April 12, 2024

VPN, Aimbot, Wall-Hacks...What's Next?🤣 … #shorts

Published June 11, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

🚨Welcome to the Goober Gang🚨

If you're new here, I'm sorry you wandered on the wrong side of YouTube (Gaming)🤷🏽‍♀️. If you like Call of Duty/warzone Content... I'm probably going to ruin it for you 😅!

(In all seriousness) My name is Robel (Ro for short), and I'm an active content creator who streams and records gameplay EXCLUSIVELY on YouTube🎮. I grew up in Southern California🌴 mostly playing first person shooters with the occasional party game here and there. I began content creation back in January of 2021 in hopes of providing entertainment and laughter to those who stop by. If you enjoy what you see hit the red Subscribe/Notification button to stay tuned for more content in the future🙏🏽. Feel free to comment and let me know what kind of content you guys like to see so I can provide that for you, and as usual Peace and Blessings!




Of Course, tips and donations are NEVER required, but are ALWAYS appreciated! Any amount of money goes back into the development of my stream and content creation to ensure the best quality for my Fellow Goobers!


🚨Rules of the Chat---(Adhere to them or Be Banished to the Vanta Realm)🚨

1. NO Spamming

- Do not post links of ANY KIND in the chat unless otherwise designated by myself!

2. NO Self-Promotion

- Please be respectful of my stream as a content creator! I love supporting my local creators but at the right place and at the right time! It is extremely disrespectful to shout yourself out over someone else in person...So don't do it behind a computer screen!

3. NO Discriminatory or Racial Slurs

- Be respectful of all individuals who are commenting in the chat! Do not intentional try to verbally harm someone because of their thoughts, background, name, etc. No reason to slander anyone in a friendly environment such as this one!

4. NO Religious or Political Discussions in the chat

- While I respect anyone's viewpoint on any topic regarding religion and politics this is not the place to have that discussion. Good jokes, good vibes, and good conversations only!

5. NO Arguments, Drama, or Unnecessary Discourse in the Chat

- Like I mentioned above, good jokes, good vibes, and good conversations only. Leave the baby mama drama and baggage somewhere else!


⚠️Let's Stay Connected: Follow Me for Stream/Video Updates Daily/Weekly!⚠️

Tiktok: robbeezzyy

Instagram: robbeezzyy

Twitter: robbeezzyy


🚨Setup and Equipment🚨

➤ Logitech C922 1080P Webcam

➤ Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

➤ 280HZ ASUS Monitor

➤Shure SM7B Microphone

➤Astro A50 Headset

➤ PC Specs:

- 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF

- 64GB Ram

- 3080ti GPU

- 2TB Memory Storage

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number five

why would i need you to i need your vpn

for one that's cheap by itself brother

you know what i hope that's achievement

appreciate you guys

i hope you appreciate your contributions

no thumbs keep firing people with no

phones for your youtube content cheater

thank you buddy


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