April 15, 2024

Manchester City win the Champions League to complete the treble

Published June 12, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

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Manchester City have become the second English side to win the treble after they defeated inter Milan in the champions League final.

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Manchester City completes a historic

treble with victory over into Milan in

the Champions League final


Rob 3 the match winner as City win the

champions league for the first time and

become the sixth English side to win

European football's biggest prize

thank you

underlines his status is one of the

greatest managers of all time after

sealing a second travel


good evening and welcome to Sky Sports

News on a famous night for Manchester

City 15 years after Shake mantor bought

the club City finally lift the European

Cup and they've become just the second

team in English football history to win

the treble following the footsteps of

Manchester United in 1999




Delight then for the fans in Manchester

as rodri scored the goal that sealed a

first Champions League trophy for

Manchester City

and over to Milan at the San Siro the

Moose less than joyous in defense

devastated that they couldn't ruin

Manchester City's travel


well after near misses an absurd exit

Manchester City are finally European

Champions and treble winners it was

rodery who scored the only goal in a

one-nil win over Inter Milan we'll be

speaking to our chief reporter Carvey

solico very shortly indeed but before we

do so before Manchester City player

Keith Carter's been watching it all

agonizing 90 minutes and but in terms of

how this match Was Won you you said it

might come down to a mistake but it came

down to a clinical finish from one of

their most Dependable players yeah

um I think he's had a fantastic season

as I've

um all the players at City I think I

think everybody will say no it wasn't

the final that they expected I think

they uh credit will go to Inter Milan

because I think they made it very very

difficult the city will be slightly

difficult pep will be slightly

disappointed because of the standards

that he sets about some of the the

passage that went Australian made the

game more difficult for them but it

showed a result off today that finding

that finding another way to win you've

got to say Edison uh as one in the cup

with the two two fantastic saves well I

mean we should talk about that shouldn't

we because in terms of Taking Chances

rodri took his when he was given that

opportunity it opened up for him he

curled it around the two intermen in his

way but there were some great chances

after that for Inter Milan went there

again if

City I think any team a fragile uh or

can be frail where balls coming in the

box and there's a willingness and the

opposition is getting numbers into the

box and that was shown today every time

the ball is going in the wide areas I'm

saying you've got to stop the cross

you've got to stop the cross because

it's a goal scoring opportunity uh

Edison today that came out uh made two

great saves took the pressure off when

was needed again and I didn't think you

started the game the best well I was

going to say he was jittery I mean he

made a little bit of a kind of you know

uncertain start shall we say and you

know I remember he booted the ball into

the gods and and it was you know it was

he was playing passes that hats weren't

as secure as he normally is expected to

make and but in terms of the you know

keeping cool heads who were the other

players that you looked to who did

actually deliver that and once the city

settled down they were the ones who led

on the pit yeah I've got to say

um gunduan again uh he's a player that

can go slightly under a unnoticed but he

does he makes good decisions uh silver

apart from scoring volleys in Cup finals

yeah yeah I know what you mean I was

glad runs the game but in his own quite

understandable yep I was glad when Carl

Walker came on at the end he gives me

that Assurance with the and I think it

gives other players that Assurance with

his recovery ones uh and his Dynamic

Pace again but now again I think there's

um there's a team ethic there's a

there's a there's a togetherness not

only of the team of the football club

which I think is rightly boy everybody

is on the same page well you mentioned

it listen there you mentioned rotary we

should also mention two players that

went off the field of play before the 19

minutes Kevin De bruyne crucially in

that first half how much might that have

rocked City and into at one point felt

like they were in the game and maybe

could have made even more of a contest

because of that and I think it happened

just as Kevin Went off I think that gave

into a lift thinking well one of the

pieces of Jigsaw uh from the city team

is now missing

um but again for Phil foden

um he's not a bad replacement is he so

when he came back in but again uh Kevin

De bruyne and missing gave them gave

them a lift then sit in needed to to

readjust and I think they did as it

happens Phil foden could have scored it

could have made the difference had a

great chance Sydney through on goal

