June 19, 2024

JADAKISS On Leading The Culture, Sport & Hip Hop Being Synonymous, AI, & More | I AM ATHLETE S4 Ep5

Published June 12, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Jadakiss is the definition of culture. JadaKiss joins Brandon Marshall, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Omar Kelly, and Ashley Nicole Moss in Episode 5 of I Am Athlete podcast Season 4. "Top 5 Dead or Alive" reminisces on his legendary commercial with Allen Iverson back in 2001, what his place in culture and hip hop is, how Sports and hip hop are synonymous, and his advice to young artists entering the game.

The crew then remembers the rappers who have had their life taken like Nipsey Hussle, Take Off, Pop Smoke, and how its sickening but can be preventable with therapy and talks with OGs. Later, the crew remembers a moment from Season 3 ranking the Top 5 pettiest people with 50 cent at the top of that list.

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see even though it's a Young Man sport

like since it's not so physical I'm

still a samurai warrior I don't feel I

feel like I could chop heads off still I

don't feel like the old guy that you

just need me on the team for some no

disrespect but I don't feel like the

Udonis Haslam of the rap game like they

don't want it with me you know I'm still

surgical we had to fight to get a meal

yeah wrongfully accused we had to fight

to get appeals that's why we right to

get a deal here on the team he gotta eat

you know Spike Spike the skills keep it

riding for the fam you got a life thing

working real straight up look in the

past bad work up in the trash bag I'll

pass a lot to take the test before I

pass class yeah and my family needed

bread I had to come correct that's why I

keep airing it out like I just passed



all right

I'm excited about this one yeah

this next guest this is the culture

welcome Jada thanks for having me it's

an honor I'm pleasured

um I'm a big fan of the show and you

know to finally get my chance to sit

here kick it with you guys

it's a beautiful thing this is so

surreal for me as a New Yorker I mean as

a hip-hop fan yes but as a New Yorker

this is even more surreal I mean your

songs were the soundtrack to so many

memories so I want to do something with

you I have one of my favorite verses I

want to see if you can finish it I know

you can finish it but I'm just gonna

start it all right I'm not cocky I'm

confident so you tell me I'm the best

it's a compliment

Mars Bars listen when I think of you I

think of a Pioneer in a direct

relationship between hip-hop and sports

I mean I go back to the Allen Iverson

commercial Reebok I feel like that was

the jump start of that relationship that

relationship in terms of the business

aspect obviously hip-hop artists were

always rocking with athletes and

athletes were always rocking with

hip-hop artists but it was the first

time we saw it on the screen like that

it was the first time we saw it in a

commercial Revenue space and now fast

forward you see little baby and John

Moran recreated that for Beats I mean go

back to that moment with AI you said

that AI you know brought the hood to

basketball essentially what was that



I think Me growing up I played All Sport

I played basketball football baseball


he was just a you know Allen Iverson was

I could remember sitting in my man's

living room watching this Georgetown you

know watching them playing Georgetown so

I was already a huge fan of his so when

they bought the opportunity to me shout

out to Steve Stout shout out to track

masters Rough Riders everybody that you

know bought the opportunity it was like

coming here on the show I'm like where

do you want he want to sit down with me

to talk about doing the spot so once I

met him

you know he was super down the Earth

um he was a study like yo you're one of

my favorite rappers I want to do this

we're going to do it got the beat made

you know made it happen I didn't think I

didn't know right then that it would be

a timeless

a commercial spot that opened up you

know it kind of paved the way for

everything that came after that you know

50 Cent G Unit and Hove that's not

Cottage and all of that came after that

so for me to be able to do that initial

commercial with Alan was a was an honor

and just shows the how Sports and

Hip-Hop go hand in Glo you know go I

love I love that question

because really like if if we had to

create a theme for this particular

episode it would be culture and when you

think about culture you think about

Timeless you think about the culture

sets the trends the the culture sets the

fans but the culture is the culture

everybody else is just following it so

you going back

in time talking about AI in this

particular moment right now you fast

forward how many years later what 20

maybe plus so I guess my question for

you would be you know do you know your

place in culture

and if you do what is culture because

everybody talks about culture so do you

know your place in culture and what is


I would say as far as my place is just


keep striving and educating you know I

mean I have five kids that I have to

educate but there's just any youth that

you come across or anytime you can give

somebody some game or give them some


I feel that's my job you know I mean as

an individual but I don't know what my

place you know I mean just to do what I

do as well as I can do it is is my place

in the culture look for me time let me

stop let me stop here pack what's your

place in sports

um what's the place in sports yeah at

the cornerback position at the

quarterback at the cornerback position

what's your what's your plates I I was

top 20 I think of all time I say that

and I'm gonna throw it back to you but

like as athletes like we know our place

and I don't know like artists do y'all

think about that like

this is a great this is a great segment

because in in hip-hop it's not

you see like

the other corners and D-backs that come

after you

it's a certain respect level that's

there and there's homage they had to

study your stats and look at your film

now with in in this culture of Music in

the climate where we added so much money


created and given to these young guys

that some of them don't care

and that's the only one of the frictions

that I have with the music game because

I love how it's evolving I love how

everything's happening but sometime I

see some of them that don't actually

care about those that came before them

and that's her in the culture because

just the knowledge of knowing

dudes that played that position before

you would help enhance what you're doing

right I think it's also different too

because like for athletes you guys have

stats to kind of help rank who's where

let's do now because everybody don't get

the last decision in Artistry though

like sometimes your numbers aren't as

important as your relevancy as your

impact that's a fact you could you know

what I mean it's different the analytics

and music don't add up to the impact

that you had on the culture as far as

our Sports how they go every you know

