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Loyal Opposition | Full Action Movie

Published June 12, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Bethany

Loyal Opposition (1998). Full action movie.


When the U.S. President decides to negotiate with a terrorist, a general takes him prisoner in order to launch a military offensive instead. The only one who can stop him is the female Vice President.

Director: Mark Sobel

Cast: Joan Van Ark, Nick Mancuso, Rick Springfield

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as the world

nervously awaits the united states

response to the latest terrorism attacks

ordered by

exiled leader omar

security council resolutions denouncing

the suicide bombings

bias loyal followers have stopped the


and security has been stepped up at all

american british

and french embassies russian diplomatic

efforts have failed

but the russian ambassador again stated

his country's opposition to the use of

military forces

swift stability to the region faced with

the gravest crisis of his presidency

president hayden has called on the eve

of this

memorial day weekend



that storm has passed and cleanup

efforts are continuing officials expect

business as usual by tomorrow

in other parts of the world tension

continues to grow in the middle east

where those loyal to omar hasid are

again on the move

responding to the exile leader's call to

action the chairman of the joint chiefs

general james metzger was quick to


a seed's intentions are clearly to

incite civil war

and bring about political instability

not only to the middle east

but the security of the united states

the entire world


okay hit the yellow button twice







good morning gray morning you had a vice


new suit yes ma'am

as president mark hayden continues to

search for a diplomatic solution

the peace delegation led by senator

barkley departs for zurich this


hey you don't like the pancakes thank


for entrusting us with me there

that's part of my day what's the word

well the president meets with the joint

chiefs after the press conference

metzger's pushing hard for aggressive


wow this trip will lose attention yeah

i hope so

do i have to go i have to

kevin you should be thrilled to go

zurich is beautiful and give you and

lowell a chance to spend some time


i know it's just that

can't i just stay here with you

is this about flying a little

it's okay to be scared and lowell's

gonna be with you

remember what your dad used to say

being scared is being alive



waves of rain for

purple mountain majesty

above the fruited plain

american america

god shed his grace on





and crown thy good with brotherhood

from sea to shining sea


hearing these young americans express

themselves so

beautifully at the start of this

long memorial day weekend

i am moved by the fact that our young


have never known full-scale war

men and women who shed their blood

lost their loved ones in europe and the

pacific in the defense of freedom

or my generation who saw the horrors of

the vietnam war

every night on television let us hope

our great

nation will never again be subjected to

the terrible suffering

that man has inflicted on man

that's why peace is so urgent our

delegation departing today

i hope we'll be able to bring this

middle east crisis

to an end our peace delegation led by

senator lowell

barclay is going to zurich

to meet with citizens of the world


politicians ordinary citizens and


i ask all americans to join me in


our faith and hopes in their hands

because our futures are all at stake

in this increasingly hostile world

vivian and i and our son blake

i look forward to joining in the peace

celebration here in washington next week


i know the itinerary has been changed on

that should be doing it after sir

right on the 23rd no

no i don't have a date this weekend

mr president general messer is ready sir

would you like me to join you sure liz

if you like

now seeds forces have gathered here to

the south

but intelligence reports real danger

lies to the east where

you will have access to biological


in 24 hours assuming you're right jim

what are you suggesting you need to act

you need to show them we're in charge

otherwise in no time at all our troops

will be under assault

but first move our carriers

into the gulf let his men know

that we're there

second the seed will of course respond

before we can act we move in

take them out

general what if your reports are

are wrong well what if i'm right

can't sit here give him a tool which to


now let's not make another call for a

mistake general metzger

gentlemen i studied the reconnaissance

reports that we received yesterday well

those were yesterdays

excuse me general the point i was trying

to make is that there is nothing that

clearly indicates that hasid will be

taking any aggressive action in the

immediate future

so i suggest with all due respect madam

vice president this is not a matter of


what uh our vice president needs to

understand is that a volatile situation

like this requires

swift steady action

