June 20, 2024

10 Movie Characters Everyone Was CONVINCED Would Die (But Didn't)

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Quentin Tarantino spared the detestable Hans Landa everybody wanted to see dead.

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sometimes it just feels like a character

is dead meat from the moment we first

meet them and for one reason or another

there's no freaking where they're making

it to the end of the movie with their

hearts still beating from villains you

love to hate and couldn't wait to see

die to tragic Heroes destined to kick

the bucket these characters all seemed

like dead served casualties in their

respective movies so let's take a look

as I'm Adam from what culture and here

are 10 movie characters everyone was

convinced would die but didn't number 10

Carl Hockley Titanic has anyone in the

history of Cinema been more obviously

Tito for a brutal third act demise than

Titanic's cartoonishly awful Carl

Hockley a walking talking Disney villain

if there ever was one caltrito's fiance

Rose more like property than a human

being while sneering down at anyone

below him namely Jack like there's money

to be made in doing so Carl's

possessiveness of Roars grows

increasingly twisted and violent

throughout the film such that it seems

that given will see him die horribly

when the Titanic sinks but James Cameron

opts for a more realistic outcome Carl

manages to worm his Weir into a Lifeboat

by pausing as a lost child's father and

the last time we see him on screen he's

comfortably on board the rescue vessel

RMS Carpathia way searches for Roars now

to be completely Fair Rose's modern-day

voiceover does reveal that Kyle

committed suicide almost 20 years later

after losing his fortune in the Wall

Street crash of 1929 but for him to live

almost two decades longer than poor jack

is all the proof you need that life just

ain't Fair number 9. Solomon Lin Mission

Impossible Fallout Solomon Lin was

introduced as the primary antagonist of

the fifth Mission Impossible film Rogue

nation and uncharacteristically for most

of the series villains he actually

survived instead being gassed

unconscious by Ethan Hunt and taken into

custody given that reports emerge

shortly after Rogue nation's release

that Sean Harris respect to write a

director Christopher macquarrie to kill

him off when he was announced to be

returning in Sequel Fallout it seemed

dead certain that he was dead meat but

again despite being so clearly set up to

die with the trailers even focusing on

him near drowning in the back of a

police van Lin survives unlike the

movie's other main villain August Walker

Lynn is handed over to MI6 at the end of

the movie though given that the

character hasn't been featured in any of

the marketing for the upcoming Mission

Impossible dead reckoning part 1 it's

looking like his role in the franchise

may be finally over then again don't be

shocked if Harris returns for an

uncredited cameo in either of the dead

reckoning movies where he's finally

killed off number eight nine-nai the

farewell now one of the few

non-blockbuster entries on this list

with 2019's acclaimed drama the farewell

the film follows a chinese-american

family who decide not to tell their

grandmother ninai that She's suffering

from terminal lung cancer the movie uses

this framework to explore the difference

in how Chinese Society approaches death

and family compared to more Western

cultures but ultimately everybody

watching expects the story to end with

ninai's death because why wouldn't it

but the farewell instead ends with

protagonist Billy returning home to the

US after saying goodbye to nainai who

still has no knowledge of her illness

before the final title card states that

six years later nainai is still very

much alive and doesn't know about her

illness even more incredible 9i is based

on writer director Lulu Wang's own

grandmother who according to Wang

herself only found out she had cancer

when she saw the movie Wild number seven

miles Braun Glass Onion and knives out

Mystery One Way or Another from the

moment the first trailer for Glass Onion

dropped many were absolutely convinced

that Elon Musk s Tech bro miles Brawn

would end up toast prior to the film's

release Braun was widely expected to be

the focal murder victim with the

marketing cleverly concealing that in

fact its streamer Drew Cordy who

actually perishes all the same once the

blindingly obvious truth was confirmed

that Braun was behind every horrible

event throughout the story it seemed

like Ryan Johnson probably wouldn't show

him the mercy that he granted to Knives

Out villain Ransom given that Braun was

such an obvious analogue to musk and a

general avatar for greedy immoral

billionaires it was reasonable to expect

that he'd end up killed by Helen brand

both for killing her sister and then

burning proof of her sister's

contribution to bronze success but

instead Helen decided to spare bronze

life but to do something arguably worse

use his own volatile fuel clear to

destroy his mansion and burn the Mona

Lisa to a crisp this in turn leaves his

reputation in tatters enough that the

assembled group decides to testify

against him number six Billy Brennan

Jurassic Park 3. there are at least a

couple of annoying characters in

Jurassic Park 3 but Allen Grant's idiot

assistant Billy Brown threaten dude

seemed destined to die on Isla sauna

proving himself to be perhaps the worst

paleontologist in History Billy ends up

in a velociraptor nest and thinks it's

smart to steal two of the eggs nestled

by sure Billy is desperate to phone his

and Alan's work but what use is it if

you end up in a dinosaur's large

intestine first and that seemed to be

the very karmic death in store for

enthusiastic yet stupid Billy lit in the

film Billy bravely rescues young Eric

from some pterosaurs only to be mauled

and seemingly drowned by them in the

water below but in the final moments of

Jurassic Park 3 Billy is revealed to

have been miraculously rescued albeit

with considerable injuries if Billy's

survival feels hilariously tacked on

