April 12, 2024

Wicked Plex: Apple TV 4. Best VIP Movie, TV, iPTV Service

Published June 11, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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everybody this is Dave from ask Uncle

Dave calm today I want to talk to you

about wicked plex now wicked Plex is a

small group a couple hundred people

it's a exclusive VIP membership only and

what happens is these members share one

sign in and there's an administrator

that takes care of all of the backend

stuff and what happens is you get access

to all of the servers

there's IPTV servers that have live

service it has movies TV shows tons and

tons of content you can request a video

on demand

there's pay-per-view events there's

everything on this now

first before I talk to you about wicked

Plex I want to tell you about how it all

works but first let me tell you a little

bit about Plex in case you're new to

this so Plex is a app that you put on

your device's your Apple TV Roku your

shield you know some Android devices

things like that okay and what happens

is you have a server a plex server it's

a piece of software that you install on

a computer that has a hard drive

attached to it well maybe you have like

I do an ass in your basement a network

attached storage that has a large

capacity hard drive that you put all of

these movies that you may have

downloaded from the internet or ripped

from DVDs the plex server categorizes

everything and puts it so that you can

use these clients on these devices to

the server serves it all up to you and

you could watch all your shows and

manage all your shows you have tons and

tons of movies on there and you could

just watch all day

categories channels things like that


now maybe you're not like me maybe your

plex app is completely empty you don't

have any Content that you download it

you don't have a harddrive you don't

have an ass in your basement but you

want to be able to have a lot of content

that you could watch live content sports

everything so let me tell you about

wicked plex now first of all there are

some plex clients like the one on the

Apple TV I'm showing you here that use a

pin service in order to sign in so

basically when you click on up in the

plex app on your Apple TV and you go

into setting and you hit sign in it

displays a four-digit pin now you take

this pin you go on the browser on your

on your on your laptop or something and

you sign in to your plex you put the

four digits in and automatically like

magic your Apple TV app gets signed in

then you know you select your server and

you start serving up everything now

wicked TV thought of this and they said

why don't we have a universal username

that the administrator only knows but

they allow you to give the pin number

that displays on your devices now this

works with roku playstation for apple TV

for the shield some angela races and

Smart TVs there are some apps that don't

use the pin system and you can't use

this service with those so basically

this service runs around sixty something

dollars a year per device twelve months

of service and there's only a couple

hundred members you you can request

shows requests you know TV shows movies

things like that there's a lot of

pay-per-view stuff all this stuff and

playing with it for a couple of days and

being that my channel

does these kind of things I think it's a

really good deal now you can play with

you know PayPal or you know use bank

transfer or something like that and you

can get all this content okay

and it was worth a try and I gave it a

try and I said I have to give it a try

because it's just so much stuff that

they have and after I show you all this

live TV sports all that stuff just the

fraction of it is worth that amount so

what you do is you give the four-digit

pin and now they sign into your Plex on

your Apple TV in your home like magic

you get access and what you're getting

access to is you're getting access to

the wicked TV sign-in and all of their

servers so this is my server over here

this is the one that's in my home now I

see my server here even though I'm

signed in with the wicked credentials I

see mine because I set in settings that

I'm going to allow my Apple TV that's

connected to the same Wi-Fi in my home

as mine as where the server is and

they're on the same Wi-Fi and if that's

the case it allows me to see the content

of my plex server so that's how I get

this to work now

wicked plex doesn't see my server they

don't see my username they don't see

anything they're just giving me

permission and I'm one of the devices in

their chain so it's very safe very

secure their server and their whole

system is under VPN on their end so you

don't have to worry about getting caught

by your internet service provider as far

as the internet server spotted they

think that you're just watching plex

because it's in over the Internet as a

remote server but they see that you're

signed in and it's a secure connection


and if you want you can use a VPN on

your end but there's probably no need to

do that it's not like you're downloading

stuff from the internet not using a VPN

and getting caught out there with your

ISP and detectives and things like that

you don't have to worry about that

because their VPN on their end ok so

what you have to do also is you have to

rename your Apple TV and the only reason

you rename your Apple TV is because then

they can keep track of who you are

because they'll associate the name of

your Apple TV to your service you're

twelve months you know so we go into

general or actually can go into airplay

and you just go here and he told me to

change the name of my Apple TV from

living room or office Apple TV to Uncle

Dave forward slash test but you know if

you could probably get something a

little bit cooler named like you know

uncle Dave's office you know Apple TV or

something like that you know and then

that's the way the when you give them

the pin it shows up on their end and

they see Uncle Dave test and they sign

you in because you made your payment for