all right we'll continue to monitor his


otherwise we'll keep it low-key and let

our delegation do its work


him stay with the party line on this

i don't want any fractures here

thanks for your support elizabeth from

your performance in there

i wonder if you really have an opinion

or you just follow along

the cold war's over jim you just don't

have any more enemies to fight

you want to be window dressing so be it


metzger really pushes it doesn't he i'd

be happy to draw up his resignation just

let me know where

what can i do well just tell lowell to

make us look good in zurich

mr chairman mr chairman as a decorated

general with the extensive knowledge of

the region how would you categorize the


every freedom loving american should pay

very very close attention

to what i'm about to say the united

states is not prepared

now or ever to allow a tyrant

to disturb the balance of power in the


the only intelligent course of action

and i for one believe it to be

inevitable his military response

wish i was going

remember the last time we were there

well trust me this trip's not gonna be

nearly as much fun

i know but this is more important don't


by the time we get back this crisis will

be over and you can tell the president

that's a promise

okay what's wrong

i just realized this morning that this

is the first time he's been this far

away from me

since you know since his father died

that's kind of hard for both of us but

it's hard for you too

this kevin is a great kid

everything's gonna be fine and as for


madam vice president yes when this is

all done we're gonna take a nice quiet

trip away from the problems of

washington and the world for at least

two days two days

two whole days

good morning


what are you doing with all these

bunnies all over the floor come on put

them inside

run i wish i was going to shirt i have

to go to camp david for the weekend

there's like

nothing to do there at all that'll be

fun too listen sweetie can you put the

rest of them back in because come on kev

yeah bye have a good weekend

bye we got your coat

and your carry-on

taking your computer huh yeah of course

i always do

what else am i gonna do for eight hours

on a plane kevin you give this your best

shot and you're gonna have a great time

i promise

kevin try to talk to lowell

huh sure mom


two days at least

the united states is not prepared

now or ever to allow a tyrant

to affect the balance of power in the


the only intelligent course of action

and i for one believe it is inevitable

his military response



good evening that is jay general metzger

has asked if you join it

saw your boy play against navy last

saturday it was great seven for seven

from the free throw line

all the right moves


yes jim mr president we now have

a major crisis brewing intelligence

shows and a seed faction on the move to

the south

as i have warned you he is about to


a major offensive i am strongly

urging you to deal with this crisis

immediately i have sent an order

putting our carriers into position in

the gulf

what you'll rescind that order


i'm on my way down

all right get fellas tell me i'm

probably gonna need his help with

metzger yes sir



you all right

you know kevin i don't expect us to be

best pals right away

we do have one thing in common

we both love your mom very much

what do you say for her sake we do our

best to make this trip work okay

now you go off whatever happened to 6am

sorry to disturb you madam vice

president but i was just on my way out

and i heard that general metzger

is meeting with the president down in

command central they're having some sort

of little pow-wow i

thought that uh you should have been

informed huh

yes ma'am thanks john but for now i'm

just gonna

have their little boys club meeting i'm

gonna keep working on this speech you go

ahead and take off

thank you john

you got me special plans for the weekend

uh no

no no i don't tips no dates no dates

i have a good weekend anyway you too

madam vice president

oh and if i hear anything about what's

going on downstairs i'll keep you posted

friends in high places


copy that



mr president we've just been informed by

the pentagon that carriers have already

moved into position at the gulf

metzker's just hanged himself

if we have any response he had anything

from messi we don't know sir we're still

trying to make sense of what's going on


just as i expected

how dare you bypass my authority and

send an order to the fleet

mr president with all due respect i

don't want to hear about it

now you had no authorization to commit

our forces on your own

i ought to have you court-martialed

you know jim you leave me no choice

you're fired expect your letter of

resignation on my desk this evening and

that goes for williams and krell in your

entire staff

i hereby resign my post as chairman of

the joint chiefs of staff effective


i'm not a quitter mark you of all people

should know that

it's fine on monday i'll announce that

i've relieved you of your duties

between now and then i'll figure out

what i'll say to the press a seed has

