July 14, 2024

Gamecock Football: The Culture

Published June 12, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Creating a foundation that can be built upon for years to come.


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you guys know in every single meeting i

finished up that meeting and we said hey

talk to me what are the issues here why

are we a two-win team and every time you

guys told me something i i just jotted

it down and the same answers kept coming

up over and over and over again

number one thing you guys said by far

too much of a me mentality and not a

team mentality so this isn't some cute

stuff that i just wrote down on paper

this is what you guys are telling me


you have a whole bunch of responsibility

between where you are now and your

purpose that you're trying to fulfill

and if your brother if you say we said

above all else love our brother you

don't love your brother if you're not

helping him get to his purpose

if you love your brother see him

we know what the outside noise is i know

what we have in this room more

importantly we know

what we have in this room and that's all

that matters all right that's all that


awesome opportunity tonight to go out

there and show everyone what you guys

have been doing since january

this could be one hell of a statement

this happened about what we're about in

2021 got me

starts right now you walk out here

you're gonna see that everest board that

you sign and then you'll see that strap

on top of that doorway when we walk out

of here remember what that strap

symbolizes what we went through and the

brotherhood that we have in this room

three seconds remaining in the ball game

tied at 17. they snap it back put it

down kick it up

got it

yes you did

yes you did

but i don't know if i've ever been more

proud as the head coach was on that last

drive and the offense is in the huddle

getting ready to take the field and the

whole freaking defense comes down there

to the offensive huddle

that is a team right there man






that's what this is about



you told me that we didn't know each

other you told me that guys didn't hang

out together outside this building we've

done everything that we can and then

some and we'll continue to do more to

make this team close and connected

for me to sit up here and tell you right

now trust me this is that that's not how

it works i'm going to earn your trust

i'm going to do that each and every day

and i can't wait to get started on that



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