May 21, 2024

10 Horror Movies You Expected To Suck (But Were Totally Awesome)

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Wait... Predator is good again?

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in the land of horror movies someone

might give you a bit of a break if you

thought look there's gonna be more bad

than good and when it comes to the

entries on this list well some people

made those assumptions and then we got

some really really pleasant surprises

I'm Sean ferric for what culture and

here are 10 horror movies you expected

to suck but were totally awesome number

10 Curse of Chucky even though Child's

Play was a tongue-in-cheek slasher the

series quickly devolved into a bit of a

cringy self-parody after allowing

dormant for nearly a decade Don Mancini

got to work on a supposed reboot called

Curse of Chucky since Mancini was the

same director behind the Seed of Chucky

this follow-up didn't fill fans with an

ounce of confidence being the first

straight to DVD entry in the franchise

expectations for curse reached a new low

amazingly the killer doll's sixth outing

got everything right going back to its

ruse Curse of Chucky focuses on

atmosphere building tension and subtle

scares rather than gimmicky islands of

one-liners the film also delves into

Charles Lee Ray's Life Giving insight

into the ruthless serial killer before

he was transformed into a good guy doll

multiple Child's Play Projects have been

developed since but none have been as

clever thrilling or scary as Curse of

Chucky number nine Megan due to Megan or

mathrigan's Relentless marketing

campaign it was all anyone could talk

about for a while but the horror

Community weren't weren't saying Megan

looked scary they were saying it looked

ridiculous when the teaser revealed an

Android performing Twirls and twerks

while slaughtering her victims it was

hard to pinpoint what tone the

filmmakers were actually aiming for

although Megan was intended to be a

horror comedy it resembled a straight up

parody especially since it opens with a

farting toy commercial fortunately

Megan's a knockout it may only be 102

minutes but it crams in a surprising

amount of content watching the recently

orphaned Katie bond with her robotic pal

is endearing cute and surprisingly

heartfelt making it more upsetting when

Megan goes full Terminator there are

times where the titular villain's face

falls into The Uncanny Valley but this

benefits the story since the murderous

AI is supposed to have a subtly creepy

appearance true Megan has minimal Gore

thanks for being slapped to the PG

rating but it's still unsettling to

witness the deranged automation

slaughtering a dog or ripping off a

boy's ear because this concept still has

a ton of potential it'll be interesting

to see what unfolds in the inevitable

sequel number eight happy death day on

the surface happy death day's premise of

reliving this day of your own murder

over and over made the film sound like a

lazy spoof of Groundhog Day but the end

result is highly creative rather than

being a straightforward horror happy

death day is laced with tropes from

rom-coms sci-fi and satire with a

sprinkly of hacking and slashing

although the movie could shoot itself in

the foot by juggling too many genres

this variety gives happy death day a

unique identity however it's Jessica

Roth's star-making performance as tree

that keeps the picture together despite

being a hard partying self-absorbed

cynic tree is surprisingly relatable and

sympathetic which makes viewers root for

her every step of the way happy death

day isn't conventionally scary but it's

hard not to be enthralled due to the

sharp script hilarious dialogue and

wowing performances number seven Krampus

according to myth a sator called Krampus

visits towns across Europe every

December where he punishes naughty

children based on that scalp prickling

folktale Krampus should fit right into

the horror camp and yet nearly Every

Creature Feature scented around Santa's

evil twin is awful films like mother

Krampus Krampus Unleashed and the dead

Christmas devil aren't just bad they're

borderline unwatchable so when Michael

darrity released yet another Krampus

movie uncreatively titled Krampus it

didn't generate much Buzz which is a

shame sincerity's spin on the classic

spook story has everything horror films

want Krampus offers the right mixture of

practical effects in CGI turning the

simplest monsters into Nightmare fuel

seriously you'll never look at a

gingerbread man or a jack-in-the-box the

same way again Krampus is also

surprisingly funny thanks to the comedic

talents of Adam Scott David keckner and

concerto feral even though it doesn't

take itself seriously Krampus has a

sweet message about the importance of

family without coming across as corny

because of its delightfully creepy

monsters mean spirited tone and Perfect

Blend of laughs and scares Krampus is an

absolute blast number six Ouija origin

of evil the five percent rating on

Rotten Tomatoes should tell you all you

need to know about Ouija despite being

as bad as movies get this Supernatural

stinker was guaranteed a follow-up since

it earned 20 times its budget so when

Ouija origin of evil was released two

years later it was expected to be

equally horrendous but origin of evil

had a secret weapon Mike Flanagan the

most consistent horror director working

today Flanagan was a more qualified than

anyone to turn this prequel into a

watchable film and boy did he succeed

even though this was long before

Flanagan became a prolific filmmaker

origin of evil proves the horror or tour

had a knack for the genre from the

get-go much like The Haunting of Hill

House this Ouija installment had plenty

of conventional frightening moments but

relies more on tension and fleeting

scares that make viewers second guess

what they've seen to be clear Ouija

origin of evil isn't Mike Flanagan's

best work by any stretch of the

imagination but considering how

unbearable the first installment was

it's a miracle he crafted such a

sensational follow-up number five Ready

or Not Ready or Not opens with Grace

played by Samara weaving marrying Into

The Eccentric ladoma Family on her

wedding night her in-laws tell Grace she

must play hide and seek before she's

fully accepted initially Grace believes

she's taking part in an innocent

children's game over time she realizes

