June 19, 2024

Henry, Micah & Carra have powerful discussion on how football must tackle racism

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher discuss how football must tackle racism and why the sport needs more diversity in senior positions.

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um listen on a much more serious note I

know that one of the things that we

wanted to discuss in that article and

that you decided to speak with that

journalist about the subject of racism

in football which has been a stain on

football for decades now for Generations

actually when you see another incident

like the vinicius junior one that we saw

at Valencia hit the news again what does

that trigger in you

what what it does trigger is exactly

what I said to Del Piero remember the

time when I said nothing has changed and


same story of lukatu that shoots the

crowd where it was seen as winding up

the crowd we got the second yellow got

the red Vanessa Junior got racially

abused put in a headlock

stepped out of it and yes he was upset I

guess he got a red yes we all know that

after the great the red where we're

taking back we know that like but at the

time there was again zero Common Sense

my story John bounce story everybody's

story in that Community is the same

nothing has changed


if we go back to Venice junior he plays

for Real Madrid

we found out who it was is is in a way a

superstar protected

can we talk about the normal black guy

in Sweden when there is no protection

what's what's the story there

if any Junior can get it like that when

we can find out what's happening what

are we talking about I've never seen in

my life like I I'm going to use that

analogy because I think it's it's pretty

relevant when you go to a concert and

someone is being stupid in it and I've

seen the singer Sometimes using weather

they shouldn't be using then kick the

singer out today

if not there's no more Concepts

so always it looks like you know the the

player has to pay the price then you got

a lot of support we we all know that but

that is too much enough is enough so do

you remember in 2013 when Kevin Prince

Boateng walked off the pitch in an AC

Milan game because there was a number of

players that were being racially abused

and that was kind of held up right as

this is the way that players should now

tackle this problem this is what the

response should be if that's not working

and you say that's unfair because then

you're victimizing the victim even

further right if fines aren't working if

closing stadiums isn't working do we

need to talk about taking points off

team is that the only way that we will

really affect Chase I answered it so

many times it has to be well put well

set and we talked about walking up the

field like if you ask if you ask any

black guy is that the right decision

right now

they might say yes but I want to know

what other communities are thinking

about it what my teammates are thinking

about it you always ask us the question

you know what I'm going to say I

suffered of it a lot of people suffered

a bit not only

black people not only my community a lot

of communities suffered of that on and

off the field but if you ask me yes but

I want to know what other people are

thinking and yes I think foreign

go to the very top in terms of him FIFA

your way for these organizations what

can they change are they doing enough

are they going in the right direction or

is it nowhere near what you feel is

right nowhere near they're not going in

any direction when you look at the field

remember I mentioned it on the show when

you look at the film it's diverse

and eyes can be pretty deceiving so

you're looking at something but remember

I said that and you guys love when I

said it one day but eyes are useless if

the mind is blind well kid my mind is

not blind and being on the other side of

the line trying to find a job as a black

manager is not easy can we name how many

CEOs or sporting director or managers

that we are from other communities

black Muslim

Asian Etc can we name them go there and

try to find out those are not my

can we go and find

a race we a big we w e capital can we be

in the race I go even further

can we be in the race to lose it I'm not

even talking about winning it

I can understand people as a you know a

head start or whatever but can I be in

the race the most important thing is to

belong and not fit somewhere I think

that's important as well Terry because

when I finish football I got offered to

do broadcasting and I got offered to do

coaching and something in my head just

said I'm not gonna get as good a chance

in coaching as broadcasting so I went

through broadcasting and that is just

within my head as as well and it's going

to take managers like you that are in

more Vincent company Patrick Vieira to

lead the way so then we can see there's

an opportunity for us right now right

man and that's that's my main point and

there was some point that I want to

raise also that's very important empathy

footballs whenever you ask in bracket

then you put the black question on the


I hear the I'm not black I don't know

what it means well when you ask me if

lbgt plus movement in the game or

outside of the game or about women in

the game or woman outside of the game I

don't answer to you I'm not a woman do I

I'm not answering I'm not part of any

group ask my mom or ask my cousins no

answer because I have empathy sometimes

I don't see the empathy when it comes to

that to that point it seems like you

rolled the question and everybody's like

oh let me ask my black friend no no I'm

asking you I know what my black friend

will say to me or what I will say

this is something that's that's very

important and sometimes I don't I don't

I don't I I don't feel that can we be in

the race and there is something that I

will add are we only good to entertain

and Kate is a rhetorical question

let's go okay so I mean if you had to

give a message right to a team to a

player to managers who see or hear a

teammate or hell even somebody on the

other side of the pitch right being

racially abused what would you what

would you prompt them to do how would

you say Hey listen please react this way

look I I want to I want to know what the

teammates would say I want to see the

reaction of of of anyone that's been

abused on the field racially abused I

know what it feels and nobody would like

to do but I would like the pack to be

with him and enough of always trying and

talking and I talked about it already no

tourism on on shirt and and pictures and

whatnot let's talk about it properly and

do something properly about it but again

empathy is already something that's that

that's that can be that can be great

really and you know and people don't

even think about it they don't even

think about it because they've been you


kind of looking at the field and they

see diversity but you step out of the

feet there's no diversity and I go back

to your point none close to none


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