May 30, 2024

56 Black Movies for the Culture (Format inspired by ModernGurlz)

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Music by Ryan Little - Whoa. -

The initial plan for this was a whole month of me doing deep dives into some of my favorite black movies. However, I'm still waiting on a new mic or don't really feel like recording content with my current one so yeah.

I got the format idea from a channel I LOVE called ModernGurlz. They use this format for their Best Dresses series. Link to the playlist here:

I tried to have a mixture of movies from iconic ones like Boyz In The Hood & Set it Off while also taking in ones that don't seemingly get a lot of general love like The Best Man or Head of State and also give some new black movies some love like Fast Color & Selah & The Spades.

I hope you enjoyed, I'm currently working on more voiced videos for next month, one of which will be talking about Shaundi from the Saints Row Series.

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excuse me


spell preston digitation

i'm sorry sir but this girl is only 11

and she's already won

mr welch what is this

the digitation can you spell it

p r e s t i d i g i

t a t i o n

press to digitation that's correct







me fellas like old garbage guts here

done forgot the crew commandments again


i did not forget the commandments


as you can see i am not dead


what kind of house is she supposed to

give with 40 grand what a crack house

i think she'd be happy to get out of

this rat trap who the hell are you

to call this place of rap trap this is

my neighborhood this is where i'm from

i got my first bike stolen right there

my daddy got his bike stolen

right there when i have a son i hope

he's fortunate enough to get stuck up

right there


okay let your head rest in my hand relax

i got you i promise i'm not gonna let

you go

hey man i got you there you go

10 seconds

good morning my neighbors





ease my heels and a simple string of

pearls well i don't own pearls

lord knows you don't paint colors enough

to afford pearls

and i work like a dog day and night

living off of coffee from the butt none

of you wanna touch




bishop man come on hold on you don't let

me go

man i can't hold on man

but he had what he needed he had

love he never lost him


everybody need a dressing room please



[ __ ] stick your five dollar ass down

before i make change

kareem brought him to my attention we

got 300 people working for us at all


i can't keep my eye on every single one

of them


be my victim





mike are you hearing what you're saying

right now i can't

did he just say that she's driving i'm

still on the fat as hell part

have you looked at yourself in the

mirror lately








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