the numbers your tackles your

interceptions what you did over the

years it still don't have nothing to do

with who what you was as a player

because there's some things that don't

get jotted down but in in a music

culture besides just actual sales that's

really the only thing award you know I

mean sales Awards but then they but then

you got a whole thing with it how did

the Grammys and some years it was

certain already say we ain't rocking

with the Grammys then everybody ain't

rocking with the Grammy so is it it


but there's some of your favorite

artists that don't have no Grammys that

never went platinum absolutely and

that's the culture that's the culture

because what you just said is the

culture because it's a lot of guys

that's I I

uh your boy uh Jets cornerback what's

his name

um yeah the reviews might have been a

better player than me but he ain't the

coach I'm the culture oh you did what

I'm saying hold on let me get through it

ain't nobody calling the real reason say

hey man I need you what he can't really

he can't relate to the culture here's

the Ellen opposite of football and

people don't give him the respect that

he's doing it all I'm gonna do that

thing myself into the White House

everything we still got time don't worry

whatever your name I'm talking about the

bad the good I don't lay them down you

get what I'm saying I don't pick them up

I don't did it all but like I'm not

saying that to be boosting the bragging

but I'm trying to give him his flower

here's the culture because it's a lot

that might have hit songs and this and

that and don't even get the tour so pack

is that a key stat then because we're

talking about what you just posed like

it's hard to yeah you got it or you

don't because like sports is stats and

statistics so is that a key stat like

touring because that tells you a lot who

rock with you I would say relevancy I

would say


see even though it's a Young Man sport

like it since it's not so physical

I think

I could I'm still a samurai warrior I

don't feel I feel like I could chop

heads off still I don't feel like the

old guy that's you just need me on the

team for some no disrespect but I don't

feel like the Udonis Haslam of the rap

game like you right I'm just there to

help Mentor you know I'm being a mentor

I still they don't want it with me I you

know I'm still surgical so my question

is what then why aren't you chopping his

off then because as an athlete as an

athlete what happens is the process it

gets longer right like the hours you got

to put in and be great or maintain that

greatness or that level of performance

it's longer like my warm-ups are longer

my recovery pair is longer the attention

to detail got to go way up so I don't

know if it's like that when it comes to

music if you're like damn I'm tired of

being in the studio but if you're saying

different it's the it's the texture of

Music it changed totally from the way I

came in and I could still do it but

music is my is is faster now you know I

mean I didn't come from

I came well what do you mean by faster


it's even to the point you don't have to

mix a record if you come with something

that you feel is a hit as soon as you

make it in the stool you can send it

right out and they can catch fire and

never get mastered right until

down the road after I mean it's it's

very fast like right from your crib


and you think that the industry has lost

something because of that

yeah it's losing substance to a certain

degree because the whole thing happened

over when the when the whole digital

wave came in the music industry didn't

get on board right away so they had to

make all that Revenue back

so now instead of artist development

they're looking for artists that's

already developed

you know I mean is sometimes that's I

can go left or right I think it's also a

conversation of longevity I think

artists now are going to struggle with

that longevity Factor because you talk

about Jada right and I mean you nailed

it he he could never drive he could


he could never drop another single album

tour ever again but his impacts your

impact on hip-hop and especially New

York culture is set in stone and it will

continue you talk about DMX is the same

way and I think because now it's a lot

easier when I say easier it's not like I

can freestyle and rap so I don't even

want to come to me

outside looking then it is easy yeah and

another thing since you know athletes

and and rappers have such a comparison

one thing that the music hip-hop

industry lacks is no Union there's


besajia managers or your staff or the

people in your circle is no real

representation of artists you know I

mean there's no way that goes and

there's nobody to fight for you besides

whoever you have and that's that hurts a

lot of artists too because this game is

built off Talent in the literacy they

don't want you to they want talented

young dudes and producers that don't

know their business what would you tell

a young artist right now that's like you

just said just blow it up overnight just

put it out and

selling money and learn the business as

much as you can because down the line is

gonna bite you in the ass

if they throw a bunch of money in your

face and this and that make sure you you

got your t's and your eyes dotted I mean

you you know that from firsthand I mean

and bad boy and that whole I mean you

experience that firsthand in the


you know I mean we we went to college

people don't know that we all went to

Westchester Community College at the

same time before we got the actual bad

boy deal so we came from good homes we

had good parents we were fortunate to

have good parents that stayed on us to

um you know you're gonna do that street

but you're gonna have you're gonna make

something and learn something before you

just enter this world of Music speaking

of the bad boy thing how did y'all Force

y'all way out of that deal I I puff

locks up everybody how did y'all do that

the culture now we're talking about the

culture because

when we when we had this situation we

knew that we couldn't win

uh financially

in litigation in court we the little bit

of pennies we

had at that time would have been going

after two court dates so we sat down

like yo this could be it could go all


or the only Power we got is the street

you know I mean we do have the street

behind and so

we going we gonna take this route and

we're gonna risk it all

but you know I mean we gonna do it we

gonna do it together and we we push the

button and through the grace of God

the streets and you know I mean shout

out to Diddy also because he could have

played much harder ball than he played


we could have just did y'all go in there

with the baseball bat yeah take us back

to that moment you don't got to give too

much we know we can't give too much but

like when you say real quick real quick

real quick playing for the Denver

Broncos right because I can kind of

relate to it a little bit oh God here we


listen listen listen this is how look

Josh McDaniels come in

and he like


I need to see more of you I don't know

