June 20, 2024

How To Survive A House Fire ? | Fire Safety Education for Kids | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

Published June 12, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

If there's a fire in your house, you'll have around 3 minutes to get out before the fire becomes unsurvivable. Learn how to escape a fire emergency.

Make sure you watch the whole video to know all the answers to your curious questions!

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thank goodness it's just you little

kitty I thought something got fire

D well right now it's just a pretend

situation but if a fire happens in real

life it can be really dangerous that's

why we need to learn some necessary

things to keep ourselves and our loved

ones safe

let me answer that by sharing a fiery

question how to survive a fire zoom in

thank you

won't believe it but in less than 30

seconds a small spark can quickly grow

into a raging fire that eats up

everything in its spot your toys books

furniture and even the walls also it's

not just the Flames to be worried about

but also the toxic smoke coming from the

fire is thick and dangerous which can

make it hard to breathe and see and as

it can happen to anyone anywhere and

anytime let us see a few safety

techniques to survive this

life-threatening situation

firstly as they say prevention is better

than cure

so make sure not to touch objects like

matches lighters and candles if there

are no adults around and in case the

situation demands you to do so then do

not take them anywhere near flammable

items such as cartoons clothing and


and always remember to turn off and

unplug appliances when you're not using

them to prevent short circuits

but in case a fire does break out the

first thing you should do is try to stay

calm and not panic so that you can think

clearly then immediately call for

firefighters and alert everyone in the

house or school and if there is no easy

Escape Route and you see the toxic smoke

filling up the space then quickly soak a

cloth in water and tie it over your

mouth and nose as breathing in too much

smoke can cause you to pass out

also as this smoke tends to rise up to

give yourself some extra time quickly

get on your hands and knees and crawl

towards the nearest exit and if you're

in a room and the door is closed check

to see if it's hot before opening it if

it's hot this means there's a fire on

the other side and you should try to

find another way out if the dough is

cooled then open it slowly and check for

smoke or flames and move ahead by

staying low

and if you're trapped in a room and

can't get out try to seal the room off

as much as possible stuffed clothes or

towels under the door to stop smoke from

coming in and seal any gaps around the

window with wet towels or sheets

and by any chance someone's clothes

happen to catch fire then use a safety

technique called stop drop and roll

According to which the first thing to do

is to stop moving drop to the ground and

cover your face with your hands that

roll over and over until the Flames are

extinguished and once you are out of the

toxic smog Zone

quickly get out of the place and leave

the rest to the professional


and most importantly help your loved

ones by sharing this video and let us

know how many people you shared it with

by emailing us at peekaboo kids feedback

gmail.com can't wait to hear from you

trim your time did you know firefighters

respond to over a million buyers in the

United States each year

and according to reports cooking is the

leading cause behind most Home Fires

catching time today's sketch of the day

goes to 40 year old ananya

hope you learned something life-saving

today until next time it's me Dr binox

zooming out

thank you

never mind



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