April 22, 2024

The Politics of The Boys

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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Amazon Prime's The Boys is one of the most political shows of all time... but is it just like South Park, or something more radical?


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today we're going to be looking at how

the boys amazon prime superhero series

is ultimately one of the most political

and left-leaning shows on television

despite many right-wing folks claiming

the series as their own as well as the

fact that despite its seeming critique

of capitalism the show is made by amazon

one of the most capitalist companies

ever to exist so oh boy this video's not

gonna be controversial at all or

you could take the blue pill

or is it the red pool anyway take the

other pill equipping a kid which pill

that you want me to take in my last

video about amazon primes the boys which

i released last week we discussed how

many right-wing people have

misinterpreted the boys venerating

characters like homelander without

recognizing that the superman-esquiro

was a critique of american imperialism

nationalism and rampant corporatism that

ultimately venerate masculine power and

the unlimited usage of it for its own

sake how often fascistic interpretations

of media generally come from only having

the surface level reading of a work of

art leading people to only see

homelander as a right-wing hero without

realizing that the show itself was a

criticism of that very shallow reading

of media with even the show going so far

as to include the characters filming a

zack snyder style film in the show's


joss rewrite really sings huh

when are you gonna stop torturing me

i don't know what you're talking about

that the show was heavily critiquing

right-wing narratives around the show

and character yeah despite all this many

in the right wing were even fine with

this criticism of homelander because

they felt like the boys was at least

equal opportunity in its criticisms it

was going after the left and right

equally at least as they thought you

know the boys show runner eric kripke

claims that the white dude standing next

to you are the most dangerous people i

would say that that is definitely cause

for concern you'd have to be an idiot

not to think so but i also think that

you know there are elements that point

to it quite literally uh poking fun at

everyone they're very clearly lambasting

both sides not sure what you're on about

the woke are no exception what are you

talking about up until the trump parody

it was poking at woke companies

pandering to people and liberals eating

it up the most evil and greedy company

going woke talking about homosexual

relationships and diversity you pick up

on that the series is basically a parody

of america it pokes at both sides and

it's easy to see why they thought this i

mean the show makes fun of surface level

lgbtq and women empowerment scenes in

superhero media like marvel movies all

those woke movies that the liberals love

to eat up i mean the boys is taking down

the mgu am i right but is this actually


is the boys really a show for both sides

or is there something more going on well

let's dive deep into bezos land oh boy i

don't i don't like how i phrase that

to find out


but before we get to the fun of the rest

of this video i do want to take a minute

to talk about something a little less

fun as i mentioned earlier this video

that you're currently watching is

actually part one of the two-part series

that i'm doing on the politics and

themes of the boys and while you don't

need to have watched part one which

focused on homelander to watch this

video and understand it it is sort of

helpful however the problem is that

while many of you have probably already

seen part one there are probably a good

portion of you out there watching this

video that can't even access part one of

my video here on youtube that's because

part one got hit with an age gate here

on youtube now being open and honest i

kind of totally understand why that

video got age gated that video did show

clips from the boys that were a very

gory very over the top violent i think i

even accidentally had a video of a

homelander's butt in that one and it's a

nice butt i'll give them that that being

said i did actually try to avoid the age

getting on youtube uploading the video a

few times to see what would trigger the

age gate and this version that did go

live didn't trigger the age gate until

after it went live a few days later

which kind of annoys me a little bit

because i was intentionally trying to

avoid it but i'm not here to like poo

poo like oh i got an age getting youtube

i was trying to avoid it it is

frustrating it is anger inducing uh but

you know i get it it's partially on me

and also um on a side i do wish to

apologize to those of you out there who

watched that video and uh were upset

that i didn't give a warning on the

video that there was going to be gore in

there i usually try to give those sort

of content warnings beforehand i forgot

on that one that's on me i do apologize

for that that being said i am very lucky

that this does not affect my financial

livelihood as it might affect other

creators because of my patrons so thank

you to my patrons who do support me like

legitimately stuff like this would be

much more devastating than uh

otherwise if it wasn't for you because

you do help support me primarily

financially and i try not to even think

about youtube monetization all that much

uh so thank you to that but my bigger

issue is that stuff like this does

affect the ability for videos to get

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this as a job and so i'm going to use

this to be a little bit uh cynical and

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so all that stuff out of the way on with

