April 15, 2024

Classic TV Theme: Science-Fiction Theatre

Published June 12, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Remembered fondly by boomers, and later generations as well thanks to reruns, this show lived up to its title. It was not just fiction, but also science. Could sound be recovered from a rock? Can humans travel safely to Mars? Can watching a movie drive a man to murder? Why is someone transmitting the contents of an encyclopedia on a nonexistent tv channel? And Truman Bradley, there to introduce the concepts involved in today's story, and maybe do a demonstration or two. Some of it may seem silly in the 21st Century, but some of it may also have been prescient.

The first season was filmed in color, but some of the prints (the opening and closing titles especially) have faded badly. Season two was in black and white, but the titles and credits were longer than in season one, and only in this season was the entire theme heard. (Both seasons are represented here.) The theme is credited to the mysterious 'Ray Llewellyn' - a pseudonym used by at least three composers who worked for ZIV for a flat fee without royalties, since they were under contract elsewhere. Best guess is that Ray Bloch (who led the orchestras for Ed Sullivan and Jackie Gleason) was the composer, with David Rose a runner-up. For more on the shadowy Mr Llewellyn, see here:


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so how do you do ladies and gentlemen

i'm your host truman bradley the story

we are about to bring you has something

to do with the machine

that has a memory is such a thing


i hope you enjoyed our story we'll be

back with you a week from today with

another exciting adventure from the

world of fiction and science

until then this is your host truman

bradley saying

see you next week












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