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Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

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what most media Outlets fail to

highlight is the conditionality attached

to some of these endorsement payments

so to earn the full 30 million typically

a player would have to hit certain

Milestones or achieve certain criteria

seldom does a player earn the full

amount disclosing the press as a fixed

payment it's usually part fixed and part

conditional on Milestones being maxed so

what does this actually look like well

to earn the full 30 million dollars

typically a contract will stipulate

things such as this you have to score 20

plus goals in a season you have to make

20 plus assists in a given season you

finished in the top two positions of

your domestic League you make it at

least to the quarter finals of the

Champions League you compete at the

World Cup knockout stages you win the

copper libertadores you're not found

guilty of crimes or anything that could

jeopardize your Public Image if all

these criteria are not met you won't

earn the full 30 million dollars however

you will earn an amount based on a

predetermined formula that you would

know at signing so in any given year you

have a decent idea of what your worst

case scenario would be



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