April 22, 2024

Sal Governale Doesn’t Know Politics (2008)

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Even simple questions regarding the government seemed to stump Stern Show staffer Sal Governale — only, he didn’t realize it.

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by the way you really are a [ __ ] I mean

III heard you on the wrap-up so I'm

gonna play it where you they're asking

you about who is running for president

politics is not my thing like a [ __ ] are

you stupid I mean do you ever open the

paper ever yeah I open it a little bit

upper rock Obama was a Republican is a

good guy I I think I'm gonna vote for

Obama I really am

he's got to be better than the [ __ ]

we have in the White House now so it's

still a horserace you don't see yeah you

know why she's Clinton's wife what does

she do for a living

she's ha I know what she is she's the

governor of which country of New York


she's the governor Pataki do you still

think Pataki's governor no no she's now

who's the governor of New York

she's the governor right and who are the

Senators I mean why should Brownback or

something how many senators if you're

asking for another one we must have two

so Brownback and who else

well I won't call you an idiot if you

get this where you got Brownback right

you know that Hillary Clinton's the

Governor of New York who is the other

senator from New York you'll impress me

if you know that


I think I got it he used to be the

District Attorney of New York go ahead

Robert Morgenthau very good you know

when you think you're impressive that's

why I don't do it much so you knew

senator Morgan foul and round and

Brownback and the governor and the

governor uh Clinton I think she I know

she's had something to do with New York

I think she's the governor good well all

right yeah you've impressed me but like

his politics is not my thing it should

be and I have to you got those right I

mean not everyone get any senators are

there total well I'm guessing two two

senators oh no from New York but then

have you probably two per state a

hundred senators voting States you're on

the target there did you ever notice

that everything Sal doesn't know isn't

his thing yeah like being smart is in

this thing yeah you never read the

newspaper being a producers not your

thing you never read the newspaper

nothing I do read the newspaper I read

new 600 right past the first page you

know it's just um this is not CNN Howard

this is the Howard Stern Show you know

this just may be a curious Hannity you

might want to listen to me

I'm glad I didn't vote for Bush and now

nobody can blame me but hey who is the

other guy the other guy could have

[ __ ] up too and then you couldn't

blame he he doesn't vote and he

considers that a good thing cuz he goes

he says on the wrap-up show there's no

difference look how bad the country's

doing so if I voted yes

look look with all the [ __ ] who

voted for how they regret it now I'm

like maybe not voted for the other guy

and we wouldn't have had Bush you could

have saved us well that's all hearsay

we don't know what this guy would have

done thank you and that's why I'm gonna

I'm going to go against the grain I'm

I'm seriously considering voting for

Obama and I do mean that because why

this world has been so screwed up for

the past hundred years why do you like

Obama what is he for he's pro-choice

which I agree with

mmm the guy look if you're a black guy

in America and you can push the people

to vote for you

that's impressive I know and I mean

that I got emotions here well I guess

that's everything it comes out here

about to the stupid alright thank you




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