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Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Technology

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

To ensure the engine and gearbox harmonize perfectly with the modified ratios in all engine speed ranges, bugatti has also refined the W16 engine with its 1,500 PS and 1,600 newton metres of torque. The 8.0-litre power unit now reaches its rated output between 6,700 and 6,900 rpm – in other words, it revs 200 rpm higher than the engine in the Chiron. The maximum engine speed is now 7,000 rpm.

The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission has undergone a radical transformation: the bugatti engineers shortened each gear and modified many components. All in all the gears have been shortened by 15 per cent. The Chiron Pur Sport accelerates from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds instead of 2.4 seconds; and from 0 to 200 in 5.9 instead of 6.1 seconds. Moreover, it accelerates in sixth gear from 60 to 120 km/h in 4.4 seconds instead of 7.4. The vehicle's top speed is now electronically regulated at 350 km/h, with a maximum shift speed of 6,900 rpm.

One of the biggest changes the Chiron Pur Sport has undergone is in its chassis. On both axles, the engineers changed the camber to minus 2.5 degrees for a significant increase in performance. In order to integrate the negative camber settings, the engineers had to develop new suspension joints. From the wide-ranging possibilities available in terms of axle geometry, they used an elaborate process to calculate and simulate 17 different variants, ultimately opting for the one that harmonizes perfectly with the body, springs and tyres. New springs with a spring rate of 166 N/mm at the front and 200 N/mm at the rear instead of 100 N/mm at the front and 150 N/mm at the rear also ensure a very firm set-up without sacrificing ride comfort.

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I enjoy working at Bugatti engineering

