June 19, 2024

Institute for Health & Sport welcome

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Welcome to the Institute for Health and Sport (iHeS) at victoria university (VU). We focus on applied and translational research, with local and global impact.

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welcome to victoria university

our institute focuses on research with


and global impact multi-disciplinary


and high degree research students work

at the intersection of sport

health and biomedical science our


ethical and rigorous research programs

are applied

and translational which means we can put

our findings into practice

straight away we shape policies inform

clinical practice guidelines

change systems engage and strengthen


and inspire people through sport so they

can live

healthier happier and fuller lives

we have some of the best equipped sport


exercise science and biochemistry labs

in the world

and exceptional access to professional

athletes and teams

our excellence in research for australia

rankings are well above world standard

and our work in human movement and sport

science medical physiology

public health nursing and health

services hold the highest ratings

strong partnerships and collaborations

with government

industry and community organizations are

key to our success

if you're excited about working with us

to harness the power of sport

exercise science health and biomedical


get in touch and let's get started


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