July 14, 2024

FREE Live tv on Firestick - IPTV with 100s Channels

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Bethany

FREE Live tv on firestick - iptv with 100s Channels

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hey guys it's Kay I hope you're all well

now in this video I'm going to be

looking at another TV movie streaming

app that's been updated recently and

it's got loads more features and loads

more content now it has been a while

since I last looked at this app on this

channel and there's definitely been some

updates and some great features added

and the best thing about this app is of

course it's free it's legal you don't

need to create an account to use it and

you don't need any location spoofing

software so join me as I look at the

features and updates and the new

channels that have been added if you're

new to the channel and you want to stay

up to date with the latest tech

tutorials reviews and unboxings I do

everything including fire stick

Raspberry Pi and Android TV tips and

tricks so subscribe and hit the

notification button so what app am I

talking about well of course it's Pluto

TV now what you're going to see here is

the content that's available if you're

based in the UK so the content you see

may vary depending on the country you're

in but of course if there is something

you really want to watch and it's in a

different country you can use some

locations briefing software to get

around that little issue now as soon as

you open up the app this is the home

screen you're going to get presented

with now there's two main sections you

get a live TV section and an on-demand

section so first I want to take a look

at the live TV section now here the

great thing is you get an EPG guide

which is an electronic program guide

which tells you what's on there and

what's coming up next and the cool thing

about this one is it's got a little

inbuilt bar telling you how long of the

current program is left to run so along

the left hand side of the EPG you can

see there's different subheadings you've

got featured new on Pluto TV True Crime

entertainment and so on which I'll get

to later on now first category on this

EPG guide is the Pluto movies section

and this category basically shows you

all the movies that are currently

running on Pluto TV and there's a fair

few in different genres and still under

the featured subheading we've got we've

got a CSI NY channel so this is a whole

Channel dedicated to that series and

what you'll find on Pluto TV is that

there's a bit of a theme going on here

we're basically getting some channels

which are dedicated to particular TV

series so if you do find a particular

series that you do like and you do find

the channel which is dedicated to it

here you're going to be binge watching

till Christmas now while you're watching

a program you can get loads more

information simply click on the more

icon and that will bring up information

about the current program you're

watching things like age rating genre

timings you can add the channel to your

favorites from here scroll through all

the episodes and watch for any one

episode you want back on the home screen

you can see we've got Party of Five

Channel Dog the Bounty Hunter CSI five

cops Judge Judy catfish now of course

with all this content you are going to

get a few ads sprinkled in here and

generally as a rule of thumb if you're

watching a program you probably get a

couple of ads scribbled in between the

program starting and ending which isn't

bad at all really it's just like

watching your normal cable TV or

terrestrial TV where you get those ad

breaks anyway okay so we've just

scrolled past new on Pluto TV which of

course are the new TV shows airing on

Pluto TV so the important thing to note

here is that there are new shows coming

on every week and the older shows do get

removed to make room for these so

there's always going to be fresh content

on the app okay so we made our way down

to entertainment and as you can see

there's a small little divider actually

in the mpg guide and there's a main

title on the left side again guys loads

of content here loads of different

categories some very well known stuff

and some not so well known stuff great

to see they've got a channel dedicated

to Wipeout now from the EPG guide if you

actually jump onto the left side you can

actually quickly get to the category

you're interested in by simply scrolling

down these categories entertainment

paranormal movies MTV on Pluto so by the

sounds of it they must have some kind of

license with MTV we've got everyone

favorite reality and they split that

down even more to rugged reality

whatever that is we've got the crime

series category and the drama series

category skyfi one of my favorite and

when you do find something you just

click on it and it's instantly goes

straight in no stuttering no lag no

buffering just a smooth transition and

most of these channels of course are in

HD if you don't like what you're

watching just press the OK button on

your remote and you're straight into the

EPG guide and just look how quickly I

can move around this EPG guide no lag

whatsoever and that's what you can

expect from an official app now another

great feature of this app is the ability

to search through the TV shows and

movies just click left of the categories

and you should highlight the search