Andre and Anna with a comfortable save

away to his left and also just a word

for John Stones because you know he's

had this incredible you know a different

season where he's transitioned into this

sort of hybrid position in between a

sort of a center-back and and a

midfielder how do you feel that this

what will this mean to him especially

given that that context excellent I

think he's probably the one that

um the last five six minutes of the game

on what Johnstone's on the pitch because

you know the his bravery his personality

his determination his aerial ability his

physical physicality in the Box you want

the John stones in the team you don't

want him stunning the dog out watching

the last couple of minutes did you know

because he would go and put his head on


um but again first off this is just a

personal opinion I think he played a

little bit too far forward because then

them on the transitions

um too quickly inter we're able to get

3v3 4v3 at times and you're saying well

John you're going to be a defensive

Midfield player not an attacking

Midfield player

stay right there Keith we'll come back

to you in a moment let's go live now to

Istanbul and to the circular Olympic

stadium and join our chief reporter car

base holocaal at carved what about what

this result means the magnitude of this

win this Triumph and to finally lift

that trophy that they've so craved

yes I mean if you're a Manchester City

supporter it does not get better than

this Manchester City have become only

the second english team to win the

treble they have emulated what their

great Rivals Manchester United did back

in 1999 and you have to keep in mind

that when Manchester United won the

treble 24 years ago Manchester City were

actually in the third tier a couple of

days after United won the treble they

played in the uh the division one I

think it was called in those days uh

which was basically the third level

playoff against Gillingham and they were

two nil down with a few minutes left so

it's been an incredible journey for some

of these Manchester City supporters

who've been there for the whole time

back to when uh City used to play at

Main Road back to when uh Manchester

City were almost a joke people used to

refer to Main Road as the theater of a

comedy I I used to remember that phrase

being used on the radio when I used to

listen to radio commentaries from main

road but look an incredible achievement

a perfect season as far as City

supporters are concerned they won the

league Arsenal pushed them a lot of the

way but in the end they won the title

pretty comfortably FA Cup Final as well

they didn't really have to be at their

best to beat Manchester United and this

evening I think it was a little bit

harder than a lot of people thought it

was going to be because I thought Inter

Milan played very very well indeed but

you never got the feeling that inter

were going to win this game because

Manchester City just looked so dangerous

going forward and yet again you see the

strength in depth they've got on the

bench with players like Phil foden

coming in and you have to say that over

the 90 minutes it was fully deserved and

over the course of the Season uh the

treble fully deserved

let's talk about that word because it's

been the one the t word that Manchester

fit City fans have been hoping for for

such a long time and for Pep Guardiola

the second time he's achieved it after

doing it with Barcelona in 2009 what's

the significance of this for Pep

well look everybody knows already that

he he's the best coach in the world uh I

mean what he does with players the way

he innovates the way he improves already

brilliant players is quite remarkable

and the funny thing about the technical

area at this Stadium behind me it was so

big uh that Pep Guardiola at times

almost seemed like he was taking part in

the game both him and Simone and zagi

were involved from the very first second

to the last second he was animated he

was arguing with his players he was

urging the Manchester City supporters to

turn up the volume and back their

supporters more but I don't think pep

guardiola's reputation rested on what

happened here tonight even if City had

lost I'm pretty sure that they would

have gone and won the European Cup at

some point under Pep Guardiola because

they are just such a great side such a

great Squad and in Pep Guardiola of

course they have one of the greatest

managers of all time

and how much relief will there be

amongst the people who own Manchester

City because this is the reason they

brought in Pep Guardiola they finally

got the pot they won


yes I mean I think it was very

significant that shake commands saw the

Manchester City owner was here to decide

for only the second time since he bought

the club in 2008. I think he watched

them back in 2010 uh when they beat

Liverpool three nil in a Premier League

game he had not watched Manchester City

in the flesh since then except I think

for a couple of friendlies uh in the UAE

but he was here this evening I'm sure

he'll be very delighted and you have to

keep in mind as well looking back all

those years when he did Buy Manchester

City I think he only spent about 200