the show so as i mentioned earlier there

were some folks who believed while still

critiquing right-wing authorian

tendencies with characters like

homelander that the show is going after

both sides equally for example in season

2 the show featured a storyline about

hollywood with the dawn of the seven

movie one of the things among many that

the storyline highlighted was the

surface level representation of women in

superhero media and hollywood in the

movies filming we see bot give the women

of the team the girls get it done

superhero moment if we don't get that

flash drive to the tower

but how are you gonna get through all of

them don't worry

girls get it done

this sort of yeah girl power moment that

echoes scenes in marvel movies like

avengers endgame where all the girls

lined up in a yes we're gonna beat the

bad guy because we're women yeah

estrogen isn't it

isn't it great we got boobs we respect

girls not enough to center them in a

story or give them meaningful films

until around 30 movies into our

franchise but


women are powerful too even after maeve

came out as a lesbian within the show

the vaude team turned her lgbtq identity

into a product showing her as a stand-up

lgbtq superhero who can represent the

community oh oh so wonderful i feel so

represented by moments like this i'm

afraid to

to show the world who i am


so who are you maeve

i'm a lot like you

i'm gay


moments like this quite literally

presaged marvel's very very very surface

level lgbtq representation that we've

seen throughout phase four of the mcu

must have been

would-be princesses

or perhaps another prince

a bit of both


many right wings folks saw this

storyline as aligning with their

criticism of woke culture and media and

forced diversity ruining storylines and

movies that this storyline was somehow

going after the sjws who are ruining

media with their political agenda many

right-wing folks echoed this message in

many of their discussions of pop culture

media like marvel or star trek or star

wars for this sort of rainbow coalition

that we have with the eternals i think

it's important to note that they didn't

start that way in the comic book

there was a lot of race swapping gender

swapping going on here with this cast

and again there was really no

explanation from marvel from the

screenwriters from head kevin feige

about why they did this other than for

the sake of representation i've only in

this in other videos that you can check

out on my channel like the matrix

resurrections video i did or this one on

it to get more specific but to simplify

those videos it all comes from this

worry of white replacement anxiety these

anti-sjw folks see marginalized people

entering into media and taking more

center stage and these often white

conservative men worry that they're

being pushed out despite many white men

still having many roles and protagonist

characters in tv and film but what they

point to to justify their anxiety about

all this is the shallowness of these

depictions saying that these characters

are often just here to fill out a quota

of diversity because it makes these

movies more marketable for studios like

marvel and disney without actually

having to do the work of authentic

representation disney pixar's light year

the toy story spin-off movie out friday

disney works to push a not-so-secret gay


said ben shapiro

one would be forgiven for finding that

to be a little bit too much

and pushing things too far

in what is a very tolerant

society but of course this is a society


over-representation and they are

absolutely correct in this they are

often just box-ticking representations

in order to get people off their back

for saying that we don't represent

enough marginalized folks and think that

it will make their movie better able to

be sold around the united states but

without actually doing the work to try

to do this authentically or let lgbtq

people take part in our own stories and

this is what the dawn of the seven

storyline within the boys is showcasing

what many of these anti-sjw folks will

argue is that this shelliness should be

justification to not actually do these

representations at all and they'll dog

whistle about how marginalized folks

need to be justified to be included in

media or stories whereas white people

and especially white men can just be

included as a matter of course the

wokeness in eternals is pretty heavy and

and one of the most obvious ways that

you're going to see that is the cast the

eternals these created guardians of


come in all genders colors sexuality and

ability which if we had some explanation

for that might be fine but we have no

explanation for why the god rhem decided


make one of the eternals


deaf girl why one is a child of

indeterminate gender

why some are minority women and there's

no explanation given for that and it's

frustrating as you watch the movie you

go i don't understand why did he do this

when the argument is that we shouldn't

have to justify our existence in a story

though aside this eternals example that

i'm using here is doubly dumb because

the whole point of the movie is that the

eternal god was trying to influence

humanity so of course you send a diverse

team not a bunch of white dudes to try

to reach out to all cultures of the

world it highlights the american

right-wing's very narrow view of the

world and thinking that it's mostly

white when it's actually not on top of

this they'll constantly allude to the

simple inclusion of lgbtq people as

somehow not appropriate for kids also we

have um lgbt representation in this film

for the first time it's quite overt we

have a gay black

eternal superhero

fastos and he has a

male partner and a child and that

actually features somewhat prominently

in the movie so that is a really big

turn for marvel particularly given how

much this franchise appeals to families

i think there's no doubt that there are

some families who are going to forego

this film because of that showcasing how

they constantly sexualize being lgbtq

instead of just something someone is

just as being straight is it's no more

sexual than a straight relationship is

nor is being transgender more sexual

than being cisgender again it's this

