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Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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hey guys so today we're gonna be doing

one dollar versus

one thousand dollars diy movie theater

are you guys in

oh i don't and i can totally do a diy

movie theater yeah you know what i

really like movie theaters we haven't

been there in a while because of the

whole virus you know what

i'll do it do we already have a movie

theater but

a diy movie theater and i can spend a

thousand dollars on it if i spin it


well yeah you know what yeah i'm it all

right guys so we're gonna spin the wheel

to see who gets one dollar or maybe

a thousand or two hundred or five

dollars i don't know but before we do


let's subscribe in less than five


five four three two

one right i hope you did all right

i've been first yeah i'm already here

i'm already here you can't take it back

no probably gonna get a dollar for that

take back


what am i gonna get and i'm just gonna

land on one thousand

five dollars five dollars is better than

one dollar right

what are you gonna have playing um you

know me

you know what i can make a really nice

movie theater with five dollars five


okay that's right i have plans i already

know what to do i always land on the

lowest so i have

a yeah you should be used to this by now

my turn

you know what let's do rock paper

scissors okay yeah you know what i'll

let's we'll leave it up to the rockers

just go rock

paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors


i'll get you my turn let's do this come

on give me something good give me


oh i'm gonna especially like 20 bucks i

mean i only got five bucks

twenty probably like five dollars it

usually does

five hundred hundred dollars i mean

are you cheating no are you cheating


me gee i would never see

i don't like the wheel well the wheel

doesn't like you what i like

i got 500 dollars my scooby doo you're

gonna be the best

how do you guys be better than yours in

your face well you don't know because

it's my turn now you're gonna get like a

thousand dollars that's impossible

yeah i'm gonna get a thousand dollars no

i would never

cheat you know i'll be fine with five

bucks i have a plan it's all good

i wasn't mad go jake you want to share

some of that money amir

no all right my turn real come on we're

we're besties right okay so i'm gonna

get like a thousand dollars

yeah okay let's do it

you know i really like you you're my




a hunter i think there's a mistake i

think i think it's missing the the the

you get a hundred dollars that's a lot

he has five dollars come on but which

she told me she was gonna give me a

thousand dollars let me fix it

okay yeah a hundred dollars is good i'll

take it all right guys whether i had

five dollars or a thousand dollars i was

gonna use cardboard boxes because

that's really cool it makes it kind of

like a fort anyways so

i'm just gonna layer a bunch of those

i'm gonna make a nice little

movie theater room and then i can put a

screen thingy on it

and play movies and it'll be fun and oh

my concession stan

don't tell anyone but with five dollars

you can make some really good noodles so

i'm gonna make

a bunch of noodles for my concession

stand and everybody's gonna love it

check this out guys i got my diy movie


already almost done these are my corner

walls so i'm gonna put one right here

you put this all for five dollars

no i found this around here nobody said

anything about you know

not being able to use what's around okay

so yeah

four walls two there two there i wanna

connect them with

boxes and then i'm gonna put a screen

right here and project it and then it's

gonna be the best diy movie theater

especially my noodles all right guys so

i've been reconstructing my candy store

a little bit and look at how amazing it

is already so here's where the movie

theater should be the projector is going

to aim that way so that was going to be

like the

screen and then i'm going to have like

chairs here and then i'm going to like

try and make a concession stand but like

on the

with some more legos so far it

looks pretty good so yeah

those cardboard boxes guys i heard amira

say she was gonna have the concession

stand outside

i was gonna have mine inside that's

probably not a good idea so i'm gonna go

with her idea and put it on the outside

because it was gonna smell like noodles

or something we don't want that right

while watching a movie or do we want

that we do want that

i'll have both all right guys so an

update on my diy movie theater i am

totally gonna win guess what i upped

charlie some chicken nuggets and

smoking actually they were chicken

tenders oh yeah some chicken tenders

i don't know why i said chicken nuggets

but he's helping me decorate and make my


are like the best so yeah i'm like

totally gonna win right charlie

yeah we are all right guys i will go too

oh here's amazing movie dudes now i know

it's a cute hole in there it got a

little messed up along the way but it's

fine it's part of the

architecture and stuff like that but

anyways yeah

yeah it's of the art teacher and so that

you can see my movie when you

