June 23, 2024

💸 Mike Tyson's $10 Million IRS Debt! | #shorts #finance #celebrity #miketyson

Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

Join Baller Biz Moves as we discuss the shocking revelation that Mike Tyson owes $10 million in IRS debt. Learn how this former boxing champion got into such financial trouble and what he's doing to get out of it. Tune in now! #BallerBizMoves #MikeTyson #IRSDebt #finances #celebrityfinances #taxes #taxdebt #podcastnews #bankruptcy #financialtrouble


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Mike Tyson 10 million dollar IRS debt

once the heavyweight champion of the

world Tyson was brought down by a series

of personal and financial setbacks at

one point he owed the IRS over 10

million dollars in back taxes but Tyson

refused to give up he worked hard to get

his finances back on track and in 2020

he returned to the ring for a highly

publicized exhibition match today Tyson

is worth an estimated 3 million dollars

a far cry from his previous financial

troubles his story is a testament to the

power of perseverance and hard work so

if you're facing Financial setbacks

remember that it's never too late to

turn things around


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