constant selling of anxiety of the white

straight male replacement by minority

groups by arguing that it's all just

this shallow representation caused by

corporate hand waving towards

representation that it's succumbing to

the woke mob as justification for their

arguments of white supremacy when the

actual argument is to actually do it

better and more authentically not to do

less but to do more and better in fact

the amazing doctor who showed her

russell t davies who has worked really

hard to include a lot of lgbtq

representation in his work that is

authentic and actually part of the story

said this much more eloquently about

marvel's surface level lgbtq

representation than i ever could dude

clanging warning bells are ringing as

the giants rise up as the with um

netflix and uh disney plus especially um

uh i think that's a very great worry

where you know loki make one reference

to being bisexual once and everyone's

like oh my god it's like it's like a

pansexual show it's like one word he

said the word prince i want me to go

thank you disney aren't you marvelous

like pathetic it's a ridiculous


feeble gesture towards our uh the vital

politics and the stories that should be

told so they will damn us with their

condescension in the end so that's my

worry now and the voice season two

didn't make that part overtly clear but

very clearly showcased it with season

two's final episode being about three

girls beating the white supremacist

superhero showing women having actual

agency in the climax of the show not

just the one-off moment off to the side


yet because that wasn't explicitly told

within the same exact storyline many on

the right didn't read beyond the surface

level interpretation because quite

honestly many of them haven't been given

the analytical tools to do more than

shadow media criticism as a result until

season 3 the boys by many was seen more

like south park many people still argue

that the boys is like south park that

it's taking aim at everyone and taking

the piss out of the right and left

equally the boys is woken the same way

south park has woke i really don't think

this is woke and i think everyone's

concern is yet somewhat justified but i

think take a step back

and view it like you would south park i

think it's just humor

satire and honestly that's the problem

with south park that it has always been

a very libertarian-leaning series that

has just been willing to target anyone

outside of where they are on the

political spectrum or how much power

they actually have but as a result the

show then ends up giving a false

equivalency of power that trans people

for example are just as wrong for

arguing about bathroom laws and fighting

for our own human rights because we

don't do it perfectly as republicans are

for continually enacting harmful

rhetoric and denying human rights it

says these two things are equal when

they're very clearly not it's not saying

that you can't make fun of trans people

but to say that trans people are just as

wrong and actually have as just as much

power as people enacting human rights


is not the same and so as a result south

park never recognizes that power

imbalance and as such plays into

right-wing rhetoric that marginalized

folks are equally wrong or racist for

speaking out against their

marginalization as white supremacists

are for being racist when those two

things are not the same yet this is what

right-wing rhetoric tries to sell the

boys as especially in its first two

seasons saying it was just satire that

went after everyone equally it goes to

what i spoke about in my first video how

many mainstream pop culture products

made by corporations today ultimately

dilute any meaningful message or

worthwhile discussion to the point that

all is left is the surface level

readings resulting often in right-wing

folks especially those without the

ability to read media critically to only

be able to garner surface level

interpretations from a work in my last

video i spoke about how this removal of

deeper critical reading of a work leads

to veneration of masculine nationalistic

power that has permeated cultural

depictions of american protagonists and

stories but in this context this cutting

away of the veneer works so that the

only satire these folks see is one that

doesn't go further than the right versus

left divide that they've been sold over

and over and over again without

realizing that the quote unquote

wokeness they rail against is actually

the product of corporations and is the

same issue that many argue against as

well beyond right versus left divisions

it's something i argue against as well

but that again the argument isn't to

tell stories only focused on white men

or shallow tales without any meaning

which i don't even know how you would

tell a story without any meaning behind

it but to tell deeper stories more

diverse stories and ones that require

more depth of understanding yet the boys

is not like this and we can contrast

this very clearly with the character of

atrain who in many ways is similar to

homelander he is a man who was given

powers by vaught and told to believe in

his own strength and became a part of

the seven the biggest superhero team in

the world he similarly doesn't care

about helping others but only worries

about his appearances just like

homelander as we see in episode 1 of the

show as he cuts through huey's

girlfriend without care and only worries

how it will appear on the news if that

gets out not actually being concerned

with the actual harm he caused and the

person that he killed

i'm sorry about having your girlfriend

all right

hey dude are you okay

yeah the difference between a train and

homelander is that a train is a black


he attempts to reach the same acceptance

of his identity and use of personal

power as homelander but he cannot access

it because he does not have the same

access to systemic power that homelander

does as a white man what the [ __ ]

you just said everything was fine you're

gonna have a whole year of parades

tribute concerts you're gonna hit the

talk show circuit you're you're gonna

have your own reality show on vaught

plus the outpouring of love and

gratitude is gonna be off the charts oh

this is [ __ ]

