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Impact of Technology in Sport GCSE PE

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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to another screencast this time in the

impacts of Technology in sport so

reminder of these presentations the

yellow text boxes are tasks for students

the green text boxes are the note-taking

sessions for students the blue text box

is differentiation tasks and the red

text boxes are the teaching and learning

strategies and ideas for the

practitioner so in regards to this topic

what is the syllabus asking us to know

so we need to be able to identify the

positives and negative impacts of

Technology on different groups so

performers the sports itself the

officials the spectators and audience

and the sponsors themselves and we need

to be able to justify what the reasons

are for these positives and negatives in

regards to technology and support and be

able to give up the give some examples

of the types of technology that are

involved in sport so first and foremost

let's look at technology in the sport

and what do we mean by technology in

sport we're talking about the fact that

this is an effort to try and develop an

improved sporting performance the

technology is all around us isn't it in

regards to you listening to this podcast

right now and the use of a computer for

example a tablet a phone and ultimately

it's now used by not only spectators but

officials coaches and the sporting

performers themselves and ultimately in

this modern day and age we've now got

technology which is involved is for like

never never before so pause should begin

here and think about what are some of

the examples of technology that exists

in sport try and spider diagram as many

pieces of technology that you can think

of and what they might be useful the

second part of this question I want you

to now answer is think about what is

your opinion on technology and sport

your personal opinion once you've given

your opinion can you argue against your

opinion to try and give a balanced

argument in regards to that question so

different examples you might work with

you might have talked about in regards

to invasive sports things like TMO

in rugby for example the try match

official you might have talked about the

the valve of video referee may have

talked about Hawkeye for example in

cricket and in tennis okay so loads of

different types of examples of

technology that's used in the sport you

can also see things like technology in

regards so we've got examples of things

like equipment Footwear the use of

safety and equipment in terms of whether

the cricket pads and helmets for example

or instead of like in cycling as you can

see there and we've got other things

that help prevent it injuries in regards

to equipment we also have things like

software ok whereby we're looking at

technology and to critique and look at

monitoring the technique of a performer

we've got things like video analysis and

that's through CDs but also through DVDs

and thus things software such as roads

overseas and in basic sports we said our

swimsuits okay we've got different body

suits which will even be produced by

NASA for example in to do astrophysics

we've got the cycling and body suits as

you can see there there now use the day

as well as the actual and cycle bike

itself in terms of the carbon fiber

that's used to make it a lightweight

we've also got other aspects of

equipment in terms of and tennis rackets

for example cricket bats all of that's

been modernized over the years gone by

as I mentioned about prosthetics and the

artificial aids that are used to hell

replicate and replace maybe a lost limb

so again poor to video here why are more

athletes turning to technology in sports

and the ultimate answer to that question

hopefully you've got down is the idea of

this need to achieve this need to win

and to get mortgages performance and

ultimately if we can improve our

performance against our competitors then

we are going to achieve success and we

can do that through technology

what's your video here and have a look

at just some examples of pros own

Hawkeye Dartfish and other examples that

are used in sports so you can get a

clearer idea of different types of

technology okay so we've got the

different types of things technology we

can look at some more ice paths which he

used to help improve and speed up

recovery or reducing the body

temperature we've got things like oxygen

hypoxic chambers okay this changes the

concentration levels of oxygen to either

speed up recovery or help us train a

high-altitude if we can't geographically

move to a certain country to do that and

that helps with cardiovascular fitness

we've got high bura chambers and that

helps in terms of the high pressure

chambers that force oxygen into the

injury itself again to speed up recovery

process we've got other types of

technology you think that example of

pedometers okay we've also got things

like heart rate monitors which will be

used body fat monitors okay and also

computer software in terms of calorie

counts so technology is all around us

today all trying to get that extra

advantage of how we can improve our

performance important video here what

are the negatives through technology on

a performer branch some ideas out for

its body diagram

okay so acting onto your spider diagram

we'll look at the positives first and

foremost it helps to monitor and analyze

performance and that in itself and help

us improve our technique see where we're

going wrong and so on and that can

increase our chances of winning and

ultimately as I said about the

performance aspect but it also improves

fitness components

raise quicken and ultimately our

performance my quicken as well again

pause your video here can you think of

any examples or explain why and people

view technology as dumping and

ultimately links into the negative so

and back to your spot diagram of where

you came up with some different ideas we

can talk about the fact that technology

overall can be quite expensive and we

also need to update technology a bit

similar to like you know when you know

we have tv's + consoles and wherever

else they're constantly updating and so

on and ultimately so that can have an

impact in regards to when we've been

against another competitive in it can

also increase the risk of injury because

we increase the risk of their technique

and their fitness component they're

relying on the technology to do the work

for them if we think of how it impacts

sport and we've got some positives here

we can talk about the fact that we've

got more accuracy in terms of timing and

distance measurements especially in

athletics for example we've got their

decision-making in regards the rules

again photo finishes in terms of

athletics is a good example the use of

var although can be argued that it's not

