June 19, 2024

DIY War Film | Practical Filmmaking

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Quick and easy tips on how to improve your ww2 short films!

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Reference Links

HitFilm Express: https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express#download

action vfx Muzzle Flashes: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections/muzzle-flashes-stock-footage

Infantry Tactics

German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rKRt5zVZgw&t=

American: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPBztuaDNhM&feature=

Hand Signals

American: http://www.hardscrabblefarm.com/ww2/hand_signals.htm

German: http://www.dererstezug.com/HandSignals.htm

Gun Sounds With Kevin Senzaki:


Guns From Scratch With Marshall Mcgee




Daisy P51 Slingshot


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welcome to practical full making today

we're gonna show you some tips and

tricks on how to punch up your World War

two foes really set them above the

competition won't war two is a big

subject we've all wanted to make a film

about it are you tired of seeing slash

making these films only to see them come

out like this I don't think I'm going to

survive this war Charlie you ever think

about whether or not you're gonna

survive it's best not to talk that way

brookie here's a photo of my wife oh man

that's really crazy I really hope you

don't die right now well today I'm gonna

teach you that low-budget doesn't always

have to mean low-quality today we're

gonna cover infantry tactics bullet hits

muzzle flashes and sound don't forget to

stick around at the end of the video

where we show off the test film that

culminates all the things you'll learn

in this video a little bit more let's

get started when it comes to inspiration

for your story nothing makes a better

basis than a first-hand account using

real-life scenarios and period-accurate

infantry tactics will add an extra layer

of authenticity to your battles do you

know how to read your actors need to act

like trained soldiers not just look like

them here's some basic hand signals to

get you started

move forward regroup take cover in terms

of advancing attack Germans drop and

sprint while Americans leapfrog if you

need World War 2 uniforms and equipment

I can wholeheartedly recommend at the

front and world war supply currently

neither of them stock German uniforms so

you might want to check out Hess an

antique as far as I know their stuff is

alright need an American helmet find

yourself a vietnam-era helmet for around

50 bucks at an army surplus store meet a

German helmet finish helmets are nearly

identical an average around 60 bucks

now of course something we can't do for

realist Buzzle flashes can't afford

after-effects which is expensive get hit

film Express which is free and almost

the same thing lightning listen go to

Google search muzzle flash on black

background and download one of the

images drag it into your effects program

of choice and place it over your footage

change its blend mode to screen in hip

film just right click the losel flash

layer go to blend and then screen scale

the muzzle flash to be just larger than

the gun and trim it to one frame for an

added touch

take a smoke element and do the same

thing but animated to scale up from

small to bigger than the muzzle flash in

two frames done now that we're firing

guns we have to think about bullet

impacts one method is to take a water

bottle cut it into a funnel grab one

grade-a party balloon and tie it around

the nozzle then fill it with dirt or

baby powder as needed and now you've got

a bullet for impacts on cover and other

objects we have a different solution

first you'll need a slingshot and a

bottle of powder balls they make him for

paintball but since they're filled with

dust they'll make a great ricochet

effect obvious warning do not hit your

actors with this I shouldn't have to

tell you that launching a shattering

projectile at your friends is a bad idea

always aim away from your actors at

whatever you're shooting at this point

in the process I'd go over audio mixing

and sound effects but that is a rabbit

hole of information and I don't have

that kind of time so I'll just recommend

to you Kevin senzaki and Marshall Magee

I consider myself well-versed in sound

design but they are much better at

explaining it than I am their channels

are incredible resources for anybody

interested in sound design and I highly

recommend you watch them now that we

have everything together on our lovely

OD green mixing bowl just pop it in the

oven for two weeks and don't take it out

into its sepia tone and really gritty

let's take a look at what we got





okay that was a lot of effort so hey my

name is Kate well I hope you enjoyed the

second technically the second episode of

practical filmmaking ever this was made

fight to people consider donating if you

want to see the show keep going I have a

lot of ideas planned share it spread it


click the bell all that youtuber crap

donate on patreon please thank you for

watching bye



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