you used to get my [ __ ] coffee

oh [ __ ] this

i'm not going yeah we constantly see him

try to do so a train even sells out

starlight to get homelanders good graces

leading homelander to kill one of

starlight's friends on top of this he

also attempts to build up his brand by

taking on the veneer of his community's

struggles but ultimately to venerate

himself he changes his costume to one

representing more african colors even he

makes commercials that utilize the

veneer of black lives matter movements

like a pepsi commercial but they're all

about selling products and his brand

rather than doing anything for the black

community and as a result his community

can see right through it as represented

by his brother who says this

for you don't say you did that for me

you've only ever been about yourself i'm

sorry i'll make it right how every time

you try you make it worse

eventually though a train's brother

pushes him to try to take on bluehawk a

superhero allegory of police brutality

in america since you want to be

down with the car so much

i was walking home and smuggler came up

behind me

i was

terrified and that's when dana wittmeyer

says blue hawk came to her rescue at

approximately 7 15 p.m i spotted a black

male following the victim southbound on

marin boulevard i intercepted him at

which point

the suspect became aggressive

brother lived a few houses up the street

three kids

he was just walking home from work

blue hawk curb stormed him so hard to

crack the pavement

that's [ __ ] up

maybe i can throw his family some cash

or something they don't need a handout

they need you to speak up you're in the

[ __ ] seven

yeah but i mean

i listen i'm

michael jordan

i'm not malcolm x

bluehawk murders black men because he

sees them as a threat and argues that

black communities require more policing

yet he's clearly there just because he's

more allowed to use his full power

against black men rather than in white


a train does try to work within the

system of vaunt to stop blue hawk but

vaught doesn't do anything systemic to

stop him a little excessive


says who

well a lot of black folks

no no this has nothing to do with


you and me both trained with coach

brinka school we were taught to dominate


yeah but

you're mostly just doing it in in black

neighborhoods and you don't want people

to say that you're being racist right

you know it's actually

racist to call somebody racist

what is this

is this like a canceled thing am i being


what can i do to make this right

wouldn't take much

i don't know make an apology or some

[ __ ] what a great idea

thank you for saying that

i'm sure homelander would really really

appreciate that blue hawk

hey name the time of place

it is so important to do the work

to have the difficult conversations

vaude just makes him try to give a

surface level apology yeah

well he he was a criminal he was unarmed

would you have done the same thing to a

white guy in mill hill

i go where the crime is and the crime


happens to be in in black neighborhoods

that that's not my fault all right all

right you know yeah that's enough we're

done here just say you're sorry we can

get out of here

you know

do your research like blacks commit a

disproportionate number of murders how

about all the black men humor how about

you tell me why they were so [ __ ]

