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Top 10 Marketing Movies

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Bethany

If you want to know more about marketers and their strategies for the business of marketing campaigns you should definitely watch our picks for the best marketing movies.

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movies that are in this list:

10. syrup (2013): https://amzn.to/2ZVvBIP (00:29)

9. jobs (2013): https://amzn.to/2Etryw8 (01:31)

8. Crazy People (1990): https://amzn.to/3iU4Jk9 (02:31)

7. What Women Want (2000): https://amzn.to/33QAynr (03:23)

6. 99 francs (2007): https://amzn.to/2FWZ4Lt (04:18)

5. Jerry Maguire (1996): https://amzn.to/2RPjYPy (05:15)

4. The Joneses (2009): https://amzn.to/2ZYGnhs (06:14)

3. Wag The Dog (1997): https://amzn.to/32UxPud (07:13)

2. Steve jobs (2015): https://amzn.to/3iUzUvw (08:10)

1. Thank You For Smoking (2005): https://amzn.to/2EtsbWw (10:07)

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if you want to know more about marketers

and their strategies

you should definitely watch our picks

for the best marketing movies

can't we set up a meeting something i

have an idea that can make your company

millions of dollars and you've given me

30 seconds that's how long we have to

sell to our customers

it's called advertising five seconds we

hope you will enjoy the following


please let us know your favorite in the

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number 10. syrup

2013. yes scat you're rich

and famous

you did register that trademark didn't

you syrup is a 2013 comedy drama film

directed by arum rappaport and stars

amber heard

shiloh fernandez kellen lutz and britney


this cynical provoking yet charming

comedic take on the business world

explores the many stakes of successful

marketing through the eyes of a young


chasing big fame fresh out of school

with a degree in marketing

his goal is to prove that he has what it

takes to become the greatest of them all

but soon his heart will be interested in

something else

well actually no not yet sir he is

simply a contractor that i've brought in

to help with some logistics i hate to

burst your bubble but we don't develop

products that we don't own

gentlemen my partner may have misled you

see mr scat and i have co-developed [ __ ]