I'm responsible for the chassis

development and we are here at builds

the back testing the pure spot on this

very nice three-dimensional track to

just fine-tune the situation to

fine-tune the car to get a very good

setup for this vehicle but the the major

focus from the pure spot the intention

to start this development was of course

to have a more emotional car which is

just more agile more agile feelings for

the driver and on top of course a better

performance that means we also want to

have a physical improvement of

performance and we want to make a big

step this time in comparison to the show

just to focus the range of agility and

track coming from the show now we have a

very wide variety of usability and we

really have certain technical limits we

reached certain technical limits on the

pure spot where we have to decide and

this was the strategy of having a

derivative strategy and one part of the

derivative strategy is handling

performance handling performance is

where we really need to make new tyres

with higher performance I mean we gain

the camber and of course the complete

compound of the tire and gaining the

camber means we really have to decide by

getting more camber reducing the speed

and we really took the decision to find

the best solution in speed that we

really cover a lot of curvy roads and

tracks having the best performance but

still a very fast car and so the

decision was with the gain of the camera

to limit the speed this was the major

reason let's see where we started in the

development process and after this of

course we decided to adapt the new

gearbox to the limited speed to have a


which works perfectly together

especially on tracks like here okay

talking about the major modifications of

the pure spots is beginning in the front

so that means we're just starting on the

front we see those huge air intakes

those are much bigger than from the

Shira and we use this from chassis sight

from three different sides that means we

have the diffuser from London underneath

we have this break venting channel and

of course we have a second channel over

here that means we're using three

channels for the brake cooling which is

improved from the pure spot which are

going into the wheelhouse coming to our

break this just coming out of the brake

disc and the hot air from the brake is

let out of the wheelhouse supported by

this nozzle kind of a jet where we have

a under pressure area over here so that

means we really improved the wheelhouse

venting from this high-performance brake

additionally supported by this carbon

fiber blades so they just support the

whole wheelhouse venting and we get rid

of we get better rid of the hot air

especially on tracks like here

we are sitting in front of a new

magnesium wheel so it's a very

lightweight it will that means in

comparison to share all we say from the

whole wheel set 16 kilo grams which is a

huge amount of weight and it's not just

the amount of weight we just saved the

amount of weight on the right spot

because this is the unsprung mass which

is just moving a lot on on roads and

tracks so reducing the weight here just

gives our dampers a much easier life our

100% control tempest so they really have

an easier life what is what can you feel

with this weight reduction is if the

dampers have an easier life it just

feels not just more performant you also

gain a small amount of comfort which is

very good talking about weight reduction

we also have a new inner part of the

brake disc the brake pair which is now

made of a special material from

aluminium we also save in an amount of

one kilogram over here and we just have

to get more reduction of weight even

added the brake pad and the back place

of the brake pads we just modified this

from steel to titanium to save even more

weight so and all this modifications

from brake discs the brake pair the

titanium backplate and magnesium wheel

is all unsprung masters that means we

really from performance side and this

was the intention for the pure sport was

from performance I to reduce the weight

on the right spot to support this wheel

house venting there was also invented

one new air out take what you can see

here kind of an additional channel where

we get rid of more hot air that all

plays into the amount of performance

just to get rid of the hot air from

brakes if we just follow the car then of

course we come to the react sir

we see also this magnesium wheel we have

the new dimension of the tire which is

the same like the she rods it's 355 also

the Pilot Sport cup 2 R of course and

now it's a good time to talk about the

suspension because we have of course

springs dampers stabilizers and all is

modified big time

that means we increase the spring rates

for the pure spot in the front about 66

percent stiffer which is a huge amount

and in the rear 33 percent which is also

huge amount and the idea and the testing

time we spend was to get the best

package from spring rate as stiffness

from the spring rate and traction that

means we were testing not only just

getting a little stiffer we were just

testing a lot of stiff springs and

probably wind

we went also over the top to get the

optimum spring rate for traction

underneath we have carbon-fiber


they were also adjusted that means we

have the same spring rate of course from

the stabilizer on the rear but a

complete new spring rate from the

stabilizer bar in front

those carbon-fiber stabilizers again

save weight about 2.1 kilo and of course

you have to have this mechanical base

from spring rate stabilizer and rubber

bushings and connection from the top

months to have this performance package

one last mechanical point which is

important is we changed the stiffness

from the top mount that means the

connection from the tire

to the steering wheel which shows just

much more reactive behavior the top mark

we increase the stiffness it's just two

and a half times more the shear on that

means it's completely different part and

this is the philosophy of the Pierce pod

that means making this complete chassis

stiffer and light weighted on the right

spots and on the connection to the body

this is where you can fear the reactive

behavior of the pure spot in comparison

to this year all that it's really more

curvy oriented more Trek orient and

gives you a direct connection to the

road which makes you feel safe and feel

fast thus the new spots blast mode is

the intention was to give the driver

more freedom that means we open up the

border of the traction control together

with a new tire to get this transition

from grip to slide that the driver can

really play to have more drifting time

in the car and can decide what is the

driving style if it's more spectacular

or more lap time oriented the car will

do both and especially open up to the

section of drifting so that means really

having a lot of more power in higher

speeds at sharp turns this is what you

can feel and that car feels much faster

we limit the speed to 350 and of course

if you just compare Chiron running at

350 you have a very low Rev in the

seventh gear so we just decided to make

even this big step to change the

complete in a life of the gearbox and

make the new transmission the gearbox

the transmission of the gearbox fitting

to the new range of speed that means now

we have again seven speed but now in the

range of speed from zero to 350 instead

of 420 and this means also for track


you really have close I guess that means

you have the perfect key and every turn

and it doesn't matter in which turning

circle you get it's always the best gear

it's perfect driving the pure spot is

really having a car which accelerates

like a rocket not only on the straights

you can really use the full range of

power to talk and the horsepower 1512 us

to accelerate out of every turn and then

you also can on top decide if you want

to go for drifting or not this is an

incredible feeling what you can i cannot

remember any other car we can do it in

this extreme feeling with this

acceleration at very high speeds still

feeling safe this is amazing really

ahead in the beginning a vision how the

car should be also from differentiation

to the sheera and what we can see right

now is that this all came true that

means we really have a car who is

different to the show but still

recognizable as a shot but just more

connected for this type of driving and

I'm really happy with this casts or this

is perfect from it's a perfect car

though we have a fully controllable

all-wheel drive from a diff lock and

Haldex coupling and how we managed to

use this power for agility not just for

straight line performance you can use

the power for agility and that means the

acceleration like I mentioned like it

feels like a rocket but you can do it in

a turn this is the most amazing part and

so I was for the first time and this

year all overwhelmed it was really lucky

that we can do it we can use the full

power even inside the turn but at the

Pierce part it comes to perfection so

that's outstanding let's not see any



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