July 14, 2024

Watch all your favourite cable channels with Airlink iptv service

Published June 11, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Multimedia on the go is now part of our daily lives, in this video I review what I consider the best affordable iptv service available in trinidad and tobago.

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This channel is dedicated to tech product reviews, news and tutorials. I am from the island of trinidad, I've been employed in the Information Technology field for over a decade. My goal is to help others understand technology and how to make the best use of it.

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are you interested in a cable service

that provides local channels movie

channels for channels kids programming

villages programming and the best part

is that it's only $160 per month

stay tuned in this video I'm going to

review a elaine's

IPTV service welcome to Joshua's tech

tips so in this video I'm going to

review Airlink IPTV service so first I

just wanna make a try this video is not

sponsored by a lane light am i

affiliated with a link and anyway this

is just my review on my personal

experience I am using the IPTV service

for the global week so far so what

exactly is IPTV service so the main

difference between traditional cable

television and IPTV as the way that the

media is actually broadcast with

traditional cable television you require

a set of box that is usually provided by

your cable provider that you use the

stream the video content about what IPTV

as the name implies it uses Internet

Protocol to transmit the video signal to

you so an alien's IPTV service you don't

need a certain box it can be used on any

Android based device or firesticks

and my review on be used in my file

stick to show you the service so I know

a lot of people are probably familiar

with Android TV boxes and there are a

lot of free IPTV service apps that can

be used on these boxes I'm one of these

popular apps for instance is mom true

the thing about free IPTV service as a

post appeal is the performance right as

the old saying goes you get what you

paid for and app that applies here as

well so for example if you use emoji you

notice that the streams are not that

good of a quality also you notice that a

lot of the times the channels are down

for maintenance and soft rider but up in

IPTV service however this is not

necessarily the case a lot of the times

you'll get much better quality and you

wouldn't really encounter issues such as

buffer Islands

Crider since these are these these

streams are being hosted on premium of

pizza phones so a couple years ago

actually owned the company that kind of

pioneered the distribution of android TV

boxes in trinidad and tobago and I'm

familiar with both freed IPTV services

as well as speed I've used over a dozen

probably PID TV services in the past

however I must admit I find for me

personally I find a link to be one of

the best if not the best arm IPTV

service that I have used and I guess

probably what could factor into this is

that we are living in Trinidad and this

company is actually based in Trinidad

you know so I'm assuming that the data

center and their servers are located in

Tirana which makes it ideal to since

using a service and global week no ABI

and come to any kind of problems in

terms of buffering or freezing or

glitches or anything like that but any

of the channels so as of recording this

video a link actually offers 150

channels in the IPTV service lineup and

the cost of this I believe is 170

dollars per month however they have a

prepared option if you pay for the yen

advance it works out $1200 so it's just

like a hundred dollars literally full

money right I think this is really it's

a really good value for what you get you

know you get a lot of local you got all

your local channels you got TV six CMC


I'm guile asks a lot of these local

channels you get as well as you get your

foreign channels you get channels from

the US UK and then you get kids

programming religious programming etc so

I will definitely recommend a link

lipids also they offer a free month

trial and I believe after the trial

period they let you keep 50 channels for

free you know I'm I signed up a little

while week right now and I've been using

their service and I think I'll continue

to use that I think I will be continue

to use it I probably just pay for the an

advance and save myself some extra money

once you go to our website you go to

pre-made packages and you select the

IPTV service from there you can select

the trial if you want to try it out

first before commitment it I want to

enter your details but in a couple hours

they will email you I user name and

password once you receive your user

minimum password you simply go to the

app store using a fire stick and you

search for the area

download and install that

once you open up

if you're prompted to Anthony username

and password

Anthony username and password which they

had emailed to you right so once you

know once you launch that here you'll be

prompted alarm on your fire stick once

you click the ok button and you go to up

pictures TV and I'll tell you actually

have a live TV guy and I know this is

something that fall under the

traditional free IPTV services right so

this is gives you this twelve cable I

experience so here as you can see we

have some of the a lot of the popular

local channels so if you're in surgery

of channel 6 in 2006 another you'd see

is beyond the tables we're on right now

to go back you simply click ok and you

can scroll down like that however I

typically like to click OK and then go

back to the TV Guide to bring up the

actual TV Guide and as you can see a lot

of the popular local channels here we

have Crimewatch

alright go back to TV Guide and here we

have poly man channel

we have idea and rijalullah josh channel

we have the Z TV saw a lot of you you

know who like to enjoy watch Anna eat

Stadium program many of the TV and the

best part I've notice Felicity it has

the English subtitles as well for the

program and all right moving on as you

guys will notice there's no kind of

family or anything like that you don't

want to click on the channel usually

comes up right away so here we have some

excellent programs again there we have

movies scrolling down we have some

religious channels here as well

right when you click on it it normally

takes a little maybe like a second total

for the trial stream to pair up of it

and I think that's just because it's ITT

me and under the old stream and actually

works so as you can see a lot of the

popular channels sort of known you know

you have a lot of the pitch shadow

alright kids programming so we have

Pat's on that food in Titans just roll

along we have Discovery Kids piano we

actually have like kissed each other

this is actually one of my favorite

channel it's free channel investigation

that Gio


right we have ABC CBS

let's see w11 wanna see a Sun so as you

can see a lot of popular channels that

we have North American channel is that

we have with this if it's family guys

with on there and you know we actually

have far more that book so here we

actually have some of the premium

channels again let's hop swing on there

right now we have TNT we have the Oprah

Winfrey Network this is a very popular

that spam channel as well to have this

included we have MTV VT and here we have

the heavy how this dis reel and flex

design.we channels right so we have a

lot of good movie channels as well t I

can you remove it view from this from a

service because I can remember viewing

it view even Game of Thrones on it will

cook for couple months back right I'm

not seeing it be right now and their

lineup but they have a lot of other

movie channels for premium movies so

their suicides what is going on right

now unreal I mean all you men men

included they'll be like a Lifetime

channel so we have like like another man

right I think my wife's and one of them

is the actual movie channel I'm not sure

which one right so we have lifetime

we have sci-fi and have you know infant

infinity this is another near each other

as well - I got so mad I'm just finished


all right TCM TNT EMC this is a popular

chili cashews a lot of plastic then all

the movies is is passed away

then we have the Hallmark Channel eyes

well to one another then this is another

creeper channel with LEDs right and as

well at least we have some sport channel

so through sports

I'm not a big sports fan but um for

those of you wanna get antsy or cricket

and stuff yeah school sports and there's

a few other watchtowers as well inside

there pro sports

Daniel Fox Fox Sports ambience for a

tendency alright I'm back to le hi guys

thanks again for viewing this video if

you're interested in gettin air links

IPTV service I'm gonna leave a link for

their website in the video's description

you could go out and sign up for a free

30-day trial you have nothing to lose

it's absolutely free

also if you like the content that I've

been provided consider subscribing to my

youtube channel as well as click on a

notification bell to be notified once I

release a new video also my next video

I'm gonna go unboxing and review of the

four quia pius thing and this is

something you're interested in seeing be

sure to stay tuned to my youtube channel

thanks again for viewing see you soon


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