being implemented properly at the moment

but for KY for example we definitely

will know when the ball is out or in it

in regards to tennis and it also

provides maybe a better spectator

experience as well to create excitement

we can also analyze a little bit better

as a sporting coach we can provide

feedback for our performers so we're

really exciting regards to what we think

and the design of the equipment and

footwear and clothing can be really

advanced and help performance important

video here you think of how technology

is used in athletics especially track

and field I didn't mention one or two

things already deny regards to the photo

finish for example and you might think

about the actual starting blocks that's

a type of ten

that's perhaps used and and then you've

got other examples in terms of as we

talked about the the timing element okay

so we've got a real accurate measurement

in regards to time in Portugal here can

you talk or any examples of technology

and that can help you visualize and

memorize some of these types of

technology - okay so let's move on to

some of the negative impacts well

ultimately it can be an unfair advantage

okay because some countries can't access

the types of technology because they're

too expensive they can also take time in

regards to awful decisions we've noticed

that involve of late okay and this can

become frustrating for fans it can

reduce the entertainment value in

regards to when they're watching it

sports so on and ultimately that can

cost within the sport itself you know in

regards to the spectator value but also

in regards that then implementing it as

well because technology is expensive

again pause your video here using a

technology of your own choice outline

its problems in sports so try and

justify what the problems are okay so

let's move on to technology for

officials so ultimately things like

Hawkeye things like in Ruby there's been

so rugby so it's - apologies for that

but we've got examples of real kind of

positives in in some sports and

technology more accurate decisions

they're fair others it's a communication

between the officials especially in

rugby we see that happening quite a lot

and it creates that excitement and that

chance for appeal where we've might have

a referral we might have in cricket and

three attempts and in tennis we have

that person as well so that creates a

bit more of an added excitement to the

actual sport again try and explain the

benefits of Hawkeye and how it's had an

impact in regards to the performers

officials and spectators okay we'll go

through that in class but ultimately the

performers got a clearer idea of what's

in and out because they can see it live

on the screen and the officials it helps

them out in regards to making the

decision correct and for spectators it

increases that entertainment value

doesn't it and being able to see if the

performer was right and you know ask for

a pianist

and so on again the negative impacts in

regards to technology for officials is

that it slows the game down and the

decisions itself the officials might be

too reliant on technology so they might

shirk away from a decision it might be

worried about decision so ultimately

they don't want to make that decision so

their technology take over it maybe

criticism from media and that's happened

quite a lot especially in Navarre and

ultimately this could change the rules

of sport in the future and for the

purists who enjoy the specific rules in

sport they don't like to see much change

so ultimately some of those rules could

change in the future to use technology

important video here can you explain how

cricket uses technology and how does it

help the umpire so cricket is really

useful they use lots of different things

like snow comet are they use this

Hawkeye again which kind of looks at

where the board is pitched to see if

there's a little BW appeal and so on

they use video analysis that they in

regards to seeing where the ball carried

for a catch and we could go on to

there's loads of examples in regards to

how has helped cricket again technology

on spectators so again the positive

impacts if that enhances that experience

doesn't it in regards to camera angles

there's mics now to be able to listen to

the referee there's video cam in regards

the ref can for example in rugby and we

compress the interactive red button and

decide what we want to watch which match

weather in the US Open or Wimbledon we

can enhance all facilities and services

through technology okay that has a real

importance in regards to you know how

Australia's for example even its schools

have developed from sand based Astros

now to 4G 5g Astros and so on

in Portugal you hear can you think of an

example of sport

other than football which is it enhanced

its spectator experience how is it done

this try and answer that question okay

and let's move on to the technology and

how its impacted on sponsors but

ultimately if we've got improved

technology in regards to camera angles

media coverage it can increase the

chances of the brand the logo being same

okay and ultimately nowadays we look at

for example some of the sponsored

sponsor boards around the pitches

they're very interactive are they

whereby they're not they're computerized

now whereas in the past that used to be

just a placard just a board so it's

pretty much digitalized we've got the

camera technology as I mentioned before

and even some of this camera technology

can now imprint a logo onto the pitch

and they do that through the TV where it

might not actually be on the surface of

the pitch itself so he noticed that

quite often in for example things like

American football some of the negative

impacts ultimately with this branding

with this improvement in technology

again it can lead to competitors

performers cheating which ultimately

might have an impact on the reputation

of the different sponsors as well and

lead to things like gamesmanship because

there's a higher pressure to win

ultimately and finally for the

practitioners in regards to teaching and

learning strategies for this specific

lesson look at examples of things like

Pro sown Dartfish show your students

things like sports science videos to

show examples of biomechanics this all

leads on to a level stuff okaying for PE

which is really really useful but good

example is Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo's

tested to the limit documentary again

shows examples of how technology is used

in sport and you can link this to things

like fitness tests and fitness


try and look at other examples of well

as well the hell's at our swimsuit the

vape the vapor fly and shoes from night

for example okay in terms of banned

products get students to come up with

some different examples and debate that

question is technology in sport cheating

good luck with this task


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