April 21, 2024

MOODY MOVIE ROOM MAKEOVER ✨ The Reveal ✨ DIY Hidden Movie Screen & Decorating!

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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I am so excited to share the second completed space in my new (yet very old) home! This room was formerly the dining room for the downstairs unit. After converting the duplex into a single family home, I wanted to make the layouts feel different by turning rooms into unique spaces such as this movie/game room!


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in my last two videos we started

transforming this formal dining room

into a movie game room and that meant

some dark paint on the walls so I did

this chocolate brown on all the walls

including the ceiling I got to see the

sectional recovered that I found on the

side of this tree including this Hutch I

found at a thrift store for a couple

hundred dollars laid down the rug and

got the coffee table in place

hi everybody welcome back to part three

of our movie Room Makeover as you guys

saw in part one and part two we have

done quite a bit in here this room was

originally yellow it got painted Rojo

maroon by Sherwin Williams and then we

brought in a bunch of the furniture

including the incredible couch that I

found on the back of a pickup truck and

had repolstered so that is now in the

space in this video we're adding a bunch

of the final touches so one thing that I

actually already did last night which

I'm gonna put some clips up and overlay

here are the curtains in here I actually

wasn't thinking too much about curtains

until kind of after we got everything in

here and I realized how intense the

sunlight was in the space so as you guys

can see when I pan over here it's kind

of hard to tell but there is a beam

right along the edge of these windows

here so I am actually going to be

creating a DIY Valance that's going to

be going over the top of the beam that

way we're able to hang curtains on the

underside of the beam

um so it's going to cover it but it's

going to be like a temporary yet

permanent solution like it's not

something we're going to be taking down

but it is something that you could

remove if one day in the future I wanted

to take it off you know the beams will

still be there so we're going to start

with that project today I actually went

ahead and got some plaid fabric at a

fabric store yesterday and it was

affordable I could not believe the price

it was only twenty dollars a yard for

linen fabric which I thought was so

great but I went ahead and dyed it last

night with some dark brown Rit dye in

the bathtub never done anything like

this in the terms of a large piece of

fabric I'm dying I've always just dyed

like small little projects here or there

and it actually turned out pretty good I

washed it in the washing machine and

then dried it overnight and we took it

out this morning and this is what it

looked like so let's actually start

mapping out this Valen situation

to create your balance the first thing

that you're going to want to do is

figure out how long you want it to be so

I actually measured the length of my

beam and then I transferred that to a

one by eight Pine board that I picked up

at the hardware store and then just cut

that down using a circular saw

we are going to be hanging this with

these little uh picture hanger Hooks and

these essentially go on the back of

picture frames or like art pieces and

we're going to be adding one on either

side but what we're going to do is

actually find the placement drill a hole

all the way through the piece of wood

where uh we're gonna need to essentially

hang this up so kind of like right

here-ish and then put it up on the wall

so that we can Mark exactly where we're

gonna need to hang it on the wall if

that makes sense or on the beam so we

could put a hook on the beam so I'm

marking exactly where the hook is going

to be fastened to the actual oval part

of that hanger and then I'm going to use

a drill bit that's wide enough for me to

get a pencil in there and Mark this is

all going to be covered by batting and

fabric so don't worry about that once

you have your hole drilled I just

screwed in that picture hanger hook and

then Justin and I ended up just kind of

placing this where we want it to go so

this is kind of where the balance is

going to be hanging and I screwed that

hole wide enough that way I was able to

use a pencil to Mark where I want those

hangers to be because then our Hook is

going to be in the perfect spot and when

it's all fabricated it's it's going to

