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Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport Highlights for 2022

Published June 12, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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Administration has been investing

immensely on culture Youth and Sport

development initiatives these include

embracing new and innovative ideas

training extensively for a digital

economy providing a platform for

creatives while facilitating organized

sporting activities across the country

this year the ministry held its first

ever summer camp program which saw over

240 young people in eight different

camps across the country being immersed

in arts and culture there were many

reasons that we wanted to do this one is

that we wanted to simulate a lot more

creativity amongst young people which is

going to be very important for the labor

industry as as they move forward

creativity has become going to become a

lot more important uh that was one of

the reasons the second is that we wanted

to introduce them to many more cultures

too and that's what we were able to do

because you know they had very different

areas of Engagement in different

cultures and that was significant for

what we were set out to achieve Guyana

was also showcased on the world stage in

Dubai this Excellency Dr Mohammed Irfan

Ali also took the time to paint the

picture of the one Guyana ideal in

Beauty and culture we are a

Multicultural Society

in which our various peoples coexist in


this diversity is one of our greatest


and it is my ambition

to let the Melting Pot of one Guyana

be a model of unity and diversity

leading to the prosperity of all our



thank you

the ministry of culture Youth and Sport

also launched the cultural creative

Industries Grant the grant provided an

opportunity for young people to share

their talents and passion through the

creative industry as a critical aspect

of the country's diversity some of the

youths who benefited welcomed the

opportunity to contribute to the overall

development of the creative industry

I think it's very important especially

to the development of Guyana but also

development of the small man so that he

could develop his business

his or her business so that they can

then in turn help and assist others it

creates jobs it creates specialization

especially in artistic Fields I think

it's a great initiative I feel like the

creative industry has been one that has

been long neglected so I think it's

excellent that the ministry is put an

emphasis on this I think it's a great

opportunity for us creatives and I'm

grateful for it the culture on Creative

Industries Grant as well as the Showcase

in Dubai created the enabling

environment that was needed for guyana's

hosting of the CPL Cricket Carnival the

first ever one Guyana mega concert was

also a highlight for the year


continuing in the advancement of the

Performing Arts the ministry embarked on

another project that many performers

have said was long overdue and in sport

the government has done exceptional work

in its community-grown rehabilitation

program one of the communities to

benefit from the Fulfillment of

government's commitment was boxed on the

east coast of demarara requests for

upgrade of the Buxton Community Center

grown by residents was fulfilled almost

immediately with the donation of sports

equipment the minister handed over a

pair of modern professional fiberglass

basketball backboards and Hoops a John

Deere tractor and grass cutters this is

a great great initiative

taken by Mr Ramson

you know things like this

what won the hearts

of our people when they're seeing you're

not only seen but you're doing on spot

and this going to travel a far away

across our spectrum of Guyana to see the

work that the minister is doing and I

applaud him for this great effort that

he had made in region 10 the

long-awaited synthetic truck saw a

movement by the ministry towards

fulfilling its promise to the youths and

athletes of Linden Minister Robinson had

provided an update under this project at

a local radio station in terms of the

big part of our budget we spent over 1

million euros Euros on the acquisition

the procurement and acquisition of the

synthetic material

we made that payment this was directly

to a vsw in in Germany and this was the

same company that was identified uh when

the Omission in the initial project

over 1 million euros we paid we procured

and obtained it is now in the possession

of the ministry of culture Youth and

Sport at the National Stadium securely


thank you


the sports academies continued to be

ruled out the academies were designed to

increase sport Administration and

Covenants as well as to Foster

world-class Talent right here in Guyana

and what we've been doing is focus

all the sports associations

to develop world-class efforts these

academies are also the first of its kind

at the Academy is a problem that

functions very much like the

education system that unveils

aggressively until you become a

world-class academic now that requires

stuff in the government and before it's

not on the association but it also

requires that from the athletes

themselves because the ones who want it

the most and knowing

is those are the ones that are going to

be able to see themselves at the highest

level in their respective sport the

national sports commission and SC

continues to oversee the work of the

national sports academies


looks to become a stronger force in the

region the approach taken by the pppc

government has engendered Pathways for

significant development among the youth

population the relaunch of the

inter-gayana games in November is one

perfect example

to stand on the stage

to relaunch

in a new format

and the beginning

of a transformation


of the repositioning

of this part of the world

where we can become a metal for sporting

and cultural activity as we continue to

grow and prosper

it is very important for our nation

for the Nations which really

that we continue to build the bonds of


builds our society our nation and our





thank you



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