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Published June 11, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

A new streaming application which will aggregate all of your streaming services in to a single app. Works great on Firestick and Android TV devices. Application is available direct on the Amazon and Google play stores.

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so just what you guys asked for

a new streaming application giving you

access to live tv channels specifically

local live tv channels that you can

enjoy on all of your devices now this

application is absolutely free as you

can see it has a fully working epg the

electronic program guide it doesn't need

any kind of mouse toggle and i'm really

looking forward to sharing it with you

so please do take a moment to hit that

like button make sure you hit that

subscribe button so with all of that

being said

let's get started if you're new to the

channel and you want to stay up to date

with the latest tech tutorials the

latest voice take android and android tv

tips and tricks then please do subscribe

and hit the notification bell it's a

small click from you but it makes a big

difference to me thank you okay so i'm

doing my demonstration on the brand new

4k fire stick max the one with the new

remote control in fact do leave me a

comment below if you've already

purchased this device and what you think

are fair now although i'm doing this

demonstration on that device you can

follow this process on any other android

device including your android tvs like

nvidia shield or your chromecast with

google tv now to start the process just

head over to settings

click on wi-fi tv

click on developer options

and where it says install unknown apps

let's click on that and just make sure

you've enabled the option for downloader

and this just means that we can download

application files through downloader

once you've done that let's now press

the home key

and we're now going to make a quick

connection to my website

which you guys know is just

techdoctoruk.com or you can type in the

short code


type that in

click on go or just press the play

button on your remote

now when you get to my website you want

to head over to the hamburger menu which

is one of the three lines

click on that and then click on

tutorials and the latest tutorial in the

list will be how to get this new bl tv

application on all of your devices let's

click on that and let me just take this

opportunity to say a big shout out to

troy point from tripod.com who's

actually the person who told me about

this application and if you guys are not

following him you definitely should do

check out his website and youtube

channel for the latest streaming news

streaming tips and tricks and streaming

applications okay let's open that up

here we are so we can see this is the

may 2022 update i mean lots of you were

always looking for different ways or

better ways to watch local content local

channels without using an aerial and the

previous application low cost was

fantastic for that but

unfortunately due to

various reasons the application was

forced to shut down so since then we are

looking for other options i did do a

review of another application called

local now which also covers some local

content i think this one also has some

great content as well

let's scroll down

we can see it does have that really nice

program guide

the epg

and we can see this is available in 14

different u.s markets


if i just scroll down a bit more

so make sure you are in one of those

supported regions

um you'd have to use a zip code to

confirm your region

and in my example i just used an ip

address from that region so i hope you

understand how that works

uh scroll down

and we have two versions here one for

your android tvs and five sticks and

another one for your phones and tablets

so as i'm doing this on my 4k fire stick

max let's click on the first link

scroll down and i can now click on this

green download button and this will

download the application directly onto

my device

let's give that a second

scroll down and click on install

now the application does require a super

quick registration which i will show you

in just a second but

essentially just entering any email

address and password

you can then enter in a zip code and

that will then activate your application

and let's click on delete so we can

delete the installation file just so we

can get that space back

let's now press the home key

and here is the application so local btv

let's open that up

now when you start the application for

the first time it asks you to go to a

web address and type in the activation

code so let's do that now and in my

example for this demonstration let's say

i'm watching from los angeles let's jump

over to my pc so i can just open up a

browser and go to activate.localbtb.com

let's do that now and what i need to do

now is just enter in the zip code so i'm

going to go for 900 12.

i can now click on check availability

it says to me that this is available for


i can now just type in any email address

to register an account

so no confirmation no checking just type

in any email address

and let's just use this one over here

type in a password click on sign up

and literally within a few seconds

you'll receive an email saying that

you've now fully activated and you can

then enter in the activation code

and we can see without me doing any

editing or cutting or tweaking

that's gone straight in i can now enter

the activation code where we can see all

my fire stick it was six two one two two


let's type that in so six two one two

two seven

click on activate

that's now activated we can now jump

back to my fire stick

because it's now refreshing

if you press down on the remote

and we can now see the fully working epg

now if i scroll to the right

you can now see what's coming on now

what's coming on next and what's

available on those different channels

and here we can see some shopping with

qvc if i click on that

i get the option to watch live or you

can even record if you want to but in my

example i'm going to click on watch live

give that a second

and that's working absolutely fine now

just to give you that more cable tv like

experience when you are inside the

channel if you press left or right on

the remote

we can see that automatically moves you

over to the next channel

here we can see some local news

let's keep going and this is some other

local channel there so very easy to

navigate very easy to move around and

anytime you want to go back to the epg

just press down on the remote

and we can now see exactly what's

happening in this application and if any

of you guys are still here with me then

if you drop a like on this video and

leave the comment

hashtag bltv then i know you made it

this far in the video which i always

appreciate i'll then heart your comment

you also have the option to customize

your visible channel set so if i go over

to the right

here we can see i mean if you don't use

recording feature you'll see the

recordings here the schedule here but in

my example i'll go over to customize

channels here we can see all of the

channels are available to me but let's

say for example i'm not interested in a


i can press the button next to that

and we said now becomes grayed out so

this way i can say i'm not interested in

this or this or this and this then

customizes the channels that are

available for you so when you are inside

a channel when you are pressing left or

right to cycle between them you won't

see these channels anymore because

you've now deselected them and that's

all for this video guys many thanks for


i know you guys are always looking for

more applications more streaming

applications more legal streaming

applications i do think the fact that

this application with this great

electronic program guide all of that

local content is definitely worthwhile

checking out so make sure you are

subscribed with all notifications so you

know exactly when i go live so really

appreciate your support do like and

share this video and i'll hopefully

catch up with you guys real soon thanks


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