May 30, 2024

A Retired Sports Teacher Turns Poor Street Kids Into an International Team.

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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the movie begins in the city of nagpur

India we are introduced to the daily

life of people who live in the slums of

the city the story starts with Dawn he

lives in the worst part of town he

spends his days with friends who are

also in a horrible situation like him we

see Don leaves his house as fast as he

can and meets up with his friends they

go riding bikes all over town and we

realize that they are actually going

around stealing bags from innocent

people in the street after several hours

of stealing and having fun the group has

some food nearby a marital dispute

breaks out the husband is very

aggressive with his wife Razia and their

kids Razia decides that she has had

enough and leaves him her husband

doesn't accept that and goes after her

but Don steps in to protect her the

following day Don gets into a fight with

a random man on the street the man

chases after Dawn and they suddenly

collide with Vijay he is a very tall man

with glasses and he stops the conflict

he calms down the situation and starts

to lecture Dawn about his behavior Don

and the other man leave their separate

ways and we now follow Vijay Vijay is a

coach who is very close to retiring

everyone around him wants to know when

he will finally decide to leave the

sport but he is still unsure of his

decision Vijay goes to practice and

realizes that he will be replaced by a

younger coach in the meantime we see how

brutal life is for Dawn and the other

people in the slums they are now trying

to sell the phones that they stole for

even the smallest price just enough to

survive suddenly the rain starts Don and

his friends start to play soccer with a

giant bottle as that is all they have by

chance Vijay is visiting that part of

town and sees them play during The Reign

he notices how many of them have real

talent especially Don but feels sorry

for them so he decides to bring them a

real ball in the next day he arrives but

gets confused and decides against it Don

and his gang get into a brutal fight and

get in trouble with the police but that

is a frequent activity for them Vijay

Returns the day after and offers Don and

his friends some money if they play

soccer they don't believe him at first

but they accept his offer Don and his

gang play soccer and Vijay pays them

after and they agree to do the same

tomorrow at 6. Don is totally surprised

that the old man actually paid them and

he thinks that Vijay is crazy the

following day Don and his friends once

again get confronted by the police but

this time it's only two officers so Don

has fun with them he thinks that he is a

very important person in this part of

town but he is actually just insecure

that afternoon Vijay returns and now he

wants to set up some rules they create a

goal with two rocks and he decides to

divide the players into teams Vijay

wants to also introduce some discipline

and rules in their game of soccer he is

pleased with their performance and gives

them more money the next day while they

play soccer DJ has to break up a fight

between the players it will be a

challenge to train them as they don't

know rules or discipline the other

coaches think that BJ is just wasting

his time as these people from the slums

are not normal Vijay doesn't like how

judgmental the other coaches are as he

thinks that Don and his gang are

talented they just need a chance after a

couple more days Vijay decides to not

pay the players anymore when he doesn't

show up with the ball Don and his crew

show up at his house they demand that he

pays them but Vijay admits that he has

no more money after some thinking Don

tells him to forget about the money and

just give them the ball and Vijay

happily accepts that now he is sure they

enjoy playing soccer not for money only

Vijay goes and realizes that the young

people of the slums are much better than

before he is so impressed that he thinks

they should play against his college

soccer team Vijay proposes that the slum

team plays a friendly match with the

other team but they need to train for

the next few days the slums team trains

very hard under the watchful eye of VJ

who a lot of experience in this field he

creates many exercises for them to grow

and become better in the sport Vijay has

to teach them some basic rules as well

Don is a very good player but he needs

to learn when to pass the ball to others

also one of the Players called Babu

often picks up the ball in his hands

Vijay has to explain the game of soccer

to him in great detail the day of the

match arrives and all the people from

the slums are excited Vijay goes to talk

with the Headmaster who doesn't want

these kinds of people at the college so

Vijay manages to convince him as this is

his retirement gift and he truly

believes in these people he is waiting

for his players and they all show up in

fancy outfits and sunglasses Dawn is

really focused on impressing a girl that

goes to college here the game begins and

the college team is much better we see

the slum team is barely organized they

are fighting with each other and Don is

more focused on the girl than the game

half time arrives and Vijay is

disappointed in his players he tells

them that they have true talent but they

are wasting their chance the college