million pounds and at the moment they're

people trying to buy Manchester United

for five billion pounds so what he has

done is remarkable of course uh lots of

managers before Pep Guardiola have won

the title at city as well I'm thinking

of Rebecca Mancini I'm thinking of

Manuel Pellegrini as well uh Pep

Guardiola has really taken them uh to

another level and now they joined that

select group of English clubs uh who

have lifted the European Cup I'm

thinking of course of Liverpool I'm

thinking of Manchester United I'm

thinking of Chelsea I'm thinking of

Aston Villa I'm thinking of Nottingham

Forest who did it twice under uh Brian

Clough and let's not forget Celtic as

well because they were the first British

side to lift the European Cup as well so

dream come true for City supporters

dream come true for the players uh Pep

Guardiola his coaching staff and of

course the people who run and own

Manchester City

and in some ways especially as far as

personnel has been concerned cover it's

been a season of transition for City

letting the likes of zinchenko and

Governor Joseph go and then of course

while cancelo but clearly one of the key

moves was bringing in erling Harlan 52

goals in all competition this season not

on the score sheet tonight but I mean

you talk about taking City to another

level this is a man who's done exactly

that isn't he

it is I mean the impact he's had on

English football has been incredible and

he didn't score tonight as you mentioned

this is his longest ever gold drought in

the Champions League this is the first

time he's gone three full games without

scoring a goal and I think uh his goal

scoring record at the end of this season

has been pretty poor by his standards I

think he's only scored once in the past

eight games but 52 goals uh in 53 games

I mean he has done exactly what Pep

Guardiola wanted from him his impact has

been incredible I know there are a few

doubts at the beginning of this season

people were scratching their heads and

wondering whether he could fit into

Manchester City's style of play whether

he was Pep guardiola's kind of player

well he silenced all those critics

because he's had an incredible season

and he didn't score tonight but he was

still a real handful for inter's defense

the way he struck features their three

center-backs creating space for some of

uh City's other players to do what

they're good at I've just got to say a

word as well about Inter Milan because

a lot of people didn't expect them to do

very much at all uh this evening but I

thought they played very very well

indeed and I think the key moment for

them I think it was in the 88th minute

right at the end of the game where they

had that golden chance that fell to

romello Lukaku he had a free header just

a couple of yards out all he had to do

was place that head at either side of

Edison but unfortunately he headed it

down straight at Edison if that had gone

in if that had gone in there's a very

very good chance that the game would

have ended 1-1 and we would be playing

extra time at the moment so I know City

are going to dominate all the headlines

rightly so an incredible achievement to

win the treble but let's not forget

Inter Milan as well because I thought

they played exceptionally well this


of the the state of play in Europe as a

whole in the last five Champions League

finals three of them have been won by

English sides Liverpool in 2019 Chelsea

in 2021 and Manchester City this time

around we've also had three runners-up

who have been English as well Tottenham

in 2019 City and 21 and Liverpool last

season when they lost to Real Madrid in

Paris is there any at all any discussion

of the fact that being the Premier

League is the strongest League of the

world but also the English signs are now

regularly consistently uh you know the

very top teams in this competition as


yeah we're going almost back to the uh

sort of 80s uh when late 70s and 80s

when English clubs used to dominate the

European Cup as it was called in those

days yes of course you speak to anybody

in football and they will tell you that

when it comes to uh the world leagues

the Premier League is by far the

strongest the most watched the most

popular the richest league as well and

quite a lot of the other big clubs in

Europe are scratching their heads

wondering what they can do to compete

with these big Premier League clubs a

lot of people of course watch the kind

of football that Manchester City play

they admire it they admire what Pep

Guardiola has done but at the same time

they look at it and think we just can't

compete with this we cannot uh spend the

same kind of money that clubs like

Manchester City matches to United

Chelsea have been spending but I think

it would be a mistake to characterize

Manchester City's achievements under Pep

Guardiola as being just down to money

yes of course a lot of money has been

spent at Manchester City I think since

uh uh Shake Master bought the club their

NetSpend has been more than any other

club in the world but in the past few

years they have been bringing that down

other clubs like Manchester United have

been spending more money than them but

European clubs you know the aristocrats

