May 22, 2024

Grealish gets incredibly honest about his time at City & what changed this season! 💪

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Jack Grealish joins Jamie Carragher, Micah Richards and Thierry Henry to give incredibly honest interview about his time at Man City and what changed for him this season! 💪

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congrats me it's fantastic to have you

with us thank you so much how you


yeah no good uh have you gone it's

emotional man after the game like is it

a you know I just like the stuff that

you dream of when you're a child and

I don't know it's when I see my family

and stuff in the crowd and everyone

knows how close I am with my family and

how much I love football so these are

just you know when you just have a time

to I'll just add a little second and I

was just thinking about it all and I

don't know this is just what I dreamed

of since like I was crap out there today

I thought I was terrible but we just had

to win the game it was a tough game

um but I was just yeah I was just so

happy man and to do it with this group

of players I swear I've never I've never

felt like this with a group of players

and a group of stuff and and I manage

you know I have so much to thank for you

know he bought me last year for

you know a lot of money I was all for

one of my first but I wasn't very good

in my first season and then you know

he's given me a platform to go and I

don't know just give me confidence this

season and I've really felt it you know

I've played in all the big matches um

yeah I just don't know just so happy I

asked Micah before who he was happiest

for and he said you I don't know I asked

Micah before who he was happiest boy and

he said you because of that price tag

because of the pressure of last season

and then coming into this season yeah

you just you just think about you know

you think about

I don't know man we've won the treble

it's just crazy and you think about all

the people you know that have helped you

to get here

um your family and stuff like that and

that's just why I was a bit emotional at

the end um

you shared that moment with Micah we've

got video of you

it's just true emotion in it yeah

because mix knows what makes us with me

at Villa when I first come through and

was good then he was with me when you

know I weren't even playing at Villa

mixes you know I've always stayed in

contact with him and he's knowing me

through my UPS and my Downs big mix now

you know big man

big Meek so yeah no he's so unreal kind

of weekend in Paradise now are you big

Jack now the treble you know where

you've come from Aston Villa coming

through as you said the people who've

helped you along the way I mean this

just puts you obviously Manchester City

but this puts you on a different level

Champions League win a treble winner

yeah because you know what though I was

thinking about even during the game

you're thinking this is a Champions

League final we've got a win to win the

Champions League final and I wasn't

thinking that would also won the treble

like it's great no do you know what I

mean though because the only thing that

was in my head was Champions League one

and I was like oh we want to travel as

well I wanted that listen I wanted to

say something to Jack

looked up by the way

well done thank you once again look I'm

a mess man I had my dad's doubts about

you I did and I'm not going to lie and


what was the turning point because

something changed is it only pep or

something happen inside of you that you

thought you had to step up your game and

I had that man

it can be a bit much at times and we

won't go into details we know we know we

know we know but what was the turning

point for you do you know what it was

there was certain people in the club

that are close to the manager who are

getting really well with the manager

including and after my first season and

even the start of my second

I felt like I was letting them letting

them down you know a little bit of


you know they're paid 100 million for me

what have I actually contributed we won

the league in my first season but I

didn't contribute much do you know what

I mean and then I was like I need to

live and up here and then after the

World Cup I don't know I just I found a

new Rhythm and he was playing me a lot

of outfit and stuff and then since then

I haven't I don't know I haven't really

looked back and here we are now knowing

knowing all the time what you need to do


we know between the boxes it has to be

exactly what it says if not you're in

trouble anywhere anyhow that helps also

when you know exactly what is supposed

to happen no exactly and and one thing

as well this year I feel like I know

what he wants you know what I mean in my

first year I was like I've just done

something good then he was shouting at

me and I was like what I've just done

something good but it's not what he

wants you know what I mean so now I know

what he wants what type of passes what

where he wants me out of position and I

don't know I feel like I get him now get

him well done well done you made me

change my mind well done can I ask you

one question go on your best position

here was like on the left every


off the left do you reckon you take him

on seriously in my Prime


we would never know


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