July 22, 2024

DIY The Emoji Movie Fidget Spinners, Inspired Shopkins Night Ligts - Dollar Tree Craft Video

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Let's get crafting today with items I found from my last dollar Tree hunt video! Watch as I paint faces onto sport balls and crystal hearts to make them look like shopkins! I turn these 3 fidget spinners into The emoji movie inspired spinners. So simple fun and easy!

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cookie swirl see

are you ready for a super fun easy craft

today all right if you guys watched my

dollar tree haul videos you guys saw

that i picked up a few little items like

these sports ball night lights jewel

heart keychains

and fidget spinners yes fidget spinners

at the dollar tree so we are gonna get

super duper crafty today i'm gonna be

turning these sports ball night lights

into shopkins and these jewel hearts

right here uh-huh are gonna be shopkins

too but the fidget spinners are gonna be

emoji movie inspired

all right let's get started it's super

duper simple and easy so i'm gonna open

up each one of these

so here i have my little night lights

but these little covers easily come off

so i'm gonna put all of these light

bulbs aside we'll get back to those a

little bit later so now i have my tennis

ball my basketball and a baseball so i'm

just gonna be using some black and some

white acrylic paint to create adorable

shopkins faces on them so they're gonna

be inspired by the new wave of season

eight so we have sid surfboard from

australia bonnie bonsai from japan in

may sunday from china these are gonna be

my inspirational shopkin faces for my

light switch covers so i think that this

little face would look really cute on

this tennis ball so i'm going to get out

my black acrylic paint give it a really

good shake

dip my paint brush in and just start

painting so i kind of want to just look

at this and see where do i want to put

my shopkins eyes i think i'll put them a

little bit higher so i'll just do a

little dot right here for the eye and


there we go now this one for may sunday

she has her eyes closed now if you guys

watched my crafting videos before you

know i love painting with toothpicks for

smaller detail so i'm just gonna break

the tip off just a little bit and i'm

just going to paint her eyes on one

right here

there we go

perfect i can go in now with the sharper

point and put a tiny little eyelash

i can even paint her tiny little

eyebrows do one right here

and here

i can even go back on my tennis ball a

few little dots for eyelashes

and eyebrows

and now for bony bonsai paint my eyes on

once the black dries now i'm gonna go in

with my white paint i'm gonna start

adding in the shopkins eye detail

so i'm just gonna look at my shopkins

and paint exactly what i see on my

little nightlights

just go around and around really close

to the edge but not all the way there we

go i don't need anything for may sunday

her eyes are closed bony bonsai is kind

of looking off to the side just kind of

add that detail in

now i'm gonna go in with my black and

this is now how i really start shaping

the shopkins eyes so i'm just gonna take

my paintbrush and just start filling it

in like this so there's one eye now the

other one

there we go

this little basketball is kind of

looking off to the side maybe kind of

looking to see all right who's coming on

up who can i be passed to who is showing

some defense

now this is when they start really

looking like shopkins i'm gonna take my

toothpick with a little white and just

put a little pop right in the eye

it's my favorite part

now of course i can't forget about these

little jewel heart keychains too i think

these would be really cute also as

shopkins so i'm gonna open these ones up


there we go now i've got this pink and

this blue super gorgeous chunky hearts

i'm also gonna paint some season eight

inspired shopkin faces on that first one

it's gonna be inspired by pretty petal

purse so i'm gonna paint a big jumbo eye

on this heart

and a little winking eye

and this blue one's gonna have the same

eyes as sookie sushi

there we go can't forget about teeny

tiny eyelashes

here we go shopkin eyelashes are so

adorable who knew what a few little

lines would make a huge giant impact but

i think it really is what makes shopkins

have their look that shopkinsy look

those cute little eyelashes

yep and now i'm gonna go in with my

white paint kind of add that little

detail to the shopkins eye like that now

suki sushi's kind of looking off to the

side so i'm only gonna focus this white

area on a certain edge of her eye to

kind of give that look there's one and


there we go

and now add in the black part and start

sculpting the eye

you can really paint these shopkins eyes

on anything and turn anything into a

custom shopkins

there we go


now i can go in with some pink paint and

create their mouths so some shopkins

