April 21, 2024

Future of the BBC – Culture, Media and Sport Committee inquiry

Published June 12, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the future of the BBC ahead of its current Royal Charter ending in December 2016.

The Committee has teamed up with online community, The Student Room, to ask young peoples' views and experiences of using BBC services.

Committee Chair John Whittingdale MP explains more in this video.

Visit the discussion on The Student Room website http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/content.php?r=5327-the-future-of-the-BBC

More information about the work of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee can be found on the Parliament website: www.parliament.uk/cmscom

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hello my name's John Whittingdale and

I'm chairman of the culture of Media and

Sport Select Committee in Parliament our

job is to scrutinize the government's

performance in all the areas covered by

culture media and sport but this year

we've been looking particularly at the

future of the BBC what it's there to do

the services it provides how its funded

and how it should change in the future

about once every 10 years the government

looks again how the BBC is performing

and whether or not the needs to be some

changes we've been talking to a lot of

people and taking evidence from

organizations and people involved in the

BBC and broadcasting right across the

board but we're now particularly keen to

hear from younger people and so we've

teamed up with the student room to run a

consultation and a poll on what we'd

like is to you to tell us what you think

so we can take account of that when we

make our recommendations once the

consultation is closed will be

reflecting on what you've told us and

then we'll be putting that and asking

questions of the BBC Trust the body

which governs the BBC and the minister

who oversees the BBC and we think that

we'll be doing that on September the

ninth so I hope you will take advantage

and let us know what you think about how

the BBC should be run how it should be

funded and what it should be doing in

the future


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