were so sad with your new theater well

i'm not gonna pay for your movie since i

can just go through a hole and see it

yeah you want to be a loser don't know

what i'm doing this part i'm gonna go

ahead and start my concession stance

that's going to be in like i'm thinking

over here on the other side and i'm

trying to put like a bunch of different

foods versus besides be

so cool guys i think my theater looks

really amazing i did run out of boxes

though so i'm not going to be able to

make that concession stand after all but

if i

place this all right remember this sign

is from the candy store

all sweet and sour noodles well if i put

it like right here

everybody's gonna know i have noodles

for sale so then if you come in here

it's nice and dark in here so i'm going

to put white posters right here so that

way when i project the

the movie it's going to be on white

because that's what you need for

interactive movies i know how to do my

movie theater

today guys here is my concession sniff

i'm bringing in the candies we got all

these and i got a

little basket full of chips and trust me

guys i'm gonna put even more candy but

anyways i also have my worker here this

is a

mini amira say hi she's kind of shy

anyways let's keep on going then over

here i'm gonna start on making the lego

chairs look at my first

model i gotta make a few more of those

ones and then i will be all

done and actually try anything about it

i think i might need some blankets to

like kind of cover up the ceiling

because that's not gonna work if it's

not dark in here so i didn't put some

blankets on top so

we make the chairs put a blanket on top

and i think that i will be done and i

can win this challenge

guys this is gonna be my screen right


well it's actually a little too small so

i'm actually gonna put four

yeah it's completely white wait i want

to show you the projector i got

and uh it's gonna work perfectly all

right guys um

this says paw suit and sour noodles we

all know how much we love

paul swings our noodle candy shop but

it's awesome

yeah well it's mine now again we also


theater on there that's how you spell

theater right anyways by the way i'm

using inflammatory paint because it's

awesome and you can write stuff with it

without even

using any utensils now it's plus theater

and sweet and sour newspaper yeah that's

good i think people will understand that


is a movie theater now i'm gonna work on

making the noodles okay guys i got four

more boxes of candy i got all this candy

from my other

like my other video where i did the

candy store had tons of candy so i'm

gonna add this into there and guys come

over here look what i got this is

the cherry on top tada it is a popcorn

machine look at how cool it looks

okay i'm gonna make this thing popping

with popcorn

noodles get out of here anyways pop it

with popcorn it just smells so good in

here i think the last thing i need to do

is add a blanket on top and then i

should be

finished oh wait wait the projector

sounds fine but anyways i want to win

this challenge guys

all right guys so i made my noodles and


i'm just gonna put some butter in there

because instead of you know popcorn with

butter i'm making noodles with butter


who wants popcorn with butter that's not

very good anyways so

i'm just gonna put the noodles back in

there and i'm gonna put a bunch of

butter and it's gonna be buttery noodles

and i also have more noodles

ah this is gonna be perfect

look at all these noodles okay guys so i

got my popcorn machine

um i couldn't figure out anything for

the you know top of my movie theater i

think it's fine because it's already

getting dark anyways so i think you know

uh my movie theater will only be open at

nighttime no you will know this

anyway so i'm making my popcorn like i

said and uh i just put it in there

it's mixing i think so i just gotta wait

and uh once i hear a pop i will get back

to you guys i really want to work

also here are the rest of my chairs

don't they look

so freaking cool they actually turned

out better than i thought i feel like

they're not the comfiest guys but

they look so cool so i mean who even is

gonna care

my movie theater is the best and it's

totally the wind guys i think my father

is popping well it's definitely like

it's doing something i just don't know

it's popping you guys hear anything

it smells stiff oh my god you guys look

at it yes


it's it's turning it's working thank

goodness i didn't read the instructions

at all so i don't really know

how exactly to do it so i just put

everything in there at the moment but


it will do it and it's doing it although

i think it's pouring out some i think

that's normal but guys look at that

oh this could be so cool one of my

favorite snacks other than like doritos

is popcorn and with like ranch seasoning

my favorite and it smells like popcorn

here my movie theater is gonna

guys check this out i'm all done and i

got my noodles all ready so

that's my concession stand right here

right at the entrance right next to my

movie projector

and watch this oops it projects a movie

that's right

and we got seats right there and then

and then oops you close the door