if you can play in my system or if you

can play at all that's what he literally

told me after three years of 100 catches

in a row I'm top five in the league now

so boom I step up in the office and I

look at him I said look bro I said I'm

more established out of why at the wide

receiver position than you are as a head

coach and I came with a lot of energy

like you know what I mean a lot of

energy and so they knew where I was

straight from the beginning so I just

want to go back to that moment when you

say you press that button because a lot

of athletes we go real corporate

and I feel like people look at me and

they like damn well B why he was on this

team that team you know the perception

but for me it was personal

you know what I'm saying and I can't and

I played the game and I did the business

from a personal standpoint

I [ __ ] you're wishing was a tad bit

different because we didn't have

them Seasons with 100 catches we was hot

we was just we was young whippersnappers

and we didn't you know what I mean once

we decided to go against them it could

have went he had the power to block us

from every putting the song out ever

again we didn't have no leverage really

besides the street we had mixtapes we

had people behind us that knew we or

thought we would be you know great

artists in the future but we only had to

we was only had a cup of coffee as far

as being in the game so once we like yo

we gonna go against them

if we gonna do it

let's do it but just know

it could be we could be you could go

stop boys real quick yeah

it could go all the way man telling us

though I'm trying to get in the office

or where y'all was at the corner store

y'all no we probably was in the studio

we probably was in the stool because

that's where you know that's where we

was at


Rough Riders is our manager at the time

which is they come from the street but

they they trying to be corporate at the

time they still building up the whole

stable so they like I'll go in the room

and see what y'all want to do it's

three-man group y'all gotta decide like

y'all got it and then we're back yeah

when we ain't gonna be at the helm and

say when I we can't feel how feel for

y'all right y'all go in there as three

brothers and work it out and we went in

there like you don't have his money we

don't have his power he don't have his

connections he'd have nothing but the


what's that what is that conversation

like as a group though because it's hard

when you get to a certain point I think

and and you want it where we were so

young yeah you just thinking we didn't

know I mean you can get it jeopardizing

yeah so at the time now would you do it

differently yeah they do it now probably

would do it different because we could

have went we could have

we could have tried to reach out and

talk to him

and try to do diligent business enclosed

doors and all of that and guess what

y'all what in the Gap it wouldn't it

worked at work

listen I wanted to ask you this because

when you look at hip-hop groups

they don't last they don't have

longevity how have you guys managed to

stay together for two decades and I know

everybody has their solo career and

they're doing their solo thing but

this you guys the locks are still

together y'all still touring together

y'all still doing music together but

still doing business together we speak

we see each other a few times a week we

still on the story We own a studio

together we own juice bars together that

we we real brothers

um we came in as brothers before

you know it wasn't labeled in put us

together our moms hang out you know rest

in peace to chic's Mom my mom's hung out

with each other

um they know each other we went to

school with each other we we already had

a Brotherhood before we even went to any

record label so one of the Oaths that we

made was no matter what happened if

successful or not we're not gonna let

none of these Executives break up what

we already got you know I mean we gonna

be going to the Grave with this

Brotherhood but how difficult was that

in terms of managing the egos especially

you know I mean just like a fan any

family we we don't agree on everything

but we go in the room curse each other

out slap each other around whatever it

is and leave it inside that room and

when we come out

that's what it is there's no end we had

years of fixing situations before social

media before this monster of a handheld

device was involved so since they came

out it is not it doesn't control us

we still handle it the same way before

it was all of this technology and just

going there eyeing it out and leave it

in the end and we also used all of the

other groups that go through stuff as

our motivation to never do none of that

no Twitter Ranch no throwing your

brother under the bus on public

platforms no none of that you know what

I mean it's it's working I mean it's all

you can also see I mean extremely

successful solo career after a very

successful career with a group and it

didn't break that relationship a lot of

times you see it in girl groups also and

obviously men and women are different

but somebody goes solo they have

extremely successful career and that

affects the group I mean that didn't

happen they did the kith New York Knicks

campaign as a group which I love as a

Knicks fan I caught that jacket I have

it hanging in my closet how about them

next no doubt it wasn't but it's it's

beautiful to see so I mean what is there

a secret to it besides just you know

being a family and growing up together

because sometimes groups aren't like

that they they come a different they

come about a different way what is the

secret to it just keeping it a buck with

each other just keeping it 100 sometimes

I'm gonna go off course if as my

brothers you gotta pull me back tell me

you wow no I mean you this ain't right

did you ever have a moment where

they came to you and said JD you got

these hits you'd be coming to Beyonce of

the group you got a big head you can't

use that analysis

I never got to that situation because

any success we keep it if I if I'm if

I'm the any win for any other group

members there's a win for the team

so if I'm bubbling and the heat is on me

I'm bringing them right along so they

gonna they're gonna get some of the bag

they gonna catch the Light they're gonna

be on tour they're gonna be right there

it's not like when this when it's

somebody's turn they just isolating no I

mean we we manage this everything is for

the cause of the group and I'm sitting

here thinking about all the stuff that

you guys are saying the coaching this

and that and every some key questions

popping up I hope I ain't getting off

topic but

um I hear the Loyalty I hear the culture

I can tell that you you love her I can

tell the people that you're around is a

it's a tight-knit circle


biggie I know he was a big part of you

um I was there when he passed where were


oh big um

big big was like

the battery in our back uh coming from


we we rhymed or rap with a chip on our

shoulder because you know growing up

listening to the radio they shout out