escalated i don't want to hear it

i just want you out of my sight

mark mark



i'm sorry to have to resort to force sit


let's talk about this



ladies and gentlemen this is your

co-pilot speaking on behalf of the

entire crew we would like to welcome you


we will be taking off shortly so sit

back relax

and enjoy the flight nice to see you

again senator

please let me know if there's anything i

can do to make your flight more

enjoyable thank you very much



we have an alarm in the white house

indicating a possible leak in the gas

line i'll post prepare for that week

another drill on a holiday weekend

over here

i'm sorry madam vice president but i'll

have to ask you to evacuate the white

house we have a word of the gas leak

give me two minutes sergeant

ma'am i have good-bye sergeant

ma'am i'll finish with the rest of the

wing but when i come back you'll have to

leave the premise with me

you got it


sir looks like the marine guards have

cleared all personnel from inside the

white house

hobson is in position outside good

lock up

lower the radiation shields

hello hello




that's right keep going out here

i realize that under the circumstances

this is difficult for you to understand


but i believe this will not only benefit

the country

but your presidency as well

he's activated the whole complex sealed

off every wing in the white house and

engaged in radiation shields

it's ironic you know i'm in this room

this room is designed as an emergency

headquarters during enemy

attack mark he's thought this through

how did he manage to put this together

oh my god mr president

i should have seen it i mean mexico was

demanding all day long that he had

marines and battle fatigues on-premises

for the memorial day ceremonies now i

know why

where's that self

this is a vile assault on me the white

house and the constitution

general general you will be

court-martialed and tried for treason

perhaps perhaps not

reports confirm that while a peace

delegation is on route to zurich

president hayden has also ordered u.s

destroyers into tactical position

in response to hasid's defiance and

continued maneuvering

u.s allies have responded favorably

i am not the enemy mark neither to you

nor to the american people i simply want

a seed

to be stopped to restore

peace to the middle east security let's

double check this hallway

thompson the white house is sealed and

secured metzger has the president

you can proceed with the media

hang on i just heard something

it's all clear i'm coming down chief

lieutenant hopson director of white

house security i want to thank you for

your department's quick response what

happened exactly

cassidy alert in the west wing basement

now we've evacuated all except essential

personnel i understand the president's

in here

president general metzger are safe in

the emergency command center now how

long do you think it's going to take you

to find the leak

there are several ways we could go

fastest way we send a couple of men into

the white house basement to rule out any

any false alarm director of white house

security i want to go on the assumption

that this is real

i want to investigate the situation

fully the way to go then to start at the

street line and work our way back slowly

could take

six or eight hours or more good do it

general metzger we have some movement in

the west wing in the match

i have somebody take a look


target's maintaining its direction

hey there sorry about that a little tied

up got a lot to prepare for

it's all right

so uh i'm nervous about flying

yeah a little

you know i used to have uh fear of

speaking in public

really i know but i found that

the way to not be scared was to not

think about it to think about something

that made you feel good

pretty hard to be scared when you're


yeah you're right thanks

how dare you fire me for doing what is


i fired you because you bypassed every

channel and procedure

and ordered the ships to see and

you put young american service men and

women at risk

without the support of congress me or

the american people

ah save it for the photo ops mark

that speech today of vietnam

what do you know about vietnam i was


you'd better work i swear i'm gonna get

my money back

i hear a noise in the grand ballroom

signing off and going in over

copy that target's maintaining its




well no word yet on what caused the

security alert officials are

grateful that it did happen on the eve

of a long weekend when only a skeleton

staff still remains inside this building

we have unconfirmed reports that the

president and the joint chief of staff

chairman general james metzger

were rushed to an underground complex

before the shields went down

general messer in the end the truth will

be found out

you're going to destroy the very country

you're trying to protect

by the time a gas leak has been found

if one re-enters the white house this


will be complete this incident and all

memory of it

will stay here in this room mr president

with your cooperation of course don't

count on it

we'll see jim this can only lead to


