Signage & IPTV by Eclipse Digital Media

Published June 11, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Eclipse Digital Media came through a comprehensive tender process, in which they were selected to undertake the entire project, beating off competition from a nationwide selection of other AV specialists.

For Portsmouth Port and portico, Eclipse Digital Media delivered a range of Digital Signage and IPTV solutions, including:

Video walls,

Touch tablets,

Freestanding digital totems,

IP65 Outdoor displays,

All in one indoor signage displays,

IPTV TV Server,

IPTV receivers ,

Outdoor LED screen,

Digital signage softwar,

Find out more: https://www.eclipsedigitalmedia.co.uk/project/portsmouth-international-port-portico/

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my name is Joe Jordan and I'm one of the

duty Port operational managers at the

Portsmouth International port Portland

International Port is used for Ferry

travel involving Freights and passengers

and also for cruise travel we see

approximately 250 000 units of freight

and up to 2 million passengers a year

the digital signage we had in place

previously was centered mainly around

schedules so we were very limited in the

information we could display and was

purely focused on arrival and departure

times of the ferries the purpose of

updating our digital signage was to

enable us to be more efficient and

effective in the information we're

better to display to passengers it gave

us more scope to go into further details

Beyond just our standard schedules

working with Eclipse was a dream they

were very much adhere to our needs

listened to what we required and worked

alongside us at all times

Eclipse worked around our schedules with

seamless interaction it was very simple

they did when we required them to come

in they stopped when we needed them to

stop and there was no break in our




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