the twelve months and now you have

access okay so it's simple to do and you

could still have your server show up

because your Apple TV basically is in

your home and as long as it's in your

home you'll be able to see your server

here but then you see all of theirs now

let's go through what they have in store

so currently right now they have five

servers this one is being worked on

right now and it's going to be available

soon and then there are four other ones

so let's start with wicked kids so you

go into wicked kids and that's a server

just like you know your server and it

has kids TV shows ok and you can go to

all and you see all the different TV

shows ok that they have there

then you can go to kids movies and you

can see all the kids moving now that

will keep the kids entertained for a

lifetime okay but we can go back and you

know flex each server has channels that

you can install so the wicked Plex

people have a app on here called request

the request channel so you can click

here and you use your remote to request

the movie so say I want to request a

movie I have it here

and I can see my search history what

I've done in the past but I can also

look for a movie so say I'm looking for

I don't know Forrest Gump so I would do

F and then I would go all the way you

know down to you know for it you know oh

and then spell out Forrest and then I'll

have submit there and I'll hit submit

and it will search to see if that's

available on any one of the four or five

servers that wicked Plex has and if not

they'll see that you requested that and

they'll try to get it for you and put it

on one of the servers then you also have

film on that's like an app that you

watch older shows and things like that

and the rest of all this stuff is all

administrative stuff that you really

can't get into so that is kids the

channels and kids home where you get the

two things that you can do so let's go

back up now and let's pick another

server so now we're gonna go into the

server for movies

okay so here's wicked movies wicked

movies and now that server loads up and

in this server we have a ton of folders

80s movies 90s movies and also let's

just hit all movies there's - all movies

Falls but let's do the first all movies

folder and you can see you have tons and

tons and tons of the movies I played

every single one of these basically if

somebody else who's one of the members

your fellow members is watching

something you'll see that there's a


but if you wanted to you just click here

it won't mess it up for them and you

play from the beginning you know you

play from the beginning you start

watching it and then you got free movies

you know free free movies unbelievable

amount of movies you can go on for days

and days and days now just like the

first thing I showed you let me just

show you the rest of folders comedy all

different kinds of folders of stuff all

right very nicely organized by the

administrator and now let's go to

channels on the wicked movies and you

can see that there are a couple of

options here now these are all things in

the works right now this particular

channels on the movie is you know being

worked on right now but it's a backup

they use different servers to make

redundancies so that they can backup a

lot of stuff okay so now that's wicked

movies and you know all the movies you

want all the kids shows you want it's

great now this is what I want to show

you now wicked live one has movies that

are stored on there from movies that

start with the letter A all the way

through end so we click here and in home

you're gonna see TV shows a through m

okay so if your show starts with an A or

starts through M then you'll find your

show in here and multiple episodes and

things like that okay so there are

people watching the these things here

but you can go down and see different

show so like like 13 reasons why there

are 13 episodes and you could just pick

any one of the 13 episodes and watch to

your heart's content

so there's a search feature also that

you can do and if you have it on all

servers it will search all five of those

servers or four servers and you could

just type in what you're looking for

like say I was looking for

Fargo and I typed it in you would it

would show you the results of Fargo and

that's great

now channels on this this is the fun

part this is the best part of this

service it's the live content now you

use Kodi to get live content and you

know how Cody works

it's like cumbersome there's a lot of

broken things nobody maintains it

there's too many repos involved this is

all one person and/or a couple people I

should say and they're putting it all

together for you they're maintaining

everything for you it's a membership

it's a service it's not just a nonsense

repo with a link or URL they give you

somebody taking care of you so let's

start this will take me days to show you

but let me just show you some folders so

if I hit you know sports folder and I go

through you're gonna see that there's

tons of international sports as well as

United States sports as well as kids

channels TV shows things like that but

this is a sports folder so let me let me

go and hit all here and you're gonna see

that there are times sometimes like

sixteen thirty which is 4:30 in the

afternoon that this started and then you

have different sports channels BT sports

tons of stuff let me just click one and

we'll let it play it's kind of late at

night so we're gonna have a lot of stuff

but there's things going on right and

the quality is unbelievable you don't

get this quality with Cody and some of

those refills that you see I mean look

at the quality it's like 720 at least

but a lot of times it's even better than

that let's pick another BT sports we got

something going on here

nice game going on there and let me

click all get I'm sorry and then go down

to the bottom and then you're gonna see

BT sports and you gonna see more and you

click more and you keep going now I got

some Canadian sports

here okay because you see the CA n and I

hit more and there's more on here now

