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Education, Youth, Culture, Sport Roundup

Published June 12, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

This is a video summary of the Education, Youth, culture and sport Council in Brussels on May 20-21. The main topics are the EU-US trade pact, gender equality in sport and youth unemployment.

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the European Union's audiovisual sector

will not be included in negotiations on

a major trade pact with the United

States he use education youth culture

and sport council has been told the

reassurances came from EU Trade

Commissioner Karel De Gucht who leads

negotiations on the transatlantic trade

and investment partnership on behalf of

the EU the request culture ministers but

also in general the European Council to

exempt the audiovisual sector from these

negotiations is something which he will

keep to faithfully this is very

important love you the cultural sector

including audio-visual works has always

enjoyed different treatment in

international trade negotiations in part

to help guarantee Europe's cultural

diversity but the United States remains

keen to put the issue up for negotiation

despite Europe's red lines in the sport

format the minister's encouraged EU

countries to develop policies and action

plans for eliminating gender stereotypes

and promoting gender equality in sport

this includes the prevention of

gender-based violence and protecting

victims of harassment the council urge

members to consider registration systems

interviews or reference requirements to

ensure that only suitable people work in

sport particularly with minors as the

financial crisis places a heavy burden

on countries hosting major sports

competitions in Europe The ministers

also discussed ways to promote the

long-term economic social and

environmental benefits of major sport

events in the youth segment ministers

adopted a resolution on an EU work plan

for youth the player names to develop

jobs and learning opportunities for

young people as youth unemployment rates

in Europe saw the plan set to run for 18

months and will be evaluated toward the

end of next year


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