May 30, 2024

Museum of Pop Culture - REAL Horror Movie Props, Coraline, ParaNorman, Nirvana and MORE (MOPOP) 4K

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Join us as we visit the Museum of Pop Culture (mopop) in Seattle, Washington. We see Screen Used Movie Props from Coraline, Paranorman, Alien and MORE!!!

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Days of the Dead Chicago - Terrifier 2, Friday the 13th, Repo! The Genetic Opera and MORE!!!

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Music Video LOCATION - Inside The Soundstage

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for today's group of Adventure we find

ourselves in Seattle Washington right

now you're looking at the Space Needle


it's a little hard to see because it's

up there in the clouds it's a rainy day

here in Seattle which means

today we are visiting the Museum of pop

culture or they call it mopop

they have a couple different exhibits

here they have scared to death The

Thrill of the horror film which we want

to check out

there is a

Nirvana exhibit I think is still here

and then there's the world of Leica

I can't believe all three of those

exhibits are in this one spot and we're

going to see them today

we've been wanting to visit this museum

for quite some time and of course this

is our last day in Seattle so we had to

do it it's like thirty dollars a ticket

thirty dollars for parking unless you

get here super duper early but it's all

worth it because on the inside they got

some pretty amazing things I have a

feeling this video today is going to

blow our minds as well as yours

thank you

date you'll have never sleep


if you come to the Museum of Pop Culture

it's like thirty dollars to get in I

think that we said it earlier but in

order to see the Leica exhibit which is

this that we're going to show you right

now it's six dollars extra per person so

you kind of have to tag that on whenever

we bought the tickets online you didn't

really see an option to add to it but

trust me when I say it is worth it this

is what's going to make you lose your

mind you're gonna You're Gonna Lose Your


oh yeah we should also point this out on

the second floor leading up to the third

floor you have the giant skeleton from

the hollow bones from the movie Kubo so

jumping around a little bit here but

it's massive and it's beautiful just

like everything else

they even have the Pink Palace from

Coraline here

it is

massive look at this thing

divide all the typical limitations of

the tradition I don't know how we're

going to do it but we need this in our


every which way you look at the Pink

Palace it's just gorgeous


hopefully this gives you somewhat of an

idea of how massive it is you can see

Jessica sitting over there in front of

the spider web

what you're looking at right now is

puppet number nine of Coraline Jones

like the actual puppet

she's so cute

and then right next to her is Mel Jones

and Charlie Jones her mother and father

and of course we've got to get a shot

like this looking down with a tray of

buttons opened and


such a fun movie

if you're a fan of the movie Coraline

some of this might look familiar tacked

to these boards are different props and

costumes from the movie

man that's just it's it's really cool

they have so much stuff and we just

walked into the exhibit there's so much

to look at

and right next to that they have a

display case filled with all the

different costumes and a few of the

different puppets that they used

beautiful right

and this is just the first room The

Experience doesn't end there


oh man


all right

this just keeps getting cooler and

cooler and cooler

oh man I love it

oh wow

there's so much to look at

look at this

you have the other mother's living room

complete with a bug couch

oh man

this is how we need our house to look

like our living room

and of course

you have to have other mother and other


they also have the other YB I can just

hear his voice just looking at the

puppet and then right next to him he got

the ghost children

and then the tall ghost girl

aside from the Pink Palace one of the

other sets that I love the most about

Coraline is the garden

and they have it here on display

look at this

the pumpkin eyes

the flowers for the hair the greenhouse

for the for the bow

baby goal

this is amazing I I'm I can't stop


doing what we do we see a lot of museums

and a lot of exhibits but nothing is as

perfect as a Leica exhibit I mean

Coraline ParaNorman it's perfect

we have to have Jessica stand right next

to the display so you can kind of get an

idea of how massive these things are

what you're looking at right now is Mr

prendergast's study

hey can you imagine building this

in all the little detail


of course they would have the Blythe

Hollow witch statue here

and they have little Agatha here

I love that her eyes light up

there is just so much stuff to look at

I love there's so many different photo

opportunities too


you gotta love it you gotta if you

haven't seen ParaNorman you have to if

you haven't seen Coraline you have to

I have no idea how long this is going to

be here for but if you can make it to

the Museum of Pop Culture you need to

that brings us to the Puritan zombies

next and Jessica was just saying they

don't even look like puppets but they


Jessica's just blown away that all of

these puppets everything from ParaNorman

were all handmade and they all worked so

all of the cars moved uh lights blinked

I eyeballs lit up

it's definitely something you don't see

every day talking about taking it to a

whole new level

so we jumped right into the creepy part

of ParaNorman first I mean that's what

you're here for right but here's Norman

Babcock puppet number 23.