have their mouths open and a happy smile

some of them you can just see their lips

so i'm just gonna go in with some pink

paint and just paint their little lips

that i think how they should look some

of them are gonna have just their lips

and some of them are gonna have their

mouth open smiling here we go it's all

up to you however you want to paint your

shopkins always remember that with any

creative project you are in full control

and you can create your shopkins to look

however you want it to look there is no

wrong way

this one a happy little smiley face


there we go now while everything dries

let's work on whoa the fidget spinners i

could not believe it when i saw that the

dollar tree had fidget spinners it's so


so i have a black one

a white one

and a blue one oh i love this blue color

so pretty so these fidget spinners are

going to be inspired by the emoji movie

characters so i thought it would be fun

for each one of the characters to be on

one of these fidget spinners so i'm

gonna do high five on the blue one we're

gonna do jean on the white one and we're

gonna do jailbreak on the black one so i

printed out some of these pictures of

each one of the characters i did

multiple sizes because i didn't know

which size would go best for the middle

of my fidget spinner and i'm just going

to cut out each character

so now that i placed each one of these

little cutouts right in the center of

the fidget spinner i want to glue

everything down with some mod podge

open this up put just a little bit on my

brush and i'm just gonna paint the mod

podge on the back and place it right on

my fidget spinner like that jailbreak

like that and high five right there slap

a high five right in the middle of the

fidget spinner then i'm gonna go ahead

and mod podge to the front of it to

really seal in that image there we go

and while i have my mod podge out i'm

gonna now go over each one of my

shopkins eyes and lips where i painted

the acrylic paint and this is what's

going to seal in the paint permanently

and protect it from any scratches

just paint it everywhere i painted with

my acrylic paint all right let's check

it out let's check out the final product

so check out these adorable glittery

heart shopkins so here we have both of

them here's my pink one and my blue one

and these are so super duper sparkly i

love these so so much so just give them

these little hearts a cute little

shopkins face and i don't know i just

feel like they just turn out even more

adorable like i just love them even more

because now they're kind of shopkins

inspired so these are my little keyring

hearts that i can clip anywhere i want

all right let's check out the little

ball shopkins now these are supposed to

be night lights so let's go ahead and

attach them back to their little light

up bases here so i'm going to take

my tennis ball

and my basketball and my baseball

snap them right back on to their little

light socket bases now of course for my

younger cookie fans have an adult help

you plug these into the wall let's see

them light up so here we go

oh look at how cute so here is the

tennis ball

whoa the basketball oh it's so adorable

look at it glowing

whoa and the baseball oh these are so

cute hey don't the shopkins need names

okay these guys definitely need a name

too so hmm

maybe for a tennis ball we can do you

know there's a shopkins already named

dennis ball this is dennis tennis ball

maybe paul basketball and for the

baseball hmm instead of baseball it can

be jace ball i think you really hit a

home run with those names score that's

right so what could we call these two

super duper sparkly hearts oh maybe this

can be shimmer and shiny heart shimmer

heart shiny heart wow now check out the

fidget spinners

there they go there they go there they

go so here we have gene just easily

fidget spinner him like that

there we go and we got high five on this


just give it a high five with your

fingers and give it a spin and now we've

got jailbreak on this one hey maybe you

can stack them all together oh a

stacking spin let's try that carefully

let's put gene ah careful jailbreak

right on top

no try it again give it a spin

all right gene and now jailbreak right

here as the top fidget spinner they're

spinning they're spinning they're

spinning whoa

okay that is cool all right high five

all right cookie fans i hope you enjoyed

this super fun diy video with all of

these dollar tree items it's amazing

what you can do with just a little bit

of some acrylic paint ah come on

jailbreak oh oh no now jean stopped

ah get them

spinning there they go there they go

there they go they're spinning all right

i hope you fidget spin on over to my

next video where the fun will continue

bye cookies

all right cookie fans who remembers

which ball did i give the face of may

sunday with her eyes closed was it the

basketball baseball or tennis ball bye




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