April 12, 2024

Preteen Punditry: How Young Is Too Young for Politics? | The Daily Show

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Roy Wood Jr. meets up with two preteen political commentators to see if he can get them to give up their YouTube-ing and act like kids again.

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From Parkland to Congress,

young people across the country are getting political.

The 2018 midterm elections

had the highest youth turnout since 1982.

That was the year they voted to legalize open carry

for boom boxes.

College and teenage activism is on the rise,

but how young is too young?

When you say "teenage," how old are we talking?

No! No!

Get out of here, R. Kelly.

I meant too young politically.

Hey, guys. I want to make a video

about why we still need communism.

WOOD: Meet Scenable, aka Dylan.

His video "We Need Communism" has over two million views,

and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

On my channel, actually, I have 4,500,000 views total.

You get better ratings than The Daily Show.

Yeah, um, a lot of people don't watch TV anymore.

Excuse me. Excuse me a second.

Hey, Trevor Noah.

Hey, what's up, man? It's Roy. I quit.

But Scenable's communist agenda has attracted criticism

from one hard-hitting political scholar.

The one line. "We need communism."

No, no, no.

WOOD: Meet the Conservative Capitalist, aka Tate.

Communism assumes infallibility in everyone.

The chances of that happening are almost nonexistent.

WOOD: And he's got a whole Christmas list

of conservative views.

I'm anti-gun control. I'm lower taxes.

Uh, I'm smaller government.

Smaller government. Like, kids?

Like, kid government?

-No, not-not quite like that. -Okay.

But how many views does this kid pushing communism have?

Four, five million? Something like that?

-Around that number. -Okay.

Now, how many views do you have pushing the conservative agenda?


a lot less.

Free market has spoken.

Is this really what kids today are into?

The wage gap is influenced by things like career choices.

That's why we still need Black History Month, racists.

WOOD: No. No kid cares about this stuff.

It's got to be the parents feeding them these ideas.

-Right? -Uh, no.

-(laughs) -Not at all. I had no idea

-about the communism video until it went viral. -At first.

He didn't get anything about politics from me.

-Football. -We're football people.

Football over politics every day of the week.

WOOD: Wow. Really not coming from the parents.

Well, then, that leaves just one question.

Why? Why are you into this?

I just find it interesting.

I mean, why are you a newscaster?

Well, you get paid, but...

I just had an interest in politics

because these old men in power,

if they made one bad decision, North Korea could be nuking us.

WOOD: Damn, these two were growing up way too fast,

and I know where spouting your political views on camera

gets you: cable news.

Come on, wake up, son.

Stop, stop. Guys, guys, guys.

(overlapping arguing)

WOOD: The same way my dad made me

smoke a whole pack of cigarettes,

I'm gonna teach these kids the dangers of being a pundit.

You sure this what you want?

'Cause if this what you want, that's what I'm-a give to you.

This is what all of those YouTube hours is for.

All that editing.

All that porn you decided to not watch

'cause you were into politics.

I actually think that we should just give people a test

to see if they can own a gun.

That was a well-thought-out opinion about gun control.

Now yell it into the camera.

If you support gun control,

you're in favor of restricting...

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! No, I'm yelling! I'm yelling!

-No, you should keep looking forward. Don't look at me. -Oh.

Look at the camera. Look at America.

We should stop yelling at each other...

-Why should we stop yelling? -Because!

-Uh... -Yelling is effective!

If we let illegal immigrants in,

they're going to destroy our country!

-They are breaking the laws! -Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

We just found a tweet of yours from 2001.

-I wasn't even born in 2001. -Just play along with it.

Oh, man, this shit getting real.

-Because you like the way it is right now. -Hate America. No.

-No! No! -And you don't want to change it.

-You want it to stay the way it is now. -You hate America.

Stop. Do you feel how lost you feel right now?

I feel like my blood pressure is rising.

I definitely do feel like

I just took ten years off my life from stress.

WOOD: I got through to them just in time.

Now to give these kids

an experience they'll never forget.

So make way for Mr. Roy's kiddie fun van!

-(kids cheering) -(horn honks)

Where the kids at?

And I've got everything kids can't resist.


-DYLAN: Oh, my God. -WOOD: Yeah. Huh?

-You got to be kidding me. -Huh?

-Cool. -Xbox, beanbags, guitars.

-Ooh, there's candy. -Yeah. Yeah, there's candy.

Doesn't this feel better than arguing about gun control?

You know, to a certain extent, yes.

WOOD: And there you have it.

Nowadays, Dylan doesn't talk about communism anymore.

He makes videos about electrons and shit.

Meanwhile, Tate's gone back to his old ways,

but at least he put on a coat.

And as for little old me,

you can catch me riding around your neighborhood

changing childhoods one by one.

This feels kind of odd.

I mean, the fact that a grown man

has just all of this in the back of a van

is just kind of suspicious to me.


(siren wailing)

I was never here!

(cheering and applause)


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