and then right behind him you have the


and then the Blythe Hollow Middle School


so much freaking detail

and then right in the middle of the

ParaNorman section they have a little

seating area where you can sit down

and watch well clips of the movie as

well as some behind the scenes stuff


they really did this good

next up it looks like we're going into

the world of Box Trolls

we're hurt


this is insane

what you're looking at right now is the

snatcher in this truck

driving right down Tavern Street

is it larger than life this might

actually be bigger than the Pink Palace


the detail is just mind-boggling to me


right here is eggs puppet number eight

they're right beside him you have fish

Wheels bucket and shoe

ah they're so cute


and then right here front and center you

got Lord portly Winnie portley and Lady

Cynthia portley

again there's a ton of photo

opportunities and costumes and props and

little knickknacks and doodads attached

to the wall Jessica's checking them out

like I said she loves little miniature


pretty amazing

next up we have Kubo

and the two strings

first up in the Kubo section is hanzo's


I'm gonna go buy this one really slow

because it is pretty freaking massive


me and all the different characters all

the detail even just the paper laying on

the ground just thrown about


next up we have what's known as the

fallen leaves boat

yes they have it here and it is

incredibly huge


next up we have the Sinister Sisters

right over here

as soon as we turn the corner Jessica

looked at him and she went the sisters

but there they are in all their Glory

the sisters puppet number one and puppet

number four

and right next to the Sinister Sisters

we have the moon Beast

this thing is pretty menacing

this thing is definitely menacing that's

for sure

go ahead turn this way a little bit

yeah look at those teeth

right here on display they got Kubo

puppet number five

just look how beautiful she is

and this is Mother puppet number two

from the movie

also on display they have monkey Beetle

and little Hanzo

and would you look at that they also

have the moon King puppet number two

next up we have Missing Link

just going to be completely honest with

you guys we haven't seen the Mystic link


we got to do our homework we got to

watch this one but still it is beautiful

the music the visuals and everything

about it everything about this place is

just out of this world

like I said we haven't seen the movie


but this character here is the elder

Yeti from the movie

we have another display over here Larger

than Life it says Sir Lionel Frost study


they're massive

it's really neat filming this video

because these are so detailed and

they're so perfect that I feel like I'm

filming a Leica movie for this video

because they're so massive you can just

put the camera in and everywhere you

move it is the world

the label on this display says adelina's

boat cabin

and move the camera around a little bit

so you can see a lot of the different

detail on this one as well it's smaller

than most of the others

but it's still just as detailed

the Leica exhibit is beyond amazing and

to be honest we could stay here all day

long but there are other places inside

the museum that we want to check out

gotta take a breath

gotta take a breath I'm sad to leave it


all right onward

we go

next up we have scared to death


we just noticed that the doors say PG-13

beware you ready




my word

as soon as we walked inside there's

these stairs it's like Spiral Staircase

that goes down like into the pits of

hell and we're surrounded by people

screaming like images of people



down into the depths


honestly we really don't know what to


but there is this beating heart sound

and then we come across a bit of a

a walkway that is filled with a bunch of

corpses wrapped up and hanging

I did not expect this to be at this



well the first thing that we see is this

guy right here coveralls worn by Tyler

Maine and Rob Zombie's Halloween

Larger than Life this is the brutal

Michael Myers This is really at least to

me the very first time Michael Myers

became like more than just a man walking

he was violent

and it was very controversial because of

that people liked the idea of Michael

Myers just being the silent type but no

it was more than that

right here on the wall next to Michael

Myers they have it's almost like a kill

count it's almost like collectible cards

of your favorite villains and favorite


we got one for Ghostface right next to

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th


they got Hannibal Lecter represented on

this wall

Norman Bates from psycho

got Hellraiser up on the wall with


Candyman of course Annie Wilkes From

Misery number one fan right next to

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm

Street this is just to name a few

we want to point this out for Ghostface

if you look right down here in his stats

it says likes

movie trivia and long phone calls

they have the Nemesis costume from

Resident Evil apocalypse

look how menacing this thing looks


you can get up close and personal with

the alien creature costume from Alien


we have the costume mask and machete

worn by Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

and Friday the 13th 2009. recently we