be easy to hang this right up so these

are the hooks that I'm using and the

reason I'm using these picture hanger

hooks is because you just use two tiny

nails to actually insert them and it got

really blurry here so sorry about that

having a music video effortless Beauty

looks always

here's an accurate depiction of what

hammering those in looks like and yes

that hook is now up so we could hang

this I just wanted to test to see if it

was going to hang perfectly and it

looked incredible so now we can actually

get to fabricating this


I am currently at a jake Arnold for

Crate and Barrel event

because he came out with this incredible

beautiful collection with Crate and

Barrel his work is honestly some of my

favorite work probably should get my

phone before I leave it just look at

this chair

look at this are you kidding me this

chair is everything look at the fabric

and the iron arms it's just screaming to

be in my Spanish style home as you think

a little lumbar

look who it is oh this was caught on

camera you guys this is my first time

eating our bed



both of falling into this place I'm

telling you I know I get down



so we're going to be creating both a

valance and two curtain panels from this

fabric I ended up getting I think nine

yards I believe and it ended up being

the perfect amount so I cut this out

just to the width of our Valance to make

sure we had a little bit of extra on

both sides because we are going to be

stapling it on the back side so what I

did here was I actually used a moving

blanket as opposed to batting I had this

on hand so I figured I might as well

just use a moving blanket I stapled the

moving blanket down first and if you do

not have an electric stapler wow you

guys is this a lifesaver I've always had

just your nose your generic handheld

stapler but this one works so good

highly suggest I'll link it below now

I'm cutting off the excess of that

blanket we're also going to be wrapping

it around the sides and this is just

such simple reupholstery job there's no

detail to it at all the hardest part was

actually keeping the Plaid line straight

when we were upholstering but the trick

to that is really just to use a bunch of

Staples if you have a fabric that is

linear or you don't want it to stretch

in any weird Direction it just use a

bunch of Staples on your first side that

you staple down so the first area that

you staple use literally across the

entire thing Staples and then when you

pull it it's not going to pull in any

weird Direction that's just a little tip

that I have when I did this plaid we

actually had to do it twice because the

first time we only did Staples about

every like six inches or so and as you

pulled it you were able to see that so

then I went back and did Staples

probably every half of an inch and this

is how it looked like in the end and for

the actual curtain hanging hardware I

just got two small Ikea brackets and

just used one screw in each of them and

used this really skinny Ikea Rod which

is going to be fully covered by the

valance once we hang that up which was

the reason for creating that and we are

going to need some curtain panels but

believe it or not these are five minute

curtain panels I swear to you guys so I

just steamed or ironed down one end and

just sewed it with my sewing machine

this is going to be our bottom hem and

it's the only sewing that I did on the

entire curtain you can also just use

like a double-sided tape if you want to

I am going to be keeping the lefts and

right sides just as the Salvage edge of

the fabric because I actually liked mine

it had a little bit of a frayed look to

it which was kind of cute and I cut off

that excess along the bottom there I

used curtain rings and just clipped our

top Edge which is just a raw Edge that

was cut from the fabric so we're just

clipping that to the top because the raw

Edge will be hidden by the Rings and

also under the balance once you have

your panels hanging in place we just

clipped this up and the great thing is

you can take this down you can

reupholster it you could change out the

fabric if you wanted to in the future

but I love love love this plaid fabric

it's great and it's lit up really bright

like that because of the lighting we

were using at night


thank you

hi so Los Angeles is currently um

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couldn't even film it was so so so dark

in there and it's finally sunny today we

are ready to go film and I ended up

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the curtains look unreal I absolutely

