May 22, 2024

PLAY | Easy DIY Projector for Phone/iPad!

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Watch your beautiful videos on the wall with just a few minutes of set up. I still don't know exactly how this works, but it does. ;) Subscribe for new vids 9 AM ET!

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hi guys

so as you know we just moved was it easy

guys no no

but we're here um we don't have a lot

set up including tv or cable so we

thought this would be an awesome week to

try this diy phone projector that's

actually pretty awesome what do you guys



all right let's do it

so to get this started you'll just need

a box a magnifying glass

hot glue and a phone or tablet all right

so starting with the box we practiced

with this amazon one which worked great

but i did find this super pretty sturdy

one in laura's closet thank you laura

and then i just cut a hole with a box

cutter the size of my magnifying glass

today we are using these kid ones

because we already had them and they do

have handles but i just cut another hole

through the bottom of the box and i like

that it props up the projector securing

with hot glue and then all you'll need

is your video but the key is it's got to

play upside down which is a little

tricky so i'm going to show you guys if

you've got an iphone a little hack you

go to settings general accessibility and

then assistive touch and a little circle

is going to show up and you can use that

to force rotate your screen all right so

once everything was ready i took the

kids into our new closet still needs

some organization and of course turned

off the lights here we go guys you'll

immediately see something on the wall

but you'll need to adjust the box back

and forth until the video is in focus


that is cool

full disclosure guys this is not perfect

quality it's a little worried

kind of reminded me of the home videos

that my parents used to play on the wall

when i was growing up this is like

old-time movies they didn't have tvs and

the kids really liked it especially for

it this is so cool

in fact the next morning i saw him using

this with his ipad which i hadn't

thought about

and it kind of fit perfectly and i think

might have been even clearer on the wall

boy that's such a good idea buddy and

then just out of curiosity i did order

two more magnifying glasses to test out

a more expensive 30 crystal one fancy

this is about the same

maybe a little worse and then a

rectangular one to see if there is less

distortion oh my not playing at all save

your money and get the cheap round ones

all right guys we hope you give this a


cause it was super fun we'll see you


we need a new set you guys i need to

figure that out



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