did a convention with them

I think this is a great time we're going

to post the link to that video in the

description of this one where we met the


man that's just insanely cool

still my beating heart we have Angelica

Houston's costume from The Addams Family

and Adams Family Values

this dress is Iconic to anybody who

loves horror or The Adams Family


what on Earth do we have here

I've never seen anything like this

before in a museum

says Frankenstein special effects

switchboard used for Frankenstein Bride

of Frankenstein and other films from

1930 to 1965.

I'm officially Blown Away

next up it looks like we have a room

dedicated to vampires


right here in the center that giant

crossbow is from the movie Van Helsing

where you Jackman

played Van Helsing the famed vampire



oh my God they have Mr pointy steak

it was Sarah Michelle Geller's steak

from the TV show Buffy the Vampire


and then from the 2011 remake of fright

night they have the stunt stake gun

aside from the props in the center of

this room there's a whole bunch of

stained glass windows and different

plaques and different things that you

can read that talk about the origins of

the undead like this guy over here but I

absolutely hate reading things at

museums instead I want to see the stuff

I want to play with the stuff and

there's so much to say so much to see

and you know how we love photo ops at

the Grim life Collective

there's a vampire coffin here

oh yeah

that's the pitcher right there

oh my freaking word

there's The Clapper for the movie The

Thing John Carpenter is the thing from


this is the burnt body from the thing

and then this blows my mind I'm a big

curtain Russell fan there's Kurt

Russell's hat

from John Carpenter's The Thing

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 we have a

mask worn by Leatherface as well as some

concept art

on display they have the stick figure

and high eight camcorder from The Blair

Witch Project

they have the ax from The Shining

they have the hook from Candyman

farewell to the flesh

clawed hand from the movie The Howling

Phantasm two and right above this

the machete From Dawn of the Dead

they also have Tom savini's whip from

the movie From Dusk to Dawn

dare I say this might be the coolest

thing inside this entire Museum how many

times can I say that but with all

seriousness Michael Jackson's Thriller

directed by John Landis most of the time

you'll only see Michael Jackson's

costumes this one here is one of the


it says the costume worn by Elaine Baker

and Michael Jackson's Thriller


that just blows my mind

Remember The Walking Dead the governor's

mansion how he had aquariums filled with

zombie heads

these are the actual zombie heads on

display here

last time I saw something like this it

was at the the music The Walking Dead

Museum where they filmed

those scenes and they just kind of had

something on display

nothing like this

how amazing is that


so grotesque and so lifelike

Gregory nicotero knb EFX

Jessica was just saying that for her

it's the eyes that sell it


that's what makes it realistic

now a movie that terrified me is called

video drum it starred James Woods and

Debbie Harry from Blondie was in it and

they have a scene where James Woods is

standing or kneeled down in front of the

TV and he puts his hand against the

screen and then it just kind of engulfs

them it's like this weird warping effect

and as you can see Jessica's hand is

going in there

and now one of Jessica's dreams has come


we are entering the Sci-Fi section

basically it's like walking onto a

spaceship that's filled with a whole

bunch of props you can see some of them

behind you

ready all right you have been Unleashed

go have fun

starting this room off with a T800 from

Terminator 2.

and all its Glory as soon as you walk in

on the left hand side

there's a whole bunch of Terminator 2

stuff here here's 11 jacket worn by

Arnold Schwarzenegger

right below that got an 800 skull

two of them

special effects hand

and a forearm


we've got Star Wars A New Hope we got

grito mask and hands and a concept


but Lighting in here is definitely a lot

better than the horror section I'll say


there's some more Star Wars stuff we got

a rebel trooper costume

from Empire

here's a model from War of the Worlds

in this display case right here we got

three different things the one on the

top is a flamethrower used by Ripley

Sigourney Weaver and alien 1979. the

spear gun right there towards the bottom

hers as well and then this baseball cap

is Harry Dean stantons

they even have some Miniatures from


not just the creature suits

you gotta love that

we have a display case dedicated to

Blade Runner over here

we've got some pictures and then right

about here coming into screen that was

Harrison Ford's gun

then right below it Blade Runner film


when it comes to Blade Runner props and

costumes this probably has to be one of

the coolest that we've seen it's

probably one of the most notable

from the movie this was Zora's costume

when she gets shot

back up a little bit

also from Blade Runner they have Daryl

Hannah's costume where she played the

character Priss


turn in the corner were greeted with an

alien egg from the movie Alien

Resurrection came out in 1997.