when the movie's playing and look at

that it's all cozy in there

i think mine is gonna win because it's

super cozy and it feels really cool and

nice in there

all right guys well my diy theater seems

to be

done and the best one how about yours

you guys got

mine's all done and it is the best one

for you to mention but yeah

no just just just i go first mine's done

i got first i gotta shoot four of you

hey i got for the view fine you are


well let's leave last word best right hi

welcome to my movie theater which is the

best movie theater

it's called paul's sweet and sour


plus theater it's just a bunch of boxes

look evil and paul this is the same

thing as your candy place

yeah she used to say boxes i didn't have

much budget

that's fine i guess all right come on

come on in uh wait are you sure

it's open and right here right when you

come in why would you come in you have a

concession stand which is

free you can have as much noodles as you

want as you enjoy your movie

noodles at least are they gluten-free

okay i have two things to say about this

these look absolutely nasty i don't even

know how you did that

what your favorite meal is noodles so i

would expect you to be better at it but

second of all

that how is that oh all you can eat

that like that's like two portions you

can eat with fingers if you want

um there's not even any sauce what the

heck no

it's butter and mmm excuse me what's


gosh butter and noodles instead of

popcorn and butter is

disgusting that's better no that looks

like cheese that literally looks like

you got this out of the trash can that

like premium food pasta

anyways you could have done better with

five dollars paul whatever

that is good you know what happened he

probably ate half of them that's true

well yeah anyways what were we thinking


is hmm there's a fee yeah so yes but you

get unlimited noodles

so technically that should be in the

primacy how about

20 bucks 20 dollars what wait wait wait

wait wait are you sure that's not going

to collapse

oh i'm sure it's going to be super sick

just get it it'll be super comfortable

i'm going to get murdered in there but

i'll do it hey the money i'm not

paying you yeah you should pay us to go


think yeah all right how about this you

get a good experience and then you pay

all right deal um it's a little short oh

my hair it's comfy

okay it's not short it's comfy there's

only two seats in here

yeah why is there only two seats in here

somebody else comes what if charlie

wants to watch the movie too

hope it's a good movie phone yeah it's

great what what is this

it has tape all over don't worry about

it oh

wow this isn't too bad it's not bad all

right i

do need some popcorn you know that means

a little crooked no it's fine

all right guys movie is starting is five

seconds okay

five four three two one

movie started

my fave one of my favorites the giant

pull up clear slot

oh wow this is cool can i come in uh


uh it's cool so oh i gotta close this

door quiet the movie is playing

i knew and you know what i knew they

would enjoy themselves and watch


she looks a lot like you yeah that's

weird okay well this is this is actually

pretty cool and it's

i mean it's comfy i didn't think it was

gonna be that comfy i'm actually

enjoying it i mean i would take some

popcorn but what do you think of mira

it's not too bad i mean you can't

disturb them

they're having their movie time what

does it mean

no you i saw you charlie you're sorry

about that guys

it won't happen again i'll make sure of


you're comfortable get out of here wait

it's going on

oh okay you gotta pay to get in

shoot get out of here

you know i think that i'm done watching

the movie and i'm going to

head out oh yeah okay

enjoy we're done with the movie

oh sir paul mr paul no no you got 20

bucks right you can't get out do you pay

okay i don't have 20 bucks mom i don't

have 20 bucks either i think we're just

gonna have to escape out of here which

shouldn't be too hard because it's kind

of made out of cardboard

i think sorry all right let's just go

ahead get out of here

hey give me 20 bucks

that was the worst experience i've ever

had i thought somebody was being

murdered outside

i was just keeping you guys safe from


movie theater hey you gotta pay 20 bucks

to get it

you get unlimited noodles too well at

least he's enjoying it

you know what i think i did a pretty

good movie theater i just have very bad


all right guys it is time for my movie

theater now you can go ahead and read

this sign really quick underneath the


my mirror super sick amazing ultra

fantastic crazy cool fun theater

wow that sounds amazing all right so let

me just go ahead and set up something

for you guys uh yes oh my goodness yeah

all right who's the first person to come

inside my feet

me she said me all right all right i'm

coming you're gonna say the theater it's


catch me well uh uh is that popcorn

oh i don't really care uh what yes

um yes um no what

yes yes one dollar one dollar

uh a hundred dollars enjoy your movie

thank you and do you have oh

um i don't know why you have so much

candy i i think i'm taking

m m's do you have popcorn uh yes it's

inside the movie theater but you gotta

