April 22, 2024

ESPN Sport Science - Zach Lavine's amazing dunk skills!

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Bethany

Damn, he can fly!

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entering the lab is one of the most

explosive athletes in the NBA

our season's NBA all-star dunk champion

Zach Lavine

what do you feel you do that other

people aren't to in terms of evolving

the dumb cuz you're so creative that I

just trying to think of stuff that

hasn't been done before and we want you

to do a special dunk one that's never

been done for science done something

different right totally different yeah

we can do that at six five with a

colossal 43 inch running bird Lavine has

a higher max reach than 2011 dumped

chimp Blake Griffin even though Griffin

is 5 inches taller see those sky-high

hops in action we had Lavine show off

some ridiculous dogs including the world

premiere of the sport science slam

to pull off this dog wireless motion

sensor data reveals that Lavine

initiates his leap using an optimal 90

degree knee flexion

this helps them push off the ground with

1,400 pounds of force based on our

calculation that means pound per pound

Lavine actually jumps with more power

than LeBron James

this monster leap allows Lavine to grab

the bounce past 9 feet above the court

then as he continues to ascend he

transfers the ball to his right hand

using the motion that lasts less than a

quarter of his flight now in a manner

similar to Michael Jordan's iconic slam

from the free throw line Lavine actually

balls Hindus dunk nailing it about two

feet past the apex of his trajectory all

else being equal that means Lavine

theoretically had enough air to dunk on

a rim that's an entire basketball higher

to put Zach lavine's hops in perspective

consider this the flight of his dunk

lasted for more than nine tenths of a

second that's air time on par with the

current world record long jump for ESPN

sports science I'm John Brenkus


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