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Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today we're gonna talk about VPNs and

how to utilize a VPN for example watch

Pluto TV in the United Kingdom or in

Canada or in Australia I'm going to talk

about that right now hey guys welcome

back to my channel so let's get right

into it guys so the first thing you need

you're gonna need a VPN that's the first

thing you're gonna need without question

so I'm gonna show an example of a free

VPN that way everybody that's watching

this video can get it regardless of who

you are or how much money you have okay

so I'm gonna show you how to do when

scribe right here you get when scribe

just by going to the top searching for

it and putting it in I have another

video on how to get it how to install it

the top VPNs I've got all those videos

guys just click my name down below go to

the top click videos scroll through

you'll see all my videos I've got

hundreds of videos on really cool stuff

but that Amazon fire stick so let's go

ahead and do it right now so we've got

Netflix you've got Pluto TV and you

can't get them because you're in Canada

or the UK let's just do that example so

let's go ahead and open up your veep

again I'll open up when scribe right

here I'm already connected to a win

scribe in London right now and I'm going

to show you how to change it to London

okay or anywhere else or vice versa

so go ahead and go back here you're

gonna go down here to the locations just

by scrolling down on your mouse is all

you need to do so you can go over here

and let's say I want to change it to

France okay so when you automatically

click France it will give you all the

choices now on the free Deepan you're

gonna get less choices on my expressvpn

that I use on our personal firesticks I

will have about 200 France choices here

I've got one but I do have a France

choice so let's go ahead and do it right

now and connect so you just go here to

connect it will disconnect from what you

were and then it will reconnect to Paris

so I've just changed my location from

the UK which is what it was set on when

you first watch the video to Paris okay

so now I'm gonna get completely

different content I'm gonna get French

channels I'm gonna get

movies and TV shows cater towards France


which is great if you speak French you

don't speak English now you have an

opportunity to watch some of that

content if you're in say the United

States and you want to change your

location to France or if you want to

change it to Spain if you speak Spanish

so now I'm connected to Paris

so any of the content that I go to now

on Pluto TV or Netflix will be as just

two examples will now be the French

version of those okay now Pluto TV

specifically is just for the US that's

why you need a VPN if you want Pluto TV

if you don't know a Pluto TV is watch my

Pluto video it's great it's a fantastic

service here it's right there it's got

all kinds of channels now if I was to

click on it right now I don't believe it

would even work let me try it just for

the fun of it and see if it works in

France so if I click on it the

possibility it may not work and that's

because I am now technically in France

I've already downloaded the app when I

was in the US it will just do this right

here it's not going to work or it would

have pulled up by now all right so let's

go ahead and go back yep over and out

all right so you can't use it because

you know I'm in France you don't have

clue TV and France can't don't can't

download it can't use it can't do

anything with it let's change it back to

the United States and see what happens

with that

so we're gonna reopen up when scribe it

is still connected to Paris go ahead and

go down and I'm gonna change my location

to u.s. u.s. central there's a connected

straight so shows the speed here okay so

this one's not gonna be super fast let

me find once a little faster let's go

east got Chicago down here 70

there's Miami Vice that's pretty quick

so we'll go ahead and do Miami Vice so

we'll connect to Miami Vice right now so

now technically as far as anybody's

concerned I'm in Miami

all right so we'll just wait for this to

connect and once it's connected my IP

address here will change again

I do believe changes constantly this is

actually not mine this is one that is

from another from the previous one that

I had so now my IP address is here so it

changes it is locked it is secured so

let's go ahead and go to the home button

and let's see a flute oh TV now works

because I'm in the US all right there it

is give it a few seconds it's probably

confused as I was just in France

and there we go so now you can see all

of them here all of the channels

scrolling through still loading the main

page because it's trying to figure out

how I got from France to Miami so darn

fast so we can go fear factor click on

that and this is fear factor UK actually

and once it catches up to me it should

should play just fine alright so let's

see what else we gotta wait for that to

load and I'll just scroll through

forensic files you've got all the

channels here as you can see so there's

a lot of UK channels on here so I

imagine Pluto TV there we go yeah I

imagine Pluto TV probably works I'm

gonna go ahead and close off of this and

now imagine Pluto TV probably works in

the UK as well but you can change your

location to any country you want to try

it but I do know for a fact it does work

in the United States I know a lot of my

viewers are from the UK and Canada and

specifically the Canadian ones have

trouble I think the max you can get with

Pluto TV in Canada is 15 channels but if

you have a VPN you can change it have

the thousands of thousands of movies TV

shows hundreds of channels available to

you completely free I know this is just

a easy quick simple video for some but

others that may have not used a VPN or

don't understand that maybe this will

help you out a little bit I hope you

enjoyed the video guys hope you learned

something today hit that thumbs up if

you liked the video and comment down

below any questions you might have

thanks for watching




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