love them now the top of the curtains

are getting lit by the Light because the

light only really projects up so when

it's on you kind of see more of the

brightness here but these look so good

you guys the color looks incredible just

even the like tone of the curtain when

they're in front of the window like if

we actually draw them shut I want to

show you

like if we were to shut them look how

good that looks I think it looks so

pretty and the Plaid everything lines up

nicely like I'm very very happy with how

these turned out I also got in the

mullions that I ordered for the windows

and this is what they look like same

exact Etsy shop that I've ordered all

the other ones for which I'll link it

for you guys below I think there are

stores CNC Specialties and these are

just cut out of MDF wood so they're

actually just going to be inserted into

the windows here but I do have to paint

the front side of them to match our

color in here and then the back side I'm

actually gonna be painting white to

match the exterior window color so that

way they look like they're trimmed white

on the outside I also did want to bring

up some of the comments in the last

video I saw a bunch of people commenting

about how this Hutch just feels way too

big in the room and I don't know if

maybe the perception on camera makes the

hutch look bigger but every single

person because after I saw that video

and saw so many comments I asked a bunch

of my friends who came over and Marie

and Justin and everyone like does the

hutch feel too big in here because I

personally never have even questioned it

feeling too big like it really doesn't

feel too big in here something I'll say

is that the opening right here probably

isn't your standard you know width of an

opening it is a little smaller but there

also are three different entries to the

kitchen so we have one right through

this door through that door and around

the hall as well this is also a kitchen

that we don't really access very often

and I love the scale of the Hutchin here

like I just want to kind of flip the

camera on the share with you guys I

think something else is that when I film

from this angle which is where I filmed

from for every other kind of um reveal

in the previous video you don't actually

see that there is quite a bit of space

in front of the coffee table here so

there's about I'd say maybe four feet

here or so

um but when you're back here it does

kind of make it look a little bit more

cramped where it looks like this is

right up on the couch and right up on

the coffee table when in reality I

personally feel like it it feels nice to

me like I could walk all through here

walk around here there is enough space

to definitely get around in the room and

it's a lot of room that you're going to

be doing activities in per se you more

so you know are using the sofa to watch

the TV and I wanted to get the maximum

size of TV in here and I feel like this

upper section of the hutch once we

create our pull out screen is going to

give us that

so okay so we have the hutch here and as

you guys know I originally had that kind

of wickery stuff on the inside with the

metal now this left side over here is

actually what I'm kind of wanting to do

and this is another thing that shows up

so poorly on camera this color in here I

can even tell like the screen is so

vibrant I don't know why it looks so

different from the actual wood because

it doesn't look like that in person like

even when I walk out of frame it's a

little bit more of the correct color so

I don't know the camera is just weird so

essentially I'm going to be putting this

Raffia cloth which comes on a roll onto

some pre-cut pieces of wood that we

actually had cut at Lowe's really thin

sheets of wood had them cut down to the

exact size of the insert and then we

spray painted the front side of them a

dark brown that way when we layer the

Raffia cloth over it it just kind of

deepens the color a tiny bit so that it

doesn't have like a light backing to

kind of Channel a light color uh because

the Raffia cloth is kind of see-through

so we are going to be spraying the front

of all of these placing the Raw coffee

o'clock on top of it letting it dry and

then just inserting them into this hutch

so that way this entire top section is

going to be completely closed off

storage and we're going to use this for

all of our games because we have so many

games like Monopoly life all of the

games are going to be going in this top

section of the cupboard so I'm going to

be using some Gorilla Glue spray and oh

my gosh you guys remember when that girl

got that Gorilla Glue spray in her hair

make sure not to do that but then I'm

going to be using Raffia cloth I picked

this up at the local basket supply store

which I know it's kind of hard to link

products like this so if you are in Los

Angeles it is the Kanan basket Supply in

Mid-City I absolutely love that store

the owner's incredible as well and once

that Raffia cloth was nice and adhered I

just popped that wood panel in the back

side and then I actually used a framing

tool which I am new to Justin actually

showed me one of these it is so cool I

had no idea there were framing tools

like this but if you are into framing or

into DIY projects it's definitely a tool

that can come in handy so I'll link

below the one that we ended up using and

I finished this process for the other





this looks incredible with the Raffia

cloth in the top and I do apologize

again about the lighting it is just such

a hard room to film especially when it's

raining and pouring outside which it

currently is at the moment