you can even get some MTV stuff and Fox

Sports - you got the sky channels

alright let's pick one of the sky

channels will do sci-fi and horror we

click that and it will load up you know

a horror show

that's plain ok so we keep going I'm

gonna hit more we're gonna have more

stuff more Sky Sports and these are all

test things that they're testing they

put them at the end

so let's hit Sky Sports and let's see

what's playing on this one I've never

seen a service that actually has a lot

of stuff that's working ok let's go back

now that was just one folder in multiple

folders on one server

we still got tons of other packages here

and they were all broken up because you

know they make room and they'll be able

to maintain them better so let's go to

IPTV 1 we'll open that up and you're

gonna see BT sports you're gonna see

live motor sports live football which is

soccer you're gonna see movie channels

alright let's go to movie channels I'll

show you movie channels so here's Disney

and sci-fi and a whole bunch of stuff

let's let's click on sky cinema Disney I

mean so far every channels work it's

it's unbelievable I've been playing with

this for a couple of days and I've seen

so many things alright so maybe that

one's not running right now let me go to

a different one cinema premiere and

there we have some show playing right

over here and most of the stuff you can

get live there's a lot of UK channels a

lot of United States there's a lot of

tons and tons of stuff okay let's just

travel through I mean I could spend all

day doing this I can show you tons and

tons of stuff HBO

show time there's everything on here all

right so we went through that let's go

to number two and we'll see number two

real quick and let's see if we find

things that are oh no category is

there's a lot of pornography on here too

you can get a lot of porno channels but

I'm not going to get into that so we

have international sports now check this

out this is bien bien is like twelve

channels that you get and you can only

sign up if you have a cable provider

so let's look at bien so here's bien tu

and there's a nice soccer game going on

over there let's go to another bien boom

now the bien remember you can only have

this if you didn't have this service you

can only have this if you had cable

service okay so I'll hit more now it's

some Canadian channels all right let's

see the Canadian Cartoon Network and

we'll see how good that looks actually

you can't pick a cartoon hour because

it's late at night let's do CBS West in

Canada there it is

okay and you know you want to watch more

keep going it goes on for days and days

I can't even I couldn't even investigate

the amount of channels they had on this

service this is just the best IPTV I've

ever seen the best service they are Fox

Sports all right

Fox Sports 1 let's do it all right

Fox Sports next let's look at French

sports this is in French language and

they have some BMX show going on right


then you have MLB watch the spring

training and all that first couple of

games a whole bunch of games you can

watch it old games too you know they

load up I mean look how beautiful the

quality it's just incredible

alright I mean I can go on and on and on

let's go back out of this and let's go

to number three and be on English

channels oh here are shows that our 24/7

going on you can watch 24 hours 7 days a

week of Mary chill with children just

one episode after another let me just

think about that international sports

let's see yeah and uh Croatia you got I

think Denmark I'm not sure keep going

good at French Indonesian just it just

keeps going I can like I said I could

spend all day let's just pick one

watch and it works everything I've

touched it works

it's just crazy amount of content let's

keep going more keep going now if you

can't find your sporting event you're

never gonna find it I mean this has

everything no USA there we go there we

go this is all college sports let's go

VIP check this out VIP let's see this

but the service is just incredible you

can still use your Plex for your server

and on and on and on

okay now we haven't even touched the

surface let's just go back alright so we

still have four and five and I'm not

gonna get crazy I'm not gonna keep going

this video will go on for days but

that's wicked live one okay so if we

went to wicked life Oh wicked live -

lets go - wicked life - and wicked life

- shows you all of the shows from n

through Z that are record you know

pre-recorded for you okay and you just

search them and you find them but like I

said you can go into the channels and

now you have redundancy of the previous

wicked live one but sometimes you'll get

content in here that you won't see in

the other one because they're in the

process of updating and doing a backup

and this and that and maybe this you

know live channel live server gets it

first and then you know they transfer it

over to the other one so there's plenty

of redundancy the the servers will never

go down because they have so much backup

that you know you don't have to worry if

you don't see it on one you find it on

the other so like I said if you have any

questions please leave them in the

comments I'll be happy to answer you

because I want to see you have content I

want to see you be happy it's not

expensive as you think it is it's

definitely worth it and as a matter of

fact if you interested you could tell

them that ask Uncle Dave comm sent you

and they'll let you have the service for

forty pounds whatever that's translated

in to American money for the next three

days from the time I make this video so

first come first serve you have to get


they got to make sure you're legit you

pay them the money they have to be up

for 12 months

tell him Uncle Dave sent him ask me

questions if you have any questions you

once you get on to the group on the

Facebook page you can make your request

of all the shows you want and things

like that so I hope you enjoyed this

video and I'll see you on the next video

thank you




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