June 19, 2024

How To Build Custom Blu-ray/Media Shelving! | DIY Movie Room Project

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Want to put up some custom shelves for your blu-ray collection? Watch this video to find out the cheapest way to store thousands of your movies in no time!

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hey guys what's going on Jeff here from

films at home thank you for checking out

my channel today I'm gonna go over a

quick little project that I just did

here in the movie room so I've been

collecting movies for about four or five

years now and I've just completely run

out of space and I have a kind of unique

room with some slanted walls which

you'll see where I keep all my movies

and so I needed to build some custom

shelving basically to hold a bunch of

the blu-rays that I haven't been storing

very well prior to this I wanted to give

them a little bit better display a

little bit better storage and so I'm

gonna build my own shelves kind of walk

you guys through how I did that so you

can do it for yourself these shelves are

very cheap they're gonna run you like 30

$40 tops depending on how big you want

to make them but the materials are cheap

they're very easy to put up and they

hold a ton of blu-rays so thank you for

checking out this video you're gonna

learn a lot about blu-ray shelving and

I'm gonna walk you through the whole

process here literally from the time I I

hopped into the store until the time

that this was finished which I'll show

you at the end so stay tuned and thank

you for checking this out





all right so finally got my studs up one

two three four five

I have hollow walls so as you can see I

screwed these in these right-handed

right angle brackets two screws into


and then you have to use a toggle bolt

to go in the wall because it's hollow so

one of those toggle bolts looks like

this and basically what it does is it

goes in the wall like this and then it

opens on the other side and it holds

right here so this can't be this can't

be pulled off the wall it's being held

in by this screw and by a bracket here I

meant to do this one on the other side

as you can see on this one I have a

bracket on on this side and then a

bracket down the bottom here so this is

gonna be the base obviously I had to

keep it underneath these these framed

items so they're a little bit lower but

they're gonna be low and then we really

wide and they'll be movies all the way

across here so now it's time to put on

the shelves alright guys so the next

couple steps here are putting on the 1

by twos onto the two by fours you can

see I already did my bottom row now I'm

attaching on my second row missed a

little bit there but that's alright you

won't see it using deck screws to screw

into the two by fours making sure this

thing is level and then we can see how

these are going to slide right in here

obviously they won't fall when there's

more backing them but they'll slide in

there and then they sit up on here and

then as we go we'll do one more and then

there'll be a top shelf I should be able

to get quite a few blu-rays across this

whole length of shelving but I got put

on about 4 more shelves here are the 1

by twos building up and the only tricky

part here is making sure just because of

my measurements I have a board the 1 by

2 that will be in the middle of the two

by fours so you had to be really exact

with your measurements and where you

place these two by fours in the wall so

that these 1 by twos are exactly in the

middle and you can get a screw in there

on each side like I did here so kind of

a tricky start but once I got the hang

of it I'm really banging out the the

shelves now so should be done just about

an hour or so what have I gotten myself


lots of work still to be done lots of

moves to sort but hey we're coming along

we've got three shelves along there now

one more to go on the top and then would

be good to go for this side of the room

progress not too bad

starting to fill the shelves in alright

guys so finish product coming in a

minute as you can see I've got just

stacks in stacks and stacks of blu-rays

here the rooms a bit of a project right

now so I'm taking this shelf down I'm

gonna have screen factory stuff there

Criterion's there Disney movies for

Kay's that'll be a nice display shelf

and then I am gonna get more shelves

here unfortunately on this wall I talked

about earlier that I was gonna put some

custom shelving there too this is an

exterior wall and it goes to the outside

of my condo building which unfortunately

is actually brick so there isn't any

drywall here it's plaster right up

against the brick so I can't put any

wall anchors in I can't mount anything

to this wall unless I got like

three-inch masonry screws and I just

don't feel like doing that so I bought a

couple shelves from Best Buy that I'll

show off when they come in it's gonna

take a couple weeks I ordered them

they're Atlanta media shelves like this

one here but they're a little bit

shorter they're actually only three feet

tall so they'll sit right about here

I'll have a couple inches below the

slant and the break in the wall and I

have four of them coming so one's going

to go over there and then one two three

will go here so that'll be the end of

the storage but let's take a look now at

the custom shelves so here they are

obviously I'm still filling things out

I'm sorting them by genre right now so

if you look at the construction

basically we've got a 1 by 2 right here

just a 1 by 2 board and that's what all

the movies

sit on so if I pull one out I'll pull a

couple out and you can see there is

actually a gap back there so this is all

it is is just this one by two the movie

sits on that and it doesn't go anywhere

it overhangs about an inch not too far

so that you can easily you know pull it

out grab it with your finger but they're

not gonna fall down and they're not

gonna go anywhere because more than

three-quarters of the blu-ray is covered

and is back up against the wall the only

thing that you need to do for mounting

is you're gonna get two by fours like

this these are drilled into the wall I