here's Nicholas Holt's Beast costume

from X-Men first Class

all right this is definitely up there

with one of the coolest things I think

this museum has

and that's a Cyberman costume from the

TV show Doctor Who

oh my word

didn't expect to see that here

if I change you're not a Whovian what

you're looking at right now is a Dalek

it's an actual delic that was used in

the TV show Doctor Who

these things are terrifying


does this guy look familiar if you're a

fan of the movie Galaxy Quest he was the

big bad guy the villain

this is going to be really really hard

to see

I'm not a big fan of how they're

lighting stuff here but the proton pack

is from Ghostbusters 2. the parking sign

is from Ghostbusters and the ghost trap

towards the bottom is from Ghostbusters

as well

it is now time to enter the fantasy

section of this exhibit and the last

time we did something like this you

actually cried because you saw

Dark Crystal stuff it was at the center

of puppetry arts in Atlanta Georgia

don't know what's inside but it's got to

be magical see what I did there

as soon as we walk inside it's like they

dump you out

into a forest there's sounds of birds

got trees and everything's

on display kind of nicely

you guys ready for it wait until you see

this right here on display do you see it

well the plaque at the very back says

invisibility cloak

now do you see it


am I looking at right now

costumes from The Wizard of Oz on the

left we have The Reluctant guard and on

the right

the Cowardly Lion

I never thought I'd get to see something

like this but here they are

a word

they have some Harry Potter costumes


on the left you may recognize that from

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

right there in the center is Alba's

Dumbledore's robes and then right over


is serious blacks

well it's not the original The Dark

Crystal it's the Dark Crystal age of


but here's the librarian

you even have the book of thrawn on

display the pages open to Agra herself

it's rather small section but what

you're looking at right now is the

puppet for Brea from age of resistance



in this whole museum I think this might

be the first thing that we've seen that

has to deal with Batman

actually this is from Batman Forever and

these are the Riddler's grenades

well I almost missed this

glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe as

Harry Potter

and now we find ourselves on floor two

which is basically the music part of the

Museum of Pop Culture this structure

that's behind me looks like an upside

down Christmas tree but it's actually

made of guitars

a couple really cool things here

especially an exhibit on Nirvana that I

want to check out

there are a ton of different pictures of

the band especially in the earlier years

but what we're going to try to focus on

is actual tangible things like this

suitcase right here it says suitcase

owned by Kurt Cobain which he used as a

makeshift drum for his organized

confusion demos

that green shirt it says fecal matter on

it that was created by Kurt Cobain

the next things that we want to point

out are these two cassette tapes in this

display case the one on the top it says

Nirvana's first demo recording 1988 and

if you look closely at the label his

name is actually spelled wrong

then the one on the bottom it says

Nirvana demo recording 1988.

the poster right in the center of your

screen is the first time Nirvana played

officially calling themselves Nirvana

this guitar party that's right here

Kurt Cobain smashed it

pretty wild to see this is the 1989

Cover layout for the album bleach

take a minute look at it it's created a

whole new style of your genre

and here's the album right over here

and this is taking me way back

I've never seen this much Nirvana stuff

in one location these are the silk

screens for Nirvana shirts back in 1988.