aggressive i was acting in self-defense

they don't black lives matter

walk away then after outcry from this

blue och uses this opportunity to say

that he's being canceled and it

ultimately leads him to attack and

almost kill a train's brother something

that he isn't punished for at all as a

result of all this atrain finally

realizes that he can't actually access

any power within the system and he

starts to realize that he needs to take

accountability for his actions he

ultimately earnestly apologizes to huey

for his actions taking the first step

towards accountability i'm sorry


is that what you want to hear



am okay

it's [ __ ] up

seeing somebody that you love get

hurt like that

i'm sorry

i'm [ __ ] sorry

but now ultimately he kills blue hawk

and anger yet it still distances him

from his brother because that murder was

still done for him not for his community

but if you go back to my first video

where i discussed the problem of

right-wing surface-leveled understanding

of media literacy there were even some

people that were like blue hawk was

right he was just defending a woman who

was being mugged instead of recognizing

that he is a man standing in for literal

police brutality and over-policing of

black neighborhoods and how police often

justify extra violence against black men

compared to white folks we're seeing a

white soup called blue hawk who patrols

a black neighborhood as a cartoon

villain oh forget that he stopped a

savage mugging there is a victim here oh

because we're supposed to believe the

black witnesses instead

oh it's the racist right deferring blame

on innocent antifa we're not going to

get the suddenly afrocentric a train

confronting blue hawk and realizing he

was in the right to take the fight to

the hood we're not going to see black on

black crime thwarted by a white hero

that would actually be bold here this

person argued that blue hawk was right

to literally murder a black man it

ignores that even if there was a victim

of a mugging here the man didn't deserve

to die nor gruesomely murdered in the

street but this is how many police treat

black men no matter the situation and

how the right almost always justifies

extra use of power especially on black

men after the fact always trying to find

ways to justify that a black person

deserved to die for a simple crime

even more importantly one woman says

during blue hawks press conference that

the man that blue hawk killed was

unarmed which is entirely believable

yeah yeah


he was a criminal he was unarmed would

you have done the same thing to a white

guy in mill hill

there have been numerous cases where

police have used horrific violence even

murdering black men when the person was

actually unarmed and non-violent just

existing publicly as a black man many

times black men are viewed as a threat

simply for existing publicly especially

when in proximity to a white woman who

will sometimes use their status as white

women to use patriarchal power in order

to push out black men from public view

oftentimes using the police by calling

them in order to get them to use

violence against a black man in order to

quote unquote to protect her we saw this

very plainly a couple years ago when we

saw a central park woman using a

panicked voice on the phone and calling

the police simply for a black man being

near her in a park in a video that went

viral sorry i'm in the ramble and there

is a man african-american who is a

bicycle helmet he is recording me and

threatening me and my dog

there is an african-american man i am in

central park he is recording me and

threatening myself and my dog

i'm sorry i can't hear you either i'm

being threatened by a man into the rambo

please send the cops immediately

i'm in central park in the raffle i

don't know

thank you

blue hawk as a character represents the

police's brutal use of power against

black men in black communities and the

ways that the right wing often justifies

violence against black men within their

communities by saying oh it's to protect

the white woman oh it's because there's

too much crime in black areas it just

happens to be where it is and all of

these are really just justifications for

yielding violence against black men and

black communities and actively denying

any accountability in doing so as

bluehawk does

stories like this showcased how many

right-wing folks began to slowly

recognize in the third season of the

boys how the show was not just about

taking the piss out of the right and

left equally but it was actually being

targeted in its criticism of how systems

like the police who are agents of state

power uphold ones that place black men

and other minorities as subservient and

see us as inherently political and need

to justify our right to life in

existence how the right wing began to

recognize this through the character of

bluehawk who has a character tailor-made

to spot arguments they would agree with

because he's a police officer that

ultimately works to uphold this status

quo that benefits them and ultimately

they sided with him instead of

understanding that the show is asking us

to look at the moral complexity of the

situation a character like atrain is in

a character who we are definitely not

here to venerate or say is good but who

is slowly starting to recognize his

place within a corporate system that

ultimately works to keep the status quo

of patriarchal and white supremacist

world views and hierarchies this is the

distinction between a train and

homelander the system was built to

venerate homelanders power as a white

man as america was built on white

supremacist ideals that ultimately

systemically helped him while a train as

a black man cannot the boys in season 3

undercuts this possible south park-like

libertarian reading by making it clear

that it's attacking the systems not the

individual and as a result places

criticism on the systems themselves and

those who it produces like homelander

the show isn't about saying trump bad

it's about expressing that the system

that makes trump would always make a

trump it's the system that produces him

that's bad now as i wrap out this

section on a train it's important to

note that i am a white woman talking

about issues that affect the black

community and i really want to make sure

that you actually hear about these

issues from someone from that community

so i'm actually going to recommend that

you check out little bill's excellent

two-part video series on the boys as

well that covers a lot of the same stuff

that i've been covering in my two videos

as well as issues that affect the black

community specifically too and is able

to give a much more interesting

perspective on those ideas than i can




yeah despite all this great criticism

what makes the boys a genuinely

excellent work

is that it isn't as cynical as everyone


