April 22, 2024

High-Tech Sports Lab Helps Athletes Improve Performance

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

The New York sports science Lab utilizes advanced technology to train athletes and optimize their performances. We tested equipment that would analyze our muscles, improve our visual stimulus, and strengthen our posture and mobility.


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here we go hey guys it's Fabiana I'm

here at new york sports and science lab

today we're gonna be checking out some

of their really cool technologies i'm

gonna learn more about how my body moves

how it performs and how to improve it so

let's go check it out




we use the EMGs to measure the amplitude

of electrical input that the motor units

of the individual muscle are going to

gonna get and the reason why that's

valuable is because we're not just

looking at you from a qualitative

analysis in terms of how you move we're

also looking at quantitative data in

terms of what level of muscle firing

potential you have that each individual



oh no oh no these things scare me I know

they're for a great reason here we go



like at the arcade they had those

surfboards that like it's like that's it

exactly what it reminds me of today was

such a great experience after learning

about my body and the muscles in the way

that I've been using those muscles all

this time and then being aware of it

doing different exercises and then

putting that knowledge into effect I

improved over how I use my muscles it's

just in a few hours and I'm going to

take this knowledge and go out into the

world and fly away




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