and of course right next to it they

actually have the shirt

this is the 1989 tour itinerary

worldwide appreciation the summer tour

of 1989. I like how it says July 9th

Pittsburgh PA

it looks like they're playing with Sonic


the guitar on the left another one

smashed by Kurt Cobain

and would you look at that another

guitar destroyed by Kurt Cobain the one

right there in the center the black one

I should have a museum of Their Own

would you look at that it was one of

Kurt Cobain's Cardigans it says that it

was purchased from a thrift store

right next to never mind the album

and I can't believe I'm actually seeing

this in person it's the casting call for

Smells Like Teen Spirit music video that

they shot down in California we did the

filming locations of course the link to

that video is in the description of this

video feel free to check it out

and it's really neat

can you imagine I mean

if you can go back in time right

there's a lot to see in this display

case that sweater right there Kurt wore

that on the cover of Spin and of course

there's the Spin Magazine right there

another guitar that Kurt destroyed as

well as the record for insecticide

they even have a bunch of backstage

passes and all access passes here on

display too

to me this is probably the coolest thing

that they have here on display

it's the winged angel from In Utero

let me back up a little bit so you can

just kind of Take It All In


look how beautiful that is I can't

believe I'm looking at that

I just want to reach out and touch it

then we have some more guitars from the

band these ones are not destroyed but I

do want to point out this if you look

right between the necks of these two

guitars you see that hat

Kurt Cobain's hat

this guitar here is another one

destroyed by Cobain but what's really

special about it Kurt recorded and

played most of bleach on this one

oh wow they actually have one of the

Black River bass guitars here

are these three items are in the center

of the room with all the other

memorabilia surrounding it what you're

looking at right now one of Dave Grohl's

drum kits

supposedly he went through a lot of them

because it was a pretty heavy hitter on

the drums

here's a shot from this side of the drum

kit I can't give you

almost like a POV shot

if you will


first item on display is an alien from

the movie X-Files fight The Future which

came out in 1998 the thing is massive

right next to that we have a program


from the movie Tron 1982.

it always cracked me up like the

costumes for this movie are just so

simple but yet it was so amazing

here's the placard for it right there

if you didn't know this Jessica is a

Star Trek fan and they have a tunic worn

by Leonard Nimoy as Spock on Star Trek

1966 to 1969.

now this is something you don't see

every day

screen worn costume from the movie Blade

Runner which came out in 1982. it's the

silken snakeskin suit worn by Sean Young

who was Rachel in the movie

what you're looking at right now is

Ridley Scott's personal script for the

movie Alien 1979.

right next to that we have newt's

costume from Aliens 1986.

yeah and this is blowing my mind it's a

costume from David Lynch's dune


now this is really cool it is the

special effects head for Keanu Reeves

who was Neo in The Matrix

they have the costume worn by Captain

Nemo in the 1954 movie 20 000 Leagues

Under the Sea

and then they also have the animatronic

teddy bear from the 2001 movie A.I

artificial intelligence

it's a little hard to see behind the

glass but they actually have a sword

that was used by one of the nine ring

wraiths in The Lord of the Rings film


kind of make it out behind the glass

look how beautiful that is it's the

jacket worn by Ellen Ripley the 1979

movie Alien

usually if you walk into museums like

this and then you see all you see is

like you know the aliens themselves but

very rarely any costumes so this is kind

of cool


this might be one of the coolest things

that are here in the Hall of Fame

especially if you're a Star Wars fan or

more importantly Empire Strikes Back

right over here

they have the lightsaber and the severed

hand prop

from Empire look at that

that's pretty wild

and if you're a fan of the movie Iron


well here's one of the stunt helmet

masks from the movie which came out in

2008 and you gotta love Planet of the

Apes here's a costume worn in the 1968


and with that being said I think it's

about time that we call it a day we've

been here for about five hours and we've

pretty much seen everything we didn't

show you guys everything because we want

you guys to come out here and experience

it yourself and things change all the

time like right now the big exhibit is

Hidden Worlds the films of Leica I think

it's called and it was breathtaking like

I said at the very beginning it's like

an extra six dollars a person on top of

your ticket

so worth it worth it lit so beautifully

Leica was made for a museum

yes right yes did you have a favorite

part aside from Leica aside from Life

aside from Leica oh


I would say that the Sci-Fi and horror

are kind of tied with each other for me


there was we felt that there was a

little bit of problem with lighting like

our things could have been lit a lot

better but for the most part there's no

Museum like this this place blew us away

except for the fantasy section

I was a bit disappointed yeah it was so

small and so dimly lit that it was

difficult to see it with just your eye

and it there wasn't very much in it we

were so excited for the fantasy section

that we saved it for last because we

figured this one here was going to be

crying because of some Dark Crystal

stuff but it was as soon as we walked in

we were walking out it was there wasn't

much to it the age of resistance stuff

that was cool that was cool and The

Wizard of Oz stuff was really cool

I had no clue with that being said thank

you for joining us on another Grim

Adventure this time from Seattle at the

Museum of pop culture until next time




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