because it offers a way out it gives a

counterbalance a way to fight the system

through the team of the boys first and

foremost it's interesting that they're

named the boys because the two leads

huey and butcher in a way contrast

homelander butcher is another man who is

a product of a desire to act out

masculine power butcher is motivated in

season 1 to take down homelander out of

a desire to avenge his wife his wife has

been fridged and so he feels emasculated

while he did care about his wife his

anger comes out of a need to have to

avenge a woman and this is how

patriarchal masculinity is often pushed

that you need to predict the fragility

of femininity protect the white woman

even in season 2 when he learns his wife

is actually alive he still feels angry

at homeland because butcher learns that

homelanders sexually assaulted his wife

resulting in a child

butcher even then cares less about what

his wife wants to live safely from

homelanders influence but instead just

wishes to lash out and get revenge on

homelander for defiling his wife

this ends up resulting in his wife's

death again it showcases how butchers

need to constantly enact this revenge in

the name of the white woman leads to

others being harmed around him and this

in many ways mirrors homelander himself

butcher is isolating himself pushing

everyone else away in his quest to

reaffirm his masculine power but it's

about himself and his revenge not about

changing a system and we see this

throughout season 3 where butcher takes

temporary v to give him the same exact

powers as homelander acting out his

power fantasy he even pushes everyone on

his team away from him because he feels

he must protect them distancing huey

frenchie mma and starlight in the

process and allying himself with soulja

boy to murder and kill his way to get

what he wants huey though in contrast

represents the ability to break this

path on the surface hughie in many ways

reflects butcher he initially joins the

boys out of a misplaced sense of

masculinity to protect others and avenge

his dead fringed girlfriend yet he's

also what we would call a typical beta

male he's not physically strong he's

kind of emotional and doesn't really

have a typically masculine coded job he

doesn't hold any real power yet these

qualities that are undervalued in this

system are what actually make him stand

out and make him a good person for

example he chooses to work alongside

starlight not put off by her being a

woman with more power and strength than

him are you gonna

stay over again tonight dunno it depends

um are you gonna bring aquafresh

i would brush with monistat if it meant

i could have sex with

you it's very romantic

all right i'll see you later have a good

day he's not emasculated by it and also

sees the power in working with others in

building a community against the

individualism that he's told to embody

but which he's ultimately fighting

against yet in season three huey starts

to feel that same disenfranchisement

that butcher and homelander feel he

starts the season off working for a

democratic senator believing that he can

work within the system in order to

change it you can

give me a job

you serious

uh what about your team don't get me

wrong i i i still want to fight vaught i

just i want to do it the right way

not covered in quite as many guts

but then realize that his boss also has

powers and upholds the system as it is

she has quite literally bought ceo's

surrogate daughter and constantly helps

him and is only out for her own strength

a cleaning crew sterilized the site

within 15 minutes of the incident no

witnesses have come forward and if they

do we'll deal with them

the same way you dealt with tony

come on sport haven't i always taken

care of you

this is very similar to how many

democrats today ultimately just keep on

appeasing many right-wing groups

democrats don't actually do anything

demonstrably good they just are

basically a stop gap and constantly

constantly appease themselves to the

right wing they ultimately have no

vested interest in trying to change the

system because the system still gives

them power this is where the boy

succeeds where other superhero media has

failed as i pointed out my last video on

the boys the mcu tried to have the same

criticism of systemic abuses of power in

its disney plus show falcon and the

winter soldier i tried to point out how

the american system ultimately led to

the radicalization of characters like

carly who led the flag smashers a

radical group fighting back against the

corporate and government abuse of power

that was moving people without their

consent while simultaneously leaving

them without resources or care yet the

show ultimately failed to address the

actual problems because it first

vilified carly and the flag smashers by

having them suddenly do evil out of

character things for no reason in order

to frame them as the antagonist i then

had sam wilson's captain america simply

tell the senators to do better the only

power i have

is that i believe we can do better

we can't demand that people step up and

we don't meet them halfway

you control the banks [ __ ] you can move

borders you can knock down a forest with

the email you can feed a million people

with a phone call

you've got to do better senator you've

got to step up

because if you don't the next carly will

and you don't want to see 2.0


believed in her cause so much

that they helped her defy the strongest

governments in the world

this ultimately ignored the fact that

these senators will not do better

because it's not just a failure of their

viewpoint to help disenfranchise people

like carly but actually to their benefit

to do so they are ultimately reaffirming

their own power and the system

incentivizes them rather than actually

incentivizing them to change captain

america yelling at them to do better

won't change a damn thing but leaves the

mcu one of the world's biggest media

franchises made by one of the world's

biggest corporations disney to reaffirm

the status quo as is the one where it

gets to remain on top yet because the

boys is a deconstruction of these types

of heroes rather than needing to

constantly reaffirm the status quo as is

so we can keep regurgitating the same

hero's ad nauseam the show can

ultimately point out that the system

itself is actually part of the problem

this is partially why the boys can get

away with these critiques despite being

made by amazon because the show itself

is deconstructionist rather than needing

to reaffirm and perpetuate itself as the

mcu does there are also more reasons but

we'll get to that in a moment and as a

result in the show this leads huey to

feel powerless

and you're bleeding i know because i

can't open a [ __ ] jar because i can't

do anything [ __ ] right huey

what's going on

vicki was my friend