her new family intends to kill her if

she's found now if you thought this

concept sounds dumb it gets Dumber it's

eventually revealed that the Le du

Masters may play this Preposterous game

as part of a deal they made with the

devil's Lieutenant Monsieur Lobel for

Fame and Fortune upon hearing the

satanists play hide and seek concept

it's difficult not to juggle but make no

mistake Ready or Not is bloody brilliant

Samara weaving is so captivating you

forget how stupid the premise is almost

immediately because of how well the

comedy and violence is handled viewers

will be laughing one moment and

screaming the next a lot of the

characters are one-dimensional but the

movie gets away with it due to the

actor's performances and their Stellar

writing yes there are cheap jump scares

but they work since viewers never see

the kills coming ready or not isn't just

a nice surprise it's a cult classic in

the making number four Evil Dead rise

since its Inception Sam rainey's

directing style and Bruce Campbell's

goofy Antics have been firmly entrenched

in the Evil Dead Saga as such it feels

like the zomcom series wouldn't work

without the duo attached this was

seemingly confirmed with 2013's evil

dead now let me be straight with you I

really enjoyed it but it's a very

different film tonally from the first

three wasn't a terrible remake by any

means but perhaps what a benefited being

a separate IP since it failed very

unfaithful to the source material to the

disappointment of many raymie or

Campbell were absent once again in the

latest installment Evil Dead rise fans

were also annoyed how the film took

place in an apartment building instead

of a cabin because the cabin is pivotal

an evil dead lore the latest outing

sounded like Evil Dead in name only

fortunately ryze maintains everything

which made the franchise special and

cranks them up to 11. the gore manages

to look gorgeous and wince inducingly

painful CGI is minimal so there's no

fake looking effects that take you out

of the movie callback's The Originals

are respected but not forced also

viewers will struggle to think of a

cooler title reveal no really did it

need to go as hard as this no are we

delighted that it did yes number three

it follows in it follows a young woman

called Jay learns that she's been cursed

by a sexual encounter as she's haunted

by a shape-shifting entity Jay realizes

she must sleep with someone else to

escape her fate based off this killer

STD premise one could mistake it follows

for a parody Or porno sharing the same

narrative as the ring further implied

this mystery thriller didn't offer any

fresh ideas defying expectations it

follows is among the creepy movies

released over the last decade rather

than relying on Exposition dumps or

contrived lore this sleeper had focuses

on Relentless scares because the entity

can constantly Lumber us toward the

camera viewers instinctively put

themselves in Jay's shoes making the

experience far more chilling due to the

it being able to take any appearance its

victims as well as the audience don't

know what form it'll take until it's too

late as a result viewers are left

constantly unsettled knowing that it

could appear at any moment the fact that

director David Robert Mitchell can make

a person walking slowly look absolutely

skin crawling goals to show how

beautifully crafted it follows is and

also I defy you to find me one of the

more beautiful soundtracks that we've

heard in recent Cinema number two

terrifier 2. over the last decade few

horror characters have left an

impression a quite like art the clown

but things didn't start that way Damien

Leone's The Ninth Circle which marked

the malicious mind's first appearance

was pretty forgettable because of

Leoni's losing streak terrifier 2 was

expected to be more of the same Instead

This sequel became one of the most

talked about movies of the year although

2022 marked the end of Halloween and the

return of Hellraiser terrifier 2

outshone both franchises despite being

nearly twice as long as its predecessor

this haunting follow-up kept viewers

enraptured and disgusted thanks to its

mesmerizing antagonist Ludacris Gore and

creative kills a few years ago nobody

would have expected art the clown to

have the same horror status as Freddy

Krueger or Jason Voorhees but after his

Unforgettable turn in terrifier 2 the

horror Community are dying to see more

of the Demonic gesture number one prey

Predator is a perfect example of a film

that never needed a follow-up Predator 2

and predators had their moments but

didn't come close to matching the

original after how badly the Predator

turned out it seemed sensible to retire

the franchise for good but we know film

studios won't leave an IPL alone if

there's money to be made almost

immediately after the last installment

wrapped Dan Trachtenberg got started on

a prequel called prey which centered

around a Comanche woman who protects her

tribe from an extraterrestrial Hunter to

be fair prey had an intriguing premise

then again so did all the crop sequels

and crossovers because fans had been let

down in the past time and time again it

was tough to get hyped however prey

should never have been underestimated

since it delivers compelling

performances minimal Exposition terrific

special effects a charismatic lead

magnificent cinematography and an

awesome new design for our iconic

antagonist prey works so well it makes

you realize why its predecessors fail

instead of emphasizing badass action and

cool kills prey focuses on character

development and the ensembles dynamic

because of this viewers got a deeper

sense of the characters making it more

impactful when her alien foe rips their

face off or blows them to Pieces still

prey's greatest achievement is its

ability to inspire hope in the franchise

once more for the first time in decades

Predator fans are eager to see where the

property goes in the future that's

everything for our list today folks

remember you can catch us on Twitter at

what culture and the various socials you

can catch myself at Sean Ferrick on

those various socials as well you look

after yourself started talking to you

again stay kind to your nearest and

dearest lead with kindness lead with

love and just generally try another good

time and make it good for others too

awesome thanks so much bye


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