the Five Barrels then they shot out

Mount Vernon and New Rochelle but you

got to go through Yonkers they get to

Mount Vernon and they would they would

skip us and Shout Out Heavy D in them

and brand new being so we like what

about yl so we would always write with

that chip on our shoulder to let the

world know that it's some real talent

here so once we got signed the bad boy


um it's a funny story because we we puff

put us on a song with big before we met

him in this verse he's going at us it's

going out it's on the whole verse but

then when we actually get to physically

meet him he's like yo I'm glad y'all

down with me we gonna do some big things

welcome to the bad boy family and I

think that was the battery like yo big

telling us to be nice we Unstoppable

yeah so um after that we just started we

caught some type of electricity and this

just started flowing um as far as our

first time going to La is when they got

killed so it was crazy for us we was at

the party

we was dead we was actually

mad at puff for some reason and we over

in the corner ice grilled up not really

having no fun we go over to him I know

everybody sees the famous picture with

Stevie J puff big sitting down with the

Kane and the shades we went to him he

like yo what's wrong with your face

shake that off you know I mean with we

like sunshine happen with public we'll

handle that when we get home yeah shake

that off we have my single release fix

your faces what was the reason it was it

was hit it was um hypnotized

he gave us some good green he gave us a

bottle of Don P said go over there enjoy

yourself and we're gonna fix this when

we go home we ain't we don't need none

of that kind of energy so we did just

that we went over there and shook it off

no I mean we chilling then we everybody

left it was a house party was going to a

mansion party that Heavy D was throwing

clue was DJing and that's where

everybody was transitioning to

then we got there he never made it he

started whispering around a parties you

know they said big guy shot then went to

the hospital see the yellow tape around

the SUV so that was kind of traumatizing

to us as our first time going to LA

on a on a label trip and that happened

and it was crazy you know what I mean so

you just said something uh really

powerful said traumatizing like how'd

you cope with that how did you deal with

that I'm I'm big on Mental Health we uh

this is back this is still beepers so my

beepers is going crazy my beep is going

crazy my mom is calling me yo he's

saying on the radio big he died so

now we gotta

deal with the um

we just got to see how we got to get out

of here we just sitting in the hotel

room in Cali waiting for somebody from

the label to tell us when we gonna leave

or you know what's the next instructions

was you know when we finally made it


the funeral arrangements we found out

all of that that's what we made I always

love we always love big papa

we just wanted to he made that with the

intentions of just for Junior Mafia a

little season them like a a song for

them to play

at the wake or the repast we didn't

wasn't thinking about selling it or

putting it out publicly we just wanted

to that's all

as you know lovers of big being close to

Big we wanted to do something for him so

we made that song then he ended up doing

missing you


for a while it was just like I think he

he said anybody could have got off the

label if they won right then like if you

wonder whoever don't want to be here

right now you could leave this is what

did he said yeah

think we had a meeting we had a big

meeting with if you wanted to leave or

you didn't feel comfortable you could

have left at that time was that because

they felt like there may be no I don't

caution I'm not sure if they I don't

think it was because he thought it was

going to be like a like a war magical

War just I'm not even actually sure why

he said it but I remember we did have a


and then as you know coming from the

streets and being real dude you didn't

want to leave at that time like so like

he got to stand on front line and hold

the label down help him out on me us and

Mason you spoke about Biggie and how

traumatic that was and there's been a

lot of traumatic deaths in hip-hop

involving violence of some sort

specifically guns I mean nipsy hustle we

talk take off

um I mean pop smoke pop smoke obviously

I mean and at the height of I mean the

very beginning of the height of his

career what is that likes experiencing

it and now seeing it as an OG in the

game and you're seeing this new wave of

hip-hop artists coming up and their

lives being taken just as short it's

it's sickening

um it's disgusting to see some of these

young kids losing their lives over some

of this stuff um

uh uh I think it's preventable


they need more therapy they need more

interventions they need more chopping it

up with the ogs

um but sometimes it's hard because like

I said there's so much money being

thrown around now and some of them feel

they have more money or as much as the

OG's with they don't have to listen and

that's where the game gets misconstrued

because some of the older Elder

Statesmen have

knowledge that's priceless and

no dollar sign could top some

conversations you can get from some of

these older guys you know what I mean so

so before we move on like what's

you know one bit of advice you'll give

to this generation coming up

you know what I mean uh that prevent to

prevent this and not just live for the


they don't get caught up in being lit

gotta think about the future

think about when you're gonna be a

family man think about your kids think

about your mom think about your staff

think about your crew think about

yourself and everything you affect when

when it goes all wrong on me but let me

ask you this question if if I go out and

I actually lean into

the violence lean into this that

you know create the the tension and the

numbers go up engagement

right like how do you talk to that

person is like I know you are monetizing

this but this is the result so how do

you speak to that person you know

because that's that's tricky that's what

that right there is messing up stuff

also because

record labels are being successful



and someone Somebody went out did some

stupid recorded a song about it and was

able to get a lot of streams and and

that became a thing with the whole drill

you know I mean they actually going out

getting active and doing stuff and then

going to the studio and make a song

about what they just did and that should

that should get nipped in the bud

as soon as it got created

but nobody's going to these labels

saying they wrong for this we just

blaming it on the kids so like my

brother Stout said he don't like to just

put all the blame on this young artists


the radio stations are making them the

top songs of it


and the labels are still signing they

even got it they're putting out life

insurance on these young kids now wow

the labels because they they're gambling

on you to do some dumb so they can

profit after you die so this is getting

ridiculous letter to big was also such a