and he is prepared to relinquish

trademark rights for only two million


number nine jobs

2013. we're not selling computers we're

selling what they can

do with a computer a tool

for the mind jobs is a 2013 biographical

drama film

directed by joshua michael stern and

stars ashton kutcher

dermot mulroney josh gad and jk simmons

this portrait rolls up the story of

steve jobs ascension from college


into one of the most revered creative

entrepreneurs of the 20th century

as we become witnesses of the revolution

that changed the tech industry forever

we must accept that the story of jobs

shows him in a more ambivalent light

because he will do anything to make his

reality distortion field come true a few

months ago when steve was visiting me in


he asked me a very important question he


do you want to sell sugar water for the

rest of your life or

come with me and change the world

number eight crazy people

1990. are you out of your [ __ ] mind

i thought this would appeal to a

no-nonsense type consumer

crazy people is a 1990 black comedy film

directed by tony bell

and stars dudley moore and daryl hannah

this rather unconventional attempt to

explore the world of business and


dives deep into the sanity or even


of the ones who create and form it

following advertising executive emory


crazy people questions marketing itself

by revolving the plot

around crazy people and their

brainstormed ideas that are ironically

about to revolutionize the world of


men buy these cars because of it so why

don't we just come out and say hey

we know what you want here it is this

is for that

number seven what women want

two thousand prove ourselves creatively

in the marketplace

and i'm thrilled that darcy has

consented to move across

town join our team and lead us into the

21st century

what women want is a 2000 romantic

fantasy comedy film directed by nancy


and stars mel gibson and helen hunt in

this hilarious and charming what-if


we follow main protagonist nick a man

troubled with women and dating in


but after a curious incident nick gains

the incredible ability to hear what

women think

all the time when and where he wants now


seems as easy as it sounds but soon nick

will learn that

love is still a challenge the only thing

the road cares about

is that you paid a visit once in a while

nike no games

just sports number six

99 francs 2007 madonna

99 francs is a 2007 french comedy drama

film directed by jan conan

and stars jean du jardin vagina giacente

and jocelyn quivren this incredibly

pointed satire

criticizing the world of advertisement

revolves around disillusioned and

suicidal creative executive

octave in paris when he finds himself in

a deep and life-threatening personal


he must question the way of life he once

chose and what he really wanted from


to prevent the end of his way and start

all over again

come on

jerry maguire 1996. did you not tell my

wife more personal attention

i said more personal attention cause

we're just getting started on my list of

things you need to know

jerry maguire is a 1996 romantic comedy

drama sports film

written and directed by cameron crowe

and stars tom cruise

cuba gooding jr and renee zellweger

jerry maguire is a man of smart business

as a top agent of sports management

international his future is secured and

his name

famous across the country but after

being fired for saying the wrong things

too loud

we witness his tragic fall from grace

can jerry resurrect his career while

still staying true to himself

anybody else would have left you by now

but i'm sticking with you

i said i would and if i got to ride your

ass like zorro

you're gonna show me the money you gonna

show me the money

number four the joneses 2009.

you know the great thing about this job


you get to be whoever you want to be

the joneses is a 2009 comedy drama film

written and directed by derek port and

stars demi moore

david duchovny amber heard and ben


could someone even keep up with the

joneses a seemingly perfect family

having everything one could wish for

wonderful children

a great home and lots of money when

moving to a new neighborhood

they soon are the seemingly most

attractive family around

but then there is an incident an

incident that will soon question their

family to the extent of their


watches up two percent overall sales up

16 yes video games

up 13. whoa sportswear is up

21. cool number three

wag the dog 1997. we're not gonna have a

war we're gonna have the appearance of a


we cannot afford the appearance of a

model of course

wag the dog is a 1997 political satire

black comedy film

directed by barry levinson and stars

dustin hoffman

robert de niro and anne hesh in this

literally unbelievable satire

we explore the power of media and

marketing strategies to the extent that

will leave our mouths wide open

when the u.s president gets tangled up

in a sex scandal he wants to focus the

public on another topic

a made-up war in a country no one knows

about but

is this plan really that good of an idea

what do you want to do now

this is nothing piece of cake producing

is being a samurai warrior

that pay you day in day out for years so

that one day when called upon you can


your training at its peak and save the


number two steve jobs 2015. you didn't

have seconds

you had three weeks the universe was

created in a third of that time

well someday you'll have to tell us how

you did it

steve jobs is a 2015 biographical drama


directed by danny boyle and stars

michael fassbender

kate winslet seth rogen catherine


and jeff daniels the story takes us

behind the scenes of the digital


to paint a portrait of steve jobs at its


it unfolds backstage at three iconic

product launches

ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the

apple imac

however his drive to revolutionize

technology is sacrificial

and you are left to judge how this

impacted him and those close to him

what do you do i play the orchestra

and you're a good musician you sit right

there you're the best in your room

i came here to clear the air do you know

why i came can you just answer that i

came here cause you're gonna get killed

your computer's gonna fail before we

unveil movie number one

here are a few honorable mentions i'm a


got a luscious body provocative clothes

i'm gonna use sex to sell cars no one's

gonna sell this car

price nothing else i mean i like men

i like men a lot i can't believe i'm

doing this

how do i make a company want to be in

this movie you need to start by

acknowledging that you yourself are a


right what's your brand collateral what

are you bringing to the table

i guess that's what you need to figure

out right in terms of making yourself

appealing to them

how would you guys describe your brand

they really understood you were changing

the culture i would make the political

and graphic statements

that grabs at the heart grabs at your at

your throat and and

make statements about what the hell you

think your life should be about you know

and that's what i've done

i think all my life with my advertising

i mean i was always trying to sell

product but i was always making a point

number one thank you for smoking 2005.

russians arabs and villains oh well then

yes i guess that is why i'm here

good i think we can help jeff invented

product placement

thank you for smoking is a 2005

satirical black comedy film

written and directed by jason reitman

and stars erin eckhart maria bello

cameron bright and adam brody marketing

can be just as effective as it can be

cruel and manipulative nick naylor chief

spokesman for a big cigarette company

makes his living through lying or more

precisely spinning away the dangers of

smoking and is confronted with several

parties trying to teach society

the real dangers of it what follows is a

campaign war that is about to reach

absurdity i'm not a doctor

i'm a facilitator i bring creative

people together whatever information

there is exists it's out there people

will decide for themselves you should

it's not my role to decide for them

it'd be morally presumptuous i could

learn a lot from this man

do you agree with our list please let us

know in the comments

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