May 30, 2024

10 Movie Villains That Killed Other Villains

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Those rogues who slaughtered other rogues.

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in a story pitting good against evil you

can usually expect the protagonist to

come out on top yes there may be

exceptions but heroes in movies do kill

and sometimes they get a helping hand

from the other side whether one villain

got in the way of another a temporary

Alliance came to the end of its mutual

benefits or a good old classic case of

Revenge villains kill villains unusually

in the most brutal of ways with that in

mind I'm Adam from what culture and here

are 10 movie villains who killed other

villains number 10. Serta killed Heller

Thor Ragnarok there were a handful of

different villains that Thor went up

against in his third Solo movie back in

2017 although Loki was arguably more

hero or at least anti-hero than villain

by this point there was still sir to

Heller and the Executioner Scourge the

former was utilized right at the

beginning of Ragnarok seemingly more as

a plot device connecting the journey

Thor began in Age of Ultron to his

eventual will return to Asgard it also

served as a quick reminder of how

awesome the God of Thunder was with me

only here in hand as if anyone needed

reminding it seemed as though certa was

to be another secondary villain who

wouldn't be seen past the First Act in

the MCU and yet he made his triumphant

return When Loki plunged his crown into

the eternal flame in ordin's Vault the

fire demon grew into the size of a

mountain and destroyed not only Asgard

as Ragnarok prophesized but he destroyed

Heller as well Thor was absolutely no

match for his big sister and so

enlisting the help of the monster whose

RC kicked at the beginning of the film

was the only way to take her down number

9. Dr Evil killed his henchmen Austin

Powers international Man of Mystery as

far as spoof movies go Austin Powers is

the very Pinnacle the international Man

of Mystery himself is every bit the Spy

James Bond is though obviously far more

groovy baby and shagadelic from the

ridiculous plots to the the gadgets and

a different female companion every time

Austin Powers shares a lot in common

with 007 though it's not just him Dr

Evil was crafted to be the ultimate

stereotypical Bond villain this was

clear from the very first scene of the

very first movie when Austin's yet to be

revealed half-brother sat in his chair

back to camera stroking Mr Bigglesworth

even his aesthetic was clearly molded on

blofeld this scene showed a meeting

between evil and his villainous henchmen

all of whom had apparently tried and

failed to kill Austin Powers previously

what better way to introduce the movie's

big bad than by having him kill four of

his own people Rita Don Luigi

generalissimo and Jorgen were all fed to

the fire leaving just Mustafa and Frau

fabasina In fairness even if he had

tried to fry Will Ferrell's character he

lit approved utterly impossible to kill

Alan would have just complained of a

sprained ankle from within the Flames or

something number eight Hannibal killed

Meg The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal

Lecter is one of the most infamous and

recognizable villains in cinematic

history Anthony Hopkins chilling

performance as well as the iconic hiss

have made the character Unforgettable

and though he may have killed and eaten

multiple people one of the creepiest

things Hannibal did was to the man in

the next cell mix may not have had much

of a role to play in the story he wasn't

as involved as the other villains

Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lecter himself

but he was still a dangerous and vile

human being there's no nice way of

saying what he did to Clary Stalin he

threw a certain bodily fluid at her and

laughed about it Hannibal ever the

courteous cannibal found this to be

disgusting and so punished Meigs without

ever laying a hand on him Hannibal

whispered to his cell neighbor through

the night and convinced him to kill

himself this move technically been a

suicide but rest assured it was Dr

lecter's doing this scenes sure just how

brutal how intelligent how manipulative

of and how dangerous Hannibal Lecter was

all in one go number seven Davy Jones

killed the Kraken Pirates of the

Caribbean at World's End was there a

more commanding or feared creature

across the ocean than Davey Jones the

tentacle fist slimy git made his first

appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean

Dead Man's Chest and was a force to be

reckoned with commanding The Flying

Dutchman and a crew of monsters though

an intimidating force of his own the big

guns in Jon's Arsenal was the Kraken a

foul Leviathan that he essentially aimed

at whatever he wanted destroyed however

Jones also had a crippling weakness this

of course was his heart whoever held

possession of the Dead Man's Chest could

destroy Davy Jones and when this fell

into Lord Cutler Beckett he used this

power to control to great effect in

between the events of the second and

third movie back at Force Jones to kill

the Kraken something of which only the

aftermath was shown as Davey Jones is a

quite attack dog the Kraken was a

devastating force in the ocean and even

would have killed Captain Jack Sparrow

had his crew not gone to World's End to

get him back not wanting Jones to ever

Rebel and send the Beastie against the

East India Trading Company Beckett

commanded that it be put down number six

killmonger killed Ulysses cloth black

panther claw was introduced as an

antagonist in Age of Ultron and was The

Man Who provided Tony Stark's

ill-advised AI with the vibranium that

ultimately became vision's body though

he was one arm lighter after coming face

to face with Ultron he at least escaped

with his life the Sim couldn't be said

about his dealings with njudaka the

wakandan prince worked with Claude to

steal more vibranium for when killmonger

broke his accomplice out of prison it

was only so he could kill him Lord

himself was a ruthless murderer but had

no answer to the man literally known as

killmonger and jobu's Son knew of the

history between Ulysses claw and the

wakandans and used his corpse not all

only as his ticket into the country but

to Rally support as the Challenger to

t'challa's Kingdom from the likes of

wakabi and the Border tribe this death

was essential to the villain's ultimate

