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Messi's Magic at the 2015 Copa del Rey Final | ESPN FC Sport Science

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Bethany

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during the 2015 Copa del Rey final

Leonel Messi demonstrated the skills

that make him the best footballer on the

planet with his first goal of the match

after receiving the ball just past

midfield Messi goes from virtually zero

to nineteen point five miles an hour in

just 2.7 seconds

that's an acceleration on par with an

American football speedster NFL all-pro

Jamaal Charles and Messi does it with

the ball at his feet but his three

defenders trap him on the sidelines each

coming within six feet of the ball Messi

begins to decelerate this allows him to

make three short controlled touches

effectively beating the Bilbao players

in just 1.2 seconds as he enters the box

Messi uses an inside-out booth to open

up more than five feet of space this

gives him just enough room to rip a 48

mile per hour near post shot

that misses the keepers outstretched

hand by less than six inches in a span

of just over 11 seconds in a possession

that covered nearly 60 yards the ball

was more than 2 feet away from Messi

just twice and for a grand total of less

than 2 seconds and the finish was just

as spectacular as the dribble to fit the

ball in a window that small from 14

yards away

Messi's lateral aim couldn't be off by

more than 3/4 of a single degree that

means if Messi's point of contact on the

ball shifted left or right by just 1.5

millimeters he misses

that's a margin of error about the width

of a blade of grass

and the incredible precision Messi

showed on this goal is why in La Liga

this season Messi converted on his shots

at a rate 21% higher than the average

forward for ESPN sports science I'm John



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