take a ticket

ticket yeah wait where's oh there there

you go

okay thank you thank you who's next oh

yeah i was kind of iffy about your crazy

sign and crazy stuff but i want to go


okay and uh just give me a second i'm

just gonna

hello how are you good thanks i don't

really care oh

is it free yes can i have a hundred

thousand yes

can i have all the whole store

oh okay how much is this

i'm all right i memorized it

and i got your whole store

she's not even a freaking owner all


it's my turn all righty hello

all right well i'm pretty sure i got

pretty uh robbed

but uh now let's just go into the movie

party do you have any balls

uh no you just take

just take spread your hand is that not a

noodle dispenser with butter

no that's popcorn like a regular muffin


i got candy ready okay is everybody


what's singing on i'm fine my legs oh

are these just reclining seats yeah

they're recording

wow they feel amazing thank you okay so

let me just go ahead and start the movie

and then we'll get started better be


this movie theater is pretty good it's

spacious i like the seating

and it's i have the whole i own it all

now because of the answer

to charlie's feet uh my seat is

reclining at the moment so okay

okay ever to watch it and it's a pretty

nice quality

picture i like it what is that

why is one side taller than the other

succulents this is a good thing

whatever hello everybody and the manager

just wanted to uh oh that's me

i'm on the movie guys i just wanted to

do it

i'm going to do our complimentary

popcorn rain

popcorn is it not noodles no there's no

flavor in it

you're ruining the movie get out of here

it just tastes like regular popcorn

what is that guys doing

if you don't care okay guys it sounds

like they're enjoying the you know movie

theater so far so i think i have a


good chance of you know winning this

challenge even though charlie just said


although i think that like

nobody likes you okay anyways although i

think that my

chairs probably could have been a little

bit better because they were a bit hard

but i think i think i have like a 90

chance of winning this movie theater

guys all right guys well now that we saw

the other two movie theaters

welcome to jenna's world the best

movie theater ever wait wait

before we get in let me tell you that

this is going to be the best experience

of your life

all right i don't hope because i'm going

to win this challenge let's go

is it free yes everything's free okay

wow it's

even got a top and everything you're a

yoga mat um

okay charlie come on come on over guys

i'm shutting off the curtains

wow even got shut off currents yes i

told you it was the best experience of

your life it's jealous world all right

wait wait where's your concession stand

i don't see it right here

you guys have any popcorn as much as you


you have sugar free chocolate and sugar

free candies

and yeah before we probably get some

healthy stuff where's the noodles

everybody has to get it

in here before we get started okay are

we all in here yeah oh it's closed

all right okay you guys gonna stand up

first all right now

let me play it all right hey wait get


what movie is this charlie

to be healthy first before we sit down

for like three hours to watch a movie so

get up get up

no i am not doing that mom trying to do

it okay

charlie let's go we can't see the screen

right there right there right there all

right let's go right now we gotta

warm up warm up i'm here i don't like


all right go some stretches okay i'll

i'll be i'm fine with some jazzercise

but now i don't want to watch a movie

i'm trying to watch you you're gonna

watch the movie after come on

you know why he likes it and he's going

along with it it's because i saw him

helping her

that's true it's not fair he shouldn't

be a judge he's just gonna vote for his

own thing

no i'm a judge um no he's charlie all

right charlie let's go i'm here

i'm going back to my theater yeah i'm

i'm out of here

paul's movie theater what's good we're

not that stretching and that's

why i'm done with this it's hot in here

and you're trying to force me to do


bro thank you no okay okay okay okay

okay your movie theater looks great it

looks great the quality is great

but no one in the movie chocolate i

can't okay okay we're done with

dresser's eyes now let's watch a movie

come on

okay i'm just kidding guys that's jesus

okay let's get out of here wow i can't

believe you

all right guys it's judgment time and i


huh what hey that's not fair i think we

should all judge not just

you're telling me that you guys didn't

vote for me no

she literally said she voted for me yeah

i voted for paul because he didn't make

me do jager's ties but he did

kind of trap me in there for not paying

20 dollars yeah i mean

well you didn't pay amira that's normal

anyways i vote next and how about you


yes i vote for me no you can't do that

for one of us


you made us exercise in a movie theater

you would have won

if you didn't make us exercise and had

some better snacks like noodles

fine all right well i guess i just amir

wins and

wait where's charlie guys meanwhile




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