of European football clubs like

Barcelona Real Madrid Juventus even PSG

financially at the moment cannot compete

with not just Manchester City but lots

of other clubs in the Premier League as

well and that is one of the reasons why

people were going around trying to set

up a European Super League because they

want to figure out a way to compete with

the power of the Premier League I think

a lot of people will be hoping look we

had phases in the past where for

instance serial was the strongest league

in the world then we had La Liga

dominating with Real Madrid and that

great Barcelona sides and now it's the

turn of the Premier League at the moment

it looks like it's going to last forever

but who knows what's going to happen in

the future

that chair you would have heard behind

you is for the trophy lift Manchester

City and the squad are there on the

podium and they have lifted that Trophy

and the man with the cup in his hands is

the Manchester City Club Captain ilkai

gunduan but perhaps you know not wanting

to to put any kind of Downer on this but

obviously his future is very much uh in

question isn't it and and it doesn't

seem certain that he will be at the club

Beyond the summer

I don't think it's certain as far as

Manchester City are concerned as far as

Pep Guardiola are concerned they want

him to stay but the problem they've got

is that he's going to be out of contract

and lots of other clubs want him as well

he's been linked with Arsenal uh he's

been linked with Barcelona I've been

reading reports that PSG would like to

sign him as well but look let's not take

anything away from this glorious moment

in his career he's behind me in that

Stadium as you said lifting the European

Cup I think if something can be

organized between his representatives

and Manchester City it would sue all

parties if he was to sign a new contract

at Manchester City and prolong his stay

at the club that would be the end of a

perfect season uh for ilkai gundogan I

think and also for Pep Guardiola because

he's made no secret of the fact that he

wants good again to stay

finally as we as we see pictures now of

the entire city backroom staff everyone

who works for the team with the team

with those players they're gathered

around the trophy I mean it seems that

they've created something so very

special here Carver it is a bit of a

dynasty isn't it when you think of five

Premier Leagues in six seasons now this

domestic and European travel which

hadn't been done for 24 years but how

how do City follow this and how do they

match this level of intensity and

success and attainment when it comes to

next season and the seasons that follow

well look I think the great sides uh

left the European Cup more than once

there's no reason why this should be the

end of a cycle at Manchester City uh Pep

Guardiola has made it clear that he

wants to stay at city for a long time uh

you know clubs like inter for instance

of one uh the European Cup three times

Liverpool have won it six times uh you

know Nottingham Forest won it twice I'm

sure Manchester City going forward are

going to try and win the European Cup

again and again and again and there's no


why they won't if they keep the same uh

nucleus of the squad they have in place

which I think they're going to if pep

guard he only stays which he's

definitely going to stay the owners are

not going to go anywhere uh the chief

executive the director of football are

all people who work in perfect harmony

with Pep Guardiola so unfortunately for

cities Rivals their competition I think

this uh a dynasty in European football

is just beginning because you don't

really have to have a very vivid

imagination to uh imagine City lifting

this trophy again and again and again

Olympic Stadium thank you very much

indeed for the moment

well let's get some further Reflections

from the former National City player

Keith curl who's still in the studio

just just soaking up this this moment

watching all of those celebrations

listening to what Carvey had to say what

in your mind is the significance of this

moment of this Triumph finally that

European Cup for Manchester City that

they've wanted for so long again I think

it's part of uh part of the club's

Journey part of Pep and the club's

journey two things that stood out to me

after the game final whistle's gone all

the players and the staff they're on and

they're celebrating the the cameras cut

to pep and he's talking tactics with one

of his coaches he's just won the

Champions League and he's talking

tactics about the game then when the

when the players have lifted the cup and

they're enjoying the celebrations pep

takes a step aside and collapse the

players he appreciates the work that

they've done for him uh but as well as

is that that acknowledgment from the

manager to the players and being

prepared to say Well done chaps you've

done what I needed you to do that not


gaming game out throughout the season to

win the treble and he's prepared to

stand there and applaud them it's not

always been the case that pep Guardia

has made the soundest decisions in these

kind of matches before we know about the

the defeat to Chelsea two years ago

those semi-final defeats as well