button now cool thing about this search

function is that it actually saves your

recent searches and if I did have any

recent searches they would show up here

little features like that save you so

much time in the long run okay so

searching for what you're looking for is

quite simple just type in what you're

looking for and in this instance I'm

going to search for food and it looks

like it's picked up what I'm looking for

and I just select it at the top there

quite straight forward really and

there's all your search results as you

can see some of these results say on

demand some of them say live and some of

them say on now so on demand obviously

means you'd have to have a subscription

to that particular service whereas on

now means you can just watch it now with

ads of course now if we head on back to

the upper menu click on settings we've

got our Legal Information accessibility

and we've got an option for text to

speech which we can turn off and on from

here okay all the way back to the main

menu and up top we've got the on-demand

section so these are all the movies and

TV shows that you can watch at any time

you want now the TV shows and movies are

regularly updated new videos added and

older media is removed regularly just to

keep things fresh and it's a similar

setup to the live TV section we've got a

new on Pluto TV category looks like

there's some bangers here we've got Burn

Country Alan Davies 100 below zero no

man green fingers quite a few feel-good

movies here as an example let's take a

look at Alan Davies we get the

information about the program the age

rating the genre how long it is all you

stuff and we get the option to watch it

now or add it to our watch list so I've

added it to my watch list as I'm not

feeling the island Vibe at the moment

but maybe later okay because I've chosen

this particular show it gives me options

to view some similar programs and the

great thing is you can jump straight

into these and again you've got various

options while you're watching the

program more information will give you a

brief summary of a program you can

choose to watch it from the beginning

add it to your watch list and get more

information about the program okay so

next on the categories we've got

featured so it looks like these are in

line with what's current and currently

it's going to be Mother's Day so of

course we're going to get some romantic

videos and below that we've got last

chance to watch so as with the live TV

older videos are replaced with newer

videos so this category just groups up

all the older videos I'm going to be

leaving and below that we've got binge

worthy so this is going to contain a lot

of episodes and series that of course

you can binge on so as an example if I

choose heart to heart I can watch from

beginning or jump across to any series

or episode I want Straight From Here add

it to my watch list or just view all

episodes which will take me to all the

Seasons listed chronologically pretty

cool for a free app so below binge

worthy we've got a similar category

called TV box sets and this is series

and episodes mainly from TV and wow who

doesn't love a bit of Starsky nudge okay

moving swiftly on we've got True Crimes

entertainment paranormal action and my

favorite skyfi and if you take a closer

look there's some pretty good stuff here

like alien strain Dominion encounter

category below is horror and wow they've

got emptival 3D and Hannibal again it's

safe to say there's some belt is here

moving on we've got comedy Classics

westerns and well they've even got a

section for B movies so that is

reassuring you know they're not all

going to be B movies on this app but to

be honest swamp shark sounds pretty good

to me category Darren we've got drama

reality sitcoms and of course not

forgetting romance if you go along to

the end you can view all the movies on

the full screen back up to the

categories we've got drama and throwback

and he's a novel one made in Britain

further down we've got musicals food


documentaries biographies history

programs science programs a bit of

animal in nature motor and of course

lastly sport let's take a closer look at

sport we've got football David Beckham's

Extreme Fishing boxing and again zidane

zidane looks like we've got quite a few

sports biographies there now back to the

main categories we've got a continue

option here and from here you can

basically continue where you left off on

videos movies and series but maybe you

didn't quite finish watching a video or

movie the app somehow knows this and

puts it in this category here for you to

look at and continue later

so guys the rest of the features on the

on-demand category is basically the same

as the live TV category you've got your

search you've got your last chance to

watch you've got your featured binge

worthy and you've got your search

functions and here guys I'm going to

leave you to find out and explore more

for yourselves so how do we get Pluto TV

on our device well it's easy just head

on over to the Google Play Store open up

the search function and search for Pluto

TV Pluto TV and it should pop up

straight away now if you did find this

video helpful please do give us a like

and do consider subscribing as it does

help out the channel enormously and I

hope to see you all in the next video




thank you


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