why destroy your distinguished career

my career my career

my career is of very little consequence

mr president when my own grandchildren

cannot live in a world that is free and


from international terrorists such as

omar sea


now i've warned you mr president time

and time again but you have lane dormant

hiding behind press conferences

and peace delegations and useless

diplomacy the tyrant

will be stopped general metzger for

god's sake think about what you're doing

this is an unprovoked action

the united states will find itself

isolated from every other country in the


trust me trust me i have thought this


for some time now and

i assure you that this action

and our response will not be unprovoked

he is about to commit an act of such


that it will prove to be the final straw

to the free world

i'm about to say doesn't please me

there is a bomb aboard the plane

carrying that delegation to zurich

what when that bomb explodes

there will be ample evidence to tie it

to a sea and the united states will

instantly retaliate

with a limited nuclear strike which will

end omar

seeds aggressor empire once and

for all and you're prepared to do that

yes mr president i am

for the sake of peace


target's maintaining its direction


crowd you read over

krell come in

growl are you there over

no but


he's not responding so keep trying

growl you read over


rush kill destroy your enemy

we are in place and ready to attack

and we wonder why little boys turn out

the way they do

the enemy can blast me with their best


surrender while you can there is no

place to hide

there is no place to hide


well no word yet on the source of the

leak we have confirmed that the

president and

joint chiefs chairman and aides were

safely moved into the underground


with me now is white house security

chief lieutenant hobson

i've talked with the president and uh he

would like to assure the american people

that he and the others are completely

safe in the emergency command center

well all is well

in the nation's capital for wreah tv 12

i'm brian stone in washington

hey there sorry i didn't mean to wake

you up

oh goody lucky you

it's for mom she says he misses us


i was gonna play a game want to play

yeah not much good at video games i'll

teach ya


fire away

have you men forgotten your oath of


your sworn duty to serve your


when a government becomes destructive to

the well-being of those it governs

it is their right and their duty

to alter it to institute a new


if necessary it is their duty to throw

off such a government

and to provide new guards for their


you dare to quote thomas jefferson

to twist his words to your own agenda

the well-being of this country is in no

danger if jefferson

or washington were in this room

they would find a fellow patriot if


or washington were here today

they'd hang you for treason


try all you watching but you'll never be

able to defend this action




i understand




what happened we're supposed to be

totally self-sufficient in here

we're fine sir generator powers the

equipment the white house has emergency

lighting whoever's in there i want them


now listen up we are moving our schedule


colonel gardner sir get me commander

erickson on the phone

now yes mr endo

general metzger general metzger you'd be

very wrong to assume that hasid will be

automatically blamed

when that bomb explodes no one will

question it mr van dome

please escort our honored guests to more

comfortable quarters


situation what we need


approaching the electrical room


i hope that wasn't priceless oh

thank god what is going on metzger's

taking over command central williams

crawling gardener with him

is the president all right for now come

on look

what is metzker planning an attack on

his seed

commander erickson i am ordering

immediate deployment

for a full-scale attack on the forces of

omar seed

yes sir i just need the authorization

codes from the president

and the birds will be in the air sir

i will have those for you in a moment

mr president the codes

i'm afraid i don't follow you i need the


for commander ericsson you understand

as much as you want to be


the fact remains that i am

i will not authorize this mission

what have you ever done to earn

the title commander-in-chief

you make speeches

people like you get elected

but let me ask you something

have you ever been in combat

have you ever watched men die for the


i believe the closest you have ever come

to war is to visit the troops

at christmas

well today is the day that you are going

to learn

what it is like to be a soldier

mr president

it's either you or omar seed which is it

go ahead kill me if you want

but i will not give you those codes



at least you're willing to die for your

beliefs that's good

it's impressive but quite


you see i already have the codes

had you given them to me i would have

shot you

for treason mr president

place is completely sealed i know

mitzka knows what he's doing this whole

thing's been very carefully planned

i'm not sure how we're gonna get out of