particularly the likes of Leon the

covert season Monaco before as well um

but what do you think he's got right

this season when it's come to making

those key decisions both tactically and

in terms of managing this squad I think

trust which is um is probably a

misunderstood word or overused word in

football trust and honesty and I think

he's got that in abundance with the

players it with his relationship with

the players and with the football club

again yeah yeah he's a coach players

make mistakes but coaches take the

responsibility of players making

mistakes but if you go into a game when

he has a game plan and it doesn't work

um does that is that a failure no is

game plan on that day didn't work is an

excellent manager he's an excellent

manager he's a he's a coach and a

manager that you uh that you think every

player would love to play for he's had

those challenges though this season so

for example Schwab can Sello and

obviously a clearly a Fallout between

play area coach or coaching staff or you

know that it was clear he needed to move

on but then equally there was there was

talk towards the end of the season about

potentially relationship with Kevin De

bruyne because he wasn't starting as

many games not getting as many as many

minutes how difficult is that to to be

able to manage that across a squad of

such talent and so many players who all

could walk into any other team I've done

it in a few interviews that I've had

prior to uh well not only to this game

to a few games how he manages egos

players egos it's one of those sign for

me sign for the football club Park your

ego and leave it in the car park when

you come in this is how we work this is

how I work as a manager this is where

expectations are and I think those are

laid out before a player even puts pen

the paper and when you think of what

Manchester City have been sort of

building and and the momentum over the

last few years you know reaching that

Championship final two seasons ago now

getting over the line and this domestic

trouble how excited are you about what

more could come because as Carver was

saying this doesn't need to be the end

oh it could just be the beginning I

don't I don't think it will be the end I

think again I think there will be a

journey for this football club for these

players and the management staff to go

on that we'll see more and more

consistent success are you expecting

there to be many changes I mean cave was

saying there about keeping the nucleus

of the squad there has been some

transition this season of course they

let the likes of zinchenko and garage

sales go to Arsenal and also make good

use of those players

um then obviously Joan cancello moving

but Harlan comes in do you expect there

to be more of those fluctuations or do

you think it is going to be a little bit

of a quieter some of the city ahead I

think it will be quieter because you win

the treble your foundations your

fundamentals of what you're looking for

are in place yeah there will be some

players that haven't had had the starts

that they think their career will will

Merit or warrant at this particular time

but again I think it would probably be

their choice all right so if you're

playing and you're playing for a club

that just won the treble and you haven't

played games uh there's an answer you

need to be playing if you don't see your

way getting into the team is one of

those yeah you go and play football

um Keith if you don't mind we'd like to

you to stay with us for a little while

longer as we continue to reflect on this

on this domestic and European travel

that's been completed Now by Manchester

City but in the meantime

um let's just give our audience a few

more details on what happens next for

Manchester City so the squad will travel

back to Manchester on Sunday afternoon

they'll be flying on a unique Club liver


etiad Airways obviously Boeing 7879

Dreamliner they will then celebrate this

historic achievement with an open top

bus parade through Manchester City

Center on Monday the 12th of June so

that's just in a couple of days time and

we have already heard from the

Manchester City Captain ilki gundamen as

part of of this statement the Manchester

City have released he said this this is

a really proud moment for everyone at

this football club we work so hard every

single day we have wanted to win this

trophy for so long the champions league

is a beautiful competition we're all

incredibly happy to have won this team

deserves the highest recognition and

winning the Champions League elevates us

to the very top of the game and to win

the treble is something amazing it is

the ultimate achievement for any club

team and we have done it it reflects the

quality we have in our Squad but it also

shows how dedicated we are I want to

thank the Manchester City fans for their

support this season I can honestly say

that we could have not have done this

without them they have been amazing and

they deserve this moment


so Manchester City our European

Champions finally and treble winners

these the scenes in Manchester at the

fan Zone will have more reaction

throughout the night stay with us



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