um but I love the way that this looks I

also like how it kind of ties back in

with our light we have some lightness

going on and then we also have some of

the lightness in the stripe here in the

Plaid so we have like the cream there we

have the cream in the wood here and then

we have the cream up here we're also

transferring it kind of into some of

these pillows as well

behind the longest part of the sofa we

just taped off this long line with some

frog tape because we're actually going

to be doing a shelf all the way across

here because something needs to hold the

projector and I also want to have an

area that I can add a couple pieces of

decor and styling and just make the

place feel a little bit more me if that

makes sense we picked up some Pine

boards from Lowe's just to select ones

so they were nice and straight and some

simple L brackets that we're going to be

attaching them to the wall with and then

painting it the same color as the walls

so it kind of acts as a makeshift

floating shelf without having to create

a full-on floating shelf


here's one of the shelves and we put the

brackets on the top side of the shelf

that way when we mount it on the wall

the Shelf weight is going to be more so

supported doesn't have a chance to Bend

forward at all and we're also not

planning on putting a ton of stuff on

the Shelf mainly just to support the

actual projector and then like some

decor and then we'll cover the brackets

with paint the board with paint so

hopefully we'll all blend in and then

just kind of strategically place Decor

over the top of the brackets now because

I have a very old home with plaster

walls I actually wasn't able to use a

stud finder properly so I just knocked

on the wall and then was able to find

the studs based off the sound and then I

used a tiny tiny drill pit to just drill

in behind basically where the Shelf

would be just to make sure that some

sawdust came out and that was the way

that I was able to achieve screwing this

shelf into the studs I'm not going to be

putting a whole bunch on the Shelf but I

did want to have a nice sturdy shelf in

case we do add things later and the

brackets in the top side of the Shelf

are going to be painted same color as

the wall and then decorated over the top

of so to continue the length of the

Shelf I'm actually going to be cutting

an additional piece of wood which is

right here and this one's cut to size to

the exact length that we want it to

continue the shelf and then at the end

I'm actually going to round this end so

it doesn't kind of like jut out of the

wall and look like just you know a

pointy corner of a shelf I want it to

kind of round back so it looks like it

flows into the wall



the reason that I actually had to use

two different shelves was because I

could not fit a 12 foot long board in my

car so I actually had to get an eight

foot and then another eight foot which I

cut down to size and this is what the

Shelf ended up looking like in the end I

gave it two coats of the same exact

color of paint which is Rojo by

Sherwin Williams





so let's get into the actual movie part

of this movie room and that's going to

be what is going to hold our screen so

this Hutch here I want to double of

course as a beautiful piece of furniture

to hold all of our games and other

things then I was thinking about

actually having a TV in the top portion

of it and then I was thinking why don't

we have a projector screen in these

drawers so what I did was I just marked

along those drawers the width that I

actually need to cut out with the jigsaw

and I'm just using a jigsaw just to

notch out about a three and a half inch

wide section on each of those drawers

because we are going to be connecting

those drawers up together and kind of

fastening them to each other and it's

going to be able to be pulled out as one

full drawer with the projector inside so

this is what the little Notch out of

that shelf ended up looking like




did still have one issue which was that

Center support beam that's kind of

separating the two different drawers I

went in with my Dremel blade thingy I

don't exactly know the name of this and

the wood was just so hard that I

actually ended up using a drill and I

drilled a bunch of holes in a line to

kind of weaken up that line and then I

used to hammer to hammer that away but

there were pegs on the top and bottom

which is why it ended up being a hard

piece to remove but once I got it out of

there we were able to put the projector

screen in the drawers and fully close

the drawers and it worked exactly how I

was kind of envisioning in my head this

is what it looks like when you open it

back up and I actually used the wood

that I cut away from the drawers and I

sandwiched two pieces together and just

screwed the two drawers together in the

front just like this


get ready for what I'm about to share

with you guys so we rigged up the

cabinet all up in here we have an open

storage of course for all of the games

which we're going to be putting inside

of these shelvings but let's say oh you

want to watch a movie you want to watch

TV you want to watch a game show you can

open up the drawer like so



and then when you're done watching your

movie or game show and also there is a

shelf underneath the camera right now

which is exactly where the projector is

sitting so if you can imagine you where

you are right now as a projector

projecting right here you're done

watching a movie you're like oh I'm

overwatching the movie I don't I need to

go to work like then you put that away

and work in a nice pretty environment

I don't even know how we did this like I