players think that they are scum and

they are proving them right Vijay leaves

angry and Don decides to take control

the slum team now gets really serious

and they decide to prove themselves they

take off their glasses and silly outfits

and decide to play like never before the

game now totally changes and the slum

team starts to come back they are

actually fantastic and they start to

score several goals one of the girls on

the college team notices Don and it

seems like she is interested also there

are more and more people from the slums

in the crowd cheering on their team the

game starts to get more intense as the

slum team ties the score the college

team is so frustrated and can't believe

that his team is actually in trouble

right now Don has a fantastic moment

where he manages to pass through every

player in the entire field to score the

goal to tie the game the game now goes

to penalty kicks and the slum team Acts

actually wins everyone starts a giant

celebration and Vijay is proud of his

team after the game is over he invites

all of them to his house to learn more

about them all the players have a tragic

story they have all either lost their

parents got into drugs lost their homes

or never had any home every story is

more tragic than the last and Vijay

wants to hear everyone when it comes

time for Dawn to tell his story he

basically says that he is nothing

special while tearing up Vijay is

overwhelmed with all the stories so he

now especially wants to continue helping

these people there are problems

regarding their training field because a

local businessman illegally builds a

shop in the slum and they can't train

anymore Vijay gets involved and they

stop his plans now the entire slum joins

forces and they build a proper field for

their players Vijay keeps training them

and also keeps giving them wise life

lessons one of the most important

lessons he tells his players is that

struggle is part of life and they have

to Fly Above It This continues for some

time but one day they get really bad

news one of their players died while

working on a train throwing coal his

name was yogesh and he died working a

really dangerous job Vijay remembers how

yogesh talked about his father being

gone and how he had to provide for his

family the entire slum has a funeral for

him and they say goodbye to their friend

Vijay also retires and it's a

Bittersweet moment for him as he is not

ready to leave the job of a coach behind

him soon after that Don gets into

trouble as well the man that he picked a

fight has now come to collect they start

to beat up Don and he has to go on the

Run not only is that guy after him but

many others Don has made many enemies

through his behavior so now he is in big

trouble in the meantime DJ starts to

come up with an idea one of his players

mentioned that they should organize a

tournament Vijay finally goes to talk

with the Headmaster of the college and

many others he tells them that this is

important for the community Vijay finds

out about Dawn and his troubles and he

teaches him a lesson he demands that Don

cleans up his act so that he can build

his future soon after that the

tournament officially begins everyone is

really happy and people from all over

the city attend everyone is grateful for

Coach Vijay who made this entire

tournament happen at one point we see a

man committing suicide but backs at the

last moment he hears about the

tournament joins the team and gets to be

the main goalkeeper there were many

teams in the tournament so it was

expected that someone was going to cause

trouble soon the entire field is filled

with junk and the tournament starts to

spiral in the evening the Headmaster

tells Vijay that this was a failure as

the slum people are out of control that

same night the slum team bands together

and they clean the entire field of junk

the next day the tournament continues as

promised and it's a grand celebration

after the tournament Vijay gets help

from his son when it comes to financing

the slum teams and helping the people

there Vijay is very nervous about the

entire process but trusts his son

meanwhile Don is again in trouble but is

trying to solve it there are also many

shop owners in the slums who want to

help the team which makes Vijay

emotional after the local tournament a

chance for an International Tournament

arrives but problems arise as well the

slum people especially Don and his gang

get held in court and there is now a

movement to put them in prison Vijay

also goes to the trial and speaks

directly to the judge Vijay explains

that it's not fair to just brand these

people as criminals they are just people

fighting to survive and he is sure that

they are good and hard-working people he

demands that the judge gives them

another chance and allows them to reach

their full potential the team is cleared

and they can leave for the tournament

with a chance at a new life Don also

cleans up his act and finally joins the

team he is really emotional when he

arrives and Coach BJ welcomes him to the

team the college coach used to call them

the slum horde but they are now a true

team and they have a bright future ahead

of them and all these happen because one

man believed in them

thanks for watching take care and see

you in the next video

and we was down and we had nothing we

had to share a mill we put the shin

overdrive with no steering wheel


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