like most of the movie's third act

admittedly it was because indeed he was

supposed to die in The Script yet this

was inexplicably changed at some point

during the film's famously chaotic shoot

number 5 Alfred pennyworth the Batman

if you had your ear to the ground at all

before the Batman's release there were

extensive rumors which suggested that

Bruce Wayne's trusty Butler Alfred

pettyworth was going to be killed off

the Scuttle would claim that Alfred

would be offed by The Riddler and given

the Bleak vision of Matt Reeves

superhero epic it was incredibly easy to

believe after all what better way to

piss off Batman and push the audience's

buttons than give the Beloved character

his first big screen death and so when

Alfred opened the latter bomb address to

Bruce it seemed like a foregone

conclusion that he wouldn't make it

leaving Bruce without his tether to the

ground and ensuring he'd go totally off

the vengeful rails so what a surprise it

was then that Alfred was merely

hospitalized by the bomb and is still

very much alive when the movie ends

Alfred's demise certainly would have

made dramatic sense yet getting to see

more of the brilliant dynamic between

Patterson and circus in the sequel is

absolutely preferable number four Anton

chigur No Country for Old Men though

obviously anyone who'd read Cormac

McCarthy Source material knew that

ruthless Hitman Anton chigur survived

the story those new to No Country For

Old men's story surely expected him to

get his comeuppance at the end given the

movie's neo-western Vibes what could be

more fitting than the grizzled

Gunslinger Llewellyn Moss triumphing

over his assailant in the climax but

instead Moss is killed by a third party

before the finale off-screen no less at

which point the audience has led to

believe that aged in over his head

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell will reluctantly

step up and put sugar down this doesn't

happen either Bell appreciates he's

Outfox by Shakur and quietly transitions

into retirement effectively giving up

the kiss and even when it seems like

Karma might catch up with sugar when

he's involved in a gnarly car accident

at the film's end he again survives

albeit with some considerable injuries

number three natiri Avatar the weird

water the marketing for Avatar the way

of water heavily played up to the

prospect of a member of the Sully Clan

perishing with the second trailer

pointing quite decisively at natiri

being the most ripe Target after all

what would be more harrowing than the

series fiery heroine sacrificing herself

to save her family in full-on Mama Bear

morde if nothing else it would have

certainly switched up the dynamic for

the remaining three Avatar movies with

Jake being forced to care for his kids

as a solo parent but in actual fact

natiri survives with it instead being

her son netam who is fearfully shot by

one of courage's men during the climax

as sad as it was to lose netam natiri

dying so early in the Avatar Saga would

have been a staggering waste of Zoe

zaldania's talents considering she gives

easily one of the best performances in

either of the Avatar movies to date

number two Hans Lander Inglorious

Bastards if you could place a bet on who

would absolutely positively die in

Quentin Tarantino's revisionist War epic

and glorious bastards it would surely be

the detestable SS officer Hans Lander

played with ferocious oscar-winning

relish by Christophe Waltz how could

Tarantino resist but offer up a horrific

demise for such a vile human being but

despite Lander's death being the most

logical endpoint that's not what

happened at all rather bastards

concluded of course with the

historically inaccurate demise of Adolf

Hitler and the bulk of the German High

command while Landa slipped out with his

life intact that is to say the

opportunistic Lander allowed the

bastard's mission to go ahead in

exchange for a pardon for himself but

Lieutenant aldorin didn't let Landa go

without a Parting Gift carving a

swastika into his forehead ensuring

everyone he ever meets will know who he

is as much as everyone wanted to see

Londa get brutally murdered with machine

gun fire this was a fitting end for him

all the same but before we get to our

number one entry if you haven't seen

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 yet Major

Spoilers will follow this is your

warning number one Rocket Raccoon

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. given

that Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 was

marketed as the last hurray for James

Gunn and his ragtag band of Heroes it

was a fair expectation that at least one

or two beloved characters would end up

on a morgue slab by the film's end right

and in particular with gun making it

clear that volume 3 story was centered

around Rocket Raccoon many fans had

themselves absolutely convinced that he

wouldn't make it to the end credits in

one piece but alas that thankfully

turned out not to be the case with

rocket not only survive in the movie but

ultimately becoming the new captain of

the Guardians after Peter Quill decides

to leave the outfit and reunite with his

grandfather back on Earth better yet

despite the movie's frequently Grim torn

and general feeling of finality not a

single member of the Guardians team died

with even other speculative deaths

namely Drax not coming to pass in an

offside and upsetting film The truly

radical decision was letting everybody

live and what a smart move it was on

guns part and there we have it folks our

list of movie characters we were

convinced would die but then didn't but

please do let us know down in that

comment section which movie or TV

characters you thought would kick the

bucket and then didn't and while you're

down there make sure you give us a like

and a subscribe if you want to follow me

on socials I am at strawn87 on Twitter

and on Instagram come and say hello to

me on there thank you for watching

everyone I hope you enjoy the rest of

your day and until next time take care


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