May 21, 2024

Health & Wellness is a Team Sport // Jason T Smith

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

wellness is a team sport, underpinned by self-accountability. The pursuit of optimal lifelong health and wellness is more enjoyable and effective when you build a trusted team to journey with you. Consider recruiting a physiotherapist to join you on this journey.

Back In Motion Partners with Regal Sleep Solutions present this health and wellness series linking to Jason T Smith's best selling book, 'Get Yourself Back In Motion'

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we've partnered with regal sleep

solutions because we think together we

can help you achieve that little bit

more in your own health and fitness

goals let's have a little chat about the

importance of a wellness team looking

after your own health is a massive job

and I think we do life in teams so well

in every other area why don't we bring

this into the context of your own health

think about building a wellness team and

making an integrative physiotherapist

like the coach of your team coaches

don't really do it for you they help you

and teach you to do it for yourself so

it's about empowering you in making

great decisions every day about your own

physical health and there will be other

people on your team but the coach is the

centerpiece and I think a physio makes a

great choice for that position I'm Jason

t Smith founder and group director of

back in motion health group and author

of the best seller get yourself back in

motion we look forward to working with

you on helping achieve your health your

fitness and your wellness goals


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