here great we can't get out of here

until we know the president's all right

so are we supposed to get the command

complex can we get close to it

maybe we can come on with me

all right what are we looking for

laundry shoot let me think

oh here here here sure absolutely

my father was an undersecretary here

i played in the white house the whole

time i was growing up they've sealed it

up here but it's still going to work for


okay show us the way madam vice

president look great under the

circumstances let's just lose the madam

with all due respect ma'am i can't do


you have to all right what do you want

me to call you liz will work okay all

right please

all right liz let's do it one two three



hurry up ugh okay

me try all right wait wait wait wait one

more go

got it okay one good let's go

right here give me your pen lights

oh yeah that's just the way i remember

it you you're sure about this

yep this will drop us right down to the

tunnel near the command center


all right now remember when you're going

down the chute straight up and down like

the luge you know uh

was a kid too



that's not the way i remember it


hold it uh

no response from vendome general however

we do have movement

colonel gardner sir take a couple of men

find them yes car crap me with me


gardner gardner go ahead target's

moving into boiler room








less than two hours the rain of omar


will be over

executive wing copy that

he always seems to know where we are how

does he know

command central has motion detectors

yes there's

target's moving towards mansion over



sorry blake to mess up your class


right now i need their help come on guys

come on everybody out

this is important


enjoy the tour guys no charge all right

there you go blue room's the second door

on your right



what embraces is that

find out what that is


take it easy son let's get back to your


motion detectors are all going haywire



oh where'd you go rabbits


madam rabbits president

you're not supposed to be here

step aside

you know the dumb taking out his seat is

not the answer

where's your weapon boss on my desk

general metzger is right about this and

the world will think it's the perfect

response after the delegate plane


what there's a bomb on that plane

how do you know this it's part of the

general's plan

as soon as the landing gear touches down

the plane explodes

after it explodes we'll retaliate with a

full strike

and eliminate him a seed i'm sorry madam

vice president

let's move on

all right you get that one i missed

yeah i got that one


when this is over you better pray that

kevin and lowell are still alive



what are you doing even though i cut the

power i've got to try to use my backup

battery to send an email

the phone lines are out the modem lines

are completely separate how do i do this


pretty god they get this in time

you really hurt

is it broken i don't think so

i'm only going to slow you down look you

stay here and take care of yourself

i've got to keep going liz what listen

to me

be smart don't be careless you don't

have to prove yourself to anyone

but you do have to survive especially if

the president doesn't

i know

she sends me hundreds we can check them

when we finish the game







you are the master i'm glad you're

relievers you did good that's a tough


yeah i'm no match for the master of the

universe i'm gonna go to the bathroom

you can check my email

just click mail

you happy

15 delegates from 24 countries around

the world

media coverage for as far as the eye can

see and security like you have never

seen before

with the delegations playing in the air

as we speak what do you make of this

aggressive stance taking place

while this bold action is seemingly at

odds with the president's call for a

peaceful solution

it does show commitment and leadership

which some people think has been sorely


and uh the president has definitely sent

hasid a very strong signal that he will

not tolerate any further aggression





we sure the source of the email

absolutely we can't afford to treat this

as a joke

all right we'll start an immediate

search but we're only 25 minutes from


if anybody was gonna do anything it

seems that they've done it already

you know we have to be certain so call

the home

give me that


madam vice president what a surprise oh


i'm full of them today i'm glad you

found some use for your marine training

madam vice president

you've really lost control haven't you

on the contrary elizabeth i am very much

in control

you know i remember so well your

lectures on crisis and power

who knew that you'd become a case study

there is no crisis elizabeth

well then end this gym by god or i will

a minus lane form good content lacking

you have taken the president of the

united states hostage

and you put my family in danger now i'm

offering you the easy way out but either

way i'm

stopping you

sir we're 30 minutes until target


commander erickson's online

commander erickson sir we're in position

we only require the final authorization


general metzger we're standing by to