i know her daughter she she she

surprised me in the office on my


we used to roll through that office like

we were the [ __ ] untouchables i

thought things were finally

finally going my way

god what a goddamn joke i am hey that's

not true

not only that he begins to feel

emasculated as less of a man and as a

result he starts to disrespect annie's

power believing that in order to be a

strong man he needs to save the girl

supposed to do you were supposed to call

me yeah and what if you got hurt trying

to save me annie i would never forgive

myself but now you don't have to okay i

can handle myself i can finally save you

for once

i don't need you to save me huey

i need you

he falls into the same trap as

homelander and butcher using temporary v

to gain superpowers in order to enact

that masculine power upon the world but

even when he does this he still can't be

the strong hero that butcher or

homelander are his superpowers

themselves emasculate him making him

naked every single time he teleports

showcasing his vulnerability but it's

his vulnerability that has his power i i

was pretending to be someone i'm not i'm

not like soldier boy

that guy's full of [ __ ] i mean no one is

that tough and and the people who say

they are

they're lying and i'm

i'm done because eventually in the

show's final episode hughie decides not

to use the temp v to teleport in and

save his girlfriend from homelander but

trust annie and power her up which works

at least temporarily

it's his ability to trust be vulnerable

and form a community that are what makes

him powerful and able to fight back

better against homelander than people

like butcher are it's not his strength

and power as a masculine man but his

ability to trust and like how butcher is

a reflection of homelander the deep is a

reflection of who huey would be if he

tried to become like homelander a deeply

emasculated man who is used by those

around him but who still enacts

toxically masculine ideals because he

refuses to recognize that others around

him helped him refuse to even recognize

that a woman helped him and helped him

get to where he is instead believing

that he did it all himself and yet still

ultimately just being a second fiddle to

homelander and kind of a shitty dude

i've given up

a year of my life for you i gave up my

tenure at vasser i i've propped you up i

have steered your comeback and this

this is how you repay me you propped me

up huh right you wrote a few lines i

know how to [ __ ] sell it okay

okay let's um

let's see how well you do without me oh

i'll be great without you i thought you

over noting me all the [ __ ] time

you're an idiot kevin then why did dave

eggers say i have a formidable intellect


formidable intellect similarly mm

frenchie starlight and caico are also

worth mentioning in this video in this

section i'll keep it short here though

because this video is already over long

but for example mm wants to enact his

revenge like butcher but is convinced to

pull back on his toxic masculine desire

for revenge by starlight realizing the

importance of saving lives and

protecting communities first and


please i need you people are hurt


he doesn't control you

we have to help these people

it's up to us


mm in a way mirrors a train a man who is

better able to decouple his personal

desire for revenge in order to utilize

it for a greater community purpose

however importantly with mm the show

doesn't shame him for being rightfully

angry for how he has been treated nor

how his family was literally seen as

disposable by soldier boy killing them

instead allowing him to healthy express

that to his daughter and use that anger

and not shame him or stereotyping him as

the angry black man who just needs to

learn to cool off truth is

superheroes aren't always good

one of them

soldier boy

killed a lot of our family members a

long time ago

it makes me sad

sometimes it makes me mad

when i think about it


your granddaddy

he spent his entire life

fighting to get justice

friendship similarly feels emasculated

by his inability to stop a russian mob

from controlling him and his past but he

can pull himself out of that through his

relationship and trusting

trusting a woman's power rather than his

own starlight and both realize their

power this season as women that they can

choose to have agency instead of having

a subservient place to men in both the

corporate worlds or in how men have

given them powers against their will for

example starlight initially chooses to

work within the system of vaught to try

and gain power over homelander but even

that ultimately fails and she chooses to

work outside the system in order to

bring him down and it's ultimately the

first knock against his actual power

that we see throughout the entire season

most heroes don't care about you

they only care about their image and


homelander is the worst of them

he's hurt people


he's done something to me


i don't know what they're gonna do to me


telling the truth

but i'm going to keep

doing it and i should have done it

sooner i'm sorry

and one more thing

i'm not starlight anymore

my name is annie january

and i [ __ ] quit

similarly despite getting her dream of

being cured of her powers kiko actually

eventually chooses to take them back

because she realizes that it matters

that it's her choice this time

at first i hated the v because i didn't

choose it

but now it's my choice

i think that madhouse

all of this isn't to say though that the

show is perfect i do think there are

some criticisms behind of the boys there

are some storytelling things here and

there but let's just talk symbolically

because that's kind of what we're

focused on here for example i think

maeve as a character was ultimately

highly sidelined by the series this

season and it's kind of frustrating

considering that she's the show's one

major lgbtq character and in the end of

the season she self-sacrifices herself

kind of becoming a barrier gay sort of

thing and it also feels weird that the

show saves her life yet writes her off

anyways she honestly should have died in

this moment given that she felt hundreds

of stories and her powers were taken


and maybe the series will justify her

surviving this moment but if i'm being

honest what it really feels like is the

writers wrote that she lives because

they realized that killing off their one

prominent lgbtq character would look bad

and again be burying their gays so again

the show isn't perfect in my mind but i

still love it because in the end of this

season the boys the team eschew a power

structure that places butcher and his

revenge at the top but one instead with

a flat power structure where all of them

have an equal say

you need to double knot okay and bag

your trash

if you're gonna be working here

butcher isn't gonna like it

butcher can suck my [ __ ]

