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Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Hello loves! Today’s video is all about how to have the best diy movie night ever! This movie night party video is packed with movie night ideas and diy movie theater snacks! In this video, I show you how to throw an inexpensive party / movie night! If you looking for a great movie snack, diy movie night snacks, or even diy movie night treats, then this video is perfect for you! I also show you how to set up diy movie night decorations! All of the diy movie night ideas in this video would also be perfect for a diy movie night sleepover with your friends!! I tried to make this video as fun and bright as possible so that you can get some cute teen party ideas! If you enjoy this diy movie night party video then be sure to let me know in the comments below and also give this video a THUMBS UP! Also be sure leave a comment below and let me know what your movie night essentials are! :) I love you all so much, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day! xo - Jess

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"With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

- Matthew 19:26

God Bless,

Jessica Reid ♡

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one of the guys my name is Jess if

you're new here to my channel and I hope

you all are having an amazing day so in

this video I'm showing you guys how to

have the perfect DIY movie night with

your friends this summer and this video

turned out so cute so I'm so excited for

you guys to see all of little ideas and

I came up with to show you all our Altan

thought it would be appropriate to show

the little star of this video he was

actually just sleeping so he's kind of

waking up from his nap but I wanted to

show him to you guys this is my little

donkey bow and he says hi so hopefully

brightens your day also ropers before we

get into the video I'm having a summer

giveaway on my channel right now where I

give away a pair of Beats headphones and

also a Polaroid camera so if you're new

to it and you'd like to enter this

giveaway all you have to do is just be

subscribed to my channel turn on my post

to notifications which is that little

cell button right next to the subscribe

button and just so you know I upload new

videos every single Wednesday and Sunday

that way you'll be able to know when I

upload and you can watch my videos and

last but not least if you do have a

Twitter and Instagram and be sure to

follow me on there if you don't that's

okay but if you do definitely go and

follow me and that's all you have to do

to enter to win so let's go ahead and

get right on into this DIY movie night

and I hope you guys enjoy it

alright guys let's just get right into

this and first I'm going to show you how

I set up my movie snack I started by

setting out three separate bowls and I

also found these popcorn containers from

Target in the dollar bin section so I

put those out on my table and in my

three bowls I added in pretzels popcorn

and Cheetos and this combination

together is seriously the best snack

ever my friends and I always have this

when we watch the movie so you guys

definitely have to try this out and let

me know what you think of it because I

know you're going to love it not only do

you need snacks for a movie but you also

need some candy so right now I'm going

to show you guys how I set up a DIY

candy bar so I found this tray from the

dollar store for only a dollar and I

thought that this would be perfect - all

of my candy in so after the candy I went

with some watermelon sour patch candies

I also added some M&Ms some swedish fish

some Reese's Cups

I just want with all of my favorites but

you guys can of course do your favourite

candy and leave a comment down below and

let me know what your favorite candy is

of all time mine is

we're easy cups and sour gummy worms and

to finish off the candy bar I made sure

to add some little containers to put the

candy in along with some spoons and that

is it so moving on to beverage ideas I

found this tab at the dollar store for a

dollar and I just filled it up with some

eyes as well as some of my favorite pops

so I have some coca-cola some orange

Fanta voluntary you want to say it and I

also added some sprite also a little

random question for you guys you call it

pop or soda I'm from Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania and I call it pop but I

know a lot of people call it soda so I'm

just going to curious but anyways I

finished off the beverage ideas with

some pink lemonade that I made and I set

out some cute little glasses for that

and this is how my little snack slash

candy and drink bar turned out and I

also want to tell you guys that you

don't have to spend a lot of money to

have an awesome movie night with your

friends I put this whole movie night

together for a very affordable price and

I want to encourage you guys to have a

really fun movie night with your friends

this summer make memories laugh and

enjoy yourself because sadly before you

know what back to school is going to be

here again so to finish that my setup I

got this party garland from Target it

was super affordable and I also got

these really cute little hanging

decorations so I just turn that above my

candy and my snacks and my drinks to

make it look super festive and all fun

for the summertime but I feel like this

just ties everything together it makes

it all flow and just so you guys know I

actually did this whole movie night in

my room on my desk just in case you're

wondering where the food so to finish

this off you have to have a comfy place

to watch your movie so I just added a

bunch of pillows and blankets in the

corner of my room and I also added some

lights to just set a nice cozy

atmosphere and now you're all ready for

your movie night so be sure you guys

send me pictures on Twitter and

Instagram if you try this out because I

would love to see so you made it to the

end of the video thank you so much for

watching and if you're still watching

right now comment down below what your

favorite movie is of all times because I

want to watch some new movies and I

would love to see what your

recommendations are so I love you guys

so so much and just know that God loves

you too you all are beautiful special

unique wonderful and amazing in your own

way and always remember that all things

are possible you can do whatever you put

your mind to I

you I love you I think you're special

and your words more than you'll ever be

able to know so I love you all so so

much and I'll see you in brand-new video

it's going to be in a few days so get

excited for that and yeah I love you

guys bye



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