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Awesome Sport Technology Inventions 2017

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Awesome Sport technology Inventions 2017

The CuRiOuS OwL

5 - blazepod : https://goo.gl/Aj3tyz

4 - Pasqule : https://goo.gl/ZOg1Ib

3 - Shft IQ : https://goo.gl/f87WSZ

2 - skiper : https://goo.gl/1h0zzD

1 - antelope : https://goo.gl/omF6hi

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to achieve greatness you need to ask

yourself one question am i achieving my

full potential

you know there's more inside you you

know you can do better so what are you

gonna do are you gonna lay down and

accept things as they are or are you

gonna step out of your comfort zone and

rise yes life is hard working to achieve

your inner greatness is hard once you

let weakness take over it will numb your

mind once your mind is tired your body

can't fight it so fight it get up

Oh reacts

get up release your inner powers unleash

your inner greatness

what are you gonna do

you're gonna work hard till there are no



until you surprise yourself with what

you achieve and then you're gonna work



this is paxil the smart self-cleaning

bag is here we know that life can get a

little funky so we've created a bag that

cleans itself and anything you put

inside it using UV + o3 technology it

sanitizes deodorizes and kills bacteria

with the touch of a button this is the

pack tech unit by pressing the button

here the UVC light strip turns on an

activated oxygen is generated inside the

bag this is rechargeable and gets over

10,000 hours of battery life there are

no cartridges or filters to replace and

this unit will get over 17,000 uses with

one push of a button on the back or your

smartphone you can do dereyes sanitize

and kill off bacteria to keep your bag

and everything inside smelling fresh

Axl's pack tech system is a chemical

free FDA approved process that occurs in

your bag naturally as it would in nature

here's how it works when bacteria is

present it gets trapped inside the bag

by activating the unit it converts

existing oxygen into o3 also known as

activated oxygen the o3 fills the bag

attacking the odor causing bacteria and

killing a non-contact UVC light acts as

an additional layer sterilizing against

viruses and pathogens once the package

cycle is complete the o3 then converts

back to oxygen leaving your bag in its

contents smelling like summer rain the

bag has reinforced foam walls and

aligned interior for protection and

durability it's made with a highly

durable water-resistant fabric and all

of the external zippers are

a water-resistant which keeps moisture

out and keeps the activated oxygen in

during the cleaning process as travelers

we all know that airplanes are

notoriously dirty places and that's why

paxil is the perfect travel companion

because of pack Tech's self-cleaning

features you can kill airborne odors

bacteria and viruses that your clothing

comes in contact with while traveling

this enables you to extend the life of

your clothes so you don't have to over

pack many of us have traveled pillows

when's the last time you clean yours

now you can disinfect your travel pillow

with the touch of a button the bag is

spacious lightweight and fits perfectly

below the seat and in the overhead

compartments there's a USB charging

station for your electronic devices and

the Paxil app controls your bags

technology via bluetooth other useful

features include a dedicated padded

laptop compartment that makes going

through airport security of breeze and

an easy access top pocket that can hold

your smartphone tickets and Passport

there's also a shoulder pad pocket for

quick access to IDs and transit cards

whether you live on the road live at the

gym or just want to live fresh Paxil is

the perfect bag for you

there are over 10 pockets and storage

compartments to organize just about


say goodbye to smelly shoes the

dedicated shoe compartments mesh lining

allows the activated oxygen to attack

the bacteria and odors in your shoes the

front extendable straps are perfect for

carrying a tripod yoga mat or travel

pillow the inside of the bag has even

more compartments like a removable water

sealed shower pouch so you don't have to

worry about your toiletries spilling all

over your back we spent hundreds of

hours testing our pack tax system to

tackle odors for good and paid very

close attention to detailed design and

fabrication to ensure that paxil is a

bag you'll

the future retail price of the bag is

350 dollars but we're discounting the

price on Kickstarter and we're including

shipping and handling in the US with

your support we'll be able to get our

first order made fashionable functional

and technology-driven paxil is the smart

self-cleaning bag travel fresh train

fresh be fresh with paxil

ready to rock today's focus is steps

minute we are a group of passionate

runners some of us run all the time and

some of us run occasionally but coming

for all of us is that we want to run

right that's how we came up with the

idea of shift IQ we've created the

world's first virtual running coach with

artificial intelligence that measures

the way you run and gives you live

feedback while running we wanted to

create a product that would help runners

run better faster and without injuries

we simply wanted to give all runners the

ability to learn how to run right shift

IQ is your person running coach that

helps you become a better runner one

coaching session at a time with shift IQ

you will get real-time coaching

full-body metrics coach reports training

drills in the world's first of virtual

running coach with artificial

intelligence through advanced watt

measurements and many other precise

running metrics shift IQ analyzes your

run and turns this data into live

coaching while running all you have to

do is press Start run to initiate your

coaching session and shift IQ will guide

you through the rest of the process

ready to run the length of your stride

the structure of your foot the tilt of

your body shift IQ takes in a hundreds

of these readings every second and uses

them to give you live feedback through

your headphones coaching you to make you

a better runner when you run right you

will enjoy running longer distances at a

faster pace a more efficient running

technique will also keep your legs

fresher for longer a smarter technique

will help you focus your energy in all

the right places the complex combination

of intelligent hardware and

sophisticated software creates an

advanced virtual running coach that will

help you become a better runner and

after each run you'll be able to see a

full breakdown of your technique with

tips on which areas still need work

skipper is a smart musical skipping-rope

when used with the fit mix app it adds

intelligence and fun to training that

helps you achieve better results with a

built-in 360 degrees smart motion sensor

along with a Bluetooth module and the

fit mix app skipper creates a customized

exercise plan just for you with five

models available it revolutionizes rope

skipping training and delivers awesome

results adjust your posture slowly warm

up and plant your own rhythm skipper

smart voice training provides real-time

guidance and activity feedback you will

know exactly how long you have been

exercising and how many calories you

have burned

skipper also includes a high power music

player and speaker built into the handle

the customized rope skipping music of

the fit mix app and the rhythm vibrating

through the handles fill your body

getting hot you're burning fat

introducing the revolutionary antelope

series exercise smart you have the full

control over what your workout is about

antelope utilizes state-of-the-art

electro muscle stimulation technology

which forces muscle contraction using

electrical impulses this safe and well

proven method exactly mimics natural

muscle contraction but as the stimulus

occurs directly on the muscle it

activates a much higher percentage of

the muscle fibers than through normal

exercising that's the secret of why our

antelope is so effective triflin is a

very time consuming sport you have to

plan your schedule exactly to integrate

into your day to day life as every

minute counts antelope helps me to

achieve my goals in the most effective

way integrate it into any sporting

activity and make your workout more

effective enhanced strength endurance

coordination and speed get on the bike

and supercharge your back your leg

muscles go outside jogging and

simultaneously train your upper body

combine endurance training and power

training whether you're training outside

at the gym in the hotel on your business

trip or at home with our products

everything is possible no limits the

Antelope suit has integrated electrodes

placed on all major muscle groups that

can be activated all at the same time

consisting of lightweight special

compression fabrics with integrated

textile electrodes and wiring the

antelope feels just like your usual

sports clothing simply attach the

electronic control unit onto the side

and control the system comfortably

through our fully synchronized antelope

app that's how easy it is



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