ah from now on this is a democracy huh

i see you one of the boys

me too

they form a community that ensues power

structures and male centering which is

seen as a positive contrast to

homelanders nationalistic individualist

power for power's sake all of this is

why the boys is such a robust political

show because it manages to keep its eye

on how american nationalistic and white

supremacist history has mixed with hyper

capitalism to yield the result that we

are now faced with both in the show and

the real world a culture which reveres

white patriarchal power and one that

will consistently produce men like

homelander and trump no matter what and

that the cure for this is to fight back

as a community that respects all

identities not white men as the head of

the team but as part of the team it's a

very leftist show in that regard which

makes it very weird right that amazon

makes it a show critiquing hyper

capitalism made by the most hyper

capitalistic company ever and a lot of

people point to that very fact in order

to de-legitimize the show's message

but ultimately this is the only way that

this message could get out we live in a

capitalist system so for this type of

media to get made it has to be made in a

capitalist system i feel like this

criticism of the show ultimately kind of

comes off as that one meme that you

can't criticize capitalism because you

live in capitalism and partake in

capitalism but what i do understand is

people distrusting the show because it's

made by a hyper capitalist company how

can we reconcile this well it's because

we have to recognize that capitalism

will try to sell you back

anti-capitalism because to do so it

makes you seem like you're fighting back

when you're actually consuming and it

turns the catharsis the arc creates into

a feeling that you're fighting back

without you actually doing so take

netflix's squid games for example it's

an intensely anti-capitalist show and if

you don't believe that by the way check

out this video it's freaking amazing and

explains why this show is super

anti-capitalist and the show was

incredibly successful because it was

appealing to people who are feeling all

this anxiety under capitalism right now

because capitalism sucks but now after

its success netflix is making it into a

perpetual series with a season two on

the way and i kid you not a reality show

based on it


netflix saw squid games and said yeah

let's do that


it's going to just sell you back squid

games over and over and over and over

again because capitalism wants to create

things that people will buy and knows

that especially right now people want

anti-capitalism because they feel that

anxiety that capitalism causes so

capitalism create products that sell

that and make money doing so and yet all

the while you watch shows like squid

games and the boys and feel like yeah

[ __ ] this system and you feel like you

did your part when all you did was

actually consume more and if you want to

know how anti-capitalism is sold in a

capitalist society and how that system

works i'd recommend anurism's excellent

video on it but the funny thing is the

boys itself is actually very aware of

this very tense relationship that it has

to its own production because we can

look at how the show was marketed and

how the show used its marketing the

episode of the show's third season

herogasm was sold as this significantly

over the top ridiculous episode alright

we are so excited about this week's

episode it's called herogasm what

happens at iraqis and karen


okay yeah that's a lot fans

this is a big one the cast constantly

put out like this is the episode you

have to watch it's so crazy and over the

top but despite that when i watched it

it was just

the show has had much more violent and

even crazier sexual imagery before this

episode but the show was sold on how


was highlighting our culture's

puritanical feelings about sex but it

also speaks to how brilliant the show is

because herogasm was also the episode

with some of the most essential

character beats and political moments

it's the episode where starlight decides

to block the system where a train kills

blue hawk where butcher and huey take on

homelander the show used the cynical

marketing of amazon's puritanical nature

and capitalistic drive to get eyes on

the episode that had the most to say the

show knows it's a capitalist product and

uses that system to its benefit as best

it can as a result i think the voice is

a great show

but it needs to be recognized that the

feelings it instills are not supposed to

be the end but it should have you take

those emotions that the show instills in

order to push you to fight back in the

real world to work with others to create

a community to fight back against the

product of these systems like homelander

huey is the type of manhood that should

be cultivated but is not rewarded by our

current system our current system just

rewards men who lust for more power like

homelander and creates them over and

over and over again and it turns men

like huey who seek to build community to

work alongside others instead of

venerating themselves into

disenfranchised beta males who are

pushed to try to become alpha males by

shoving down minorities around them

instead of realizing that we're all

allies together that we are best when we

recognize each other in our own power

when women lgbtq folks and people of

color and white men and women are seen

as influential in our own right we build

a community to fight


that's what the boys is all about and if

you don't understand that message you're

missing the point

hello everybody thank you so much i hope

you enjoyed this video i just wanted to

make it because i wanted to rant about

the boys for a while and i was very

frustrated with so many people

misinterpreting the message of the show

but i'm gonna rap it out there one thing

i will say if you want to hear me talk

more about the boys i actually was very

lucky enough to talk to jack quaid huey

himself for an hour and a half and while

we talk about a bunch of things like

star trek lower decks and video games

and he's a really cool dude honestly we

did talk a lot about the boys and the

filming of episodes like herogasm so if

you want to hear more about that check

out that video jacquaid absolutely

wonderful human being i adore him to

death he was absolutely wonderful to

talk to that's what i do here on this

channel i talk about lgbtq and social

and political issues through nerdums and

geekdoms and pop culture right here on

this channel and for those of you who

have been waiting for it the next big

video on this channel is going to be my

video on matt walsh's what is a woman

part two yes the epic part two where i

guarantee you i will answer the question

what is a woman who can a leftist do it

we'll soon find out it'll be an

interesting video and it's honestly

going to be a big and long one so strap

in it's going to debunk the entirety of

that film and oh boy a lot more too so i

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hello there patrons thank you all so

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