beautiful beautiful song it's one of my

favorites I mean was that therapeutic to

write that as well was it a lot of

emotion that maybe you kind of ignored

and put to the side and writing that was

just it made a lot of my songs is in my

head for years in like months prior to

whenever you had


and I just always wanted to like I'm

gonna do a letter to big and I would

process it in my brain get a couple bars

how to turn into a couple more bars and

when it's time to come out that's how it

comes out how did you get that say I

should do it

That's good I've been practicing for

years when somebody first heard it how

did we know that that was the that was

it hey don't you no that's that's you

right there you need to say that that's

your engineers shout out to my engineer

uh thank you from Croatia

he um bab I mean Rough Riders

introduced us to him and he worked with

us for years and um I was recording some

verses and before my voice is so raspy

sometimes got clogged up I would do that

as a tension breaker to clear my throat

and my voice before I'm about to do the


and um never intended on him keeping it

so I do it

I get out to come here the verse

and he kept and he I'm like what's that

he like

no you gotta leave that

I'm like all right so then I just

started doing it and people started

loving and our aunties coming up to me

anymore ain't you that boy that make

that sound and do I say then I just

became my signature tree

Lamar Jackson made the best business

decision I blame the Ravens for him not

going out there if they wanted him out

there they should have paid him they

didn't pay him and that's their own

fault LeBron James is not only a top

five active player right now he's number


all right


when James comes

everyone better he's not making that

team drastically better with his talent

they're a horrible team they're

constructed horrible Jesus himself

cannot fix that organization it is a



thank you athletes are some of the

healthiest people on the planet

adopt a lifestyle with an all-new HOA

Plus app what's up athletes it's your

girl 808 plus delivers daily workout

classes with real coaches tailored just

for you we are making it easier to train

Fuel and recover where you are you made


live like a napkin join the tribe on HOA

plus so you said something a little

while ago about a lot of your songs are

in your head for years

I was watching a clip on Instagram with

Kyrie talking about his skills his

handles he's saying my handles

match my feet work

so like what I'm doing with my handles

it's like all four limbs are working at

the same time and because they don't

think that a righty can actually spin

this way and that way so when I go in

the lab like I'm getting 100 shots from

here doing this I'm doing a baseline off

of two feet this and that and that was

the first time I was like man Kyrie


I don't he's sweet like you know what

I'm saying but I'm like yo he he was

talking as if he's Kobe

you know how Kobe talked right but he

broke down the sweet science of

basketball and it's like it's just

totally different and you know when

you're sitting down with an artist or a

genius they just their language is


so can you break down like how do you

paint that picture of like your Artistry

and how you think

you know what I mean I know it's hard

for a lot of us to follow but like when

you say these songs are in your head

for years like how does this work what

is that toy what is that pain you know

how as an athlete you got to do two a

days you got to make sure you work out

and you're constantly on the field or in

the gym or in the weight room as all

this you got to constantly be in the


now when you're not constantly there

your mind's still there

so to be the best artist you can be you

got to try to they say you should try to

write a verse a day or a song or you

know go to the studio read books

for me I have so much in my mind as far

as my kids my bills my my itinerary

where I'm still trying to perfect my

craft and think of some incredible stuff

in my brain that

I start being able to put songs

in a foul cabinet in my brain like

um and sometime I could get

a whole verse

with a hook

sometime I could just get four bars

and then uh it'll be there forever to to

the rest of the

Pieces come into

it that's not the song why I had why in

my brain for at least two years until I

ever made it and um

I could never actually get the right

production for why right and then when

everything happened with 9 11 that

brought on more questions because I had

it before 9 11 but then when that came

wow I started like this made a bunch of

questions that the world yeah always

wanted to do the song called why but I

didn't want to have questions that was

only saying like they was Tri-State

questions or east coast Square I wanted

it to be something that any part of the

world you had you like yeah I thought it

out do you hear who's on the song with

you as you're like creating it in your

mind do you visualize a voice like okay

it has to get

pre-cooked a little until you start

putting them other ingredients like um

because even have people don't know the

Havoc from my deep did the beat for why

that's not when you think I have you

don't think of him doing that type of

production right


so it's it's all timing with music like

he gave me a batch and I heard that beat

I'm like this is the song for a while

like as soon as I actually played it

what I had in the foul cabinet came out

and I was able to process it like that

for me when you're describing like

what's in your head you're literally in

real time doing this you seen them doing

this yeah you know what I'm saying it's

like you're trying to articulate

yourself you're trying to get it out but

you can't that's what I'm trying to get

out and I knew it was hard because like

Kyrie did such a phenomenal job like

describing his Artistry and it was like

whoa and you just did as well but as

athletes too right you can look back and

be like yo Pac-Man Jones what makes him

special why he should be in the Hall of

Fame is that this lockdown the number

one receiver but then went back there

caught a punt and took it to the crib

he's not no the game has never seen that

before outside of probably Dion you and

Dion outside of prime that's right

that's it so you hit his standard his

greatness is totally different to

everybody else and then you want to

throw the culture in there because you

talk about uh you know Rivas pack is

more relevant okay I'll come back to

this I'll come back to this yes chef

Danny what's up

Chef Danny really quickly what Chef um

let me introduce you really quickly

before you let us know what we're having

um so I talked about all of our co-hosts

Chef thank you so much for joining our

show thanks for having me super excited

but look Chef Danny stylish

okay savvy

Sensational Sensational Sensations

I'm gonna come back to this what I'm

talking about Artistry right so tell us

what we have in right here but like

this is art as well tell us what we

having and then also talk about the