just had drywall without any studs so I

had to use wall anchors they're very

strong nothing's going to go anywhere

though holding you know they could hold

the TV if you mounted a TV but if you

have drywall with studs behind it you're

gonna want to mount these into the studs

I did them about every three feet as you

can see there's one in the end two three

four and five at the other end and then

just there's four of the one by two

boards starting on the bottom makes the

second shelf third shelf and then the

top board I'm also going to be putting a

flat shelf on top of here now that it's

finished I kind of realized that I need

to finish the top a little bit and close

it off so we're gonna get a board that

goes all the way across here and I'm

gonna be able to sit Funko pops some of

my my home theater speaker will sit on

there because I need the right surround

to go over in this area on this wall

different collectibles you know you can

put a drink on and it's gonna be a nice

little shelf to finish this off I didn't

paint this just because I kind of like

the natural wood look I didn't even

standard or anything I mean it's just

holding movies so it's not a big deal

for me but definitely something you

could do you could paint it you could

stain it I may paint the top shelf just

to give it a kind of clean finished look

but I really like the way it came out as

you can see it's gonna hold a ton of

movies and it's only about it's only

thirty inches high so I only did it this

high because I have this all this stuff


you know mounted already and framed I'm

not going to move that but if you had a

higher wall and you could go all the way

up to here and go maybe six feet

I or if I had done something like that

over in this area where I could have

built up much higher I mean you could

get thousands of blu-rays on here in

this whole setup only cost about $30 and

took about three or four hours to mount

to the wall so you know you could you

could go higher you go one two three

four five six you could do seven eight

of these shelves and just make sure that

2x4 is every three feet supporting it

and they're gonna be perfectly fine and

right here even just having three long

shelves I mean I'm gonna get like 750

blu-rays on here which is just insane it

cleans up the room so much once I

finally get all these piles away but it

really just makes things you know much

better looking than the way I had them

before they were in cubbies they were on

bookshelves that weren't really built

for blu-ray so you couldn't see what you

had they were set back they were really

hard to see it was dark now I can see

all the titles I have they're right here

in front of me you know easy to grab

easy to find they're gonna be sorted by

genre so I got horror movies over here

some action comedy they're gonna all be

sorted I'll do a little bit of labeling

but just a much much better solution

than what I have before and really cheap

30 bucks for this for the ones that I'm

putting on this wall right here that are

only gonna hold about 250 each I'm

paying 30 bucks a pop for those because

they're coming from Best Buy so it's

gonna cost me

you know 120 dollars to put one here and

put three here and this whole wall only

cost me about 30 bucks and some you know

effort on my part so it's really a

no-brainer to do the custom shelving

especially if you follow this plan and

make it you know really really cheap but

strong and sturdy so it's just a it's a

great idea if you've got a large

collection or you're gonna be you know

expanding into the future to just do

some custom shelving like this really

makes the room feel so much better

without having movies laying around they

all have a spot they're all easy to find

now easy to see it's a much improved

experience for the collector in me all

right guys that's about it hopefully you

took something away from this video

hopefully it was informative enough I

really wanted to give you guys the

information so you can build your own

shelves like these definitely if you

have a more school

right off room than I do and you don't

have the slanted ceilings you know you

could do way more than I did terms of

height you get much higher you get much

wider you could you know hold thousands

of blu-rays literally fur maybe 80 or

$90 where a custom shelf like the

Atlanta media one that I have the big

black one on the back of the room that I

fill most of my videos in front of that

cost me about $90 alone holds about 750

blu-rays and it's a really nice case but

90 bucks for that or 90 bucks to hold

2,000 blu-rays I mean it's a no-brainer

you just got to put in a little effort

on your part with the woodworking making

the cuts and being able to you know

mount things on your wall really basic

carpentry stuff it's nothing too crazy

but you know if you have the tools and

you're and you can do it or you know

somebody who does it's a really fun

project and then at the end you get to

reap the rewards of having these really

nice blu-ray shelves so I can't complain

at all I really enjoyed this and for the

cost it was amazing so definitely if you

guys want plans for this if you want to

learn more about it how I did this just

send me a message let me know I can get

more in detail for you give you some

better idea of the exact cuts and the

lengths and you know exactly what you

need for materials what I use for screws

things like that whatever you're

wondering happy to help you out so send

me a message there but yeah thanks for

watching this video I really like I said

I hope you get a lot out of this and

definitely remembered you know subscribe

like this video share it with your

friends share with other collectors

hopefully this helps a lot of people

gives them a lot of good ideas on how to

build their own shelves and I'll

hopefully helps out the whole community

so I really appreciate you sharing this

liking the video and definitely

subscribe to my channel as always click

those notifications and turn that Bell

on and yeah thanks for checking it out

guys and I'm gonna be signing off here

so until next time have a good one


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