don't know how the idea came to be well

actually I do I think Justin I was

wasn't I literally like oh we could put

this projector in this drawer we were

just discussing like we could hang a

sheet yeah what we could do to like have

a projector screen originally we left

projector on top on top like we were

gonna like actually Mount the case of

the projector on top and then like be

able to pull it down but then I was like

what if we just hide it in the drawer

because there's so many drawers and it

worked so well the curtains are done the

Shelf is behind the couch the couch is

in the room the rugs down we have the

hutch and the actual movie situation of

the movie room complete and now it's

just time to decorate so let's get to




lamp is so cool I've had this kind of

hidden away from you guys just because I

want to have some pieces that you

haven't seen before kind of pop up in

the room makeovers and this I actually

got it from Badlands vintage from her

store and I love it it's completely


um it's like a teak wood light that has

these handmade Shades in it and I want

to turn it on and show you guys

what it looks like on like how great

does that look in here and I feel like

it just adds a nice warm kind of

Ambiance and glow to the space as well I

love it next to the Plaid curtains and

then right next to this I'm actually

going to be doing an accent chair as

well here's the accent chair guys and

you guys might have seen this one

um because this actually got both of

these pieces from Badlands believe it or

not and the table upstairs but I love

them and I really really really love

this chair I've always wanted one of

these rounded Reed chairs look just look

how cute right I feel like it just feels

so nice over here and then maybe even a

little side table right here with maybe

some flowers or something and then some

coffee table styling and then we have to

style the Shelf the sofa I love how

linear and how graphic it is over here

we have so many lines in the plaid and

the mullions that we added the chair is

all like rounded lines we have lines in

this piece here I love all of the lines

but they're going in all different

directions but it doesn't feel

overwhelming if that makes sense it just

feels interesting

when it came to styling the shelf behind

the couch there was really two things I

had to keep in mind the first one is

that we are wanting to hide all of those

brackets with some Decor so I kind of

have to strategically place the decor

pieces around those and the other thing

is that we are going to be having the

projector on this shelf so I did add the

projector right over a bracket which was

great so we were able to hide one of

those and then I just started pulling

things that I have been collecting from

flea markets antique shops thrift stores

over the years all of the things that I

have been keeping in my little Lone Fox

rooms and storage rooms and I also have

some of the new arrivals over on

lonefox.com in here there's some really

really cute pieces so definitely check

out the site if you haven't in a bit


thank you


if you need something to make your wood

furniture look 80 000 times better you

need this product guys I will link it

below for you it is Howard's feed and

wax it is a wood polishing conditioner

made from beeswax and orange oil and it

just brought life back to this table

there were so many people in the last

video also saying like this table needed

refinished and I even thought it might

need to refinished shoe but look how

pretty it looks looks incredible when we

just re-waxed it


it's like a Gothic candelabra I found it

at the flea market for forty dollars a

couple months back and I have been

saving this for this wall because I just

feel like this wall is so large I want

to put one thing on it that's just

really kind of focal and interesting

it's also sculptural and it's going to

add a nice glow if we do turn the

candles on so I'm going to mount this

kind of off center on this wall she's

ready to be mounted

I was inappropriate honestly




ER of the Shelf I'm actually drilling a

hole wide enough for our power cord to

go through because I did want to add a

cord cover and an actual power source up

there so I just ran a power cord up use

the cord cover and painted over the top

good morning guys it is reveal day and I

spent a couple hours this morning kind

of just playing around with the decor

I'm always someone that places it first

and then I need to like sit on it for a

bit and then kind of rearrange it see

what's working and see what's not

working and then kind of edit from there

so I spent this morning kind of redoing

some of the decor up here as you can see

I added our incredible oil painting

which I don't know if I actually shared

this with you guys but I got this quite

a while back and it was actually a

damaged oil painting that I had it

repaired just look at that piece you

guys I've always wanted an oil painting

of a portrait of someone I had no idea

who it is but they're always scary he

though gave me very genuine calming

Vibes and so I thought it was perfect

for the space but I am very excited to

reveal this to you like it is one of my

craziest designs for sure it's also one

of my favorite designs I've ever done I

really do feel like it's interesting and

it also really does feel almost like a

theater room like it really has that

Vibe especially with the alabaster

pendant that shines upwards I just you

guys are gonna have to see it for

yourself so let me reveal the movie room

to you guys in three two one




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