plan number five Anakin Skywalker killed

Count Dooku Star Wars episode 3 Revenge

of the Sith Anakin Skywalker was once

one of the finest Jedi the order could

boast even if he was denied the rank of

Master he was up there with the greatest

Swordsmen and pilots in the galaxy and

yet his own arrogance unbelief that he

could be even better overcame his

Tendencies of good and he ultimately

became Darth sidious's Apprentice you

could pinpoint the exact moment Anakin

submitted to the dark side as being when

Palpatine first proclaimed him Darth

Vader or when he slaughtered all those

children but arguably the first true

Step On His path to the Sith was when he

killed Count Dooku the killing of an

enemy itself isn't breaking any rules of

the Jedi but it was in the way it

happened Skywalker killed another being

because he was instructed to by Darth

Sidious he gave in to his anger and hate

and then became free to step into Lord

tyrannus's shoes as the next Sith

Apprentice up until very recently you

could have counted Darth Vader's turn

against Palpatine as part of this list

however rise of Skywalker's laziest

retcon put a swift end to such thoughts

but there's no taking back Anakin

relieving Count Dooku of his head number

four poppy killed Charles kingsman the

Golden Circle after Richmond Valentine

attempted to essentially reduce the

world's population to just the richest

and most powerful people on the planet

in kingsman the Secret Service the

sequel had to bring something new from

its antagonist though Poppy's motivation

in the Golden Circle wasn't great as It

ultimately came down to a player for

more money she was certainly more brutal

and psychotic than her predecessor

without putting too fine a point on it

poppy was absolutely crazy threatening

and very prepared to Kill Bill Millions

across the world in the blink of an eye

this was a part of poppy holding

everyone who had ever used her drugs

hostage in a bid to get the president to

legalize such activities but this wasn't

the only reason she killed part of the

success of Julian mua's character at

least to begin with was in no small part

thanks to her anonymity and she would go

to extreme lens to protect that when one

of Poppy's henchmen Charles sought to

bring someone else into the operation

she did what any sensible-minded

eccentric villain would do she ordered

the new guy to feed her previously

trusted accomplice into the meat grinder

the product from which she cooped a

human burger and forced the new guy to

eat number three The Joker killed Lao

The Dark Knight it was a harrowing

delivery when Alfred pennyworth told

Bruce Wayne that some men just want to

watch the world burn he was of course

referring to the chaos that the Joker

was eliciting but this wasn't all the

clown Prince of Crime wanted to burn

towards the beginning of The Dark Night

The Joker attempted to negotiate a 50

fee of all the combined money of

Gotham's organized crime syndicate to

kill Batman it was a while before he was

hired and with all of the physical

dollar bills being brought together by

Lao The Next Step was simple Lao

essentially the accountant of the

villainous group who had earned a living

outside of the law with his aptitude of

calculations was sat atop the big pile

of cash strapped to a chair he had no

way of escaping when the Joker Set Fire

To His half the murder of Lao may have

been just because the Joker liked chaos

and wanted to watch the world burn as

Alfred said or maybe it was more

meaningful than that he said himself it

wasn't about the money it was about

sending a message and what better way to

prove it than killing the accountant

number two Eric lencher killed Sebastian

Shaw X-Men first Class

magnetostory is actually incredibly

similar to another villain on this list

like Darth Vader before him Magneto

played the villain in movie trilogy

before a sequel showed who he was before

he turned to the life of an antagonist

with Anakin Skywalker it was the Star

Wars prequels and with Eric lencher it

was X-Men first Class though the mutant

was in line with Charles initially in

regards to their rights their specific

motivations their methods and just how

far they were prepared to go or differed

greatly to put it as simply as possible

Eric was just a bit more murdery that

aside however his Vendetta against

Sebastian Shaw was deeply personal it

was sure who in an attempt to draw out

young Eric's power killed the poor boy's

mother Charles pleaded with his friend

not to cross that line when the

opportunity for Revenge presented itself

as he knew there was no going back but

Eric didn't listen Magneto didn't just

kill Shaw in any old way it was brutal

he took the very coin sure tried to get

him to move as a boy and slowly pushed

it through the villain's brain and out

the other side number 1. Sullivan killed

Costello The Departed as far as twist

and turns secrets and lies and not

having a clue what's going to happen

next there aren't many like The Departed

Martin scorsese's Masterpiece pit

deception against deception and right

against rat until basically everyone was

dead it may not have been on the same

level as Sullivan or costigan's ultimate

deaths in terms of shock value but

Costello's death was the big one Jack

Nicholson's character was the big bad of

the piece and tied the story together he

was at the center of everything and who

the likes of dignam wanted Dead the man

who eventually brought Costello down was

a legitimate part of the police but not

who he would have expected to finally

nail him Sullivan was like the son

Costello never had and as the mob boss's

mole within the force he was just as

much a villain as his father figure but

it was ultimately Sullivan who shot

Costello in the chest the two came

together as The Manhunt for the latter

reached its con inclusion and upon

admitting that he was an informant

himself Costello was killed by Sullivan

how ironic that the one man in the

police force that managed to kill

Costello was the one that put him there

himself and there we have it folks our

list of movie villains that killed other

villains but please do let us know down

in the comments of any of the villains

that also killed other villains that we

didn't mention and while you're there

let us know how is your week going and

what movies have you been watching this

week and if you want you can give us a

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