April 15, 2024

Power of Sports | Constructing A Culture

Published June 12, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Wheeler Middle School was formed in 2019 when Oklahoma City Public Schools restructured the district. With the help of Fields & Futures, the new school is constructing a culture of hope and opportunity through team sports.


Power of Sports shares inspiring stories of people, organizations, and communities connecting to engage youth through sports and help drive positive social change.

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if you've been through a situation where

there is no culture you understand like

how empty it is


it's difficult when you outfit in

elementary and turn it into a middle

school we had no football field we have

no softball field we have no locker

rooms we didn't have any logos anywhere

we have no fight song no trophies no

history we really struggled to find our

identity we have to build up our culture


when I saw the fields in future plans I

knew that the future he was bright every

single day they got to watch the

progress and they're getting really

excited they're heating up the mini

pitch and the new basketball court

outside they're talking about their

careers as student-athletes now we have

like more space to go and do stuff we

could play soccer back there basketball

walk the track this is feel good cuz

like there's somebody there like trying

to help our school get better so our

culture is gonna change just based on

the number of kids that are getting

involved more of their grades continue

to rise more they rise the more they go

off and seek better opportunities I

wanted like a state life and I'm crazy

to get into a college that buzz it's

just going around it's palpable you have

to build something everybody's so

excited about that they can't keep and

that everybody wants to be a part of

then all of the music all the alma mater

all the pride that comes with it these

kids are setting the precedents for the

future for every kid behind them and

that's exciting because these kids have

turned out to be warriors beginning to

see that they could do it and they're

learning that they are are more than

capable it can't manufacture that


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