Artistry of like food and how it can

potentially correlate to like sports

music right like what you do this ain't

just I ain't you ain't here right no


exotic now food is definitely art and

entertainment a lot of people don't

understand that chefs are artists within

themselves it's understanding textures

is understanding the color composition

and also chemistry with the clients that

you're with so whether it's an artist

like Jada or you're dealing with athlete

like yourself you always have to know

exactly how to compose the dish with the

canvas that you have which is your plate

so whether I need to balance it out so

you're ready to go on the field or ready

to go battle the verses

okay okay bring up the verses

so whether you're doing that is always

about giving people the prop the

appropriate Vibes you know right Chef

this is your third time on the show

like what's your inspiration tell us a

little bit more about you where you're

from you know what I'm saying introduce

yourself to the audience I love how Omar

started to eat in before she got

introduce the meal you hear him you hear

him crying over there hold on you give

me food I'm not supposed to eat

no see see me and Omar actually go way

back see I was serving these red velvet

waffles at the strip club I had oh yeah

I had a I had a restaurant at the strip

club and like trust me Omar they used to

come through like real real late all the

athletes all the entertainment just to

come the restaurant was more popular

than the strip club itself so there was

things that I was serving like the red

velvet waffles gold chicken wings

um like we had just different things

that a lot of people were finding like

super instagramable so that was that's

you know an entertainment side on that

too so people were really attracting to

the full warrant than the strippers

which actually made me and the owner

beef a little bit because everyone's

money yeah


so um

I mean your roster like your roster who

you've uh cooked for you know what I'm

saying is legendary

a lot of that started right there in

that strip club no I actually my first

a-lister was Pharrell Williams

can you give us this like give us your

roster your top five like people that

you've used I'm gonna have to say the

president of Ghana


Oprah whoa wow


of course Pharrell

and Beyonce has had my food

like so I gotta like throw her in there

Sensational Chef thank you so much

thanks for having me thank you so much

wow those are great thank you you never

cooked Jada I have not second question I

have not but yeah you're trying to get

him to move to Florida move to Florida I

think they're trying to give us ideas

great business move oh really where

because I mean that first part of the


that cause they live in Miami me now

yeah I'm gonna move here I can I made it

where I can move in let's go and get

into the verses there it was funny

because actually when we was in the back

she's like Jada got them killed versus

he took over version got all these young

kids of all time yeah the greatest

versions of all time it hadn't has never

reached that and there have been some

good matches it has never reached it's

not even debatable the only one I think

you could even touch on is the Jamaican

one but the energy I was the first that

was the set off but the crazy part is

seems like you've been trying to do

verses since 2004. when you call like 50

I was breaking it down for a pack and in

04 when you guys recorded New York Fat

Joe yourself Ja Rule cool and Dre on the

on the production love cool and Dre

shout out to them and they also did a

song for G-Unit 50 Cent the game hate it

or love it also recorded in 2004 which

was unheard of at the time because

they're too beefing you know Crews and

you're recording tracks for the both of

them and I listened to an interview you

did I forget the publication but you

said that you you know equate you know

hopping on that track with Fat Joe and

Ja Rule to starting your beef with 50

did you think that it was going to

ignite a beef when you hopped on the

track or were you like listen it's not

that deep lose enough money to go around

I didn't I didn't I didn't think he was

on that type of time like because it

wasn't the song wasn't

um it was just a good song like on it

you know and I knew joffy is a John a

new job is cash money quick so I didn't

know it was gonna piss

pissed my man fifth off you know how

Petty he was

I didn't know he was just

that pissed off at Yahweh anybody that

did a song with him yeah that's levels

so I mean that's another level of anger

so so it was good so I asked uh the game

last season about the pettiest

I was like where are you at you got

Gilbert Arenas you get 50 and gang you

got the game like some of the pettiest

people it's 50 number one is more than

50s by far the top he you know if it is

going to troll everybody I mean do you

not follow him on Instagram right yeah I

mean if it's trollable he's gonna do it

like Gilbert he up there too though oh

[ __ ] no chill if it's official though

because he apologized to Megan I thought

that was dope why did you think that was

dope because he he he he was clowning

number four you know the verdict of the

trial right he basically told her she

was lying yeah he basically said she was

she was lying so after the you know the

outcome as a man he apologized to her I

think that was solid the RICO law about

the lyrics

um what are your thoughts on that I hate

it it's no different this is our job


if Bruce Willis

whoever was your favorite actor was in

court they're not using this movie when

he killed

10 people in court it's a song it's hard

there's no reason it should be used

against you in a court of law it's music

you know what I mean

even though some of it might be

incriminating but it's still

where is that that's like yeah

it's not right at all so

when I I said earlier theme of the show

culture we talked about culture another

thing that I want to hit before we let

you go as business but before we do that

because I know this is important

conversation is there anything else you

want to touch on before we move on to


no just so any up and coming artist

athlete any young black latino whatever

your ethnic background is you gotta you

gotta have that fight

in you you gotta pray

don't forget to pray because sometimes

these dudes get you know I mean you get

so much going on you forget to pray try

to keep some good people around you pray

and try to perfect your craft that's the

only way you really gonna get to the

back it's not gonna fall out of the sky

it's not gonna come from nowhere and

that's all I really you know business we

had this debate right like one of the

things I hate

um you know in this position on this

side now is when we sit down with

someone like you obviously your

schedule's crazy everybody want to sit

down with you when you sit down with

anybody as an interviewer you know

they're going to ask you like the big

questions and it's usually the same

question right now hot versus versus so

like I'm like I don't want to talk about

