July 14, 2024

The Best VPN for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

I show you the Best vpn app that I have used.

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NordVPN for ios: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id905953485?mt=8

NordVPN for android: http://bit.ly/2L4pUPq

How to setup vpn on ios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC-xJ9rCTXU

How to setup vpn on android: https://www.youtube.com/edit?ar=1&o=U&video_id=bFeJZKX4O3A

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hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I want to talk to you about an app that

I've been using for a couple of years

now and actually recently used in

January at CES 2018 now I use this

because I was on public Wi-Fi and I

wanted my data secure so I used a VPN

and specifically I used Nord VPN now

I've partnered with them because I've

used them and I like their product so

they've sponsored this video and I

wanted to show you how it works because

this is probably the best or at least

it's my favorite when it comes to VPN

apps for not only your iPhone but

Android PC Mac or whatever you're using

so let's go into this here and you'll

see that you can quick connect or see

all their servers now they have over

4,000 servers in 62 countries and

there's no data logging whatsoever so

you can quickly connect like this we'll

just hit connect and we're connected it

goes green it says VPN in the upper

right you'll see it even when you're in

the home screen here says VPN up there

and now you know you're connected so

you're through a VPN or virtual private

network and no one can see what you're

doing so what that means is maybe you

want to upload a video to YouTube and

you don't want anybody to be able to

hack your account or anything like that

that's kind of what I would use it for

but other people are going to use it for

different reasons now if we go to all

servers that you'll see here's all of

the different servers and they do allow

point-to-point connections and onion

over VPN but you'll see here are all the

connections available many many

countries and it will actually get past

the China firewall so if you're in China

and you want to use this to connect back

to something you have in the United

States something along those lines they

claim that it will work however I have

not been to China so I can't say that

for myself but they say not only China

but the Middle East United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia those countries as well it

also has military-grade encryption so

let's go here and then we'll go to

disconnect and then if we hit the little

button here we've got all of our

different account settings so you'll see

here there's a kill switch that I have

turned on so it disconnects from the

internet if the can

with the server is lost so it

immediately disconnects if you lose that

VPN connection

those are pretty simple and

straightforward and we'll go back here

and then we can select a favorite as far

as what Connection we want as for our

servers and then when you're connected

let me quit connect again I'll show you

how fast that is we're connected it

gives you your new IP your connectivity

status and what you're connected to and

then it allows up to six different

connections at once so if I go over here

to Android and I'm actually already

connected that's what this is up here

you'll see here is the VPN it's telling

me my speed and I can disconnect will go

over here to the VPN app and you can

browse servers just like you could

before we go into the different settings

and here we have cyber second able to

avoid ads and protect your device from

malware phishing and other threats you

can also use obfuscated servers use TCP

when using Wi-Fi tap to manage

exceptions there's a few more options in

Android as you can see here they also

have browser extensions for Chrome so we

can connect on an a Mac or a Windows PC

as well now if we look at my Mac will

connect here and you'll see we're

connected and the nice thing about all

of these is they are completely

encrypted so you don't have to worry

about that as well and to show you

exactly what they do and don't collect

let me show you on my iPhone I

screenshot at this before I started the

video and opened the VPN app to log in

for the first time and as you can see

here it says we care about your privacy

and here's what they use your email

address because you logged in with that

so they've got that aggregated anonymous

app usage data including your device and

OS version

to troubleshoot effectively improve our

apps so they're just seeing what your

device is what version you're on and

that's it we do not know or don't log

your online activity nor any personal

identifiable information and so that

part is something I can get on board

with and that is why I've been using

Nord VPN for a very long time and it

works great across any device that you

have that connects to the internet again

you can go here disconnect right from

your settings and again browse your

server you'll see all the different

and then again connect everything

superfast it works really well and works

up to six devices like I said so they've

been nice enough to offer a discount

code to any of you viewing this so I'll

link that in the description below

it's a Zolo tech put that in for your

discount and if you want a two-year plan

it's 329 a month 1195 month-to-month

so the thing is is no it's not free but

the reason it's not free is because they

don't collect your data so they need to

pay for those servers so that you can

use their VPN so that part I think

you'll appreciate and also they have a

30-day money-back guarantee so you can

try it out and if you don't like it go

ahead and cancel let me know your

thoughts about Nord VPN in the comments

below if you haven't used them or you've

used another one let me know which one

you're using also if you haven't

subscribed already please subscribe and

like as always thanks for watching this

is Erin I'll see you next time



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