April 21, 2024

Cardboard DIY Plus Popcorn Plus Soda Plus Movies Equals Home Cinema

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

One chilly Friday, slime Sam and his human friend Sue decided to go to the cinema. But that morning Sam woke up very sick. He kept sneezing and coughing and still pretending to be fine. Sue discovered his deceit rather soon and convinced Sam to stay at home instead of going to the cinema. She promised him to give their home a real cinema feel with an interesting cardboard craft. And while she was making it, she told Sam about bacteria and their role in our lives.

This craft is a real popcorn and soda vending machine that works when you put a coin in and press a button! To make this machine, you will need some thick cardboard, some thin plastic, a few wooden popsicle sticks, a wooden skewer and hot glue to put it all together. First, you need to cut out all the pieces, starting with the front panel. It looks a bit like the front wall of a house with windows, but it's not a house, no matter what Sam thinks! Then you'll need to assemble the mechanisms to give popcorn in portions and to push out one can of soda at a time. No wires or batteries are required! Then glue some walls and add a lid. Time to load the machine up! It's really cool to watch your popcorn and your soda delivered this way, right?

Actually, Sam is so excited by the machine, he misses most of the movie. But at least he's feeling better!

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This activity is performed by actors in a controlled

environment. Please use caution if you plan to replicate

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sammy i'm getting ready are you


are you ready

what is it oh sam are you still in bed

did you forget it's friday we wanted to

go to the cinema



friday cinema

of course

how can i forget

did you just cough

what no i didn't i'm

i'm just very happy

all right sammy but i need you to hurry

i'm almost ready all right

oh no oh no how can i forget hand over


i'm gonna dress up now

let's see

this one



oh this one oh no no no

i know

this one


oh no it looks like i'm sick

sammy dress warm it's cold outside

i hope sue doesn't figure it out i

really want to go


what's taking you so long


you're awfully quiet today are you all


i guess

i just didn't get enough sleep i'm

i'm fine

sam are you sick mommy do you think that

look sammy if you're sick you better

stay home

i'm totally fine i've never been better

i simply can't wait to go to go to the


sweetie you're really sick why were you

hiding it i really wanted to watch a

movie but we can watch a movie at home

but popcorn and soda aren't the same as

in the cinema you know not special


sam but we can make one you're for real

you can't play jokes on me now i'm too

weak i am for real but first let's take

care of you

hey everyone do you like going to the

cinema what was the last movie you

watched write in the comments

hi guys

i don't feel well

carefully sammy don't cough on the

cardboard here take this cough and

sneeze into a handkerchief not to spread

bad bacteria all over the house

sammy you could try distracting yourself

watch me make this craft

here we have the first piece with

outlined elements we need to cut them


guys be careful with sharp tools you'd

better ask an adult to help you

crafting is a good thing

but sue what a bad bacteria i can't see

any of them on my hanky

oh see

there are many bacteria there are

billions of them on earth they are the

most numerous living beings but they are

very small you can't see them with the

naked eye only with a special microscope

i don't need a microscope to see that

you're making some kind of a house


no sammy it's not a house

it's the front panel of our wonderful

popcorn and soda machine

i like it

right let's add a few more pieces i've

prepared these transparent parts let's

glue them on and you keep saying that

this isn't a house here windows have

glass now

not everything that has windows with

glass is a house really

i wonder i i can't think of anything

that has windows with flats that isn't a

house you're confusing me guys if you

know of any objects with glass windows

that aren't houses write them in the

comments i really need to know

i'm sure they'll help you right we're

done with it time to start on the next



it's an attic

an attic

or a basement

you won't let the house idea go huh


fine fine

we need two of these let's put them

together like this

take a look at this

it doesn't look like an addict

phew i'm glad

let's continue

if bacteria are the most numerous living

beings on earth and they are bad that's

scary but sammy most bacteria aren't bad

at all quite the contrary many of them

do a lot of good to the world and all

other living beings they process

nutrients and produce energy bacteria

helps us digest food and protect our


but good bacteria can be attacked by

viruses if viruses succeed in capturing

bacteria the body gets sick and not only

our bodies but plants as well wait i got

sick after i ate lots of ice cream

yesterday does that mean

ice cream is under a virus attack

no no sam it doesn't work that way ice

cream is fine


i can use the sticks from the ice cream

you ate a lot of sticks

i feel awful will i never be able to eat

ice cream again

oh sweetie cheer up you'll recover soon

but you should rest a lot

resting is what i can do i'm a

specialist in resting

that's wonderful and our coin button is

done like in a real vending machine


and we continue making parts of the



carefully now


goes here


when can i bring the popcorn in

go on bring it in we're going to create

a real popcorn vending mechanism now yay

i'll be right back

i'll need one more piece here


here i am

wonderful sammy now watch closely this

is how the machine's going to work when

the coins fall inside


i hope it's not difficult for you to

help me

is it


not at all

i can see you're feeling much better

then bring a can of soda here a moment

huh looks like crafting has healing


let's hope sam gets really well really

soon healthy slime is a happy slime and

if any of you are sick right now please

get better soon so that delivery

something tells me sammy that you've got

a soda stash all over the house

i have no idea what you're talking about

and here are several small pieces let's


the machine will use this structure to

push the cans out



nice holy cannoli i like it and this

will be a container to load popcorn into

the machine it should have an opening at

the bottom

now let's make the roof for our machine

here we're going to need an opening for

our popcorn container


great we only need to cut it out now



and now let's set our container here

just a bit more and our vending machine

with popcorn and soda will be finished

let's start on the last assembling steps


i like this part so much when everything

i've been working on comes together in a



and here



uh i think you're right sam this really

does look like a house

yeah but it'll have soda and popcorn

living inside


oh it's actually just my size right

it's a real palace for you sammy with

windows and a tower

and even slides

and seesaws

but i remember how this machine looks at

the cinema it's different

oh but we're not finished yet let's

decorate it i've got everything ready

for that

decorating is a very important step of

the craft

oh i agree it gives the craft some


is it better now


much better

only need to fill it now

don't be shy with it sue i want to have

a really nice supply

have you already decided what we're

going to

huh watch

something interesting

i'm sure there's a movie with a title

like that


i hope we've got enough popcorn to fill

this machine

it's bigger than i imagined

i'm not complaining though

and some more


guys do you have any favorite movies

write your suggestions for us in the


there it's done

let's test this machine in action



our home cinema is ready

save your strength for the movie after

all we've arranged it all to help you

rest and recover in peace

wait here while i get everything ready



let's see


oh my

sam do you think he'll go right in there


sammy where are you

huh where did he go

oh i need to check sammy uh






did you say something sue sam you scared

me are you watching the movie or not

yes very interesting

oh sammy you never change do you guys

what helps you recover faster for me

it's popcorn and a lot of thumbs ups if

we collect a 50 000 likes i'll be the

healthiest slime in the world do you

believe me subscribe to the channel and

you'll see see you soon




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