verses you know what I'm saying like

what's our angle so I was like if we do

it what's our angle is this yeah me and

you we gotta talk about verses

bro so so my whole thing is like look

okay if you do it it was the AIM and for

me my angle of it is like I don't want

to get into the details details of it if

y'all want to do that y'all can my thing


the business of it right

I want to know like what changed since

verses because and I can't even describe

it right but what that did for the

coaching what that did for us was like

oh you know what I mean and now maybe

y'all can put it into words but me

sitting back I'm like yo

oh geez in a moment right now you

understand now you look at the kids

campaigns you look at that commercial

that you talked about you know what I'm

saying it's like now you hear that

respect everybody know like damn like it

reintroduced you to an audience that may

not have known the locks Jadakiss right

so can you walk us through like the

business of it since like if you if you

care to do that it's like a timeline

um after versus the very next morning

yay called send the jet he said the jet

we went to um flew to Atlanta to the to

the arena did a song for the his last

album and then it was just like a

trickle down of

opportunities coming left and right

magazines Rolling Stones this and that


shout out to Fat Joe for yesterday's

prices not today's price uh the numbers

on my feature ends performances hostings

everything automatically shot up

um my whole album's shot up on Apple and

all of them platforms uh

some people a lot of the young artists

called me that next day that's more than

any money that I received or any of that

the next day a lot of them reached out

to me 21

rest in peace Dolph

um I think herbal a lot of a lot of the

young ones called me though that next

day and that that made me smile more

than actually winning verses or however

you want to put it but just for them to

reach out and just want to kick it and

get some game about you know changing up

some stuff on the show and not using the

words and you know I mean that made me

feel happy but just a bunch of

opportunities uh a bunch of blessings I

would definitely say financially and it

woke a lot of people up that probably

knew and act like they didn't want to

know and something I didn't know and was

like holy cow you know what I mean so it

was a beautiful thing I love that I mean

it's the reinvention that we're but

that's but that's what we were talking

about earlier is that there's a

difference and I think that artists now

are going to have a harder time it's

that relevancy that longevity that has

people of a younger generation of

artists reaching out and wanting the

advice advice of a Jadakiss wanting the

advice of a Jay-Z I think the verses is

a comparison of New Media that's just my


and the reason why I say this is

my brother right here I was chilling

making good money you know what I mean

at home on the couch

when I got a part of I'm athlete you

know stock goes up like you said

yesterday's price

is not today's price so when I'm when

I'm saying that I'm giving you your

flowers too uh

and like he's saying like


everybody had really wrote certain

people off you know stack five like oh

you know did this he don't get packed

done did this but once you get a chance

to read the whole book and stop just

looking at the cover

um I think it finally it's more it's

more to find out and I think that's what

verses did I think this is what I'm

athlete the platform is doing for us the

culture and can I get my versus

questioning please go you in this versus

what I want to know is

at what point in the performance did you

know like I got the glow and this is my


and I mean I felt like that because we

as Deluxe

rehearsed I told um I said this several

times we did rehearsals uh I think we

did two rehearsals in the studio

then we did the sound check in the

garden earlier that day and um my man

Caleb tell you riding down to the Garden

in the Sprinter I was trying to learn

that's when I said I think we need to

implement this who shot your freestyle

somewhere inside the show but I didn't

I didn't know when so when I'm talking

to my DJ he's like yo you know I'm gonna

be far

it's not one of them like we on stage

they got me and you like give me the

signal so we had to get something that's

when I like when I say let's make

something happen that's when you drop it

and then In the Heat of the it was like

the you know I mean the climax of

everything going on me and cam arguing

I've told them to drop it and just the

grace of the higher power

get hit by well since we here now let me

there you go yeah

bruh it was so disrespectful when when P

put his foot on uh some what who was it

he was grabbing Cam's leg P went crazy

for a minute he blacked out he went back

he went you impact combined for a minute

because me and Luke is like

I I thought it was fun for a minute now

he we calling them Yo PPP we got to go

back to the front of the state he's not

hearing now I'm going over there we

grabbing him he's like a pit he's locked

on him like yo Pete they lose grab him

then Lucha didn't lift them up and bring

him over but he like oh he was going for

it but in that moment but but for real

in that moment you know I felt like this

at home because you kind of understand

like you don't touch nobody like did you

feel like it could go all the way left

in that moment nah because we spoke to

each other

we knew we couldn't blow the bag and we

wasn't gonna embarrass the culture

on that type of platform and light and

we already go back so if it was anything

we could have handled the difference so

we we was really trying to put on a good

show for the people I was telling the

guys a story backstage you know heading

to the business conversation about

Shaquille O'Neal and how he was

approached early in his playing career

to invest in Starbucks before it was

Starbucks and he didn't and his

reasoning was because black people don't

drink coffee and he says every time he

drives by a Starbucks to this day he

cringes about the amount of money that

he could have made you did not make that

mistake because you were in the coffee

business explain to me why it wasn't

alcohol and why it was coffee

well I have skin in the game my dad

raised my dad basically took care of my

family from coffee


you know he would make it every day work

in the gym in Maxwell House division

and since 1977 he got on 40 some years

in coffee then he opened his own company

Keturah and um back to verses after the

first verses I did with Fab when I was

jaded drunk he like yo everybody because

he didn't know nothing about it my kids

was over there like Granddad look at

look at my dad on versus so he looking

at it and he's reading the comments they

showing him like yo y'all better get

kissed some coffee or some water he

looking like he drunk over there so the

first initial coffee my dad was like yo

thinking about making the detox coffee

and this that but he didn't want to we

didn't like the whole attachment to the

Jay the drunk thing so we scrapped that