receive the authorization code

give me the codes

commence proceedings




sir i acknowledge receipt of the

authorization code

we're prepared to launch our strike

is everything all right

i'm not gonna lie to you kevin that

email said that there's a bomb on board

the plane

it's okay we're gonna find it

everything's gonna be fine


how far away from zurich 18 minutes





we've checked everywhere that can be

checked without taking the plane apart

there's nothing more we can do until we





ladies and gentlemen this is your

captain speaking

we are on final approach for zurich

please prepare for landing

10 minutes


for i have seen death

the story of worlds


sir yes


what is that


us anywhere


this is vice president lane i need an

urgent patch to the delegation plane

on route to zurich yes ma'am

don't land do not try to land

it's okay ready for landing gear

visual contact with runway delegation

plane do you read me over this is the

delegation plane go

this is vice president lane in

washington we have learned that there is

a bomb

aboard your plane got your email and

swept the plane you can't find it

visual contact with runway no do not


you will trigger the bomb



stabilized at twenty thousand feet

eight minutes to target

senator the captain you see you in that

cockpit immediately you stay with him

what's happening vice president sir liz

lowell thank god now listen to me very

carefully the bomb is set to go off in

seven minutes

we can't defuse it from here someone has

to get it loose from the wheel well

and drop it over the water now the wheel


no you can do it lowell i know you can

i'm counting on that weekend with you

don't let me down never plan

this is chief of staff davies in the

command complex get the marines in here


this yes let's get's launched i know i

know i know we need the code

book where is it metzger's got the codes

what six minutes to target



let's go



there it is

freeze or i'll shoot i

swear i'll


the shoot this is president hayden i

want those planes turned around now

i'm sorry mr president the direct attack

order from chairman messenger

can only be overwritten with the proper

college i don't care about the stupid

codes there's no time

i'm trying to stop an unprovoked bombing

that could lead us into another world


regulations say those codes i don't care

about regulations

i am the president now get on the radio

call those pilots and i want to

back on the ground now i'm sorry

it's all fail-safe to prevent sabotage

the only way to stop them now

is to provide the computer with the

correct abort codes



stay where you are elizabeth or i'll

shoot i swear it give me the code book


in two minutes it won't matter give me


book no

a seed will be stopped at all costs

you can't decide this alone if you do

this you won't be any different than him

give it to me

you say that to me

i've served my country

from the battlefield

to the hallowed halls of washington

i've given it my all

give me the gun jim please

two minutes to target

target enrage looking good


i have no regrets


if i can cut it loose we can drop it

over the water


you can't reach it from here





30 seconds

the cut against the grain of the strap

he's almost got it we're over lakes and

even now


mr the president sensation dynamic tango




target and range


lock it on


babies fellows get over to the pentagon

right away

all right radio transmitting i want to

hear the instant the bomb is cut

loose keep going kevin you're doing


i've almost got it just a second


i won't

there's still time son




leveled up kid

your heart

you did it i've known you for years i

watched your father grew you

i knew you were special but i didn't

know how special

uh he would have been incredibly proud


british and french reports tonight

confirmed that u.s

military maneuvers did occur this

evening and the supporters of omar hasid

are in disarray

for more detail we take you now to a

special un

report that is correct here in zurich oh

great they did it

all right

good morning while peaceful resolution

has been and always will be our primary


last night we were forced to take action

in the middle east

i'm happy to report that the crisis has

now ended

that brings me to something that saddens

me to announce

yesterday one of our most decorated war


the chairman of our joint chiefs of

staff general james metzger

passed away while working in the line of


his efforts and the brilliant guidance

of our

vice president elizabeth lane have

brought stability

and the possibility of real peace

i joined the american people in sending

our condolences to the metzger family

our prayers and thoughts are with you

jim will be laid to rest

in arlington national cemetery on


with full military honors

good morning and god bless us all


hey mom wait up come on


come on


you and me imagine

we're exactly where we need

to be misunderstanding now


it's just humanity

everybody wants to be


one voice


you know i know it's not a

dream i still believe in

one world

one voice


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