and then after the other verses with

Dipset and all of these opportunities

like this might be the perfect time to

launch the Kiss Cafe so you know we

bought in some marketing people got my

son that we made it happen yeah so my

question for you is

um this is a big conversation with me

I'm an entrepreneur

um one where can we get it

you know what I'm saying e-commerce

right now kiss cafe coffee

kisscafe.com and and this is what I want

to do when we have people on this show

especially in this season

as marketers we got to be super Savvy

especially even on YouTube and this New

Media space that you're talking about

it's like

yo we got to sit down with certain

brands because we want to be able to

continue these conversations pay our

people scale the business do all of that

but you gotta well if you talk about

business then they get turned off

right but what I'm trying to do is kind

of normalize it to where everybody

understand like look

we got to support each other you

understand so like when you come on in I

want you to feel good about saying yo go

to here.com support me this is what I'm

doing you know I'm employing so many

people you know what I'm saying like

we're doing some amazing we're the first

to do this if I can you can so this is a

bigger conversation and everybody listen

I hope hopefully y'all continue to rock

with us you know I mean understanding

why behind what we're doing how we're

bringing others along but um support do

you feel supported in this industry in

this space you know what I'm saying

because like when you launch something

people don't understand you birthing the

baby and then when it comes to life

they'd be like yo I'm so proud of you

but do they support are they posted you

gotta know who's who and what's what

with this um it's a genuine line there

and then there's a [ __ ] line there

um as as colleagues and

people that came up together

it shouldn't take me

you to call me or DM me a bunch of times

to promote something that I see you


you know what I mean if I if I see you

doing something I should get right on

board with and with this new media

it gets it turns personal

when you don't get that support so you

gotta you gotta it gets personal then

people just think they can just text you

something and you just supposed to post

it or so it's a it's a it's a gray area

with that but like you said support is


we need more of it in the business space

for our people

um like any other thing you gotta work

it you gotta worry you you got to work

it and then they're getting on board

just like versus what's your go-to kind

of coffee are you an espresso guy a

latte guy yeah Dad does all that I just

need a good

a nice pick me up you know I mean we got

a medium dark roast the beiju my blend

right now is a I put it up against any

Starbucks any coffee

um uh I'll put it up against anything

and um the product is a good product

it's cost efficient it's for real coffee

lovers not for coffee schnobs and um

it's gonna do what it does all right so

we're gonna do our little quick little

verses my man

against Jada yes yeah we're gonna let

the people decide like yeah this is he's

the champ if you Dethrone him bro your

numbers is way up

he's like this is a smart business plate

this is not a good business place this

is very good because if the people Rock

With You

bro like them numbers is crazy you heard

what the numbers did for him if you win

this versus that could be you're

bragging rights

come on bro y'all got a title I got the

cameras ready I made this one for

playoffs right here

hold on watch y'all come in

game over dog I'm gone

I'll go

I'm gonna start off with sauce maybe

soft stuff this year

this year

in the city

this is hard yeah

pretty man

complete yeah


at the top of the list

yeah okay

all right I'm gonna be a man right there

yeah that's knocking okay this is a

fixed fight yeah I see versus Packers

hitting me with some back you got some

monsters over here Pat can he go can he

go yeah energy but I'm listening to the

words he's really

right right because I'm gonna be honest

with you you know what I'm saying what

they always say what synonymous oh

athletes want to be rappers and rappers

want to be athletes right so I I got to

keep it real my brother we always have

real conversations like real real

conversation so I'm looking at them like

yo bro like are we wasting our time or

not you know what I'm saying because he

could potentially make that move but nah

he that's good that's better than

that's real substance that playoff song

though not me is a ticket that's a

ticket that's what I'm saying that's a

tick so all I'm gonna say is this look

bro I still want to be a part of it I

will invest I ain't got a lot of invent

to invest because I'm building all this

but I'm gonna invest but I feel like

y'all need to talk afterwards me and

kiss already

all right so I guess that's the show I

just want to say


thank you so much bro you know what I'm

saying we talked about support

and you you don't have to repost nothing

you coming on this show and breaking

bread with us is everything you know

what I'm saying and

um we gonna support you I feel like you

need to Kelly can we get with uh kisses

Team every house of athlete facility we

open that coffee need to be right there

you feel me talking you know what I'm

saying all of that like make it happen

so like thank you so much man this means

everything for you to come you know you

got a busy schedule

um season four we up you know we feel

really good about what we building Omar

the super producer Pac-Man the real you

realize you're my brother you know what

I'm saying and don't get no realer than

you bro

Ashley thank you so much for believing

in me and us and the team man because

you could have and it's the reality she


the big networks the ESPN ones in the

world the sports of the world to choose

from she came over here that says a lot

you know of course gorgeous beautiful

all of that respectfully but you're

brilliant you're bold you know and that

means a lot and I can't wait for the

audience to really get to know all of

you because it's going to take us way up

Chef Danny believing in US you're a star

we already know Sensational oh Mark

Kelly already talked about you and Sadie

we miss you get your ass here

every Monday 12 Eastern SiriusXM Pandora

Stitcher wherever you get your podcast

you can listen you know make sure you

like subscribe you download support us

we're going to be having Dynamic

conversations and uh if it wasn't for

you guys we wouldn't be in this position

but we need y'all support and we're

gonna continue to give it back we got

big plans for season four and for this

platform love peace


we had to spike the skills keep it

riding for the fam you got a life that

working real straight up but in the past

bad work up in the trash bag I'll pass a

lot to take the test before I pass class

yeah and my family needed bread I had to

come correct that's why I keep airing it

out like I just passed gas



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